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Sing a Song of Tuna Fish: A Memoir of My Fifth-Grade Year By Esmé Raji Codell,

  • Title: Sing a Song of Tuna Fish: A Memoir of My Fifth-Grade Year
  • Author: Esmé Raji Codell
  • ISBN: 9780786836529
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Like every fifth grader, Esme Raji Codell spent her days within the small world of school, neighborhood, and family But this small world provides rich material for the often hilarious, always engrossing stories and vignettes in this book In stories that perfectly evoke the perspective of her ten year old self, Esme demonstrates her gift for making the ordinary extraordinLike every fifth grader, Esme Raji Codell spent her days within the small world of school, neighborhood, and family But this small world provides rich material for the often hilarious, always engrossing stories and vignettes in this book In stories that perfectly evoke the perspective of her ten year old self, Esme demonstrates her gift for making the ordinary extraordinary, and the unusual familiar Sing a Song of Tuna Fish is a memoir of a Chicago childhood a tribute to the art of attention and most of all, a joyful read for kids and families.
    Sing a Song of Tuna Fish A Memoir of My Fifth Grade Year Like every fifth grader Esme Raji Codell spent her days within the small world of school neighborhood and family But this small world provides rich material for the often hilarious always engrossi

    One thought on “Sing a Song of Tuna Fish: A Memoir of My Fifth-Grade Year”

    1. A collection of fun autobiographical stories I think we could all write a book like this if we thought hard enough, but not everyone could write them as clearly and with such humor Grandma s Fun House was my favorite However, I gave it only three stars because none of the stories are strong enough for me to remember a week later, without looking through the book again.

    2. Picked this up at the Belmont library Was expecting a cutesy kids book but instead got a refreshingly honest, entertaining memoir that both the kids and I are enjoying immensely The stories occur in 1979 in Chicago when the writer was ten years old.2 13 12 Amazing how the kids and I all loved this offbeat memoir Can t wait to read books by this author.

    3. Really sweet and funny memoir I like that she doesn t really sugar coat anything The only thing is that the word g psy is used a few times, although I get maybe one use because most people don t know what Romany means.

    4. I loved Codell s novel, Sahara Special, so I was looking forward to reading this memoir of Codell s fifth grade years I found it rather disappointing, however Parts of it are riotously funny and hit just the right notes there s an episode in which young Esme talks her friend into punching her in the mouth, in the hope of avoiding this week s piano lesson that s particularly great and there are great one liners as well, such as when Esme states that a particular rabbi looks like a Jewish Santa Cl [...]

    5. Where were YOU during the Chicago Blizzard of 1979 I ve used this as the end of the year read aloud with fifth grade for a couple of years now Opening the story is the fantastic chapter Egg Patrol We love it Hopefully the Esme Raji Codell s preface about memories and writing memoirs will encourage than a few students to not toss their end of the year drafts, but to keep them for another purposeeir own life stories Codell does a great job of bringing us into her year in 5th grade in 1978 79 Lots [...]

    6. I thought this was hilariously witty but was surprised it was written towards children I think adults can relate to her sense of humor about the good ol days, like the pet section of your local Woolworths store, but I am not sure a kid would pick it up to read Having said that, I really enjoyed reminiscing about the relatable things we did as kids that didn t seem like a big deal back then but are now so obsolete we have to explain it to our kids And it is funny It made me want to go have lunch [...]

    7. I saw Esme Raji Codell speak on campus and really enjoyed her presentation, so I was excited to listen to this audiobook She reads it herself and does a great job with the voices and accents The stories themselves are very detailed, funny and sweet vignettes of her childhood in Chicago It s aimed at children, and encourages them to keep diaries so one day they can remember their own childhoods I enjoyed all the stories individually, but ultimately the book doesn t really have a narrative It s ju [...]

    8. I got this book of short childhood memoirs for my soon to be a 4th grader, but I don t think he would be into them They re a little advanced, in some waysere are some wonderful stories in there, though My favorite was one about Esme and her cousin and how they decorate their grandma s house for a party when she falls asleep on the couch.Set in Chicago in 1979 if any of you are from Chicago, and born before 1970, you would almost certainly enjoy this Otherwise, I think 10 12 year old girls would [...]

    9. I LOVE the way Codell tells a story Her memoir is so funny and sharp, and does not play it safe I mean, the first story is about how she and her mom threw eggs at a rich man s car The ten year old version of her is clearly the true narrator, not the adult Her stories are incredibly vivid, having been well preserved in her memory, as she describes in her introduction Each story is funny, touching and even lesson teaching, but not preachy I loved reading them aloud to my 4th and 5th graders.

    10. This memoir made me feel very nostalgic for my childhood She describes Chicago so well and creates an authentic sense of place, especially in the first few chapters There were a lot of funny one liners and bits of stories with which I could connect well But, there were parts that seemed to drag and or seemed out of place and I think YA readers would get bored I m not sure if this book is really for kids or adults who want to remember their childhood

    11. This book was fun She says she wrote it to make people realize that their lives are interesting to write about, but her life has some funny things about it that not just anyone can write about But I enjoyed her descriptions and characters, and it was easy and fast There were some serious parts I didn t expect, too For some reason, I expected it to just be a funny memoir I m rambling It s fun and fast I ll end it at that.

    12. There are some books so fresh and interesting, that I can recall exactly where I was, or what I was doing while reading listening to them This one brings back actual pleasure rushes from mopping the floor and listening to this story on CD at midnight, while the kids and hubby slept and I joyfully lost myself in Esme Raji Codell s childhood memories of growing up downtown in Chicago So fun, and easy to relate.

    13. Esme Raji Codell is such a fantastic writer I read this book in 5th grade but it was so good I felt like it was worth adding to my shelf I love the humor of Sing a Song of Tuna Fish but it is also a touching story about growing up Guaranteed to make you laugh I also recommend Sahara Special if you like this one.

    14. I think almost all authors know about the rule of 50 where if the first 50 pages don t grab you, you should seriously considering abandoning the book Even with the help of listening to this on audio I think audio is a lot harder to put down turn off than a book , I only got throught the first CD.

    15. This is a memoir, but a memoir written for children, written to encourage children to write their own memoirs I love everything Codell has written I was happy to finally find a copy of this book I suspected Codel had had an unconventional childhood this book confirmed it, with artist parents, a stint at an alternative school, and adventures with a matzoh ball.

    16. I enjoyed Vive la Paris and Sahara Special much than Sing a Song of Tuna Fish If you read this and are not impressed, please still consider giving another one of Codell s books a chance If you read one of Codell s other books before this one, you might be disappointed So I suggest that you read this one first and keep an open mind.

    17. I m debating between 2 to 3 stars I listened to it on CD and perhaps that affected my reaction Some parts are funny but some parts seemed a little dull to me I can imagine that many 4th and 5th grade students at my school would be able to relate to her childhood and would find the book quite entertaining.

    18. It s been a while since I ve read this one, but I really enjoyed it There were little vignettes that were quick and easy to read through I just read another review that said it would be good for teaching personal narratives to students since the chapters start with, let me tell you something about I thought this was a good idea, so I m writing it down before it s forgotten

    19. I liked this book in the beginning and them grew bored as I continued reading the book This book is a collection of true stories about a girl named Esme The stories range from the crazy schools she attended to egging a strangers car with her mother I was really disappointed that this book wasn t as funny as it claimed to be This book is misleading and disappointing.

    20. This is an excellent text to teach memoir The book is divided into different sections that can teach the difference between topic and theme Some of the stories are laugh out loud funny, and some bring awareness to other cultures, socioeconomic levels, and traditions At long last a memoir written for a 5th grade audience that is not written by a white man who grew up in the 50s

    21. Kind of a strange little book because I m not sure who the intended audience is Too dull for your average middle older reader I picked it up because, well, if I were going to write my own memoir of my fifth grade year or any year between first and 10th grade, really , it too would be about tuna fish.

    22. We listened to the audio book as a family and we all loved it Esme has a wonderful voice and captures what it is like to be 10 so well There were several times when we had to pause the audio because we were all laughing so hard her father s description of Jesus was one of those moments.

    23. gr 3 6 133pgs1979, Chicago Relates the experiences the unusual life of 5th grader Esme Story contains a few time period references I would recommend this as a humor than a historical fiction book.

    24. I liked this book at the end, and wished for it to be longer, or at least have an epilogue It was really boring at the beginning, that I fell asleep while reading it That s very surprising to me, because I usually don t while reading.

    25. Wonderful short stories by Chicago native Esme Codell This book is a deligthful quick read and a fun book for parents to enjoy with early readers This book remind me a lot of the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary.

    26. I ve enjoyed this author in the past so I picked up this listen read I laughed Looking at a 10 year old s perspective through the eyes of an adult is humorous A young reader would enjoy it but I wonder if they would see the humor.

    27. This book is hilarious Brought up so many fond memories of my own neighborhood and my childhood I really must start writing The reader is the author and she does a wonderful job A quick read and very relatable I liked it

    28. Almost feels for adults than for children maybe just because I read it near the end of high school She points out the wisdom of childhood in a series of enjoyable stories that always make me want to remember and write my own childhood.

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