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Aphrodite's War By Andrea Busfield,

  • Title: Aphrodite's War
  • Author: Andrea Busfield
  • ISBN: 9780385618229
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • The island is divided in two, but one man s love will never be compromised .Cyprus, 1955 a war is raging and four Greek brothers are growing up to the familiar sounds of exploding bombs and sniper fire Determined to avenge the death of his elder brother and to win the heart of his beloved Praxi, young Loukis joins a cell of schoolboy terrorists operating in the mounThe island is divided in two, but one man s love will never be compromised .Cyprus, 1955 a war is raging and four Greek brothers are growing up to the familiar sounds of exploding bombs and sniper fire Determined to avenge the death of his elder brother and to win the heart of his beloved Praxi, young Loukis joins a cell of schoolboy terrorists operating in the mountains But when his cohorts blow themselves up in a freak accident, he returns home in shock, yearning for the warm embrace of his family and of his sweetheart.But his adored Praxi is now married to someone else, and playing at her feet is a young toddler Utterly compelling, infinitely absorbing, Aphrodite s War is an epic tale of an island at war with itself Its warm hearted, compassionate picture of the Encomidou family shows how, even with your people s future at stake, there is nothing so indomitable as the human heart.
    Aphrodite s War The island is divided in two but one man s love will never be compromised Cyprus a war is raging and four Greek brothers are growing up to the familiar sounds of exploding bombs and sniper fir

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    1. I was recommended this book by my mother while I was in Cyprus last summer I have never written a book review before, but I felt I had to write this because of the impact it had on my heart, and my soul.As a bit of background information, I am a Greek Cypriot who was born the year before the island was divided and I have spent roughly half my life in Cyprus, so this book was particularly poignant to me.From the first page, Ms Busfield s skillful writing drew me into the story, to the point that, [...]

    2. I just finished reading this book and boy did i cry like a baby at the end This book really did capture my heart I learnt about some of the history of Cyprus which is an added bonus 5 star book

    3. I think it would help to know the history of Cyprus which I didn t I m not very interested in politics and found them hard to followere were Greeks and Turks and some Muslims but I don t know if the Muslims were all Turks or what.I ended up skimming some of the political parts because I was interested in the story of Loukis and Praxi and their families It also didn t help that some Greek words were scattered throughout the book and I had to google them because a list wasn t included in the book [...]

    4. The year is 1955 and the little island of Cyprus is in tumult and fighting for independence from outdated British colonial rule The island is being torn apart by war from three sides against Greece, Turkey and the British Empire.The Encomidou family is living in the fallout of their own turmoil, as their eldest of four sons is killed in the fighting With his brother s death, Loukis Encomidou gets a taste for revenge and joins a militia unit who take their fight to the mountains Loukis leaves beh [...]

    5. This a powerful, captivating and intense book, with it being based on real life events it somehow makes you feel involved in this tragic love story It makes you want to travel thousands of miles to see the beauty described by Busfield with your own eyes Its an emotional roller coaster of a story as your taken from the start of life to the end with Loukis and Praxi, following the up s and mainly down s of their mostly unlucky lives With the big jumps in time it can sometimes be confusing but you [...]

    6. Incredible story As one who is intrigued by Greece history, I loved the balance of love story history lesson I cried at 2 different parts in this book Andrea is an incredible writer I love that certain things weren t spelled out point blank but were easily put together in your mind Love love love

    7. This book is all about beautiful stories about people living in difficult times Aphrodite s War says not only a love story but also a history of whole families driven apart It also shows how people from different cultures can overstep their differences and become friends for life At first it was difficult to get into this book but after 40 pages in it was truly a nice read.

    8. I just finished this amazing book It will be a long time before I forget the characters that I spent time with during the last week of reading I learned things about this interesting peroid in time that opened my eyes to the struggles of the people on Cyprus in a turbulant time Outstanding book

    9. 3.5I would love to rate this book higher but I didn t connect to the characters I think this book had all the potential in the world but it didn t live up to the expectaions except for the ending, but you can t rate a book and only include a little part of the book.

    10. I actually upped my rating to a full 5 stars, because months later these peoples stories are still on my mind and actually, in my soul that s some powerful writing Not only does this story take the reader into the complex and sometimes confused relationships of these families, but it also provides quite vivid descriptions of the historical political battles on this island, Cyprus I was totally ignorant of the many political upheavals of this small country, and having been fortunate enough to hav [...]

    11. Andrea Busfield versucht in Schattentr umer eine Familiengeschichte mit der Geschichte von Zypern zu verbinden Die Geschichte dreht sich haupts chlich um die Liebe zwischen Praxi und Loukis Beide erst um die 15 Jahre alt und doch f hlen sie sich voneinander angezogen Doch die Politik, der Krieg will es anders und so wird Loukis Bruder Nicos get tet Neben dem Tod des Bruders treibt auch ein unbedarfter Kommentar von Praxi, Loukis in die Arme der EOKA Noch ist er zu jung, um mit der Waffe zu k mpf [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book as I have all the others I have read about Cyprus I lived on the island on three separate occasions so am sensitive to the different perspectives on the history that unfolded there in modern times.Busfield s historical accuracy in this fictional love story was right on the mark The historical events that took place on Cyprus from 1956 1974 can be pretty difficult to understand given the political complexities and the struggle for power among the personalities of Greek and Gre [...]

    13. I would have liked to have given this 3 1 2 stars.Having read Andrea Busfield s first book, Born Under a Million Stars, and loved the humour and human touch of it, I found Aphrodite s War a little disappointing in comparison It felt like a history lesson with a novel wound around it and seemed to have lost the immediacy of her previous writing.There are two central themes here, a love story between childhood sweethearts, Praxi and Loukis, and the turbulent story that is the history of the islan [...]

    14. As I finished this book I was crying like a baby, even though I had already figured out what was coming Such a powerful story about all the pain and heartbreak that has been endured on this island When I started the book I had the belief I wouldn t like it because it wasn t my kind of book boy was I wrong

    15. This book is about a war in Cyprus and it s Greece against Turks An island at war against itself It s literally a book about a war that never ends I did enjoy this book but I just felt it never ended I was moved by the characters parts and what they endured and the love they had for one another in this family that endured so much.

    16. After visiting Cyprus, and learning about it s divided country this book was an excellent way to see how families and friends were torn apart during the war for occupation between Greece, Turkey and the Cyprus residents.

    17. I loved that this book introduced me to the history of Cyprus and made me connect and feel for the family I laughed and cried along with them the whole way.

    18. The story a village in Cyprus during the troubles from 1950 s to 70 s and how the villagers coped with it all A story of love and hate, heroism and cowardice.Cyprus

    19. I only read this because it was a book club selection I d head this under a vacation read, if there s nothing else at your fingertips.

    20. This is a truly moving book about generations of families living in war torn Cyprus A heart breaker but a fantastic summer read.

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