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Love Letters By Peter Washington,

  • Title: Love Letters
  • Author: Peter Washington
  • ISBN: 9780679446897
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here are 200 irresistible love letters from over the centuries, love letters both historic and fictional, love letters by poets and by princes, love letters enchanting, tragic, comic, superbly selected, beautifully printed, conveniently portable, to have with you wherever and whenever you re in the mood for love.
    Love Letters Here are irresistible love letters from over the centuries love letters both historic and fictional love letters by poets and by princes love letters enchanting tragic comic superbly selecte

    One thought on “Love Letters”

    1. You have ravish d me away by a Power I cannot resist and yet I could resist till I saw you and even since I have seen you I have endeavoured often to reason against the reasons of my Love I can do that no the pain would be too great My love is selfish I cannot breathe without you.Yours for ever John Keats to Fanny Brand, 1819 Most Divine It is some proof of my sincerity towards you, that I write when I am prepared by drinking to speak the truth and sure a letter after twelve at night must aboun [...]

    2. This is an well edited, very sweet little book which includes you guessed it lots of love letters They are not, however, love letters of the Hallmark variety, but instead clever, passionate missives from noted literary, artistic and historical figures There is a memorably profane and flirtatious love note from Mozart to his wife a sumptuous and elegant letter from Katherine Mansfied to John Middleton Murray an enjoyably milquetoast yet clearly heartfelt letter from Napoleon to the Empress Joseph [...]

    3. Ah, every night I read some affectionate sometimes desperate love letters from those who lived in the past From Oscar Wilde to Virginia Woolf and Mozart This is a little sweet book to read so far And just a little proof how people were so good in words back then and how I wish I could receive them the confession, the affection, desperation, warning and other complex emotion of a human being in words words oh words

    4. I m collecting this series and have been reading my way through them slowly This one is a collection of some 200 or so love letters from historical figures like Queen Victoria, Lord Byron and Katherine Mansfield Some are wonderful, some funny, some tragic and some quite disturbing to a modern mind.

    5. I received this as a Christmas gift from my cousin and I loved it Wonderful love letters from lots of people that were so interesting to read some were funny, some were naughty, some were sad, some were so lovely and some resonated with me so much Definitely plan to re read this one some day.

    6. some of these letters are four hundred years old and they prove we were just as delightfully weird back then as we are now.

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