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Spiritual Parenting: An Awakening for Today's Families By Michelle Anthony,

  • Title: Spiritual Parenting: An Awakening for Today's Families
  • Author: Michelle Anthony
  • ISBN: 9781434764478
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s not about perfect behavior It s about passionate hearts.It s hard enough to train kids to behave, but good behavior isn t what Jesus calls for in the Bible He wants hearts and souls that are shaped in vibrant faith and love toward God and others In Spiritual Parenting, Dr Michelle Anthony places the dependence upon God for our child and calls the reader to a heartIt s not about perfect behavior It s about passionate hearts.It s hard enough to train kids to behave, but good behavior isn t what Jesus calls for in the Bible He wants hearts and souls that are shaped in vibrant faith and love toward God and others In Spiritual Parenting, Dr Michelle Anthony places the dependence upon God for our child and calls the reader to a heart posture of obedience and faithfulness The end goal is a vibrant faith that is passed on from one generation to another.Parents are, by the power of God s Spirit, to obey and depend on God in order to create an environment God can use to beckon our kids to Him Isn t it time to embrace this simple, but revolutionary concept
    Spiritual Parenting An Awakening for Today s Families It s not about perfect behavior It s about passionate hearts It s hard enough to train kids to behave but good behavior isn t what Jesus calls for in the Bible He wants hearts and souls that are shap

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    1. Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony stands out amongst the crowd of Christian books by grounding parenting in discipleship Instead of focusing parental energy on sin management, Anthony urges parents to share their lives transformed by the gospel The goal of spiritual parenting is that our children would learn to hear and know God s voice, desire to obey it, and obey it in the power of God s Spirit, not their own strength With a goal of passing down a vibrant faith, Anthony describes environ [...]

    2. Thirty five years ago when I was making the decision to begin my family, my number one question was How do I transmit my faith I believed making the choice to have children carried eternal consequences, and I didn t want to blow it I encountered Deuteronomy 6 4 9 the Shema at some pointand realized that leading my children to a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and God the Father occurred in the natural flow of life, as you go I knew that rearing godly children with a heart for God wouldn t [...]

    3. I am not finishing this book The concepts and ideas in it are excellent, but they are too basic for the parent who is already a believer and doing well in the Lord The things in this book are all things I believe, but sometimes the ideas were too basic and the presentation rather tedious I read half way through and I m putting it away and I won t be reading it later in life.

    4. Loved this book I borrowed this one from the library but got on this morning and ordered myself my own copy I took tons of notes and got lots of great ideas.She outlines 10 environments that we should actively cultivate in our homes 1 storytelling share the scriptures with our children and make sure that they know how that story fits into the original storyline the big picture , she calls it The Big God Story And make sure that they know that Jesus is always the hero of the stories This teaches [...]

    5. In this book, Michelle focuses on what it takes to truly be spiritual parents to our kids by passing down to them a vibrant faith and relationship with Christ She characterizes that kind of faith as one where our children 1 Know and hear the voice of God, 2 Desire to obey His voice and 3 Walk in obedience to His voice by the power of the Holy Spirit The single biggest point she stresses about that goal though, is that the only way to pass that kind of faith down to our children is to possess it [...]

    6. I have lots to improve on, but highlighted so much that I had to buy new pens I ll definetly be returning to this book for years to come.

    7. I was familiar with Dr Anthony s work and her heart for families and family ministry before reading Spiritual Parenting, but my previous experience with her writing was from a family ministry perspective This book, however, was for families rather than ministry staff With my husband being a minister to families, the passion behind this book hits close to home Many of Dr Anthony s points focus on our call as parents to live out a faith worth passing on to our kids, to be authentic Christ follower [...]

    8. The book is packed with thought provoking vision leavened with just enough practical application that you understand it and are inspired, without feeling bound to do things in one specific way.I think the strength of the book is the idea that God is working on parents as much as He is working on children, and that we can have hope and be encouraged because of that At one point Anthony writes, I desperately want to teach my children to be sacrificial and other centered, to have eyes to see the ne [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book It reminded me that parenting and discipline aren t just about raising nice and obedient kids which is important , but helping to form them spiritually in what they know about God and how they relate to him Michelle Anthony talks about spiritual formation vs behavior modification trying to move away from sin management More than just dealing with discipline, she addresses great parenting opportunities like instilling identity, community, service, and responsibility in our kid [...]

    10. SYNOPSIS Spiritual Parenting are for parent s that want to raise a child to be close to Christ It talks about different environments that every child faces and teaches how to raise your child up to the best ability as a Christian while your child is in these environments Did you that according to Psychology and Sociology tests once children reach their 13th year, parents are no longer role models to them It s like a switch goes off in their head and they start turning toward media and friends fo [...]

    11. The presentation of the spiritual parenting style was unique to most parenting books Rather than very broad mindsets or specific situation advice, the author laid out 10 environments to create for your children Within each, there was foundational motivations as well as some examples I found this helpful to think through how to apply to my own parenting while still adapting to the passions of personality of our own family The 10 environments are things we would like for our kids and the type of f [...]

    12. I liked this book I wouldn t call it profound, but appreciated the way it encourages parents to recognize that every child is different, every family is different, and every situation is different and therefore there is no one right way to parent I ve long felt that be the person you want your child to be is the best motto for parenting, and this book took that philosophy and layered in the idea that parents can tap into spiritual answers to how to respond in specific scenarios And the response [...]

    13. I ve had this book for a few years and have read parts of it here and there, but I picked it up again this winter with the goal of reading it slowly and learning from it I did, but I m going to admit it was painful for me Not because it s a bad book, it s not, it s excellent and complete truth For me, it was so painful, because of the conviction and realization of how poorly I ve been doing Spiritual Parenting if even at all It was painful because my kids are now 11 13 and I ve missed the boat o [...]

    14. This one goes on my keep handy self because I ll be referring back to it for years to come Not much of a how to guide, Spiritual Parenting is about helping Christian parents lay the foundation for what they are trying to accomplish in their homes What is the whole point of this thing called parenting Is it to raise nice, obedient children Or is it to raise kids in an environment where Christ is free to mold and transform their little lives, even as he does their parents Once those fundamental q [...]

    15. What if Christian parenting is less about controlling behavior and about creating environments that put your child in the path of God That s precisely what Michelle Anthony suggests in this accessible, practical book on parenting She mentions half a dozen environments that parents ought to try and create in their home in order to train up their children in the way they should go As a father of younger boys 5, 1.5 , I found myself working a bit harder to connect her principles to my situation he [...]

    16. Finished this the night before my husband deploys to Afghanistan for 9 months We ve been reading it aloud when we get time The book has lots of great points in it I d definitely consider re reading it sometime in the future Plenty of things about relationships with children that I also can apply to my relationship with my husband I enjoyed reading it aloud because every time something triggered a thought in my mind I could discuss it with my husband right away.I definitely would recommend this t [...]

    17. I found this book to be disturbingI mean that in a good way I mean, why do we read books of this nature, if not to challenge ourselves to something In this case there were just so many places I had not thought of, in which I could really find some creative ways to challenge myself and my kids to push beyond the easy believism of the Western Churchd towards a robust faith and understanding of the gospel.

    18. parenting in ChristI really enjoyed this book It brought many memories of my upbringing by my own parents My parents brought me up to be strong not only in the word but to also spread the word by modeling to my friends, family, and children every day I am not perfect in any way, but that is where God comes in He leads me every day as I learn to listen and follow him.

    19. This is a great resource for raising children in the Christian faith Though it started out a bit slow in the first third of the book, the last two thirds were extremely applicable with relatable stories and helpful insights Some of it may seem rather basic to those who have read a lot of Christian parenting books but I found some very good guidance in it

    20. I thought Anthony had some nice insights into helping a child learn to make good decisions instead of trying to control their life Also there were a few helpful suggestions on how to prevent getting into a battle of wills And finally, an overall reminder of the most difficult aspect of parenting model the behavior.

    21. One of the best books that I have ever read on parenting Though we dont have children, I gained some good insights in dealing with children at church and evn my congregation at large The book focuses on the spiritual nature of the family and how parents are an important guide to God s grace and salvation HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL PARENTS READ THIS BOOK.

    22. I think this was a fantastically inspiring read Ms Anthony s words spoke so beautifully to my own heart and desire for children, and I found her style to be so uplifting as she gently charged her readers to pursue Christ, community, forgiveness, service, and grace Our copy is now littered with ink from my many notes.

    23. Eye opening I highly recommend this book to parents who want their children to nurture a faith of their own faith that will last and grow all their lives Spiritual parenting is about so much than behavior management, and this book breaks it down and gives practical ideas, as well as Scripture to back up the concepts mentioned Excellent

    24. This book is great for parents that want to pass on their christian faith to their children It helps you to learn to trust God in handling all aspects of your life and the way you parent your children It includes examples of situations from the author where she trusted God in handling tough situation with her children This is a great read

    25. This book was really powerful for me It encourages Christian parents in raising Godly children It doesn t have much specific guidance, but is useful to read nonetheless I m going to have to keep it around for future reference It would bear re reading.

    26. I really liked this book because it gets away from the beat your kid mentality so many Christian parenting books seem to favor While it had very good broad suggestions, it lacked a lot of practical suggestions of how to be a spiritual parent.

    27. This book snuck up on me The first few chapters seemed painfully basic, but she developed her thesis with strong theology and practical examples and ideas One of the best parenting books I ve read.

    28. I really loved this book It is such a great one to read before or while raising kids Michelle has a lot of new and fresh idea s and keeps God at the center of your parenting There are many principles and ideas from this book that I will be applying to my parenting style.

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