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The Vampire's Beautiful Daughter By S.P. Somtow,

  • Title: The Vampire's Beautiful Daughter
  • Author: S.P. Somtow
  • ISBN: 9780689319686
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Life isn t easy for Johnny Shapiro, despite his mother s success as the author of a book about his Lakota grandfather He finds it hard to fit in in his new school until he meets Rebecca, a new student as well, and the half human daughter of a vampire.
    The Vampire s Beautiful Daughter Life isn t easy for Johnny Shapiro despite his mother s success as the author of a book about his Lakota grandfather He finds it hard to fit in in his new school until he meets Rebecca a new student

    One thought on “The Vampire's Beautiful Daughter”

    1. This book causes me to remember what I love about Somtow s work He hasn t just written a book about a human boy who falls in love with a girl whose father is a vampire It s about a number of themes There s rites of passage and what they have in common In this case it s the bar mitzvah, the vision quest and becoming a vampire There s the theme of liminality which is what anthropologists call being a cultural outsider I love liminal characters There s culture clash There s also some consideration [...]

    2. The plot isn t bad, just kind of slow going I think its worth a try but reminds me a bit of the book PEEPs.

    3. Title The Vampire s Beautiful DaughterAuthor SP SomtowGenre This is in that gray area between older child and young adult The notes say 12 and up Setting Los Angeles in the 90 s.Reason for Reading 50 PoC book challenge book 28 I had read another book by this author some years back, Tagging the Moon which I highly recommend I m not doing very many repeats on this project but I thought the book summary sounded really interesting I enjoyed reading it.Finished In Days, perhaps a week at the most.Pa [...]

    4. I d been wanting to read this for a while, as I felt that Somtow wouldbe able to do something dark yet extraordinarily beautiful on thetheme of the vampire However, although I absolutely love some ofSomtow s books, he can be rather hit or miss.This wasn t a bad book, but it wasn t overwhelmingly wonderful,either, and was definitely aimed at an early teen audience.The main character is a teen boy, Johnny His family has recently madea lot of money after his mother published a book of his grandfath [...]

    5. One of my all time favourite books I really liked the conflict between becoming a Vampire and staying a human for the daughter of Dracula Also the fact that the ceremony to become a vampire was described and the boy is actually there and sees the girl he loves die voluntarily will stay in my mind for a long time And her haunting him afterwards to let her in at night and also become a vampire is the sad and haunting part of this story The description of his Hollywood schoolmates are also very hil [...]

    6. Read this ages ago, when it first came out, and thoroughly enjoyed it During the first wave of sympathetic vampire stories Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Diaries and long before YA contained much than S E Hinton and Lurlene McDaniels and almost no genre fiction at all, there was this delightful story of a young boy meeting a gorgeous girl whose father is a vampire and who is about to choose if she will follow her father into darkness, or remain human A slim little book, but full of vi [...]

    7. I guess this would be FLB for boys The protag seems to have wandered away from a Sherman Alexie story, headdress and all Anyway, boy falls in hearts with cute gothy chick and finds out she is half vampire Boy spends a lot of time with girl s sketchy friends in Hollywood, Laurel Canyon and the likes This could be my teen years, what with all the boozing behind Ralph s and Vons, of course minus the stalking and feasting on prey.

    8. A short strange story Veering precariously between spoof and serious, this book both mocks the subject of vampires as well as tackles the idea thoughtfully Parts of the story are difficult to take serously, and other parts are somewhat haunting in a way This book does have the distinct quality of young adult fiction, but it does seem that the author attempted to take the story serously.

    9. this has got to be one of my favorite reads of all time it s about a guy who is part indian who moves and meets a new friend, who just so happens to be half vampire they both share the birthdate of halloween and both must choose what side to choose on their birthday s about how they fall in love and it s very culturalyou are def missing out if you do not read this book

    10. What a cute little story It was a little freaky at times but other than that i absolutely love this adorable little love story Its definately different than your average love story but try it, you might actually like it.

    11. I hate having to give this two stars because it was so beautifully written and imaginative This is the second book by Somtow I ve read now, and I love his style It s just I really did not like the ending.

    12. Half Jewish Half Natvie american boy falls in love with Vampire s daughter He must deiced between staying human and turning vampire.Found myself skiming this and frustrated with the 90 s portions The Native American parts were good.

    13. To me the story was boring and predictable Though the author brought some new ideas to it with the indian background of the boy, the story could not convince or keep my interest Read it, forget it.

    14. Cute and interesting Enjoyed the refreshingly new plot to the vampire genre, and even though I hated the ending I appreciate how it tied up the rest of the book.

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