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Rule #1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week! By Phil Town,

  • Title: Rule #1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week!
  • Author: Phil Town
  • ISBN: 9780307336842
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • Phil Town is now a very wealthy man, but he wasn t always In fact, he was living on a salary of 4000 a year when some well timed advice launched him down a highway of investing self education that revealed what the true rules are and how to make them work in one s favor Chief among them, of course, is rule 1 don t lose money Other rules are don t diversifytPhil Town is now a very wealthy man, but he wasn t always In fact, he was living on a salary of 4000 a year when some well timed advice launched him down a highway of investing self education that revealed what the true rules are and how to make them work in one s favor Chief among them, of course, is rule 1 don t lose money Other rules are don t diversify like an owner, not an investor never, ever be seduced into thinking the market is efficient Town also believes strongly in betting on the jockey, putting your faith in managers who ve proven their financial mettle Not only does Town reveal fresh methods for identifying who the truly reliable managers are, but he shows you how to test whether they really have faith in the businesses they re running By far, the most controversial of the audiobook s assertions will be that giant 401 k type mutual funds can t help but regress to the mean, and in the next twenty years, the mean could be very disappointing indeed There s a very real chance that a 401 k investor could see his holdings not grow at all in the next few decades Fortunately, Town s stockpicking techniques are meant to walk investing phobes through the do it yourself process, equipping them with the tools they need to make quantum leaps toward financial security.Rule 1 says something new, and it says it in a way that every listener can understand.From the Compact Disc edition.
    Rule The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only Minutes a Week Phil Town is now a very wealthy man but he wasn t always In fact he was living on a salary of a year when some well timed advice launched him down a highway of investing self education that rev

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    1. I own both the hardback and peperback of this one The paperback is the best of the two to buy because it has an extra chapter in the back of it full of great advice on 401k s Warren Buffett had two rules, Rule 1 is not to lose money, and Rule 2 is to remember Fight Club Buffett was a student of Ben Graham s where he learned how to value a business on a purely quantitative level Buffett later became also quite influenced by Phil Fisher, who was the grandfather of qualitative analysis Graham and F [...]

    2. Okay, so you ve heard about these things called stocks and you know that the way to make money long term is to invest in them, but you don t want to be a casino gambler So how do you learn how to invest intelligently If you re like me, you invest in an index tracking mutual fund and call it a day, but when I read this book a few years ago, I was all fired up to start tracking individual stocks with spreadsheets and pouring over company 10Cs and P E ratios, and even signed up on Phil Town s websi [...]

    3. A priceless book about managing your own investments Every time I had a question regarding the teaching, Phil would answer it in the next paragraph Quit making fund managers rich and quit losing money

    4. The most influential book on investment strategies that I have ever read Combines the time tested and proven strategy of value investing that have made Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett millions make that billions It has a very easy to understand system to follow in order to find solid investments and makes a nice compliment to other way people utilize to find their next investment It doesnt hurt that he is a good writer that keeps your attention oh and did I mention he started investing late i [...]

    5. My first investment related book the way author has explained the concepts is very good especially considering that am a novice i really liked the book very much having said that am not sure how well i can use it in my country because am finding it bit difficult to get info and yahoo msn are very good for US companies nonetheless am still hitting the bush, not sure when i will be finding one I WOULD SAY GREAT BOOK FOR FIRST TIME INVESTOR

    6. I would have liked guidance on the how Recognize that the 15 minutes a week isn t actually feasible, but I was impressed that the entire system is really rational and makes sense to me Stocks seem huge and impossible to understand But having a set box to work within seems like a good way to go.

    7. I wish I followed the plan in this book, years ago it told me to buy Samuel Adams, I didn t, and now they are all over the place, never even tried to see how much I could have made The system works, I fine tuned it with another system, and it verified what this book said I m sure it s not fail safe but I would like to give it a try again.

    8. Good approach to investing using both value and technical tools Determining value is easier than other approaches I ve seen Technical tools used are good I would recommend to investors Only part I didn t like was the early sell based on getting rich without working hard Once you get to the approach the book is good and easy to understand.

    9. I would consider this a theory book of investing, as you have to believe his concepts and ideas But there are some solid concepts and ideas in there, though I doubt it can realistically be accomplished in 15 minutes a week as Town suggests I ll keep the book as a reference for a while, but continue to do research on stock investing strategies.

    10. i think in general its a good book, gives you some good ideas of how to analyze a company s financial situation The title is a lie, of course and the technique, at least in Brazil, is impossible to be applied.

    11. Full of cherry picking and bad examples I turned the book off when the author said equity was the key measure of a company.

    12. De los mejores libros que he leido con el tema de inversiones.Desearia habermelo topado hace a os, pero a sacarle lumbre

    13. Rule 1 is really interesting investment guide I used the method from this book when purchasing my first stocks and was fairly successful.

    14. I SO want to give this only four stars for starting the sequence of events that put me into podcasting about investing, writing our own book together, and generally making me learn this investing stuff but I won t, because it absolutely deserves five Rule 1 is the classic and I go back to it over and over To my surprise, this method of investing works even for non numbery people like me, and I send my respects to my dad and the tradition of value investing masters and I think our new iteration i [...]

    15. So, in terms of writing, easiness to follow, and use of examples and story to support main points, this book is good What I want to get into is the ideas posited by the book and the contents.The approach to investing that this book is pushing seems very compelling, but I have to admit that I do not understand investing well enough to judge whether this is a sound method of investing What is encouraging, despite my doubts, is that the book encourages you to listen to your own doubts and use the p [...]

    16. I love personal Finance, so this book kept me glued due to the interesting topic I feel that it could have been concise, instead of 313 pages, it could have been done under 200 pages.The key message is simple, it makes you think like a business owner before you invest rather than an investor.I would suggest this to be a starting point for someone who is looking for Value Investment and Fundamental approach like the Buffet I like how the author has also spend some time on Technical analysis and [...]

    17. Wow Yes, the investment strategy that Phil proposes really does make sense Yes, he did convince me to try it myself Will I have the same success Who knows Nonetheless, his arguments and defence tools against market fluctuations make sense and I hope to at least not lose any money Most suprising fact of the book Phil s writing style I expected a dry book on investment What I read was a fascinating argumenation on how to make safe investment and make above the market average profits The book is so [...]

    18. The rule 1 is easy to use and is well explained but some of the concepts are a little bit weird for me Like doubling things and making calculations that we really don t need to know how it works He exaggerates sometimes almost like forcing his concept of investing to some famous peple He aplied the rule number 1, that s why he is rich , yeah I m not sure about that.

    19. This was my first investment book I read many years ago Coming back to it now, these timeless principles still hold true and serves as a valuable reminder Highly recommended as your first guide to investing in the stock market.

    20. It is a m I cure of the little blue book and invesTing for dummies The book is dated and three website it s updated but it requires payment The magic is in ROIC How you get it with the web s of today it s tricky but it s possible It s on my shelf for reference but can t recommend it.

    21. A very good book on stock investing with the aim of not losing any money, and growing in value by 15 % every year Provides good information on evaluating stocks and companies.

    22. interesting ideas on investingi enjoyed the book and thought Phil Town made difficult concepts fairly easy i definately want to analyze some stocks and my 401k options and see if i can come up with some better returns.

    23. Well its done I liked the overall investment idea However either because of poor writing skills or lack of examples the meat of this book is subpar The examples used also were outdated making it difficult to follow Case in point there are many rule 1 followers however several have DIFFERENT ways of coming up with the main point of this book which is using the Data to find a good entry point Margin of safety price to pay for a already great strong company Some people swear 46 is the right answers [...]

    24. This book was recommended to me by someone else I only gave it three stars because of the way the author presents the information The information, or method itself seems good I plan to spend the next few months trying it out My first problem with how the author presents the information is that it seems like he is selling snake oil He spends something like the first twenty percent of the book buttering you up with success stories, and how easy it is once you get the hang of it.My second issue, is [...]

    25. This is a great book to read if you re even remotely interested in investing in the stock market but don t know squat about it Town bases his method on Warren Buffet s proven techniques of investing It s a thoroughly readable book on what can be a very complex and confusing subject It provides practical techniques to identify stocks you d like to invest in then, research, analyze and take the plunge and actually belly up to the bar and buy There is also, of course, tactics on how to monitor them [...]

    26. Rule 1 reads like a cookbook for Phil Town s system of buying stocks There is a great deal of fluff in this book, but he does actually have a system or algorithm for picking stocks I have not tested it myself yet, but at least this is worthy of some further review I like when authors seem to have their own original direction instead of just rehashing what everyone else has already said Town should be applauded for this I did find his river guide shtick somewhat corny, it worked as a way to move [...]

    27. I really enjoy Phil Town s books I got this one at the library and finished it same day Great Read Highly recommend for any beginners intermediate investors.

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