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Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders By Samuel R. Delany,

  • Title: Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders
  • Author: Samuel R. Delany
  • ISBN: 9781593502034
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • Samuel R Delany is not only one of the most profound and courageous writers at work today, he is a writer of seemingly limitless range Michael CunninghamA vast river of a novel alive with explicit sexuality and the the richness of life itself, Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders concerns a gay, working class, interracial relationship In 2007, just before Eric s Samuel R Delany is not only one of the most profound and courageous writers at work today, he is a writer of seemingly limitless range Michael CunninghamA vast river of a novel alive with explicit sexuality and the the richness of life itself, Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders concerns a gay, working class, interracial relationship In 2007, just before Eric s seventeenth birthday, his father brings him to Diamond Harbor, a failing tourist town on the Georgia coast, to live with his mother There Eric meets nineteen year old Morgan Haskell, who works with his father, Dynamite Haskell, and the two boys soon join their lives and their bodies together on the coast as a couple over the next seventy five years.The author of than forty books, Samuel R Delany is a novelist and critic whose novel Dhalgren has sold over a million copies He is a recipient of the William Whitehead Memorial Award for a Lifetime Contribution to Gay and Lesbian Writing and the Lambda Literary Pioneer Award He is a professor of English and creative writing at Temple University in Philadelphia.
    Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders Samuel R Delany is not only one of the most profound and courageous writers at work today he is a writer of seemingly limitless range Michael CunninghamA vast river of a novel alive with explicit sex

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    1. Just found this review, now I have to read it bookslut fiction 2012_That reminds me speaking of characters, it s difficult to empathize with a father and son named Dynamite and Shit who frequent bathhouses together and are lovers Along with their abusive friend Black Bull and his sex partner whom he keeps in a collar and beats.People have trouble relating to this sort of thing LOL I had no idea Well, you know, I really have to stretch my empathy muscles to care much about the latest case of adul [...]

    2. I am a huge fan of Samuel R Delany s early Science Fiction novels, Nova and Dhalgren in particular, but up until now I had only ever ventured as far as Triton and never had read anything of his later work although I do own a copy of most of it, I just had not gotten around to read any of it With Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders his first novel in five years just having been released, it seemed like a good start, and a nice complement to read his latest after having finished one of his e [...]

    3. Ah Is there anything better in a reading experience no emotional connection but cold respect for hard work on the author s part I mean to say that, just because something evidently took a lot of work, doesn t make it a good book To some readers Unfortunately.Certainly to fill an 800 pg tome with little other than sex scenes sexy to no one takes, uh, a very particular yet dubiously practical skillset.Spoilers from here on, maybe I m still typing.Much like Dhalgren, this is one of Delany s efforts [...]

    4. I want to say better things about this novel, because Delany is a hero of minebut it s bad Firstly, I understand the theoretical underpinnings this is moral, theoretically sound, pornography I get that Delany s point is that it is ridiculous for us to say it is okay for someone to lust after one body part and yet feel disgust about others So he leans heavy on the extreme sex, playing on disgust to force us in to a situation where we have to see that The problem is that the endless scenes of sex [...]

    5. This is a book that takes porn serious, even after it stops being porn.This is a book in which the main characters get everything they want, living largely outside of electoral politics, scientific developments it s a sci fi novel, but most of the sci fi elements happen without the characters being directly affected by them , and economics as their ways are basically paid for , until they grow old most of them and die And the question is What sort of life can you forge in a post scarcity, post w [...]

    6. What a tough book to read I put this down many a time for something else, as the minutely described sexual perversions of the main characters whose 70 year long relationship is the lodestone of this novel simply become overwhelming You really have to work at liking these guys And then when suddenly the years and decades begin to slip away for the characters, you get a glimpse of the immensity of Delany s project what is a good life How does one live it How do you make a place for yourself in the [...]

    7. At 804 pages, this is easily the longest book I ve ever read and it was sprawling, titillating, gloriously boring, tediously explicit, shocking and thoughtful and endearing A history of the love of one interracial gay couple, their friends, their families, their sexual exploits which are likely to challenge the biases of most readers , the book sprawls out to consider human nature, our place in the universe, what it means to live in the world, and how memory shapes and twists and changes our pre [...]

    8. I glanced through the beginning of this it s awful It might have a point, but I m not going to wade through gross gay porn to find it I don t mind sex in a novel if it has a point, but there didn t seem any point save just how gross he could be.

    9. There are spoilers below It s impossible to write anything meaningful about this book without mentioning major events I don t think it ll be spoiled even if you read the review, but I ll leave it up to you For context, I ve read a pile of Delany, including The Mad Man and Dark Reflections, Bread and Wine, Heavenly Breakfast and Stars in My Pocket, but not including Dhalgren, Hogg, Phallos, or The Tides of Lust So I m only half aware of how themes in the book relate to Delany s oeuvre, since I ve [...]

    10. So Delany went and took all the topics he keeps writing about again and again, drenched them in shit and piss, smegma and snot, let them bake in Georgia summer heat for 872 pages and the result is a love story spanning decades.I was a bit afraid to read this, because it seemed so huge and life absorbing And it s a tough one indeed Readers new to Delany might run screaming after sampling this, never to return Dedicated perverts already familiar with his writing won t find anything new here He doe [...]

    11. As Internet puppy Charlie Stross blogged the other day, We re living in the 21st century it s not possible to write a novel that seriously explores modern life without a background that includes rapid, cheap international travel the commercial space industry smartphones and the internet and spam social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter the rapidly shifting reference points of life expectancy, gender roles, and politics Thus my first impression, reading the first half of TTVOTNOS, was that t [...]

    12. In simple terms, one theory for what seems to be the acceleration of time over the progression of life is that time itself tightens, in mathematical proportions, to the total span lived a decade to a twenty year old is a significant chunk of their life, and thus slower than the same decade to a person of sixty Delany s large and insanely powerful novel drives this theory home.A teenager, moving from Atlanta to Diamond Harbour, on the Georgia Coast, has a crazy encounter with nearly every charact [...]

    13. It s funny that ate my long review of this TWICE, because in some ways, I m really undecided about what to write about this 800 page filthy faggot porno love story about getting old.So here are some thoughts So much snot Gross Not nearly as much scat as other reviews would make you think If you liked The Mad Man you need to read this And to know that it s a bit like a riff on the section where Leaky describes his childhood Yes every second word is nigger and there is loads of incest and piss guz [...]

    14. This is a book like no other Most people will hate it, and complain that not only is it pornography, it is defiantly self absorbed pornography preening as it wallows in its own vulgar excess and deliberate sensationalism And at than 800 pages, that is a lot of pornography to get through, even for the most dedicated perverts.However, for the admittedly small group of people who are willing to allow their own beliefs about what is acceptable to be challenged in the philosophical pursuit of the pe [...]

    15. Viewed as an exercise, this is an extremely challenging one Delany set himself the task of tracing a couple throughout their entire adult lives, during which time seventy years virtually nothing in conventional plot terms happens They live inside a social experiment bankrolled by an offstage zillionaire, so their basic food shelter healthcare needs are provided for, and there s next to no conflict either within or from outside their community practically everyone they meet is as improbably good [...]

    16. THROUGH THE VALLEY starts in 2007 and shoots decades into the future I read four or five hundred pages before I saw anything recognizably science fiction which speaks, I think, to Delany s phenomenally subtle world building Trigger warnings for basically anything sexual specifically including sexual violence, incest, intergenerational sex As with THE MAD MAN or HOGG, best not to read over lunch As with THE MAD MAN or HOGG, expect to be personally challenged on pretty much every page As I m readi [...]

    17. A masterpiece A beautiful love story Sweeping and epic but also so simple and intimate Brilliantly follows characters and a town over some 70 years, resulting in the best description and exploration of aging and gentrification development I ve ever come across Graphic, in your face, unapologetic scenes of sex, sex, and sex the sheer volume and sustained presence of which has an effect of almost rewiring perceptions of sexual s, of good and bad, of hot and not An embodiment and exploration of th [...]

    18. I only got about halfway through this before I had to return it to the library Definitely want to finish it at some point The first 400 pages are Filthy Delany s doing interesting stuff here, explicitly pushing the envelope on what s dirty, acceptable, moral, comfortable and queer And, it s Hot Unabashedly Queer Smut as Respectable Library Literature Thanks Samuel Delany, well played And thanks for purchasing it, Seattle Public Libraries Can t imagine this d get bought in many other collections, [...]

    19. Locusmag review locusmag Reviews 2012 It s out in ebook The kindle free ebook sample is pretty long, 2000 kindle units 100 pages.If the book has sexual material similar to his later mainstream books, it ll be pretty rough Coprophagy.

    20. I didn t finish this one didn t make it much past 100 pages I get that this is an amazing work in various ways, and I m not put off by the sex at all I also get that there is a payoff in later chapters I am not willing to work that hard for the payoff Maybe someday.

    21. Initially disturbing, eventually illuminating Though vastly different from Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand, TVNS is Delany s closest novel to the 1984 masterpiece It is also his best long work since then.

    22. Keep reading The first few hundred pages lay the groundwork for spectacular things to come Not for the sexually squeamish or prissy, but if you can wade in and let yourself be carried along to the poetic, transcendent conclusion you will find it well worth the time.

    23. Samuel Delany s newest novel Through The Valley Of The Nest Of Spiders is not accessible by any means.The story of two young men who meet, fall in love and stay with one another for over 50 years Eric Jeffers is a young white boy man 16 living with his adopted black father in Atlanta In these very first pages it s understood quickly by the reader that Nest isn t filled with easy going subject matter but with very Dark Matter.Eric spends his time having sex with black homeless men under Atlanta b [...]

    24. I bought this book blindly because of the title and the author I have loved some of Samuel R Delany s past science fiction novels, and that s how I thought of him a Science Fiction writer and only a Science Fiction writer Combine that with the title and I thought I couldn t go wrong with a blind buy like this.You know what they say about assumptions.I m still puzzling over what I think of this novel When I first started it, I was immediately plunged into a lake of hardcore gay erotica That doesn [...]

    25. Don t even know where to start with this one maybe, to start, I don t think i would recommend it to most people because of the way the book deals pretty constantly with really heavy shit around childhood sexuality and sexual abuse in a way that is with good reason not moralistic or prescriptive enough for some people i think it is totally fair for people to despise books for the ways they interacts with your own existence and this book is horrible and triggering and upsetting in a lot of ways i [...]

    26. Reading this was the most bipolar book reading experience I ve ever had I also have never read a book like this before.For the first 430 pages, I hated this book It s not just that the incessant barrage of nasty sex scenes piss drinking, mucous eating, and grossed me out they did, but mostly the book was just really, really boring After, say, the fiftieth time that Eric talks about how much he enjoys drinking piss or the tenth scene in which Dynamite gets off wearing a used, full condom, I want [...]

    27. Well, if you re looking for a traditional Delany SF story, this ain t it It really ain t much of a traditional anything Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders is largely a tale of the lives of two men, in a relationship, as they spend their years growing older together throughout the 21st century Like in quite a few Delaney novels, the larger world is mostly a backdrop to the emotional journey of the main characters, and this book is no exception you will spend 80 85% of your time reading abo [...]

    28. Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders is Delany surgically excising from your body any association between physical repugnance and moral value.Numerous reviewers write Delany is making a point, but he overdoes it by 400 pages Delany is not making a point he is just offering a rocky valley for you to willingly negotiate your way through it That is Delany s Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders is not there to be read, but to be read lived.It may not change your life, but it will reconfigu [...]

    29. So maybe since I give so many things five stars it devalues them because this is like the MOST five stars thing in existence for me it s a vulgar sprawling epic gay dude love story, over a lifetime, starting nowish and stretching so far gah I just can t even deal, I just finished it, I ve spent the last week in this world, and it s so intense I have no one to talk to about it It addresses so many things, race, class, community, capitalism, taboos, history, etc etc fucking wowhmm I don t know, I [...]

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