[MOBI] ✓ تأملات حول المنفى 1 | by ☆ Edward W. Said ثائر ديب إدوارد سعيد

تأملات حول المنفى 1 By Edward W. Said ثائر ديب إدوارد سعيد,

  • Title: تأملات حول المنفى 1
  • Author: Edward W. Said ثائر ديب إدوارد سعيد
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1963 1963 .

    One thought on “تأملات حول المنفى 1”

    1. but the work of man is only just beginningand it remains to man to conquer allthe violence entrenched in the recesses of his passionAnd no race possesses the monopoly of beautyof intelligence, of force, and thereis a place for all at the rendez vous of victory Aime CesaireSaid returns so often to those lines, and even after having read this entire book, all 46 of the essays it contains, I still feel I do not understand the significance he feels in them Like many of the other concepts and argumen [...]

    2. Es dif cil comentar este libro porque result complejo, ya sea por la diversidad de temas que trata o por el sinf n de referencias que hay Said es un gran ensayista, que plantea de una forma que trata de ser sencilla, las dificultades que representa la cultura, la literatura y la identidad en el mundo moderno Aparte de seguir la rama del Orientalismo, reflexiona el papel del exiliado en el mundo y sobre estar divido entre dos naciones distintas lo que le sucede a l.Son 31 ensayos donde se explaya [...]

    3. Antes de seguir, resulta conveniente aclarar que este es un libro de ensayos y que justo acabo de leer el que le da nombre a la compilaci n, no todos A pesar de no coincidir en algunos puntos de su exposici n Reflexiones sobre el exiliome parece un ensayo l cido, y un excelente punto de partida para comprender fen menos como el exilio y la migraci n, as como la representaci n del migrante desde una ptica m s bien sociol gica No obstante, da pie para pensarlo desde la literatura Volver a otros en [...]

    4. LOVED LOVED LOVED this The essay Reflections on Exile , in specific, explores the idea of exile, it being voluntarily and forced, transcendental homelessness, and nationalism Said is a wonderful Palestinian scholar, breaking down how exile can be defined and explained As an immigrant, I, myself, have had trouble putting into words the idea of displacement and how it affected me, my nation, and my ancestors This man puts it all into words that make a logical explanation to a spiritual state of so [...]

    5. The breadth of subject matter covered in these beautifully crafted essays is remarkable Cairo and Alexandria is one to keep in mind for any walk through old Cairo Any essays mentioning Bernard Lewis quite a few do are worth the cover price alone.

    6. An astonishing compilation of Said s essays that contribute to understand his basic thesis, perceptions, research domains etc Literary theory , post colonialism, middle eastern studies and other areas such as philosophy of music are in the centre of his analysis.

    7. Just re reading some of these as I prepare a paper I wish I had time to re read the whole thing I forgot how much I enjoed reading Said I ll bump this one up a star.

    8. Liked a few of these essays I didn t read all of them until he started talking about Glenn Gould and the piano and his TOTAL snobbery was revealed.

    9. Rating applies to the Introduction, Amateur of the Insoluble , Conrad and Nietzsche , and Reflections on Exile

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