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The Last Will of Moira Leahy By Therese Walsh,

  • Title: The Last Will of Moira Leahy
  • Author: Therese Walsh
  • ISBN: 9780307461582
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • An original, intriguing tale about the ways that love can break us or bind us Therese Fowler, author of Souvenir and ReunionThis haunting debut novel explores the intense bond of sisterhood as a grieving twin searches for her own identity in the ruins of her sister s past A LOST SHADOWMoira Leahy struggled growing up in her prodigious twin s shadow Maeve was always mo An original, intriguing tale about the ways that love can break us or bind us Therese Fowler, author of Souvenir and ReunionThis haunting debut novel explores the intense bond of sisterhood as a grieving twin searches for her own identity in the ruins of her sister s past A LOST SHADOWMoira Leahy struggled growing up in her prodigious twin s shadow Maeve was always talented, daring, fun In the autumn of the girls sixteenth year, a secret love tempted Moira, allowing her to have her own taste of adventure, but it also damaged the intimate, intuitive relationship she d always shared with her sister Though Moira s adolescent struggles came to a tragic end nearly a decade ago, her brief flirtation with independence will haunt her sister for years to come.A LONE WOMANWhen Maeve Leahy lost her twin, she left home and buried her fun loving spirit to become a workaholic professor of languages at a small college in upstate New York She lives a solitary life now, controlling what she can and ignoring the rest the recurring nightmares, hallucinations about a child with red hair, the unquiet sounds in her mind, her reflection in the mirror It doesn t help that her mother avoids her, her best friend questions her sanity, and her not quite boyfriend has left the country But at least her life is ordered Exactly how she wants it.A SHARED PASTUntil one night at an auction when Maeve wins a keris,a Javanese dagger that reminds her of her lost youth and happier days playing pirates with Moira in their father s boat Days later, a book on weaponry is nailed to her office door, followed by the arrival of anonymous notes, including one that invites her to Rome to learn about the blade and its legendary properties Opening her heart and mind to possibility, Maeve accepts the invitation and, with it, also opens a window into her past.Ultimately, she will revisit the tragic November night that shaped her and Moira s destinies and learn that nothing can be taken at face value as one sister emerges whole and the other s score is finally settled The Last Will of Moira Leahyis a mesmerizing and romantic consideration of the bonds of family, the impossibility of forgetting, and the value of forgiveness From the Hardcover edition.
    The Last Will of Moira Leahy An original intriguing tale about the ways that love can break us or bind us Therese Fowler author of Souvenir and ReunionThis haunting debut novel explores the intense bond of sisterhood as a griev

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    1. This story opens with a bang, when Maeve Leahy feels strangely compelled to attend an auction, and then to bid on and purchase a Javanese blade called a keris I was immediately hooked, drawn into Maeve s suddenly turbulent world.We quickly glean that something tragic has happened with Maeve s twin, Moira, and that the keris Maeve has purchased seems at least to her to possess a mystical power The blade and the special bond the twins share both become apt metaphors over the course of the tale, re [...]

    2. Last week, I bought The Last Will of Moira Leahy by Therese Walsh I ve followed Therese s blog, Writer Unboxed, for awhile, and I love supporting debut authors There s also been a buzz in the Tweetosphere about this book, so I couldn t wait for Santa.The Last Will is the story of twins, tragically separated by anger and jealousy, whose reunion is tied to a Javanese dagger, called a keris The story moves between the present day where the surviving twin, Maeve, struggles to find peace in her life [...]

    3. Moira and Maeve are twin sisters Moira s life is taken in a tragic accident and it seems that a piece of Maeve has died with her Maeve purchases a dagger that reminds her of the time she spent playing with her beloved sister Maeve decides that it s time to start anew and moves into a new apartment The dagger holds power than Maeve could have ever imagined She soon learns that there are secrets revolving around her sisters death and it s up to her to find the truth.This is an emotional account o [...]

    4. The Last Will of Moira Leahy is a captivating, haunting debut novel by Therese Walsh This is a heart wrenching, soul searching story of grief and loss, as the surviving sister, Maeve, tries to reconcile herself to a life without her identical twin, Moira Normally at this point I would say what genre this novel would fit into, however The Last Will of Moira Leahy does not fit into any one specific category Walsh wrote this novel much like knitting a multi coloured sweater It is not blue nor red n [...]

    5. Twin sisters, Moira and Maeve were inseparable They shared a bond that only twins could share Though Maeve has the ability to sense when bad things were going to happen to the people she loved It was almost like she was cursed I meanwould you want the ability to know that something was going to happen and you may not be able to prevent it As Moira and Maeve grew up Maeve became the popular one that everyone wanted to hang out with Moira was known as the boring one Moira developed a crush on a bo [...]

    6. Excellent read Couldn t put it down I can t remember the last time I left out an audible gasp when reading but toward the end of this fast rolling story, it happened multiple times How Walsh unveiled details at just the right times throughout the novel, willing me to turn the page until I knew I was drawn in to the mystery surrounding two twins, their bond, their loss, and the allure of an item purchased at an auction house This story plumbs the depths of family love and psychological trauma wh [...]

    7. This riveting novel of self realization and forgiveness was definitely worth reading Although the beginning was confusing and slightly difficult to follow, as soon as I reached the second chapter I was hooked I especially enjoyed reading the anecdotes that Ms Walsh inserted at the end of every chapter that linked back to the twins past It was like reading a mystery where I had to keep flipping the pages to find out what happens next, or why Maeve acts a certain way Thinking back now, I suppose i [...]

    8. This is a book that was hard to classify I don t often give a book 5 stars, and I usually base my rating on how I feel when I finish the book, and then a few days later I still feel the same about this one When I first saw this book, I assumed the Last Will to be the last will and testament , but as you read you discover that it is not a document It didn t catch me right off, it took a couple of chapters for me to figure our who everyone was and get settled in but I am glad that I kept reading.W [...]

    9. This book has all the elements I like mystery, suspense, family drama, mysticism, and a little romance It s a real page turner with lovely writing, a welcome combination I didn t give it five stars because of a few minor annoyances I found the main character Maeve s voice to be overly frenetic and disjointed at times I know this was undoubtedly intentional to convey her psychological distress, but I thought she was a bit overwrought and the narration jumpy I would have liked interaction with th [...]

    10. Maeve and Moira which is which Twins and for at least a quarter of the book I had to keep going back to figure out which one was doing what Once I got the rhythm of what was going on in their rivalries, jealousies, secrets, relationships etc I really liked the book very much Wasn t terribly surprised by one revelation, which I LL keep a secret so as not to spoil it for any other reader The imagery is beautiful, the story of a keris is interesting, the emotions of the characters are realistic and [...]

    11. I feel very fortunate that the last 3 books I ve read have far exceeded my expectations The writing in them is fantastic The Last Will of Moria Leahy is in good company This is a love story of twin sisters and the eternal bond they share The story is thoughtful and well executed, and full of surprises Maeve is a compelling protagonist who plays the sax and speaks many languages Another surprise is the liberal dose of mysticism Many a strange happenings occur Maeve encounters an Italian man, Erma [...]

    12. I went to a book group and met this author I loved discussing the book with her This is a great story, had a few twists, and was a good, quick read It was touching without making me cry my favorite combination.

    13. I m a student who read this in an English book club, and I went into The Last Will expecting to like it As I was reading the first few chapters, it reminded me a bit of Tea Obreht s The Tiger s Wife , a story I read last year and absolutely loved But by the end of The Last Will, my honest opinion is that two stars is a generous review Judging by all these super praising, an eerie, fascinating journey that leaves you on the edge of your seat type reviews below mine, I m beginning to wonder if I m [...]

    14. Oh Moira, oh Maeve So much love, so much hate, such a deep connectionThis review will be a bit off of my normal way, I m sorry, but I really loved this book And not just wha an amazing book but a strong feeling of caring and loving the characters and what they ve achieved, how much they advanced, grown and changed.I can t think of negative parts or possible issues, so forgive me Forgive me if you read the book and find the issues that I, so in love, ignored, but my eys didn r see them, the ugly [...]

    15. The Last Will of Moira Leahy for me is quite a difficult read, in a good way I was easily immersed in the story, intrigued and the whole summary really got me intrigued It started quite slow though, with Maeve keep herself so tight and avoiding to tell us what s going on with her She s mysterious, which made me don t understand her but it kind of weird when I think she s so connected with me as the story goes on Walsh deserves credit for writing a character whose personality leaps off the page T [...]

    16. Therese Walsh s The Last Will of Moira Leahy is a compelling account of one girl s struggle to overcome the grief of losing her twin sister Overall, I personally found the book very intriguing to read and certainly very interesting Walsh s use of flashbacks and out of time sequences makes the reader crave to hear of Maeve and Moira s story, while the mystery and intrigue of Maeve s journey to Rome with the keris sparks a different kind of interest I found the highlight of the novel to be when M [...]

    17. Nearly a decade since tragedy stole her twin sister from her, Maeve Leahy is living a cold if functional life She has drained the color out of her life, and she has buried her emotions in her academic career Bring on winter, she states in the opening paragraph she s not afraid of grief or of cold, but of having to feel Her life takes a magical turn when she impulsively buys a keris, a Javanese sword, at an auction after fighting an attraction to it it reminds her of a sword she and her sister lo [...]

    18. Moira Leahy always struggled growing up in the shadows of her wildly talented and fun loving twin sister, Maeve In the fall of their sixteenth year, Moira falls in love with a boy named Ian What she quickly realizes though is that Ian s love is meant for Maeve,and once again Moira feels as though she is in Maeve s shadow Thanks to being identical, she can easily pass herself off as Maeve to receive Ian s affection They meet secretly at night and Ian falls deeper and deeper in love with Maeve nev [...]

    19. When we meet Maeve Leahy in the opening chapters of the book, it is clear that she is only half living her life She bleaches all color out of her hair, denying her natural vibrant red, and the case to her beloved saxophone resides under her bed, out of sight She has almost no social life and spurns the advances of men And she is tormented by the music of a piano playing in her mind, along with a scratchy sound that resembles radio static Her roommate Kit urges her to see a neurologist, but Maeve [...]

    20. The Last Will of Moira Leahy by Theresa Walsh is a very intriguing and engaging read Maeve and Moira Leahy were identical twins who were incredibly close They grew up in Maine Maeve is a saxophone prodigy, and as a child, was fearless, free thinking, and uninhibited Moira felt like she stood in her sister s shadow She loved Maeve, but where Maeve was outspoken Moira was quieter Where Maeve loved adventures, Moira enjoyed reading Jane Eyre Maeve was an acknowledged saxophone player, Moira was a g [...]

    21. Identical twins share a special bond Therese Walsh s stirring debut novel, The Last Will of Moira Leahy, explores the bonds that hold twins together and the painful consequences that occur when those ties are broken.The story begins when Maeve, a language professor in her mid 20 s, impulsively bids on a keris, a Javanese dagger, at an auction house She wins the keris and weird things begin to happen, which unlock memories of the loss of her twin sister, Moira, nine years earlier.Walsh alternates [...]

    22. What a lovely mix of magic, mysticism, paranormal activity, romance, mysteryThere s a ton of categories this wonderful story could fall into and yet any description that chooses just one or even two of them would be incomplete What makes this story work is that the magic mysticism paranormal is handed so lightly and elegantly Maeve loses her twin, Moira, at age sixteen Afterwards, she changes she restrains her love of music, keeps her passionate nature hidden She becomes similar to Moira, who sh [...]

    23. Why am I so attracted to books about twins I feel like I read a lot of books about twins and maybe there s just a lot of literature out there with twins because they are fascinating to those of us who don t have a twin But why are the novels with twins at the center of the story so tragic There s always a mystery, confusion, heartbreak, loss entwined with these twins Heck, even in books where twins aren t the main focus, one twin seems destined to die Yes, spoiler alert I mean you Harry Potter C [...]

    24. Moira Leahy lived in the shadow of her musically talented and outgoing twin sister, Maeve.When the older brother of a friend mistakes Moira for Maeve one day, Moira begins a series of deceptions that isolate her from her close bond with Maeve.Years later, Maeve buys a Javanese knife in an auction on impulse, and digs up memories of her sister, and the tragedy that took her life.Traveling to Rome to find out the mystery of the knife, Maeve ends up finding out about herself, and the bond with her [...]

    25. This is another instance I wish we could do half starsis book was really a 3.5 read than a 3 If you liked The Lace Reader oryou ll like this book.Maeve Leahy goes into a decade long deep freeze at the loss of her identical twin sister, Moira These two sisters had that mystical bond that is peculiar to twins, at least until their 16th year when everything goes horribly wrong For the past 10 years Maeve has buried berself in her academic and professional life She keeps everyone at arms length exc [...]

    26. First impressions are great with a cover as beautiful as this The image is pulled straight from the pages of the book, a very memorable scene that the entire book builds up to I started reading The Last Will of Moira Leahy without knowing much about it I was very quickly swept into the story and found it to be quite engaging The story centers around Maeve Leahy who lost her identical twin sister Moira one unfortunate November in their teens The book splits time equally between the story leading [...]

    27. I truly enjoyed this story one of the bond of sisterhood, of twins, the mystic contained within this bond that last Even if I die, I ll be with you for always through their efforts to block one another But the power of the bond is too strong, and can t keep them from feeling each other s pain Moira and Maeve, although identical, were different in many ways Therese Walsh does a terrific job of distinguishing these differences so that we readers can fully feel the emotion within their unique conne [...]

    28. I had hoped to give this book five stars and thought it might be worthy, but after 150 pages decided there was little too much paranormal and mysticism involved, which I really don t care for any However, I kept reading for the secrets that were slowly revealed during the story Maeve and Moira are twins and the story alternates between their childhood and contemporary times when Maeve, a university professor of languages, appears to be the only twin around At the start of the book she purchases [...]

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