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The New England Mind: The Seventeenth Century By Perry Miller,

  • Title: The New England Mind: The Seventeenth Century
  • Author: Perry Miller
  • ISBN: 9780674613065
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • In The New England Mind The Seventeenth Century, as well as successor The New England Mind From Colony to Province, Perry Miller asserts a single intellectual history for America that could be traced to the Puritan belief system.
    The New England Mind The Seventeenth Century In The New England Mind The Seventeenth Century as well as successor The New England Mind From Colony to Province Perry Miller asserts a single intellectual history for America that could be traced

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    1. Oh My I m clearly not a fan of Mr Miller s writing This book was an absolute torture to get through, and I only did it for my friends I hope they know I love them.

    2. The biographical summary of Miller is interesting A man who got his PhD in an era where 1 year of undergrad work, followed by three years of grad work after a hiatus traveling the world, could quite directly land tenure at Harvard One thinks of Miller as a tweedy Harvard professor in the consensus era of historiography Trapped inside the minutia of high culture debates, he seems one caught in the amber of historiographical time Perhaps, as Stephen Foster implied in New England and the Challenge [...]

    3. How much better than multiple volumes of historiographical bafflegab by evangelicals edited by D G Hart is one volume of history by Perry Miller They will perish, but Perry Miller will always have to be consulted.This is a cogent, careful, ingenious, devastating, irascible, symphonic, amazing volume Even with the palpably dated portions, the structure stands majestic, like a tremendous tower that has withstood a siege in which every other surrounding edifice has been laid low It is one of the gr [...]

    4. Admittedly, I did not read this whole work But Miller s work while certainly a product of its time is comprehensive and generally represents the Puritans in their own words and through their own worldview Unfortunately, though Miller is exhaustive in his explication of Puritan understandings of piety, intellectualism, science, and various covenants, there is no discussion in this book on what Puritans thought of their physical struggles in the land they occupied as colonizers, nor of the people [...]

    5. This book from 1939 is very much a product of its time Miller focuses only on men and elite writings in telling his story of New England Puritanism I think it s a good idea to situate religion within a broader intellectual history framework, and Miller should be applauded for reading tons of seventeenth century British theology and logic philosophy Miller also shows that the Puritans weren t just dour stereotypes, but rather complex people who found joy in their religion Unfortunately, Miller ch [...]

    6. It is the formative modern work on American Puritanism, and every book on Puritanism in America since has had to drink from its well of scholarship Miller s prose is laborious at times, and his lack of footnoting is really unfortunate, despite the fact that an additional book was published which gave appropriate references for his numerous quotations of primary sources All in all the work is a positive treatment of Puritanism, the first of its kind in the modern era, which is why it has become t [...]

    7. This book is awesomeo often people look at the Puritans as some repressive, somber group of men who wielded control over New England wearing clothes of black and brown, immortalized in a million grade school plays The reality is that 1 the Puritans worked very hard to reconcile their rigorous faith with their flock, and with the people who hovered at the edge of their flock And 2 The idea of a covenant, so vital to Puritan philosophy, permeates throughout all of American law politicse idea that [...]

    8. Some really interesting nuggets here, buried in page upon page of lackluster minutiae As a non historian, I ll leave method quibbles and questions of datedness aside, and say that I d have much preferred something operating at a bit higher level of synthesis and taking in than just theological and liturgical writings of Mass Bay s ruling class Miller brings us up to the edge of some pretty fascinating territory regarding the inner life of Puritans, the seeming contradictions their thought bridg [...]

    9. I particularly liked the sections on anti Aristotelian thought and then the impact of Ramus on New England thought.

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