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The Koala of Death By Betty Webb,

  • Title: The Koala of Death
  • Author: Betty Webb
  • ISBN: 9781590587584
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • When zoo keeper Theodora Teddy Bentley fishes the body of Koala Kate out of Gunn Landing Harbor, she discovers that her fellow zoo keeper didn t drown she was strangled The clues to Koala Kate s killer implicate other animal keepers at the Gunn Zoo, including Outback Bill, marsupial keeper and Kate s Aussie ex boyfriend and Robin Chase, the big cat keeper who s got itWhen zoo keeper Theodora Teddy Bentley fishes the body of Koala Kate out of Gunn Landing Harbor, she discovers that her fellow zoo keeper didn t drown she was strangled The clues to Koala Kate s killer implicate other animal keepers at the Gunn Zoo, including Outback Bill, marsupial keeper and Kate s Aussie ex boyfriend and Robin Chase, the big cat keeper who s got it in for Teddy Also displaying suspicious behavior are several liveaboarders at the harbor Speaks To Souls, a shady animal psychic and even Caro, Teddy s much married, ex beauty queen mother But murderers aren t all Teddy has to worry about Her embezzling father is still on the run from the Feds, and the motor on the Merilee, her beloved houseboat is failing To pay for the repairs, Teddy agrees to appear on a weekly live television broadcast featuring misbehaving animals that range from Wanchu, a cuddly koala, to Abim, a panicky wallaby and all hell breaks loose in the TV studio To add to Teddy s woes, the killer zeroes in on her with near fatal results The Koala of Death brings a return to Gunn Zoo and the social climbing humans and eccentric animals that made the prize winning The Anteater of Death so popular Readers will enjoy this behind the scenes peek at zoo life, and learn that poor little rich girls like Teddy lead much complicated lives that they d ever imagine especially when they re tracking killers.
    The Koala of Death When zoo keeper Theodora Teddy Bentley fishes the body of Koala Kate out of Gunn Landing Harbor she discovers that her fellow zoo keeper didn t drown she was strangled The clues to Koala Kate s kille

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    1. Book on CD read by Hillary HuberBook two in the series featuring zookeeper Teddy Bentley has our heroine discovering the body of co worker and TV darling Koala Kate in the harbor She obviously fell overboard after the previous night s party, and in a drunken stupor drowned Or did she I like this cozy series for the information about the animals and the relationships between Teddy and her mother, Caro, and boyfriend, Sheriff Joe Rejas Webb gives us plenty of suspects and twists in the plot that k [...]

    2. I brought this after reading the first book when it was offered as a freebie.The book isn t prefect, but it is still an enjoyable read Webb is at her best when writing about the animals, and this book includes several funny scenes at a news studio where Teddy is giving an animal talk I also liked some of the character development.To be fair, though, I found the ending to be somewhat weak I couldn t understand why Teddy simply didn t tell the deputy in the first place But still, it was a very enj [...]

    3. Teddy returns as keeper of the Gunn Zoo in coastal California She is a liveaboarder in the harbor, living in a converted trawler The night after a party on a neighboring boat, a party that included many of her co workers, her morning routine is disrupted by the discovery of a body overboard It turns out to be another keeper, Kate Nido Kate s job included publicity and public relations for the zoo.Teddy s Sherrif boyfriend and her rich, socialite mother spend their time encouraging entreating Ted [...]

    4. While I enjoyed this read, and The Anteater of Death before it, I do take the author to task for Outback Bill s language He appears to be modelled on Mick J Crocodile Dundee but even our Mick didn t use the word sheila , or throw in every old slang word he could think of And then to offer translations, presumably for her American readers You mustn t underestimate the intelligence of your readers to figure out what is meant by the context It s still English after all.I didn t consider this as goo [...]

    5. In the 2nd book in the series, zookeeper Theodora Teddy finds the body of a fellow zookeeper floating in the water beside her houseboat Koala Kate has been murdered Teddy is asked to take over many of Kate s responsibilities, including tv spots and PR stuff not Teddy s forte Teddy s boyfriend, Joe, is the local sheriff, trying to figure out who killed Kate I really enjoyed this I love all the extra animal info that is shared throughout the book I think I was actually interested in things other [...]

    6. All right, I liked this book, I did But.what is it with the recent trend of repeating things over and over in a story Yes, I know the zoo keeper is from Australia, your mom wants you to date somebody other than the sheriff, the Zoo director doesn t like her job and the Rhino keeper has a heart of gold, no need to keep telling me that every time you bring that character into the story.I thought the book was well written, a great cozy mystery I am not interested in reading any of the others in thi [...]

    7. I really tried to get into this book but just couldn t I did not care for the way she writes She also had annoying habits like translating people and animals Also I found an unusually high number of errors in this book.

    8. Another charming addition to the Gunn Zoo cozy mystery series As I mentioned in my previous review, I found Llama of Death on the shelf at my library and decided I d like to read it I love llamas A quick trip to fantasticfiction told me that I should read Anteater of Death and Koala of Death first, so here I am I still LOVE that the main character is a redhead like me Teddy Bentley is spunky and spirited and caring and fun and hardworking just as a redhead should be Ha ha ha She works in a large [...]

    9. I truly give it about 2.75 stars There were lots of errors throughout the book I may have a poor vocabulary, but it seemed to me that the author was trying to make Teddy sound sophisticated than she was Some random facts that aren t right I enjoyed the story itself It kept me wanting to read.

    10. Good plot that is well paced Interesting characters that you can t help like despite their human flaws Zoo animals make it a fun read.

    11. A fun read centering around a privately owned zoo with a zoo keeper who hangs out with millionaires and boat live aboarders.

    12. Trouble is afoot for the keepers at Gunn Zoo Teddy Bentley, one of the zoo keepers, finds one of her coworkers floating outside her houseboat The corpse, Koala Kate, was the face of Gunn Zoo to locals because she appeared on a TV show and published a cute blog about life at the zoo.Police quickly arrest Outback Bill, another one of the keepers He insists on his innocence, and it appears Teddy is the only one that believes him That is until there is another murder at Gunn Landing Harbor This vict [...]

    13. First Line I awoke during a pearly dawn to hear something bump against the Merilee s hull.Unfortunately that bump against the hull of Teddy Bentley s boat wasn t a wake up call from the resident sea otter who comes for breakfast every morning The bump turns out to be the body of Koala Kate, a fellow keeper at the Gunn Zoo and darling of Good Morning, San Sebastian s Koala Kate s Kuddly Kritters.Having been a guest at a party aboard the Gutterball the night before, it is assumed that Kate drank t [...]

    14. The second novel starring zookeeper Theodora Teddy Bentley begins when she is awakened early one morning by a thunk against the side of the Merilee, the 34 foot trawler she lives aboard She is understandably shocked to find the body of one of her co workers, Kate Nido, the koala keeper at the Gunn Zoo.Teddy didn t know Kate very well, as the koala keeper was relatively new, and they worked opposite schedules They d both been at a party on a neighboring boat the previous night, though Teddy had l [...]

    15. The Koala of Death, by Betty Webb, b plus narrated by Hillary Huber, produced by Blackstone Audio, downloaded from audible.This is one of the series involving zookeeper Teddy Bentley, her boyfriend, the sheriff, and her much married mother who is trying to find Teddy a rich husband Teddy lives on her boat She awakens one morning to feel and hear a thump against her boat When she goes out to see what s going on, she finds the body of another of her fellow zookeepers, Koala Kate She has been stran [...]

    16. The Gunn Zoo Mystery by Betty Webb is a brand new series for me It was enthusiastically recommended by two library patrons and I am glad I followed their recommendations I ve never read a mystery which takes place in a zoo and it was so fun to find out about zoo life Over the years, I ve chosen mysteries which let me in to various worlds the dog show arena, historical quilts, foodies, different parts of the world and country, and so forth The main character, Theodora Teddy Bentley works in a Sou [...]

    17. This is the second book in the series that I have listened to They are great entertainment On a light to serious scale, I would put them a serious than Stephanie Plum but less serious than Agatha Christie, probably the closet equivalent would be the quilting mysteries of Earlene Fowler The plotting in the book is very solid The main characters that continue from one book to the next are becoming well developed When you read a summary of the books, some of the cutesy names are given because tho [...]

    18. Another great cozy featuring the quirky but endearing animals and humans at the Gunn Zoo near the central coast of California Teddy Theodora is a zoo keeper who comes from a monied background but prefers to live on the Merilee her little houseboat with Miss Priss her cat and DJ Bonz her 3 legged dog When the body of Koala Kate, another keeper from the zoo, bumps up against her boat one evening, Teddy s life is once again caught up in trying to figure out what happened and keep up with her regula [...]

    19. Very cool book with lots of zoological info that is shared in a natural manner Interesting characters and mystery I would highly recommend this one After my second read finished October 20, 2016 , I still enjoyed the book a lot, although some of the characters overreacted towards Teddy, especially Robin and Myra If a person works with animals, many of them dangerous, all day long, I think they would keep their moods in check, because extreme mood swings between humans with whom the animals are [...]

    20. Are you looking for a fun, interesting murder mystery Well, I have one for you in The Koala of Death by Betty Webb Teddy Bentley lives on the Merilee and works at the Gunn Zoo After finding the body of Koala Kate in the water next to her boat, Teddy is thrown into the mystery of who killed her and why Along the way, Teddy learns to do a television show, finds another body, does some investigating on her own much to her boyfriend s chagrin , discovers a family secret, and is almost killed Come me [...]

    21. The Koala of Death is the second book in the Gunn Zoo mystery series The stories revolve around Teddy Bentley, a zookeeper who seems to frequently stumble upon dead bodies In Koala of Death it is, naturally, the koala keeper, Kate, who comes up strangled Teddy is positive that the main suspect, Outback Bill, is innocent and sets out to find the true killer.These are easy, fun mysteries that will not tax your brain in anyway Not remotely believable and with bigger than life charcters, Koala of De [...]

    22. it was good, another one of the series at the zoo by the ocean in central ca by sf the zookeeper has another couple of murders to figure out, the cop boyfriend asked her to marry him at teh end which im happy about i dont think there are any books in the series, i wish there were its pretty good her rich mom keeps trying to find her a rich husband, the last attempt ended when he tried to kill her for finding out he stole some computer thing from a man wiht alshimers so he killed the mans daught [...]

    23. Teddy s a zookeeper and despite her mom s constant efforts to find her a suitable husband, she loves her job When she finds the body of another zookeeper floating beside her boat one morning, her boyfriend the sheriff begins to investigate It wasn t an accidental drowning, but murder.I enjoyed Tedd She s a lively and interesting character What I didn t like was how she s so pushed around by her bitchy mother and not able to stand up to her interference.This isn t the first book in this genre whe [...]

    24. OK, that is a fantastic title.Who knew that zoo mysteries were a thing This is the second one I ve read in the last month I liked the other one, but I really enjoyed this one.It s also a cozy mystery, where a random person in this case, Teddy, a zookeeper gets involved with a murder investigation, often by being the one to discover the body as is the case here.What I really like about this book is in spite of multiple dead bodies how upbeat it was The koala was cuddly, the baby anteater was cute [...]

    25. Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed t [...]

    26. Zookeeper Teddy Bentley fishes the body of her co worker Kate Nido, the koala keeper at the Gunn Zoo, out of the harbor Did Kate have too much to drink at a party, and fall overboard Kate s boyfriend, marsupial keeper, Outback Bill, is arrested.Teddy doesn t believe Outback Bill is guilty, even though he is abrasive and doesn t get along with anyone but the marsupials While Teddy tries to clear Bill s name, Teddy s mother Caro is set on introducing her daughter to various wealthy, eligible men.A [...]

    27. Using the fictional Gunn Zoo in California s Central coast as a setting, this delightful cozy mystery series has humor, suspense, cute animals and a touch of romance Oh yeah, and a murder or two.If you are familiar with Betty Webb through her Lena Jones series Whoa This is not as issue oriented although conservation themes ran through the book and definitely not as dark Your taste will tell which is suited to you I enjoy them both, probably prefer Lena Jones You gotta love a mystery series hero [...]

    28. Another cute murder mystery featuring the koala at Gunn Zoo This book didn t have a chapter devoted to the thoughts of the koala That was the main thing that threw me off in the first book The Anteater of Death But, overall, I enjoyed how Teddy handled herself and would like to read about her But seriously, how many murders can her life take

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