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Compromised Hearts By Hannah Howell,

  • Title: Compromised Hearts
  • Author: Hannah Howell
  • ISBN: 9781420104677
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this dazzling novel from New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell, a beauty without means and a man without scruples strike a scandalous bargain that takes them into the heart of desire.No gentleman would guarantee a lady s safety in exchange for her virtue But that is precisely why Cloud Ryder would never call himself a gentleman He wants Emily BrockingerIn this dazzling novel from New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell, a beauty without means and a man without scruples strike a scandalous bargain that takes them into the heart of desire.No gentleman would guarantee a lady s safety in exchange for her virtue But that is precisely why Cloud Ryder would never call himself a gentleman He wants Emily Brockinger the moment he sets eyes on her, and volunteers to guide her and her ward through lawless Colorado territory if she ll share his bed Yet to his surprise, the delicate Boston blueblood has a grit and fire that thrill him as no woman ever has.Emily has no choice but to accept Cloud s terms, and no way to control her body s response to the virile, part Cherokee drifter The trail is strewn with obstacles, and the dangers only increase once they reach their destination All his life, Cloud has shunned commitment, but now the only way to keep Emily safe is to open his heart to the one woman with the passion and power to break it The superbly talented Howell never disappoints Romantic Times The laughter mingles with the tears in any story from the talented pen of Hannah Howell If you haven t read her before, start now Affair de Coeur
    Compromised Hearts In this dazzling novel from New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell a beauty without means and a man without scruples strike a scandalous bargain that takes them into the heart of desire No g

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    1. Si superas ese estrepitoso comienzo, el libro no es malo Obviamente tienes que ser fuerte e ignorar que el protagonista se comport como un est pido bastardo al pedirle que se acostara con l todo el camino a cambio de su seguridad Y que ella tuviera que aceptar porque era una tremenda estupidez conservarse virgen si los indios iban a matarla de todas formas Y el hecho de que ella aceptara antes de que l pudiera pudiera retirar la oferta y brindarle seguridad de todas formas M s all de eso, la nov [...]

    2. 2 1 2 stars I m not quite sure I liked this book or not I selected it for its publication date, needing to complete a reading challenge And I love really good bodice rippers I thought I had a winner.The story revolves around former soldier and scout Cloud Ryder, whose cheese tastic name and reputation with the ladies added humorous elements to the story I m not quite sure the author intended this, but perhaps Cloud rescues proper Boston cr me Emily, who has set out west to find her brother Harpe [...]

    3. Compromised Hearts by Hannah Howell is a reissue, originally published in 1989 It is an excellent Western Historical Romance Filled with romance, adventure and some wonderful characters you ll enjoy as well as some that you ll hope will get what s coming to them Cloud and Emily have great chemistry together and it s a joy to follow them on their journey through the Wild West and into the San Luis Valley Along the way you ll find danger, steamy nights and plenty of Cloud s former lovers scattered [...]

    4. I ve only read a few of Hannah Howell s books and so far they ve been pretty good I really liked this book but I would give it 3 1 2 if I could Cloud H is finally heading home to his land, he s thinking that it s time to set down some roots, build a home and be close to his family On his way he can t believe what he finds, a young woman just strolling through the most dangerous Indian territory with her best Sunday bonnet, parasol and a small child.Emily h and Thorton little boy are the only sur [...]

    5. Unfinished, this book is dismal and I wonder at the amount of stars it s received and the relatively high rating.Two dimensional characters, hardly any development, the love story centres around badly written sex scenes and badly written prose I can comfortably say that this novel wasn t worth checking out from the library.

    6. Don t let the updated cover fool you It s a standard, old fashioned bodice ripper It s entertaining and if you like bodice rippers you ll enjoy this It s complete with damsels being rescued, vengefull ex mistesses and scorned suiters I read the ebook version and it s badly edited Lots of typos so I would recommend getting the print version.

    7. I think 2.5 stars would be a appropriate rating I finished the book and I liked some parts, but, the whole, it was kind of annoyed read I really wanted a mindless book and this was it Obnoxious male protagonist Beast and clueless, but faithful female protagonist Beauty in the American West The child at the beginning of the book became a total plot moppet toward the end He almost disappeared when the other children came into the picture Not to mention Thornton and Thor Seriously It was like the [...]

    8. Can also be read on my blog.Title Compromised HeartsAuthor Hannah HowellDemographic AdultGenre Romance, Historical, WesternHannah Howell heats things up with this historical romance in the Wild West.From Emily Cordelia of Boston was scarcely suited for the dangerous journey to her brother s ranch in San Luis Valley When Indians attacked, she and a young boy were left at the mercy of a half breed who offered to guide them to safety His only request was that Emily share his bedroll.The story follo [...]

    9. Emily Brockinger has seen first hand the horrors of the west Almost every member of her party has been killed by Indians, and now she is left to wander further with the only other survivor, a three year old boy named Thorton Along the way she meets Cloud Ryder, a half Indian cowboy who wouldn t dare pass up the opportunity to get to know Emily better He agrees to escort her and Thorton to her brother s home if Emily agrees to share his bed during their journeyRyder has a reputation for being a l [...]

    10. Compromised Hearts by Hannah HowellTorrid western adventureEmily Brockinger, a fine Boston lady, gets marooned in the Colorado prairie after her caravan traveling from Boston to the San Luis Valley is attacked Only surviving a toddler and herself Braving out Emily continues the life threatening journey with the child on her back She encounters Cloud Ryder, who is returning from a war to settle on his land also located on the San Luis Valley.A handsome wanderer with a rogue s reputation, shun for [...]

    11. Hannah Howell is my favorite historical romance authors I love her Scottish Highland books This is the first book that I ve read of Ms Howell s set in the American West And those are one of my favorite types of historical romances to read It was kind of nice to take a break in reading the other historical romances that she writes As much as I love the Scottish Highland novels, they have become a bit the same The heroines has the same physical descriptions, some of the plots are similar, etc I ll [...]

    12. Emily is a proper, well bred Boston girl She was an oops baby that wasn t wanted by her parents She is a bit of a Cinderella She sets out alone to go to her brother out west The group she was traveling with were attacked by Indians and the only survivors are Emily and a little boy named Thornton Cloud spies Emily and thinking Thornton is her son, offers his help in reaching the San Luis Valley, but for a fee of Emily burning up the sheets with him Emily is in an internal war with her puritanical [...]

    13. It was always hard to swallow the rake to redeemed husband plot line This is not my favorite type of story, unless we re talking about Snape in the Harry Potter series Back to this Compromised Hearts with Cloud Ryder and his lovely Boston bred lady Emily I thought that these people could walk out of my kindle because these were three dimensional characters with complex motivations and desires How do you trust someone to love you Marriage was no guarantee then or now, so I relate to the struggle [...]

    14. Just finished reading this for a second time within the last 6 months another I forgot to review and wanted to refresh my memory I think this is one of the best western novels I ve read in a very long time DO NOT understand the couple of one star ratings AT ALL The characters had LOTS of depth, they were funny, strong, and in Emily s case, sensitive as well I enjoyed the entire book, was never bored, and would definitely read it again and recommend it to anyone who likes historical western roman [...]

    15. I think I ve stated in another review that I love Hannah Howell, so four stars should be no surprise It s not 5 because I don t know why, exactly I really enjoyed the book, but it wasn t ahh maay zing There is an interesting side effect to Howell s bevy of virtuous heroines I feel like a harlot by comparison But then, at nearly 36 and with a divorce behind me, I don t think anyone expects me to possess such virtues.Not that I expect romance novels to have any resemblance to reality If that were [...]

    16. Emily s traveling party is attached by Indians, leaving just her and three year old Thornton alone Forced to walk to San Luis Valley, the duo encounters Cloud Cloud has decided to finally settle on the land that he claimed Making arrangements with Emily was not really part of the deal but seem to work out well for all involved Well until Emily s sister in law gets involved with things Almost forced to marry a man, involved in multiple shot outs and having to deal with Cloud s many past flings, m [...]

    17. While I did enjoy this novel, it annoyed me a little that the characters had to overcome one dilemma after another in order to get their happy ending I know that this was an adventure type romance novel Maybe I have not read enough of this type Reading, I could not help but wonder what bad thing was going to happen next to them.

    18. I rather liked it It wasnt the best written novel I have ever read, but several parts had me laughing out loud You also got the sense it didnt take itself as seriously as most romance novels, which I found refreshing I wish it had been longer though, alot is crammed into a small amount of pages.

    19. Awful, just awful The writing was so bad and pacing on everything was just off There was no characterization and it just seems like a rushed, trite and sloppy mess with little to no rationale for characters actions I kept skimming and skipping hoping that things would get better but should have known better I m just glad I got it at the library rather than purchasing it.

    20. I throughly enjoyed this story The shining moments were the interactions between the hero heroine Some of the negative reviews I ve read have criticized how the hero manipulated the heroine in the beginning of the story, I can see why that would bother some but once you get past that there is a really good story here Very good western historical.

    21. I m feeling a bit guilty that I love this book so much Cloud Ryder is such an arrogant ass But it was great to reread again I m glad this is one of the few books that I ve kept through many moves.

    22. I haven t read Hannah Howell before, but this book kept you interested Emily s adventures showed her to be a determined female capable of surviving in the West With the obstacles she faced she still won in the end.

    23. Too much humping from the first howdy with too little emotions and character development Abandoned at 60%.

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