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Secret Daughter By Shilpi Somaya Gowda,

  • Title: Secret Daughter
  • Author: Shilpi Somaya Gowda
  • ISBN: 9780061974304
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • Secret Daughter On the eve of the monsoons, in a remote Indian village, Kavita gives birth to Asha But in a culture that favours sons, the only way for Kavita to save her newborn daughter s life is to give her away Interweaving the stories of Kavita, Somer, and Asha, this novel explores issues of culture and belonging Full description
    Secret Daughter Secret Daughter On the eve of the monsoons in a remote Indian village Kavita gives birth to Asha But in a culture that favours sons the only way for Kavita to save her newborn daughter s life is to

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    1. Meh Not a bad story, but too superficially rendered for my taste.Kavita, a poor village woman, has just given birth to an infant daughter she names Usha Terrified that her husband will murder the daughter because she s a girl, she journeys to Mumbai to place Usha in an orphanage Meanwhile, Somer and Krishnan, a California couple struggling with infertility, decide to adopt an Indian orphan and end up with Usha The book follows the twists and turns in these characters lives as Kavita and her fami [...]

    2. Jo jedna od predivnih indijskih pri a koja nas upoznaje s nama manje poznatim injenicama iz indijske kulture i ivota ta zna i roditi se kao ensko dete u indijskoj siroma noj porodici A s druge strane, ve ita bolna tema mnogih porodica koje ne mogu da imaju decu Sudari dve kulture, indijske i ameri ke i topla ivotna pri a jedne devoj ice Nisam zanesena jogom, religijom i ostalim udima Indije ali obo avam romane indijskih autora ili romane koji govore o Indiji egzoti noj zemlji za nas Evropljane T [...]

    3. SPOILERSThis novel proudly boasts a 1 Canadian Bestseller sticker I personally can t understand why.In 1984, an Indian woman named Kavita gives birth to a baby girl Fearful that her husband, Jasu, will dispose of this baby the same way he did to their first daughter, Kavita and her sister deliver this baby to an orphanage in Bombay, but tell Jasu that the baby died in the night A year later Somer and Krishnan Thakker, an American Indian couple, adopt the baby and bring her home to California Kav [...]

    4. Such a beautiful story Kavita and Jasu are a poor but loving couple living in the rural town of Dhanau, India In a society that favors boys and considers girls as a burden, Kavita has to give up her daughter to an orphanage, to protect her life Meanwhile another couple from America, Somer and Krishnan can t have a baby and decide to adopt, connecting the lives of these two very different couples separated by thousand of miles And thus begins this really touching tale of their lives and the daugh [...]

    5. This is a story that beautifully and creatively tackles many controversial issues Between Somer and Krishnan, we have an interracial marriage Issue one Krishnan, an Indian man and Somer, a caucasian woman, think nothing of the difference in their cultures until a trip to India shows Somer the world from which Krishnan comes from She does a double take and wonders how well she really knows her husband Issue two motherhood Somer wants to have a baby so bad but her body does not agree with her Afte [...]

    6. There s been a lot of buzz about this book but I found it to be an airport paperback tarted up as literature In India a poor woman hands her daughter over to an orphanage rather then risk her being killed as daughters aren t valued In America, a physician and her India born doctor husband decide to adopt a daughter the abandoned girl when attempts to conceive a child fail The author bounces back and forth between the two mothers and while the tale of the Indian woman who overcomes grinding pover [...]

    7. Once again I find myself in the minority regarding a book that is a best seller and has remained so for some time I read somewhere in a review that the author did not think that the book was ready but she was encouraged by the publisher to proceed I have to agree that I think it was not ready and that the writing is not that of a mature author For me, many of the characters are so poorly developed and very shallow Are we too believe that Somer who is highly educated would give so little thought [...]

    8. Emotionally impacting, culture intense, and intricately engaging Secret Daughter is a tightly written, realistic novel exploring family dynamics in relation to infertility, adoption, economics, poverty wealth, and mixed culture relationships over, it s a novel exploring the complexities of the unique cords forever binding in one form or another mothers and daughters daughters and mothers Sometimes, as she has well learned in life, one s actions must precede the emotions one hopes to feel Nature [...]

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    10. Watching so many Bollywood hits, I never saw India as I saw her through the eyes of the writer She has the ability to take you into her world in such a captivating way making you see all the negatives and the positives of her Homeland, and finally you have nothing but fall in love with this rich and contradicting country.Shilpi Gowda managed to discuss fatal subjects through her book in a smooth and endearing way With her rich characters she goes through Poverty, Identity, Motherhood, Traditions [...]

    11. Shout out to GR friend Pamela who steered me to this wonderful novel I hadn t heard of it before she reviewed it What a story Author Shilpi Somaya Gowda did her research in learning the Indian Cultures and the amazing disparity of cultures and languages within India For example, I didn t realize there are twenty one major languages in India, as well as English Although there is significant wealth in India, there is also major poverty and backward customs Female infanticide was rampant just decad [...]

    12. Wonderful book If this is the author s first novel, I can t wait to read her second I won the book through the First Reads giveaway here at , and as soon as I did, I went to the authors website and read the first few pages in the preview After just the first chapter, I was hooked The story is centered around the secret daughter Asha Usha She is born the 2nd daughter of Kavita, an Indian woman who lost her 1st daughter immediately after birth to infanticide She is determined the 2nd daughter will [...]

    13. For most of the book I thought I would give it a three but it has been a long time since I cried at the end of the book.The following are facts from the book, not a review The struggle for women s rights in India infanticide of baby girls, dowry deaths, bride burning, sex selective abortions.Bride burning is a form of domestic violence practiced in India.It is not the same as ancient and long abolished formally abolished in 1829 custom of Sati, where widowed women were forcefully placed on a bur [...]

    14. Secret Daughter is a story about people and the paths their lives take The characters are real,interesting, flawed, and you care about them At the same time, Somaya Gowda manages to paint an extraordinarily rich portrait of modern India the sharp contrast between its poverty and wealth, its traditions and culture I feel I ve experienced something of India although I ve never been there Shilpi Somaya Gowda has written a captivating first novel about the meaning of family, motherhood, adoption, th [...]

    15. Not a bad book but, at one point, when changing the POV yet again, it felt like it was lurching along, perhaps because the story jumped back and forth across the world combined with some large jumps in time I think the author knew where she wanted to go but the long timeline and the multiple interior stories she wanted to tell were too much for the book Initially, there was little opportunity to become engaged with the characters as the time jumps meant that almost every time you read their next [...]

    16. An infant daughter is left at a Mumbai orphanage because the family is too poor to raise her An infertile Indian American couple, both doctors, adopt her providing her with opportunities and affection The chapters alternate between Asha s life in California and her brother s life in Mumbai This is an often told story, siblings separated at birth, one to a life of privilege the other to a life of deprivation This is an unremarkable theme told with unremarkable prose falling into clich whenever th [...]

    17. I had read half the book and when my American teacher left, so I was glad I didn t have to finish it Seriously boring, but she was a nice person, so I tried it for her Phew.

    18. Book club read 5 April 1 2017 From the princetonbookreview A stunning debut novel that explores the emotional terrain of motherhood, loss, identity and culture, witnessed through the lives of two families, one Indian, one American, and the daughter who indelibly binds them My book club absolutely loved this and thought it our best read yet I was odd one out, as I was bothered by the changing points of view and the up in the air ending I liked her second book and gave it 3 stars too, so this one [...]

    19. Great parallel stories of an American woman and Indian woman connected by one child It was enjoyable to learn a bit about the Indian culture with the author s vivid descriptions Many topics are touched in this novel such as adoption, self discovery, and what truly makes a family The ending was emotional It will stay with me.

    20. Do you ever find a book unavoidable Your mom is reading it, your friends are reading it, there s chatter about it on Facebook, and strangers on the bus are poring through it Secret Daughter was such a book for me so when I saw it on a shelf in Buy the Book, my local used bookstore, I picked it up The bookseller even chimed in with, Great choice It s a terrific book My expectations were high slightly too high in the end.In Secret Daughter, author Shilpi Somaya Gowda juxtaposes the stories of two [...]

    21. If I had a dollar for every moment I ve wasted time playing the what if game, I could retire rich and read fabulous books all day long And how wonderful would that be But since that will never happen, allow me to share a few of the many questions I preoccupy myself with What if my father hadn t been fortunate enough to escape India for America Is it possible that I would have been born into poverty and lived a very different life What if, when I was born, my dad decided he couldn t afford a daug [...]

    22. I would like to give this 2 1 2 stars.Secret Daughter was an okay read It was fairly innocuous I thought that the author played safe with the subject matter she wrote about.The themes were infanticide of girl babies in India extreme poverty in India mother daughter relationships adoption interractial relationshipsThe author could have really pulled at my heartstrings Instead, it was like reading a Harlequin romance without the romance.This book would have made a great series The first book coul [...]

    23. This was an easy read that I finished in a couple of days I love stories that are about mixing cultures and this was exactly that I was frustrated with the mother, Somer, as I just can t understand being so closed to a culture Especially one that her desperately wanted daughter comes from I m not sure those two aspects of the story made sense She almost let her infertility ruin her and yet when she finally adopted a child she didn t embrace the child s history I know there was an attempt to expl [...]

    24. This book really pulled me in I had the good fortune of being able to read most of it on a long plane ride, so I didn t have to put it down I liked the two parallel stories and how they were interwoven To me, the only obvious flaw was that the character of the American mother seemed a bit pat and superficial The idea of looking through the eyes of an American woman married to a man who immigrated to the US from India as a young adult was interesting, but the perspective lacked the subtlety of so [...]

    25. Loved this story of adoption, family, international travel and India For read alikes, try these The Leavers by Lisa KoThe Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa SeeA House for Happy Mothers by Amulya Maladi

    26. An excellent read.I really enjoyed this well balanced novel set in both India and America, it is narrated by several of the characters but never becomes confusing or dull Many complex issues are covered, including adoption from third world countries into affluent Western families and the extreme poverty that can force a family to dispose of female offspring I found the issues sensitively handled throughout and admit to crying towards the end The sure sign of a good book.There are several main ch [...]

    27. i found this story interesting there are two families that we follow one family kavita, jasu and their son vijay live in mumbai when kavita gives birth to two girls before vijay, one is taken away by her husband jasu the moment the baby is declared a girl and the other is put into an orphanage kavita lives her life mourning both losses drs krishnan and somer adopt asha from a mumbai orphange this asha is kavita s baby the story takes place over a course of twenty years or so and we follow kavita [...]

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