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All Things Wise and Wonderful By James Herriot,

  • Title: All Things Wise and Wonderful
  • Author: James Herriot
  • ISBN: 9780312966553
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Readers adored his tales as a Yorkshire animal doctor in All Creatures Great and Small and All Things Bright and Beautiful now James Herriot treats us to another delightful volume of memoirs rich with his own brand of humor and wisdom.In the midst of World War Two, James is training for the Royal Air Force, while going home to Yorkshire whenever possible to see his veryReaders adored his tales as a Yorkshire animal doctor in All Creatures Great and Small and All Things Bright and Beautiful now James Herriot treats us to another delightful volume of memoirs rich with his own brand of humor and wisdom.In the midst of World War Two, James is training for the Royal Air Force, while going home to Yorkshire whenever possible to see his very pregnant wife, Helen Musing on past adventures through the dales, visiting with old friends, and introducing scores of new and amusing characters animal and human alike Herriot enthralls us once again with his uncanny ability to spin a most engaging and heartfelt yarn.
    All Things Wise and Wonderful Readers adored his tales as a Yorkshire animal doctor in All Creatures Great and Small and All Things Bright and Beautiful now James Herriot treats us to another delightful volume of memoirs rich with

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    1. Shit gets real this time around, all too real I was not thrilled with the start of All Things Wise and Wonderful, because from the get go we learn that James Herriot is going to be writing about his wartime experiences Frankly, I wanted of the same warm and fuzzy stories with a bit of low tension drama about life as a country vet in the north of England as dished out in the first two books of this series Vet writer Alf Wight, aka James HerriotHowever, instead of going fully into war stories, wh [...]

    2. James Herriot James Alfred Wight continues his story as war encompasses his world and the things he loves become distant I love the Herriot books and have worn out several copies of them I recommend that you try to start at the first, the beginning of the story and follow it through The only draw back is it can put a longing in your heart that may never quite be fully met.

    3. I recently read an online article about James Herriot aka Alf Wight in which I learned of his lifelong battle with severe depression With no real knowledge of Herriot outside of his professional accomplishments, I read his first book casually cute stories about a budding British veterinarian and his furry, lovable patients in 1930 s farmland What could be pleasant and lighthearted, right Well, as is true for many things in life, Herriot s stories actually run deeper than the superficiality of a [...]

    4. While I was reading or should I say rereading All Things Wise and Wonderful James Herriot s third veterinarian memoir omnibus, containing Vets Might Fly and Vet in a Spin , I realised that although it presents the author s wartime experiences training to become a pilot in the RAF Royal Air Force , the frame narrrative of the author s RAF sessions and experiences, interspersed with and by remembrances of animals both great and small, of cases seen and treated both successfully and unsuccessfully, [...]

    5. In the course of my successive re reads of James Herriot s books as a child, I would routinely skip this one, which I thought of as the sad one It is sad In it, Herriot covers the years during World War II, including his service in the Royal Air Force It is no heroic, chest thumping saga He talks about homesickness, about missing his wife and worrying about the birth of their first child, and about being lonely and scared It s not as happy or bubbly as some of his other books, but, now that I ve [...]

    6. I just adore these books I can t help it Herriot may not be the most polished author but his books have a sense of warmth around them and I feel like I know Helen, Tristan, Siegfried and James I love that they are real people and wish I could go and visit them, they just seem so lovely Tristan s antics in this book are hysterical and James reaction to becoming a new father priceless I love it Love I m going to wait to read the fourth for a little because I m sad it s the last one

    7. My other books in this series are much thumbed editions, obviously read and reread until the color is rubbed off the spine edges.This volume, though it s also used, is in better condition It rather makes me wish Herriot had stuck to his determination not to discuss his war experiences He clearly hated them so much that it discolored his memories, and it s not surprising that he keeps slipping away into reminiscence If he had to discuss those years at all, I d have preferred it if he d dug out hi [...]

    8. Harriot is the quinetessential author who captures the essence of Yorkshire countryside through his delightful depictions of the people, landscape, and of course the animals This particular story centers around his leaving the veterinary practice during WWII to go off and learn to fly with the RAF seems each time he enters a new adventure in the RAF his mind wanders off to the hills and dales of his home county A wonderful read for anyone who enjoys the voice of a story teller and doesn t mind g [...]

    9. As enchanting as ever Our favourite vet joins the RAF but does very little fighting his recollections of his time in the army are very funny and his vet cases as memorable as ever Gorgeously cosy prose.

    10. Wow This was well written The dialogue and new characters added to the story These three books have given me a nw appreciation for his legacy I liked how he did not focus too much on the war In summary, I would give this book five hooves out of five.

    11. I love the little stories throughout these books Herriot has a great way of storytelling making what would seem a regular event quite funny I never thought I would enjoy these books as much as I do.

    12. This book is a little different from the two previous as each chapter starts with a short anecdote about life in the Royal Air Force These are used as starting points for the usual animal stories It was a little harder to get into at first because the stories feel a little disrupted by the RAF stories, although they are very short I took a longer time to read this as I usually just read it before bed, it s the book equivalent for me to watching a nature show before going to sleep, it s just sort [...]

    13. More great stories There was a lot life in this one and less focus on animals, so it wasn t as good as the others, but it was still wonderful Many of the dog stories were my favourites again I laughed out loud many times, and quite a few of these scenes involved Siegfried his arguing with James is one of my favourite things in these books.I am so excited to enter this profession, and these books fuel that passion so much There are a lot of hard things to conquer, but I m still looking forward t [...]

    14. As always, it s lovely to read Herriot He loves his work and those he works for, and that tenderness shows in his storytelling with a good amount of humor perfectly balancing it all out This time around, Herriot is training in the RAF, and incidents in his training lead to memories of his life as a vet, which he skillfully ties together I like how Herriot talks to you as though he knows you are as interested in his work and love his patients as much as he does, because, as his reader, you do He [...]

    15. I am continually and increasingly impressed by James Herriot s storytelling craft as I reread his books This novel deals with the World War II years in Britain, and the author s service in the RAF As such, it would provide an interesting counterpoint to the third quarter of Anthony Powell s Dance to the Music of Time The Valley of Bones, The Soldier s Art, and The Military Philosophers, which also cover the uneventful military service of the educated author In both cases, it is the skilful use o [...]

    16. I first read these books in high school and fell in love with them because I am such an animal lover I found this copy on the free shelf at the library and read it again The stories are humorous, gentle, and told by someone with a genuine understanding of animals.The story of Cedric, the gaseous dog, left me in stitches and am so glad that his final owner had no sense of smell What a match made in heaven for this man and his dog I also felt so sorry for the author and his experience with the lad [...]

    17. Pick up a James Herriot preferably when you are sad or have had a rough day Open the much creased Herriot randomly at any chapter or better still close your eyes run your fingers around the pages, open Herriot Sip your tea and start with your chosen chapter You smile, you grin, you grin broadly, you are in splits when you read about the vet brothers Siegfried and Tristan Farnon, particularly Tristan Mood wonderfully restored.You can now face anything, the Weather, the Market, anythingHerriot lov [...]

    18. Herriot s stories are the types that leave a warm fuzzy feeling perhaps for the rest of your life There are some stories and characters that I will never forget, even though they appear for only 5 pages These books are so easy to read you can even read them in bits and pieces because each chapter and story can really stand on its own although they mean so much when you know the entire backstory, including how Herriot became a vet, met his adorably sweet wife, got his dog, etcThese books are a m [...]

    19. It was great to settle in with an old friend I read this series over over in my childhood years, up through high school James Herriot is why I wanted to be a vet until I came up against chemistry, that is I LOVELOVELOVE this entire series His warmth, intuitive descriptions of his animal patients and their humans, and genuine delight of life are a wonderful gift to the world I m reviewing all the books in this series the same way, so you only have to read this review once

    20. The third in the series, this recounts his experiences in the RAF during WWII The chapters are a mix of RAF experiences and then tales from his pre war vet days Although I read this through, it is a good one for dipping here and there The chapters are self contained only once or twice does an account stretch into a second chapter A fun, light read.

    21. Herriot s writing was lovely and charming and somehow managed to make veterinary surgery interesting to me This book made me want to curl with a cup of tea and a dog on my lap and eat pasties and scones and other English foods.

    22. I really, really, really liked this book I love animals, so this book was absolutely perfect for me Some of the stories were super sad, while some were hilarious I told Lydia some of the funny ones, and she just stared at me oddly while I rolled on the floor laughing hysterically.

    23. I was turned off by the sentimentality but so many good stories about animals and the people that love them, so if that s your thing, that s your thing and you ll probably love this.

    24. Unforgettable and superbly written This is one of those rare books that stays with you throughout the decades, and is a true classic Five stars is not enough

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