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Emily's Quest By L.M. Montgomery,

  • Title: Emily's Quest
  • Author: L.M. Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9780553264937
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emily knows she s going to be a great writer She also knows that she and her childhood sweetheart, Teddy Kent, will conquer the world together But when Teddy leaves home to pursue his goal to become an artist at the School of Design in Montreal, Emily s world collapses With Teddy gone, Emily agrees to marry a man she doesn t love as she tries to banish all thoughtsEmily knows she s going to be a great writer She also knows that she and her childhood sweetheart, Teddy Kent, will conquer the world together But when Teddy leaves home to pursue his goal to become an artist at the School of Design in Montreal, Emily s world collapses With Teddy gone, Emily agrees to marry a man she doesn t love as she tries to banish all thoughts of Teddy In her heart, Emily must search for what being a writer really means.
    Emily s Quest Emily knows she s going to be a great writer She also knows that she and her childhood sweetheart Teddy Kent will conquer the world together But when Teddy leaves home to pursue his goal to become a

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    1. This is the third and final book of a lesser known series by the author of Anne of Green Gables The Anne books are popular, but the Emily books are deeper and darker, and some of my favorite young adult literature Like Anne, Emily is an orphan, and goes to live with conservative relations The three books chart her coming of age, her college years and her professional endeavors, and are excellently written Emily is a character of ups and downs people who dismiss L.M Montgomery as a flowery girl [...]

    2. Well, I never could have believed that a pack of lies could sound as much like the real truth as that book does Like the handsome, ambitious boys next door that L.M Montgomery s heroines love to love, Emily Byrd Starr had the bald luck of getting there first She is the author avatar for me, and I will accept no substitutes until the day I die Nate Zuckerman, Grady Tripp, Charlie Citrine, Harriet Vane, Briony Tallis, Stephen Daedalus, Buddy Glass, Leo Gursky, Tom Healy it was fun, but you can let [...]

    3. This conclusion to the Emily trilogy was in my opinion the best book in this series Emily fascinated me because she made some questionable decisions that I didn t immediately understand, but as the story continued I grew to understand and appreciate her This series has all in all been such a great surprise to me because it beats Anne of Green Gables in so many ways We get a main character who develops, who has hopes and who grows up over the span of three books Emily goes from being a young orph [...]

    4. This was the worst of the whole series It was dark and depressing the whole time The plot was really sad, and all through this book I just HATED Ilse She was portrayed as a shallow, silly girl with no feelings for Emily or Teddy She s obsessed with something the whole time I liked the first two because of Emily and Ilse s good friendship They both trust and stick up for each other However, in the third, it seems as though she doesn t care for anything or anyone And it s weird how Emily and Ilse [...]

    5. Reading Emily of New Moon I began to have an idea of why I ve never loved and spent time with Emily Byrd Starr as I have with Anne Shirley or Pat Gardiner I began to suss it out then, but I loved the book and it still seemed strange to me With Emily Climbs it began to seem clearer that dark streak running through it, I said, and left it at that But it is only on finishing Emily s Quest that I fully understand and that is partly because I know, on closing this book, I will be leaving it closed fo [...]

    6. Another wonderful book by Lucy Maud Montgomery What an underrated writer, and what a shame There are millions of readers, especially young readers, that would love these wonderful books Emily s Quest is the third and final book in the series, Emily of New Moon Emily Byrd Starr is just as precocious and loveable as Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables But she is serious minded and determined than Anne, and reading of her ups and downs, her hopes and dreams, and her undying love of Teddy, has bee [...]

    7. I know in my heart that I cannot adequately express how I feel about this book.The series as a whole is amazing I have never read a story where I so wholly absorbed a character s feelings as I did Emily Starr s And I must say, the final book in the trilogy broke my heart over, and over, and over I felt so much anguish over this book.But L.M Montgomery done something special Reading this alongside Anne of Green Gables, it is evident how much her writing has evolved since the Anne series 1908 vers [...]

    8. Poor Emily Poor, poor Emily I picked up this book again last night, meaning to read a few chapters over dinner, and found myself ripping right through it again, back in PEI with silly, proud, devastating Emily.This book guts me every time, probably because I am also a writer who has experienced major depression Emily s Quest is one of the most honest, accurate depictions of the illness I ve ever read, and gave me, as a child and adolescent, if not a name for what I was experiencing, then at leas [...]

    9. Oh, God, Emily, shut up I am only giving this two stars because I m really proud of Emily for writing and gaining success with her short stories, and eventually, a novel She works so hard, and goes through a lot of struggles late, depressing nights, being on death s door, etc But damn, girl, your love life is a mess, and you are making it so 1 Dean And SPOILERS Though I guess the novel thing was already a spoiler, but if you didn t know that was happening, that s a bit on you He proposes when E [...]

    10. Emily s Quest was just so incredibly depressing and frustrating, I really found it difficult to read with any pleasure The misunderstandings between Emily and Teddy and Ilse are so very obvious, and could have been so easily sorted out Instead, the creepy Dean Priest steps in and persuades Emily to marry him after she is badly hurt in an accident which Priest unwittingly precipitated, but then used to his advantage.The final third of the book was the hardest to read as the misunderstandings are [...]

    11. After two strong books, L.M Montgomery ruins the finish in this book People do horrible things to her and break her heart, and she finishes as a very weak version of herself I can only take so many miscommunications as plot devices, and this story has a few too many Also, we are presented with the fact that Emily loves only Teddy Kent, and can t possibly marry anyone else, but in spite of the fact that Emily really is a well written character, we know very little about Teddy Kent, and so it s ha [...]

    12. This was my first time rereading this book since high school, and I had some major issues with it that I don t remember from earlier readings Emily was driving me crazy with her pride and stubbornness I kind of felt like she didn t really deserve to get the guy if she was so unwilling to sacrifice even the tiniest bit of pride and admit to her feelings Same with Ilse if she had ever given Perry the slightest indication that she even liked him a little bit as a person instead of ragging on him al [...]

    13. This was probably my least favorite of the three books That being said, it was completely necessary for the course of the story to play out This book is full of mental hardship than previous books Emily is growing up after all , which makes for a difficult read Not that difficult is bad, but after coming to love such a vibrant, positive character and then see that character mentally anguished for some period of time No one wants to see someone they care about in pain, and I definitely do care [...]

    14. Oh, what was this A love kite A crooked square with a starburst projecting from our heroine Oh no It s a love squid Good grief And the whole second sight thing really became a bit much.It looked like this Horror.

    15. My least favorite of the three Emily books, now that I ve read them all about seven times We have to have this book because it winds up the love story, but it takes us briefly through some harrowing, depressing events to get there No one dies, but it s rough Scratch that People die, all right, but Emily doesn t I still love Emily s story even though, as an adult, I no longer believe it s a good story for me to read I don t need any encouragement to judge, be introverted, and stay away from peop [...]

    16. She was sitting at her open window The night outside was like a dark, heavy, perfumed flower An expectant night a night when things intended to happen Very still Only the loveliest of muted sounds the faintest whisper of trees, the airiest sigh of wind, the half heard, half felt moan of the sea Oh, beauty whispered Emily, passionately, lifting her hands to the stars What would I have done without you all these years This is the third, and my favorite, of the Emily books I ll miss her.

    17. Things get quite dark for Emily in the final volume Apart from misunderstandings and the pains of rejection, both literary and personal, she is burdened with a best friend who is quite appallingly self centred, selfish and lacking any understanding of Emily It all comes right at the end of course, but only just Some interesting studies of people who claim to love but who are pathologically possessive and jealous I was left wondering whether Montgomery had someone like this in her life Definitely [...]

    18. This book is painful Why do they all torture themselves My advice is read the last chapter first Then you can have your happy ending to the other two books At that point you can decide if you even want to know what happened in the first of the book You may be better off not knowing.

    19. This is a tale of a young heroine s quest for succes It is a tale of ambition and of a young woman obsessed with wordplay and poetry It is a tale of bleak depression and the writer s block that comes along with it It is a tale of artistry and the fragility with which art is created And, of course, it is a tale of love and hope and happiness a tale of rereading old letters and striving for the bright future, that was once foretold The ghosts of things that never happened are worse than the ghosts [...]

    20. close I ve given the third of Montgomery s Emily books four stars simply for nostalgia s sake, since it was actually the first one I read Yet as I read through these again and again, I find this third one to be the darkest and most depressing Emily has given up a chance to work in publishing in the U.S to stay at New Moon and write while this is her choice and the author s what a book that would have made, to see Emily in the world Plus the author makes the years pass by like fluid and, through [...]

    21. Never thought this Emily series could be so dark and sad but I love how desperate this made me feel It captured perfectly the growing pains of a young woman Adult life seems so much exiting and fun when you are young and when everything is still open.

    22. Oh man where to even begin with this book Let s just say that it was an excruciating read at times I m so glad that I was allowed to rant out my immediate reaction to this book to a friend because otherwise I don t think I could write such a composed review I went into this book with such hopes, and I think it was that above all else that made this an unsatisfactory read So far I had adored reading Emily s growth as a person and as a writer through her dealings with the Murray clan and her frien [...]

    23. Wow What a disappointment I started the series this summer and thought the first book was charming and lovely and I looked forward to , and then the second made me wonder how Montgomery was going to wrap it all up I was less enamoured with the second, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt, thinking perhaps it suffered from the sort of bridge story that s necessary in trilogies.But wow The story just devolved into a silly steaming pile that I m kinda surprized I got through It reads almost like [...]

    24. Seriously, this book was giving me vapors I was yelling at it a lot of the time, like NO THAT CAN T HAPPEN And then it ended OK Whew.

    25. Emily s character writes and studies human nature, but when it came to her own life, she couldn t communicate, with the people she loved It was maddening to read, and not scream out to Emily, that she needed to express her feelings, in order for her dreams to come true Why didn t Emily see how much Teddy loved her, through his many paintings of her face in his works I felt throughout the book, that Emily would be the person to help Teddy s mother, and I was glad that happened Ilse was Emily s fr [...]

    26. 4.5 Emily is now my friend and I have lived with her for a short, but sweet time There were surprises, there were troubles, there were peaceful moments and growth Of course, the ending didn t quite satisfy my always critical mind, seemed a bit sudden and too easy, but still, I hugged this book after reading itI will miss them all.

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