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  • Title: Song Of The Dragon
  • Author: Tracy Hickman
  • ISBN: 9780756406073
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • First in a brand new fantasy saga by the co creator of Dragonlance Once humans had magic and an alliance with dragons Now they and the other races have been enslaved by the Rhonas Empire the elves and can t even remember the world the way it used to be But thanks to the intervention of one determined dwarf and the human slave warrior known as Drakis, all of that is abFirst in a brand new fantasy saga by the co creator of Dragonlance Once humans had magic and an alliance with dragons Now they and the other races have been enslaved by the Rhonas Empire the elves and can t even remember the world the way it used to be But thanks to the intervention of one determined dwarf and the human slave warrior known as Drakis, all of that is about to change.
    Song Of The Dragon First in a brand new fantasy saga by the co creator of Dragonlance Once humans had magic and an alliance with dragons Now they and the other races have been enslaved by the Rhonas Empire the elves and

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    1. I don t know about you, but when I hear the following words I get goosebumps and a fluttery feeling in my stomach dragons, elves, chimera, manticore, gnomes, dwarves and magic Okay, so maybe I get that because I m just a nerd.But I can t help it I mean, I grew up on Fantasy from as early as I can remember I was fed The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings I dreamed about furry footed little beings and fantastical scenarios So when I see what looks to be a good fantasy I jump on it Lately I ve been r [...]

    2. Tracy has provided an original story line in this enjoyable fantasy read His friendship to Brandon Sanderson is evident, in the choice of fantastical elemennts brought to the fore As I do enjoy Brandon Sanderson s work, I would highly recommend this book if you have enjoyed Brandon s works It is a steep climb initially, in what the author asks you to accept, about his fantasy world but when the twist comes, it unfolds into a beautiful epic presence I will definitely continue on with this series. [...]

    3. Song of the Dragon is not a book you bust through in one setting It s a book you read slowly, savoring the complex characters and myriad cultures A book were world building and history are as important as plot and pacing In Hickman s world, the numerous races have lost their memories and their free will to the all powerful elves Lest you expect Tolkienesque, angelic elves, let me warn you, Hickman does a fantastic job of twisting the fantasy genre s preconceived elves on their heads Here s his d [...]

    4. Now this is real fantasy Complicated, original, prophetic, magical Although occasionally slow, the book has wonderful characters, a well thought out world with political and magical systems, a variety of cultures and a deep, mystical history Hickman s characters are also complicated enough to be interesting although there could be some improvement in this area Drakis himself is interesting From a confident warrior leader he turns into a self doubting, confused fugitive whose main goal is to dest [...]

    5. A fun book over all For all the books I ve read with Hickman s name on the cover, this was the first solo novel of his that I ve read I have to admit that I enjoyed the others Dragonlance, the Deathgate Cycle, The Sovereign Stone Trilogy, the Bronze Canticle for the most part But then again, I m comparing completed series to the first novel in a new series Hickman follows his well established pattern, vivid and deep world creation with thoroughly developed cultures While he makes use of dragons [...]

    6. he Song of the Dragon, by Tracy Hickman, opens up with the final battle between a mighty elven empire and the last dwarven king Drakis and his companions, all of them slave warriors of the elven empire, fight their way to the Ninth Throne and kill the last dwarven king It is a great victory for them and it will bring honor to their elven master, Lord Timuran Unfortunately things begin to go downhill for Drakis and his companions.After the dwarves are defeated the elven warriors turn on one other [...]

    7. I first got involved in reading Wies and Hickman s work when I first read the Death Gate Cycle Then I read Margaret Weis s Dragonvrald trilogy and, I was disappointed The plot had holes than Swiss cheese and characters that were ether bland and forgettable or just plan unlikeable.So when I first picked up song of the dragon by Tracy Hickman, I was at first a little worried However, when I read the book I was very satisfied The story is about Drakis a warrior slave After killing the last dwarf k [...]

    8. I picked this novel up because it was by one of my favorite authors Certainly some of the twists that the plot presented were intriguing Elves are evil All other races enslaved A human that is called by a song of dragons Certainly it had the makings of something interesting.Song of the Dragon starts out a bit slow It opens in the midst of battle in a dwarven city Things were confusing enough that it did drop my interest at times A bit hard to fallow the geography and such However it was still qu [...]

    9. This is the first book I ve been able to read in MONTHSMONTHS And man, what a treat I ve always been a big fan of Tracy, ever since my small grubby paws latched onto the Dragonlance original trilogy This book was no slouch for sure, and Tracy definitely delivered everything that I look for.I wasn t able to race through this book also part of the reason I haven t read in MONTHS but I did zip through it when I found time, mostly through denying sleep Totally worth it, I can t wait to catch the res [...]

    10. I am a HUGE fan of Mr Hickman but I must be honest that while the book is OK it is not one of my favorite But, all story lines cannot appeal to all people This is jouney saga therefore there tends to be a lot if time between action sequences Plenty of time for discussion and introspection The action sequences are intense but there is too much time between them The charaters journey, learn something, then journey some , attempting to reach their final destination s It becomes difficult to maintai [...]

    11. I m knocking this down from 4.5 to 3.5 stars because this author really isn t very good at writing expositions The opening sequence went on and on and onIf it hadn t ended when it did, I would have put the book down When a new character plot line was introduced there were very boring explanations of what the history of this character and where he came from and why he is now a part of this story I also knock it down becuase there were so many elements in the story that have been used before and b [...]

    12. 5 Notes, 7 notes, the song keeps playing in his mind Drakis human slave of the Elves the house of Timuran, trained warrior , must follow the song, learn the meaning behind the sirens call and find his own destiny, with the help of a dwarf, manticore, two humans and a Chimerian they break they spell that enthralls them and find freedom and Memories long surppress by the magic of the elves, could Drakis be the one foretold of in legends the one who would return from the North and restore the magic [...]

    13. Song of the Dragon is the first book of the ANNALS OF DRAKIS, a new series by Tracy Hickman, an author who most fans will remember for his work with Margaret Weis writing the DRAGONLANCE books This solo effort left me feeling like he shouldn t have been let out on his own.The story starts with Drakis, a human warrior slave, deep underground with his brother soldiers, an odd conglomeration of warriors from the slave races chimera, goblins, manticores fighting against the last of the dwarven kings [...]

    14. This is a captivating fantasy adventure with an explosive start and a decent finish While the author skips to and fro in his enormous fantasy world, glossing over seemingly interesting potential adventures from time to time, the ones he includes are generally impressive This is a world where the last of the Dwarven kingdom is falling, and where the effete, magical elves of the standard fantasy character pantheon, have taken over Characters are fairly well developed, although I ve yet to really r [...]

    15. A pretty good start to a new series At 400 easy pages it is a quick read, but quite enjoyable There isn t a huge amount of depth nor are the mysteries very hard to puzzle out The ending is also very rushed as if the author had to jettison 50 100 pages, but then the very end is mostly just a setup for the next book in the series The setting is interesting particularly since the elves are the bad guys though it seems like a new shirt stiff and obvious with out the character and detail of a lived i [...]

    16. First book of Trilogy, plus I was in MAJOR plot transition angst Too many books of yes the Sci Fi genre but not the ilk of dragons and mind controlled slaves, warriors, dwarves and goblins, otherwordly creatures and crystal magic I d spend too many weeks among Shadowhunters, vampires and werewolves and the transition was proving to be slow So the first 100 pages went sooooo laboriously Plus lots of plot building and a vocabulary all its own But then it clicked Hyperion Woods, beacon rocks, fey a [...]

    17. This was my first try at Tracy Hickman, and I liked it The concepts were clever and the world was extremely well built I really enjoyed how masterfully we were inserted into the world and led through its epic scope, learning about this amazing place while watching our anti hero go off to be heroic And speaking of that the hero was enjoyable, and the other characters were as well The viewpoint characters had just enough depth we re not talking Cormac McCarthy depth, here, like not being too shal [...]

    18. Tracy Hickman is a new author for my reading adventures and I m glad the book I was looking for want at the library and I found, Song of the Dragon The fantasy genre can get old and has far too many copycats who fill there pages with long meaningless adventures Mrs Hickman creates a world and characters worth reading and gives life to tired races that are so often one sided and predictable I m not saying this is a masterpiece for there are some over the top sequences and some really slow chapter [...]

    19. Very interesting new series by Hickman It takes the traditional prophecy concept and twists it the humans being oppressed by the elves name many children Drakis , the name of the prophesied hero, and one in twelve hear the song of prophecy, etc.And in trying to prove he s not the hero people want him to be, Drakis starts proving that maybe he actually is The book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, and I m looking forward to the next installment.

    20. It started out with a difficult beginning with Octions and stuff that I didn t understand at first but as I read on I got the idea that it was a military The book quickly picked up its pace and when I finished it, I was left wanting to read I quickly set out to get the next book in the trilogy I borrowed the first book from my local library and purchased the last two because it was such a good read with a strong plot and lots of emotional excitement.

    21. An interesting and unique fantasy novel about the uprising of the enslaved Human, Manticore an Chimerian races against their cruel Elven masters due to a prophecy of the legend of one named Drakis The place names and titles can be a little confusing, and a little character development would be welcome but this is a really well constructed fantasy novel with interesting forms of magic I have high hopes for the second book as this one ends on an excellent cliffhanger.

    22. Really torn about this book The plot is great, but there s just too much detail, and the naming has had me lost at a few turns Lost or just pissed maybe lol, it s been irritating.All in all, I never would have picked this book up on my own, but it was fairly good I won t be reading the series honestly haven t even looked at the rest of it I assume there s It could have been way shorter.

    23. This book was a little boring in places I did make it through to the end About mid book, it started to pick up The plot was good but I was getting tired of the whining woman Mala I will think about reading the second book, but will not go out of my way to find buy it If I see it or my daughter buys then yes, I will probably read it.

    24. This story was a pretty refreshing one to read for me It has action from beginning to end and even left me on the edge of my seat quite a few times I recommend this book for anybody who loves fantasy The only disappointing thing was it really did not have any dragons except for one tiny piece towards the end of the book, but it was still pretty good.

    25. Very different spin on the standard races Once I got through the gaps in my expectations and Hickman s characteristics I found the plot line intriguing Nothing is as it seems and the surprises are generally refreshing Cast of characters is fairly large keeps it a bit of a challenge to keep track but still well written and kept my interest throughout On to book two

    26. Decent writer, but not my favorite storyline Some of his other books had better plot lines An excessive amount of strange titles, and weird names to remember It did get better as the book continued I might read the second book, but will have to read the back cover to decide Book two releases in July 2011.

    27. Not as interesting as some of his other books Some of the characters are annoyingly bland or obnoxiously generic, which hindered various parts of the book There s also some forcing of the plot, especially pushing the character Drakis northward Minor annoyances or me just being rather picky, it still affects the overall story.

    28. It was a little difficult to understand what was going on at first, but I am so glad I stuck with it This book had so many twists and turns, in the most delightful way It was an exciting and creative read.

    29. Wow With how much action happened in the first quarter I thought this book would slow down, but it stayed at a 10 the whole way If you are a lover of adventure and magic, you will love this book It reads like a dungeons and dragons quest that you are living in

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