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Reckless By Anne Stuart,

  • Title: Reckless
  • Author: Anne Stuart
  • ISBN: 9780778328490
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adrian Alistair Rohan lost his faith, and now, a dedicated member of the depraved Heavenly Host, he loses himself in his only pleasure the seduction and debauchery of beautiful women Rich, charming and devastatingly skilled in the arts of love, he never fails in his conquests until Charlotte Spenser Charlotte is facing a desolate, passionless future, none of which maAdrian Alistair Rohan lost his faith, and now, a dedicated member of the depraved Heavenly Host, he loses himself in his only pleasure the seduction and debauchery of beautiful women Rich, charming and devastatingly skilled in the arts of love, he never fails in his conquests until Charlotte Spenser Charlotte is facing a desolate, passionless future, none of which matters to Adrian, who imagines her a toy until better prey arrives But beneath her drab exterior, Charlotte is a woman as enchanting as she is brilliant and, lured into Adrian s world, soon she becomes the seducer, and he the seduced
    Reckless Adrian Alistair Rohan lost his faith and now a dedicated member of the depraved Heavenly Host he loses himself in his only pleasure the seduction and debauchery of beautiful women Rich charming an

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    1. This veteran historical romance novel reader asks this question Do we really need any rake heroes No They make me yawn and roll my eyes But wait What about Adrian, Viscount Rohan Okay, maybe we can have a few rake heroes, as long as they are masterfully brought to life as Ms Anne Stuart did with Adrian.Yes, yes, yes I know you will wave a hand at me and say, You like all her books, so your opinion isn t really valid I guess if you feel that way, you should probably stop reading this review But, [...]

    2. See, I m not all about the old bodice rippers I ll read the new crap too OK, so I read it Boring as batshit I ve even got a shelf for it now, thanks to this book Quite a few have qualified in the past, but this one actually motivated me to create it So thanks, Anne Stuart, for getting me off my procrastinating butt with this tripey tidbit of tommyrot and twaddle.You might find it hard to believe, but I ve actually taken a day long breather before writing this review to let the vitriol ebb a bit [...]

    3. Setting 1804 EnglandSeries 2 of the House of Rohan Trilogy Can be read stand alone.Sensuality NC 17Tropes Older woman, the Rake Spinster, There is no such thing as a frigid woman, and best of all, No I will not marry you even tho I am carrying your baby because you re not in love with mePlot Charlotte is a 30 year old spinster and poor relation living with her cousin, Lina Charlotte has the hots for Adrian, Viscount Rohan, the greatest rake in all of bloody England For convoluted reasons, Lina d [...]

    4. I know this have many stellar ratings, but I was not impressed.The first half of the book is all about lusting and f cking and lusting and f ucking some I admit that I skipped pages because of too much inner lustingThe only character I enjoyed is Montague he s dying, but maybe because of that, he s the only one with his eyes open and his mind functioning.All the other characters are completly and willingly blind.Where, in other HRs, the point is to save her virtue, here the totally opposite is [...]

    5. 5 stars Historical RomanceAs much as I enjoyed Ruthless, this left me even satisfied, mainly because I thought it had a better story and I felt of a connection between the H h, even if it was often antagonistic.Adrian, Viscount Rohan, son of the H h from Ruthless, is as deliciously sexy, devilishly wicked, and utterly dissipated as his notorious father A tall, awkward, redheaded, freckled, bespectacled, bluestocking, virgin spinster like Charlotte should hold little appeal to a rakehell with h [...]

    6. After loving Ruthless, I created a great hype in my head for Reckless, and while it did fall somewhat short of my expectations, it was still a highly enjoyable read Adrian and Charlotte were two halves of a whole, both trying to live their lives out of the mold I felt that Charlotte had Adrian pegged early on as being a young boy in a man s body Adrian acted like a total spoiled child, whom used sex as a game Charlotte tried to fight the attraction and love she felt for Adrian knowing it just le [...]

    7. The stars were in alignment for this book I sat down with it and just expected to read for an hour or so before bed But that ended up turning into reading until 4 30 am luckily I had a holiday the next day Reckless was just perfect for my mood Everything just seemed so right about it There was humor, romance, a little angst, and some sexy scenes sigh Perfect for my mood.While I enjoyed the first book, Ruthless, I also saw a lot of flaws I hadn t felt an urgent need to try out the next two books, [...]

    8. Not as dark as RUTHLESS, but a whole lot sexier, RECKLESS tells the story of Adrian, the son of the couple from the first book in this series The heroine, Charlotte, is a tall, gawky spinster who follows her widowed cousin to a Hellfire Club like gathering and is swept off her feet by Adrian, Viscount Rohan, whom she has worshiped from afar for years The dynamic between Adrian and Charlotte is similar to that of his parents in the earlier book Mad, bad rake convinces innocent spinster to walk on [...]

    9. I just finished listening to this audio book for the second time this weekmething I rarely, if ever, do Nope, don t have any books falling apart at the seams from numerous rereads In Reckless the 2nd installment in Anne Stuart s House of Rohan series , the conversations between the heroe handsome, wealthy, titled, debauched Viscount Adrian Rohan, and the heroinee too tall, socially inept, firmly on the shelf spinster, Charlotte Spenser, were so delightfully engaging as in seductive erotic that t [...]

    10. 4.5 starsWow I am loving Anne Stuart s House of Rohan books I am so glad I gave this author another chance.Reckless does have some similarities to Ruthless in that it is essentially the story of a debauched libertine who finds love with a plain , inexperienced spinster who is firmly on the shelf But the development of the relationship in Reckless happens in quite a different way, and Adrian is quite a different character from his father.Reckless is the story of Adrian Rohan, the son of Francis a [...]

    11. Big shiny five stars I flat out LOVED every second of this book I remember the first in the series being a bit depressing, and this one still had a bit of a slummy feel Though I still loved it However, we all know that this is a ROMANCE, and a historical one at that So there WILL be a happy ending, right Of course And there are few books in which I was rooting for the couple .Charlotte and Rohan are in the typical opposites attract scenario The libertine and rake vs the dried up spinster In fact [...]

    12. This was a romance in 1804 England and France It was filled with lots of depravity SM, drunkinness, and gambling abound in this book I would recommend this book to those over eighteen and not of a tender disposition.I enjoyed reading this book and I flew right through it.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

    13. Para ser una novela de harlequin, y bastante cortita, la verdad es que ha sido muy hot, casi rayando en la er tica festiva Pero no le ha desmerecido un pice, ha estado muy entretenida Tenemos a Charlotte, una mujer inteligente y adelantada a su tiempo que sabe lo que quiere y con voluntad para decidir por s misma, aunque Adrian, el protagonista, la ponga entre la espada y la pared Adrian ha sido una sorpresa, y es que, aunque estamos ante una novela rom ntica y sepamos que el protagonista se red [...]

    14. Wow Wow Wow 4.5 stars just like Ruthless, but for a different reason Ruthless I loved for the characters, the plotting, the dialogue, the story Reckless I loved for Adrian and Charlotte.If you are drawn to the spinster rake formula my absolute favourite the premise to this book is all of our dreams come true You are firmly on the shelf at 30 You have loved Viscount Rohan from afar for years he is one of Anne Stuart s sly with a wink bad heroes but other than humiliating you once on the dance flo [...]

    15. I didn t think that my love for Anne Stuart s work could get any strongerbut I was wrong The House of Rohan series absolutely takes my breath away, leaves me with butterflies in my stomach, and consumes my time and thoughts How I wish I knew this woman personally so I could thank her for all the hours of wonderful reading she s given, and continues to give me.Reckless was perfect.The hero of this story, Adrian, is Francis and Elinor s son Francis and Elinor s story can be found in the book Ruthl [...]

    16. reviewed for shamelessromancereviewsspThe House of Rohan series absolutely takes my breath away and consumes my time and thoughtsReckless was stunning The hero of this story, Adrian, is Francis and Elinor s son.Adrian is a complete rake and libertine At age 30, Charlotte is a spinster who is officially on the shelf Charlotte has been secretly in love with Adrian for years, while Adrian has been out sowing his wild oats I love a good story where the tables turn and the seducer becomes the one who [...]

    17. I much preferred this to Ruthless, primarily because the attraction between the hero and heroine was so much credible and because the two secondary characters were filled out , which lead to a great story with a diverse quartet of leading characters The hero is dissipated and debauched, but in a naughty boy way You know he s either going to grow out of it or sink further, and the story just happens to be set at the moment he becomes uninspired by his lifestyle Yes, he s naughty, but he s reall [...]

    18. 3.5 stars This worked better for me when I originally read it out of order rereading it after having finally read Ruthless made some plot holes apparent view spoiler How could illegitimate Etienne possibly think he would inherit his cousin s title And why did his character change so drastically from the first book This question is asked but never answered hide spoiler There was also a added level of sadness about what happened to the hero and heroine from Ruthless and a questioning of their good [...]

    19. Love, love, loved this book My fav of the series so far If I could I would give it 6 stars It is my favorite kind of troupe The rake and the spinster virgin The opening scene had me laughing out loud.Adrian and Charlotte made a fun couple, but I must say that Lina and Simon almost stole the show The only slight niggle I had, I wish we would have got to see where Lynn realized that making love with Simon was a whole different thing than what she had been through It may have been a tried and true [...]

    20. Similar formula to the Ruthless story One beautiful cousin, one who thinks she is plain Wicked Vicount wouldn t normally give the plain woman the time of day, until her muttered curse gives him pause.Despite the formula, I enjoyed the story Particularly Anne Stuart s turn of phrase and vocabulary.Did I skim NoWere the characters interesting and engaging YesWill I re read ProbablyDeserving of the five star rating

    21. The second book of the House of Rohan Series was a surprisingly good follow up to one of the best books ever In very few cases are 2nd books remotely acceptable, but here, while using nearly the same setup as book 1, Ms Stuart manages to bring something new to the genre Adrian Rohan, the son of Francis Rohan From Ruthless is a young man of the English Ton, and has descended into debauchery and vice despite his father s warnings In fact, Adrian is part of the Heavenly Host like his father before [...]

    22. Holy cow What a great book I put this one off for ages Not quite sure why I love Anne Stuart, one of my favourite authors maybe that s why maybe I was worried it wouldn t live up to what I expect and I absolutely love, love, love plain heroine gorgeous bad boy stories My most favourite stories, as you just know the bad boy loves her for real, not just the pretty package on the outside Once I did pick this book up and begin it though, I couldn t put it down Read it in one sitting.I also love when [...]

    23. Reckless, book 2 of the The House of Rohan series, takes place 39 years after book 1 In Reckless we meet the son of the hero and heroine of Ruthless Adrian I wasn t as intrigued with him as I was his father Where his father had a haunted history, Adrian just seemed like a spoiled brat I couldn t pick up on any darkness to him, even though it was mentioned a few times.Our heroine is a Ms Charlotte Spenser, a 30 year old spinster And while I did like her I do love a good bluestocking , again, I d [...]

    24. I don t often say this, but possible trigger warning, y all This book has serious issues with consent I did enjoy this book, but it also got under my skin and irritated me a bit, too As I was reading, I kept getting the impression that Stuart was flirting with the old school romance plot of the rape fantasy She constantly brought up issues of consent don t worry, everyone will respect your decision to say no while at the same time her characters refuse to recognize a rejection I ll stop if she s [...]

    25. If there was actually a plot here, I definitely missed it To me it seemed like a bunch of sex scenes loosely tied together There is no story or development outside the bedroom, which makes me very much doubt whether it was love or lust those two were feeling.Plus, like seton says in her review, the hero and heroine IMO are just a copy of Stuart s usual with no unique characteristics or depth whatsoever.If someone else had written it, I d probably rate it with 3 stars, but I ve read enough books [...]

    26. awww i loved it sooo much left me smiling like a fool lolgreat love story great hero, heroine great side characters only thing i didnt like was Ettien lol and i think that he was meant to be hated Dgreat read

    27. Iba con miedo con esta segunda parte porque alguien cercano me hab a dado a entender que no era el mejor libro de la serie y que mayormente era m s er tico que rom ntico.Y estoy de acuerdo sobre esa parte En este libro el amor que se profesan los protagonistas lo he visto al final y muy de pasada Ha sido m s el deseo y el juego camil lo que m s se ha mostrado.Pero Adrian y Charlotte me han gustado mucho y han hecho que conectara con la historia desde el primer momento Y eso para m ya tiene mucho [...]

    28. Sensual and funny, this book is a very good read if you want a light book to pass your weekend I enjoyed it very much

    29. I hadn t heard of Anne Stuart before coming across this book while browsing, but I liked the covers and the story sounded spicy, so I ended up taking this one and the third book, Breathless They didn t have the first book in the trilogy, Ruthless, but after reading this one I d definitely like to read that one too Even though the books are linked, it s through a particular family, so each novel is a standalone story and it didn t matter that I hadn t read book 1 before this.Charlotte Spenser is [...]

    30. Grrrrrr You know its a good book when you want to KILL the hero of the book and then love him to death at the end Anne Stuart has done it again She s got me all riled up LOL Reckless is simply awesome I m tired of saying great book or good book when I describe her stuff Its so much fun to read Reckless was book 2 of the House of Rohan series This one does NOT take up right after the end of Book 1 Its actually like 20 some years later Viscount Rohan and Elinor from Book 1 have lots of kids 4, I t [...]

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