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Deadly Communion By Frank Tallis,

  • Title: Deadly Communion
  • Author: Frank Tallis
  • ISBN: 9781846053597
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Das morbide Wien in seinem t dlichsten GlanzEin perfider Serienm rder sucht Wien zu Beginn des 20 Jahrhunderts heim Den ermordeten jungen Frauen ist keine Verletzung anzusehen Bei genauer Untersuchung des Hinterkopfes entdeckt der Pathologe, dass eine Hutnadel durch eine kleine ffnung der Sch deldecke ins Gehirn getrieben wurde Die Ermittlungen f hren Inspektor OskarDas morbide Wien in seinem t dlichsten GlanzEin perfider Serienm rder sucht Wien zu Beginn des 20 Jahrhunderts heim Den ermordeten jungen Frauen ist keine Verletzung anzusehen Bei genauer Untersuchung des Hinterkopfes entdeckt der Pathologe, dass eine Hutnadel durch eine kleine ffnung der Sch deldecke ins Gehirn getrieben wurde Die Ermittlungen f hren Inspektor Oskar Rheinhardt auf die dunkle Seite Wiens, wo er bald die Hilfes seines Freundes Max Liebermann, des jungen Psychoanalytikers, n tig hat Der f nfte Teil der Erfolgsserie um den Psychoanalytiker und Detektiv Max Liebermann.
    Deadly Communion Das morbide Wien in seinem t dlichsten GlanzEin perfider Serienm rder sucht Wien zu Beginn des Jahrhunderts heim Den ermordeten jungen Frauen ist keine Verletzung anzusehen Bei genauer Untersuchung

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    1. Probably the best to date in this series It was a complex plot that wove together aspects of psychology, criminal investigation and philosophy As before there are strong characterizations and beleievable development.Tallis creates a powerful sense of turn of the century Vienna, celebrating the culture yet also pointing out the dark undercurrents I love the descriptions of the rich desserts that they indulge in, but it is a kind of torture too.

    2. This was book of the month for my book group recently It is not a book that I would have picked up of my own accord The author is a British writer and clinical psychologist He has held lecturing posts in clinical psychology and neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry and King s College, London Although he has written several self help manuals, Deadly Communion is the fifth book in a series featuring a psychoanalyst, Dr Max Liebermann I do not intend to read of the series.This book is a murd [...]

    3. Do not read this book I am sincerely bewildered how this got so many stars on Every once in a while I come across and book that is so disturbing I have to quit The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was the worst This is in my top five Without going into what the book is actually about go read other reviews I will tell you this the murdered females in this book are described too sexually during their autopsies This is not normal I have read books that go into detail and it s purely scientific and anato [...]

    4. Viennese decadence on full display, beginning with an eerie murder using a hatpin, continues and involves a gritty subplot ranging from pornographic drawings to Secessionist fashion design This is almost as well plotted as Fatal Lies, but is not quite as involving The Zentralfriedhof main cemetery in Vienna is actually larger than the entire Innere Stadt, and this fact is used in the novel to support the Viennese obsession with sex and death So far, this is the eerie est of Tallis s series, feat [...]

    5. Maybe I need to read these in order Did find it hard to believe that as intelligent as the two main characters were they would miss certain things that I spotted There was also the moral aspect that I found difficult to believe and in particular Reinhardt s reaction.That said I did enjoy the journey and will be looking out for .

    6. I have to admit, the mysteries in in the Max Liebermann series are never very mysterious What keeps me coming back is Frank Tallis evocative descriptions of fin de si cle Vienna The pastries alone are worth the price of admission.

    7. This beautiful series continues to enchant In Belle poque Vienna, a detective and his best friend, a brilliant psychoanalyst who visits with his mentor, Sigmund Freud, at least once in each novel work together to solve psychologically confounding murders Tallis brings historic Vienna to life, as Oskar Rheinhardt the cop and Max Leibermann the doctor move about the city, always stopping to enjoy coffee and pastries or beer and sausage, depending on the time of day in various cafes in all strata o [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book it reminded me of Sherlock Holmes Inspector Reinhardt and Dr Liebermann remind me of Sherlock and Watson This is a great period piece with great characters The mystery is well written and the characters that are well developed There is a great deal of Freud in these pages so if you feel things are too sexualized remember who the psychologists mentor isFreud was all about sex and sexuality I will be looking for books in this series as I found this in a free little libr [...]

    9. I love discovering a new writer especially one who is an excellent writer and storyteller and has written several books in a series.These books are set in the Victorian era and full of interesting historical detail The time is set as the period Freud s ideas are just taking hold Dr Max Liebermann, a psychiatrist uses the theories of Freud with whom he holds discussions to help his friend Inspector Oskar Reinhardt a most fascinating literary creation find a serial killer while solving two other m [...]

    10. Inspirational The case is easier to comprehend, and the psychoanalysis background is too much a fresh knowledge to resist

    11. A classic of its kind, a combination of the best of Robert B Parker s Crimson Joy, the abnormal psych of Kellerman, and the atmosphere of other European mysteries, including Tallis s This is the best of the 6 so far, with two or three remaining This one was nominated for the Edgar and a slew of others.There are three separate murder cases going on, though Leibermann and company don t always know that Some readers may not know it, but I trust the intelligence of my readers to the extent that I do [...]

    12. I love the Max Liebermann series It s the perfect mix of mystery, thriller, and psychology lesson, set against the beautiful backdrop of 19th century Vienna Frank Tallis also achieves something incredible he, like his protagonist, is a psychologist, but he never gets so wrapped up in the terminology that the reader tunes out Instead, Tallis gives a real sense of how this new area of medicine developed, and as Max hashes out theories with his mentor, Dr Sigmund Freud himself, and with friend and [...]

    13. A mystery novel that offers much than its key mystery, which is the kind of thrill I love the most Tallis goes beyond the elaborate whodunit to catch the reader up in the sweep of Viennese culture in the time when Freud was writing Having a psychoanalyst who is not Freud, thankfully and a detective, two persons with moral and intellectual strengths and interests, put their heads together to solve murders was an excellent opportunity put into good use Reinhardt and Dr Liebermann discuss the late [...]

    14. Someone in 1903 Vienna is murdering young women in a most bizarre fashion during the act of love, the lady is dispatched with the use of an almost undetectable hat pin Psychiatrist Max Liebermann and police detective inspector Oskar Reinhardt pursue different paths to discover the identity of the mad man, Liebermann by trying to determine, through psychoanalytic ideas, what type of individual would do such a thing and Reinhardt by slow, steady and steadfast police work, with the occasional flash [...]

    15. A beautifully written mystery by a very talented writer I just love the way this guy writes I m not saying he s Shakespeare, but he gets it done with style Samples Haussmann bowed and left the office, closing the door with just enough surplus force to declare his wounded pride Liebermann noticed that a horses drinking trough had been filled with earth and planted with trees however, this attempt to beautify the courtyard had not been successful The trees had died, and their leafless, twisted bra [...]

    16. Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt is looking for a murderer The first known victim is a young blonde with a less than perfect reputation His method of murder is unknown until it is accidently stumbled upon in the autopsy she was killed with a hatpin When they find the seller of the hatpin, they know it is only a matter of time before another victim is found.Max Liebermann, a psychoanalyst and good friend of Rheinhardt is of the opinion the murderer is a sexual predator who gets his release fr [...]

    17. Although I am giving this 2 stars, there is much positive to say about this book First, why the two stars I didn t like the subject matter Sex crimes are not new but they are still painful to hear In fact, all the crimes that this book covers are sexual in nature and they are all distasteful and they include pedophilia All the bad guys get caught in the end What was fascinating about this book was forensic medicine in 1903 They had to use their 5 senses to uncover clues including smell, taste, t [...]

    18. Quando sinto vontade de ler um policial com um enredo inteligente e instigante, sei qual o autor perfeito para tal Frank Tallis um autor que sabe construir um hist ria e ao mesmo tempo ensinar nos sobre a complexidade da mente humana, tendo por base a psicon lise E este livro n o foi uma excep o Mais uma vez, foi fascinante ter a possibilidade de ler a explica o, atrav s do personagem principal, das motiva es do assassino para ter cometido tais actos E associado a isso um mist rio bem construido [...]

    19. Here murder mixes with sexuality and the deep meanderings of the psychoanalytic universe The result is a dark depraved portrait of Freud s Vienna Not a a bad place to be for a detective story It s hauntingly atmospheric and at times downright nasty, but fortunately, a bit of fun is added as well When doctor Liebermann s objet d amour turns her rainmanish talents towards the morgue, you can t help but smile, and inspector Rheinhardt dealing with a pedophile whilst on a family outing in the park i [...]

    20. Another cracker from Frank Tallis set of course in early 20th century Vienna where Detective Inspector Rheinhardt is than assisted by Doctor Max Liebermann in solving a series of grotesque murders An apparent serial killer is on the loose using a particularly difficult to detect, and pretty gruesome, method of despatching his young female victims As always in this wonderful series there is a great deal of emphasis on the psychological aspects of the case, or rather cases There are several sub p [...]

    21. Another wonderful book by Frank Tallis I can t get enough of Max Liebermann s fascinating theories They re so interesting and curious I do love the mixture between police cases and the wonders of psychoanalysis The two sciences police work is sort of science too combine extremely well together.Frank Tallis chose to combine his professional experience in fiction and he does so with great care He also succeeds in making his novels interesting and worth reading I always learn something from one of [...]

    22. The music startsWagner or Mahler, perhapse camera zooms in on the Vienna skylinee title appears on the screen CSI Vienna Wait s 1903 and there s no television yet However, if there was, then this book could be an episode I thoroughly enjoyed this book It features psychoanalist Max Liebermann who acts as a turn of the century profiler for his friend, Det Oskar Reinholdt They are aided by a coroner and his assistant who employ the latest scientific breakthroughs A century later, it s difficult to [...]

    23. I loved this book The novels set in the early 1900 s, in VIenna There are historical data about women s fashions, the history of medicine, psychoanalysis, art, desserts from Viennese bakeries, foundations of the forensic science, the early concept of profiling criminals, it s all here beautiful written I loved Tallis language.The protagonist, Max Liebermann is a psychiatrist during the early years of psychoanalysis in Vienna Freud too has a small role in the novel as doctor to consult on a diffi [...]

    24. Loved the progression of the story, and the little clues Frank Tallis throws in Loved watching Inspector Rheinhardt s affair with food Enjoyed the twists at the end I felt sympathy with Kristina Vogl, a character who has it all on the outside, but who, in reality, is a desperate woman Also sympathetic toward her husband, Heinz at the risk of spoiling the ending, I won t say why.But I give this four stars instead of the five I ve given all the rest of the Liebermann books because the subject matt [...]

    25. I can t say enough how much I enjoy this series Its such a smart historical mystery series, with wonderfully rich settings, great characters, and great writing I love how, with little description, Mr Tallis manages to convey so much about his characters I also very much enjoy the glimpses of early forensic investigation we get through Professor Mathias and Amelia This book deviated a little from the usual plot line in that it did not involve any pre WWII anti semitic themes which have been typic [...]

    26. One of the tragedies of reading an exceedingly good series of books is that reading surely outpaces writing which means the we read, the less we have to look forward to That sounds like a peculiarly Hungarian way of thinking Beg pardon This book, known as Deadly Communion when published by Arrow, is another of Frank Tallis masterpieces of crime fiction You may need a whiff of coffee beans to cleanse the smell of 1903 Vienna from your nose, but you will never forget the author s unusual ability [...]

    27. Another great addition to this series of 1900s Vienna Psychiatrist Max Liebermann and his detective friend Oskar Rheinhardt this time out investigate a series of murders committed in the throes of passion Young women no better than they ought to be are murdered by having a hat pin pushed into their skull right at the height of passion Liebermann s very Freudian profiling of the murderer helps Rheinhardt solve the case As always there are many opportunities to stop for coffee and pastry, each one [...]

    28. One of the better books in the series Tallis doesn t try to work in too much politics or history this time out, and in consequence the story flows better, and all the characters we like get plenty of space And with a focus on sexual psychology, all, of the characters, including the detectives and medical practitioners and Freud himself get to reveal some of their hidden desires and obsessions Wish the love story between Max and Miss Lydgate would move forward a bit, but maybe next time out.

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