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  • Title: A Bridge of Years
  • Author: Robert Charles Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780385419376
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tom Winter thought the secluded cottage in the Pacific Northwest would be the perfect refuge a place to nurse the wounds of lost love and happiness But Tom soon discovers that his safe haven is the portal of a tunnel through time At one end lies the familiar present At the other end New York City, 1963.Tom s journey back through time offers renewed hope in the form of aTom Winter thought the secluded cottage in the Pacific Northwest would be the perfect refuge a place to nurse the wounds of lost love and happiness But Tom soon discovers that his safe haven is the portal of a tunnel through time At one end lies the familiar present At the other end New York City, 1963.Tom s journey back through time offers renewed hope in the form of a new life, a new love, and the chance to start life over in a simpler, safer world But he finds that the time tunnel holds a danger far greater than anything he left behind a human killing machine escaped from the bleak and brutal future, who will do anything to protect the secret passage he thought was his alone And Tom Winter is forced to face the terrors of an unknown future to preserve his worlds, both past and present.
    A Bridge of Years Tom Winter thought the secluded cottage in the Pacific Northwest would be the perfect refuge a place to nurse the wounds of lost love and happiness But Tom soon discovers that his safe haven is the po

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    1. I kind of got this by accident I really enjoy Robert Charles Wilson s books and saw this available for pre order on the Nook I waited for months for the release date, then decided to get the audiobook because a credit cost less than the ebook I was a bit surprised that the Audible Frontiers version was released in 2009, but just thought that the ebook version was new As I m listening, it seemed a bit dated The current day events in this time travel story occur in 1989 I did research on the book [...]

    2. I love science fiction stories that let you know what you are in for and then deliver on their promises A Bridge of Yearsdoes that and I listened to this book on audio and loved it The narrator was excellent and the writing style really captivated me I had recently read Stephen King s11 22 63and wasn t sure I wanted to dive into another time tunnel book, but Wilson has a unique style and worked for me on a variety of levels For one, he lets you know you are reading a sci fi book straight away H [...]

    3. The premise is pretty neat Tom Winter buys a house in a isolated rural area and mysterious things begin happening He eventual tears down a basement wall and discovers a tunnel that ends in New York City, 1962.The story is well told I really liked one point we do not remember everything after decades have passed When Tom is in 1962 he remembers the big names of course Kennedy, Kruschev, Castro and so on But many of the other times he had forgotten he was only ten years old in 1962 Everybody wonde [...]

    4. I have an image of Robert Charles Wilson as a kindly, well turned out gentleman of independent means sitting at his escritoire carefully penning a few well chosen words while the log fire burns cheerily and his over indulged cat lies curled on it s favourite armchair This gentle novel has done nothing to dispel this pleasant vista As with all Wilson s work that I ve read, his character based style is heavily rooted in the earlier classics of the genre making for a pleasant and deeply satisfying [...]

    5. This was a solid time travel science fiction story, one that to me harkened back to Golden Age sense of wonder style storytelling, where exploring the unknown and a sense of wonder at true mysteries if not miracles were hallmarks of the writing, something I don t always see in recent genre fiction There is definitely violence and action, but it is not particularly gritty and there are wonderful chapters where just a sense of gee whiz wonder is present I really liked that The book s opening, wh [...]

    6. This is a great book which time travel enthusiasts will enjoy It has a bit of everything, science, paradox, love, travel to the past, travel from the future etc The type of time travel is a time tunnel, but there is also some advance technology from the future which is explained enough to satisfy the reader, but not in so much detail to bore the pants off of those of us who don t eat up the scientific theory side of time travel novels The story follows several paths which are intertwined, and mo [...]

    7. A very enjoyable book This novel is a good display of RCW s smooth writing style By the title you know going in that the book deals with time travel, and I was impressed with how effortless RCW tied different stories together and skipped around in time without confusing the reader The novel has the common save the earth theme, and is chock full of 1960s nostalgia, and while I personally would prefer less of that stuff and sci fi, this book is easily four stars.

    8. I really enjoyed the questions this book sparked in my mind Would I choose to stay back in time if the option felt safer If I didn t have much going for me in my own present day.I don t know I DO know that if I had the opportunity to time travel to the past I would not pass it up for anything Anyway, the book starts right out with a bunch of action The reader doesn t really know what s going on because it seems all a bit futuristic Plausible, though Not too out there Keep it simple.Later it come [...]

    9. In 1989, fresh from a traumatizing divorce, Tom Winter moves back to his hometown, buying a house on the outskirts of the woods He notices the house is in remarkably good condition, considering it s supposedly been empty for the last 10 years, but then he discovers stranger things robotic bugs performing maintenance and a time traveling tunnel that leads to the New York City of 1962, hidden in the basement Escaping the present and shacking up with a nice 60 s beatnik girl seems like a good idea [...]

    10. Fun read It was creepy enough to give me a few thrills, but not creepy enough that I felt uncomfortable or freaked out reading it alone in a hotel room while out of town on a business trip Also, it s set largely in the Pacific Northwest, which I have newly acquired firsthand knowledge of there is a teeny tiny passage featuring a hummingbird that drew me completely into the book moment love it The time travel aspect of the book has the potential to be like Every Sci Fi Book Ever blah blah blah pa [...]

    11. This book opens with a bloody bang and slowly unravels to reveal a tormented future and the way a man from the late 80s used a time tunnel to escape his problems The characters are adequately likeable, and the villain is complex than most are made out to be The effects of the future are just as important to the story as the scenes in the past, if not so One of my favorite things about time travel books is the thing this book is lacking, a hyper detailed overview of the time traveler s observati [...]

    12. Although science fiction, this time travel book explores the personal experiences of the travellers How does the experience sit with those who travel What is its impact on their live Do they really want to spend their time in a different era Add a brutal mercenary from the future running from his own conscription, and another level is added to the story moving the plot along at a breakneck pace A quick read, and a fascinating study in one s realizations and actions when confronted with the under [...]

    13. Books about time travel are not easy to understand The paradoxes that exist, I like to suppose that they defy our logic You can t really enjoy a book that sounds illogical to you but this book doesn t try too hard to convince you that time travel works Instead, it focuses about time itself and how no matter the time period you travel to, the characters don t leave their problems behind There is a lot of talk about the present, past and future and one of the recurring themes for the protagonist, [...]

    14. The content was absolutely thrilling I liked that Wilson contrasted the time travel trope, that being they didn t travel via machines but by taking advantage of naturally occurring nodes in the fabric of spacetime I m sure there are other stories that portray time travel tech as non machine as well, but this idea was new to me The varying POVs interconnected fittingly I think this was a great technique, especially with the antagonist Billy Billy s chapters allowed the reader to gain a sense of h [...]

    15. Interesting premise with some flaws in my opinion Spoiler Why are the advanced humans just hanging out in the tunnels all the time instead of actually visiting the destinations Are they just chicken or do they really like these tunnels Why are the caretakers who are also supposed to be guides to the advanced humans just sitting for years just twiddling their thumbs The caretakers rarely leave their homes but they are supposed to act as guide for the advanced humans when they visit.n t make sense [...]

    16. Maybe it s because the back cover mentions that Tom goes back in time to 1963, to a simpler,safer world , but it also tries to convey that era so the novel itself seems a little too laid back and slows the pace down The main character Tom is fleshed out really well, but the secondary characters could use depth The story itself is intriguing and is a breezy read, I just wish there would have been focus on the other characters of the story, and of the time traveling aspect.

    17. The people of the very far future have discovered that temporary fractures form in the fabric of space time through which it s possible to travel to past eras Since the 20th 22nd centuries were inordinately turbulent, little is known of their history thus those far future folk are eager to investigate it They recruit people from those centuries to act as custodians to the time tunnels, rewarding them after the tunnels collapse with rejuvenation, wealth, etc In the present 1989 Ben Collier, who o [...]

    18. A BRIDGE OF YEARS is an older title by Robert Charles Wilson 1991 but one I had somehow overlooked or missed over the years It s similar in my mind to both 11 22 63 by Stephen King and one by the great Clifford D Simak so old that it must be out of print WAY STATION Simak s classic was about an ordinary mortal albeit a Civil War veteran still living as a young man in the 1960s who was tasked by with the protection and maintenance of a portal to other intergalactic worlds The portal was stuck off [...]

    19. Bestselling author Robert Charles Wilson s book, A Bridge of Years, recently re released in paperback, has an interesting play on the idea of time travel, but remains true to its rule that there are always repercussions when one plays around with time travel, even when someone thinks they ve been given a second chance.Tom Winter has made a right old mess of things, now without a job and a wife who s left him he s hit rock bottom With some leftover inheritance money he buys a simple little house [...]

    20. A time travel story written in 1991 by one of my favorite SF authors, Robert Charles Wilson One of his earlier books, it s about a man with nothing to live for in 1989 who then finds a way from his house back to the past Not the distant past, but 1962 and also in New York And he decides to stay there, not realizing a terrible threat to his life exists there Would you go back to the past to live if you could And what era and place would you choose New York particularly bohemian Greenwich Village [...]

    21. I hate the concept of time travel I loved the TV series Star Trek Next Generation, but every time they had an episode that involved time travel, I d groan loudly and pull my hair out As soon as they mentioned a rip in the time continuum or a paradox , my brain would slowly implode So why choose a book about time travel I guess to overcome my fear I m just trying to expand my book horizons a bit I survived The Time Travelers Wife a few years ago, so I thought I d take another stab at it And I m g [...]

    22. Publi en 1991, travers temps rappelle trangement 22 11 63 de King Dans les deux cas, un homme trouve un passage temporel vers les ann es 60, s y tablit un moment, et bien entendu y trouve l amour La relation existe aussi au niveau de la douce nostalgie des ann es 60, du suspense et des moments d horreur que contient le livre.Le h ros de Wilson pourtant n a aucun d sir d emp cher l assassinat de Kennedy, m me s il arrive assez t t pour au moins essayer Au contraire, il appr cie la possibilit de s [...]

    23. I feel bad for rating this book so low because normally I really enjoy Robert Charles Wilson s books The story is set in Belltower Washington I like books set in the Pacific NW and the author did a good job of describing a typical small town The general plot revolves around time travel and romance Tom Winter discovers a time machine underneath his house that leads to New York in the 1960s Tom is trying to find himself after his divorce and so has no problem going back to live in the past However [...]

    24. Would give it a 3.5 if possible Robert Charles Wilson is one of my favorite sci fi authors He always presents thoughtful perspectives speculations, his characters have dimension, and his prose can at times be lyrical I m actually judging this book in light of Wilson s own later work, as so we would expect he has only gotten better with time.I enjoyed the book, though in the wake of many other things that have been written since the employ themes of nanotechnology, the marriage of man machine, no [...]

    25. I just finished Stephen King s 11 22 63 and this is the next book in line for me Both of them have similar concepts A tunnel that leads back to a specific point in time I am interested in seeing how two authors handle the same idea In the afterword of 11 22 63 Stephen King says he came up with this idea in the 70s but felt it was too much research for him to do so he shelved it until now This book was originally published in the early 1990s So I am not exactly concerned that two authors I like s [...]

    26. This is very different from all of the other books by Wilson that I have read Eschewing his usual galaxy spanning world building, this novel is set mainly in two eras of recent Earth history 1989 and 1962 While Wilson is extremely talented at creating strange, alien worlds, he does not use those talents here I didn t feel like the eras were depicted in a very compelling way Another difference is that rather than tell a tale of cosmic proportions, this novel is very personal and meditative There [...]

    27. Viele Elemente rund um das Zeitreise Portal gefielen mir gut So z.B wie der Protagonist versucht ist, in der Vergangenheit eine Beziehung zu f hren, das aber scheitert Ein interessanter, entmutigender Aspekt, wenn jemand aus der nicht allzu weiten Zukunft mit einer jungen Frau zu tun hat, und genau weiss, dass viele ihrer revolution ren Gedanken und Erkenntnisse in wenigen Jahren v llig belanglos sein werden.Was mir gar nicht gefiel war der Plot um den B sewicht aus der noch weiter entfernten Zu [...]

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