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Dr. Seuss's ABC By Dr. Seuss,

  • Title: Dr. Seuss's ABC
  • Author: Dr. Seuss
  • ISBN: 9780679882817
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Board Book
  • This is an adaptation from Dr Seuss s ABC Published by Random House in 1963.Simple, Silly, Sturdy Books for Babies of All Ages
    Dr Seuss s ABC This is an adaptation from Dr Seuss s ABC Published by Random House in Simple Silly Sturdy Books for Babies of All Ages

    One thought on “Dr. Seuss's ABC”

    1. Only Dr Seuss has the audacity to make up names in a book that teaches kids the alphabet Zizzer zazzer zuzz Really Can you tell I ve been reading lots of these books lately with my 18 month old

    2. WrensReads Review My best friend just got like eight Dr Seuss books and I am not sorry about flooding your feed today and tomorrow with me reading them and telling you how amazing they are.Because, I mean, it s Dr Seuss Can it be anything less I would read this to my kids, your kids, your neighbor s kids, the kid down the block, the kid of my worst enemy and probably just all kids Alphabets can be fun.WrensReads Twitter Instagram

    3. I think that this is the most amazing alphabet book ever, word wise Animalia wins for pictures, I think We ve been collecting Dr Seuss books for quite some time, because we tend to like them I never read this book as a child, and I m almost glad, because I get to be so astounded now as an adult.First of all, there s great meter Second, there s tons of alliteration Third, the alliteration is not only at the beginnings of words, but inside them, too Barber baby bubbles and a bumblebee Four fluffy [...]

    4. BIG A,little a,what begins with A Aunt Annie s alligator.AaABIG B,little b,what begins with B Barberbabybubblesand abumblebee.

    5. We have quite a few ABC books in the house now, but I don t think any of them are quite as fun to read as this one certainly not with the younger readers anyway Seuss doesn t go for the usual pattern of picking one thing for each letter no, he has to include silly rhymes and even some made up words too, paired with his trademark slightly unrealistic illustrations A sample BIG A,little a,what begins with A Aunt Annie s alligator.AaABIG F,little fwhat begins with F Four fluffy feathers on a Fiffer [...]

    6. This is an excellent book for some one who is just learning to read I look forward to reading of this author s work.

    7. I insist on this one at least once every two weeks to get the alphabet front and center for my son I think his favorite is Rosie s Red Rhinoceros but then the Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz is also pretty neat

    8. Big A little a what begins with A And it begins the sound of a little voice answering the question Aunt Annie s Alligator A a A This is a favorite read in the car so much so that my grand kids have it memorized Dr Seuss has a magical way of rhyming and creating rhythm that appeal to young and old You begin reading about Aunt Annie s alligator and you re off into that delightful rhythm that keeps you and the children hooked to the very end with the Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz Seuss never disappoints the r [...]

    9. His parents being concerned about how much time he was spending watching a computer video game on YouTube, first grader Jack was told to stop and I thereupon invited him to pick out a book to read instead He selected this one without complaint and the two of us proceeded to study it, page by page, both in terms of its words, but also in terms of their reference to the art work To make it participatory, I asked Jack to give a word starting with the letter to come before proceeding to see what au [...]

    10. Good Dr Seuss fun for learning the alphabet and also for learning what made up words begin with which letter Dr Seuss has managed the make the alphabet fun at long last Best one in the book is Y A Yawning Yellow Yak Young Yolanda Yorgenson is Yelling on his back

    11. This is SUCH a fun book My sister and I actually used this book in a talent show when I was working at a Boys and Girls Club, she beat boxed and I rapped to it Even days after you could hear some of the little ones repeating rhymes from this book It is great for rhyming and alphabet lessons.

    12. Summarize the book This is a classic Dr Seuss book that introduces the alphabet to its readers With each letter of the alphabet there is a little sentence rhyme that has a majority of the words beginning with the same letter Some of the items that are mentioned are real items, but as with just about all Dr Seuss books there are some creative words that are added in.Identify the characteristics from the text that support the specific genre The sentences in this book are short, and are presented [...]

    13. This book does have rhymes in it, like most Dr.Seuss s books, and it also has alliteration This is important for this book in particular since it not only teaches children the letters of the alphabet but it also their sounds This book is good at teaching phonics since it did not overlook special sounds for some letters that could have been overlooked otherwise Such was the case for the letter C , even though the hard C sound could have been done on its own the soft C was also included by incorpo [...]

    14. True to Dr Seuss s creative writing style, this book is no different There are many made up animals and names, making it fun and interesting to learn the alphabet The pictures are also very detailed and whimsical corresponding to the letter and words on the page I really liked how repetitive it is the letter appears on the page alone at least three times A few times in lowercases and several in uppercase It is good to introduce the concept that there is both upper and lowercase letters Also, eve [...]

    15. I was highly disappointed in this book Dr Seuss would be turning angrily in his grave for how they placed this book together There are a couple of pages that lay out exactly what Dr Seuss wrote, but then there are other pages that do not even have the right words It is as though the publishing company rewrote this classic book There are words that are missing and pages rewrote entirely I am upset I understand that it is a short book, but at least keep it Dr Seuss I got this book for my two year [...]

    16. I read the book ABC by Dr.Seuss It is about the alphabet and all the words with a certain letter in it It starts with A and finishes with Z There are a lot of interesting words they use throughout the book.There is no main character, but there are some characters David Donald Doo who is some white kid that dreams about a duck dog There is Fiffer feffer feff who has four fluffy feathers coming out of his head There is also Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz who is gigantic, ugly, and pink and white.There is no s [...]

    17. Dr Seuss books are classic This book copyrighted in 1963 is a great beginner book for any child The book is easy to follow and gives great Alphabet teaching, such as showing the upper case letters as well as the lower case letters, with each letter in the alphabet and tells several words that start with that letter To go along with the words, the illustrations are well thought out and are very literal, which is great for beginning readers I liked the illustrations in the book because they jump o [...]

    18. Dr Seuss s ABC is a delightful picture book written for primary readers Each page is dedicated to one letter of the alphabet where it is presented in both upper and lower cases and then featured in a zany sentence The creative use of language makes this a fun and memorable reading experience Between David Donal Doo s dozen donuts and Jerry Jordan s jelly jar the reader is delightfully immersed into the world of sounds and language I gave this book a 4 star rating for its fun loving and easy read [...]

    19. Dr Suess s ABC is a great book that introduces children not only to the entire alphabet, but it also shows children the differences in capitalization and lowercase and encourages a strong sense of creativity Although Suess may not use real everyday words for some letters,such as the letter K and the example, kerchoo, I feel this is suitable for the age group it allows children to be engaged With this specific example the picture gives the description, much like it sounds, it appears to be a snee [...]

    20. Not only does this book rhyme like all other Dr Seuss books do, it also uses alliteration Alliteration is important for this book in particular since it not only teaches children the letters of the alphabet, but it also teaches phonics For example, the letter C has two sounds, the page about the letter C incorporated the hard C sound as well as the soft C sound by using words such as ceiling Alliteration is also fun in this book learning alliteration is enjoyable for kids because the word combin [...]

    21. Personal Response I read this book to my cousin Mason and he love this book He is three years old and loved it He wanted me to keep reading it to him over and over again.Summary This book teaches he person that reads it the alphabet It has pictures for every letter show a object that starts with a that letter It also shows different words that start with the letter It asks what words starts with the letter and then says words that starts with the letter Then at the end of the book it shows the w [...]

    22. My Brother, Jack, who is 5, is starting to read This was a great book for 4 Years Even I enjoyed it Jack Reads in Bed With his new lamp, Most times just looking at pictures But me, Rose, Damos and Natalie Are going To read to him, And Hopefully In about a year He Will Be Reading Zac power novels now I will Get on with the actual review It is another DR Seuss s books, Quite an old one actually It Concentrates on Each of the letters at a time, and When it starts on another letter It starts withBIG [...]

    23. I read this book with my two year old nephew, who had just woken up and wanted to read a book with me He just pointed at a book, and then backed into my lap and it was the cutest thing EVER As I read the book to him, he pointed at each thing and named the color I thought it was great for its clarity in the images, which made it easy for him to point and talk about each letter, but a lot of the nonsense words seemed to not interest him since he liked being able to name things More than anything, [...]

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