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A Shilling for Candles By Josephine Tey Robert Barnard,

  • Title: A Shilling for Candles
  • Author: Josephine Tey Robert Barnard
  • ISBN: 9780684842387
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a woman s body washes up on an isolated stretch of beach on the southern coast of England, Scotland Yard s Inspector Alan Grant is on the case But the inquiry into her death turns into a nightmare of false leads and baffling clues Was there anyone who didn t want lovely screen actress Christine Clay dead
    A Shilling for Candles When a woman s body washes up on an isolated stretch of beach on the southern coast of England Scotland Yard s Inspector Alan Grant is on the case But the inquiry into her death turns into a nightmar

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    1. Not far from the Channel, near Westover, a woman s body is washed ashore First thought an accident, then a suicide, it is soon deemed a murder and a puzzling one, at that But when the dead woman is identified as Christine Clay, famous British actress and Hollywood star, Inspector Grant s task, already quite a puzzle, becomes an ordeal.This second Inspector Grant mystery is better than the first, but it would still take than ten years before Tey would include him in her first masterpiece, The Fr [...]

    2. 4.5 Can t make it 5 as the clues weren t there for the reader to solve themselves although Tey did lead one up the garden path I do love a good garden path wander Mysterious and charismatic actress Christine Clay is found drowned Initial evidence points a charming young wastrel that Clay recently befriended but is Robin Tisdall the guilty party Or is it someone from the past that Clay has been reinventing And she used to tell a different story each time When someone pointed out that that wasn t [...]

    3. In this outing, Inspector Grant has his work cut out for him A famous actress is murdered and the suspect list is long It becomes even longer after her will is read And the only clue they have is a button.Once again, Josephine Tey writes a classically woven whodunit with threads of different colors and lengths loosely throwing menace and mayhem in many different directions As the story proceeds, those threads are gathered tighter and tighter until a design starts to appear.This was a very enjoya [...]

    4. This is the second Inspector Alan Grant novel, following on from The Man in the Queue The first novel was written in 1929, while this was published in 1937, which is quite a gap I must admit that, although a lover of Golden Age detective fiction, I have always struggled a little with Tey although I enjoyed this than the first book The mystery begins with the discovery of a body on a beach, which turns out to be that of a successful, and beautiful, actress, named Christina Clay although, oddly, [...]

    5. I wish I hadn t left getting better acquainted with Josephine Tey s writing for quite so long In this novel, Tey s second, Inspector Alan Grant investigates the murder of a famous actress, whose death by drowning had been predicted by a celebrity clairvoyant In her characteristically elegant prose, Tey not only delivers an interesting piece of Golden Age crime fiction, she also explores the concept of celebrity That Tey s observations on this particular issue still seem fresh today is both a tes [...]

    6. The second book featuring Inspector Allan Grant was a group read with the Reading the Detectives group here The body of a young woman is found washed up on the beach, and while briefly thought to be a swimming accident, soon enough, some things begin to puzzle the local police and the Yard is called in, Grant leading the investigation The victim turns out to be Christine Clay, a well known actress who d been living in a small village for a while to get away from things in London She doesn t seem [...]

    7. Group read with English Mysteries Club, June 2014.What a joy it is to spend a couple of days with Inspector Grant and Josephine Tey Grant is the antithesis of the hard boiled detective My grandmother would say he s a lovely man , a gentle man, a bit of a worrier, someone who instinctively likes people Grant sees his world and its varied and colorful inhabitants with keen insight and good humor Even beyond the pleasure of Grant s company, A Shilling for Candles has such a deliciously likeable cas [...]

    8. A beautiful film star is found dead at the foot of some cliffs not far from the cottage she is renting for a few weeks Is it suicide or is it murder Inspector Alan Grant is puzzled When his chief suspect the young man who was staying with Christina Clay in the cottage goes on the run he believes his suspicions are correct but he reckons without the Chief Constable s young daughter, Erica, who doesn t believe Robert Tisdall is guilty and sets out to prove it.I enjoyed reading this well written cr [...]

    9. really, it s around a 3.6 rounded up This is my second time with this book, and I got much out of it this time around than the last, which is generally the case with me I think the huge difference was that this time I also had insight into the author herself I have to be honest so far my favorite of the rereads has been her The Franchise Affair in my very humble opinion, it s among the best of her mysteries and A Shilling for Candles doesn t rate as highly as that one That doesn t mean it s no [...]

    10. Another excellent example of not your ordinary mystery novel A body is discovered on a beach, and the immediate assumption of suicide is soon contradicted by the evidence I have to say I m a little impressed that the article found with the body which indicates murder is never mentioned in anything I ve read online about the book and in fact morphed into something else for the film adaptation 1937 s Young and Innocent, said to be Hitchcock s personal favorite among his British films I m glad to c [...]

    11. Josephine Tey is one of my favorite mystery authors easily top five This isn t a favorite book among her works though Sadly, she only wrote eight The introduction to the latest editions by Robert Barnard name The Daughter of Time, The Franchise Affair and Brat Farrar as the standouts I d add Miss Pym Disposes to that list of her best A Shilling for Candles is only her second book and her two earliest books are indeed imo her weakest, though I like A Shilling for Candles better than her first mys [...]

    12. I was both thrilled and dismayed to discover that in compiling my seemingly endless list of books read I somehow missed one of my most favorite British mystery writers ever Josephine Tey Thrilled to have the opportunity to share this outstanding writer dismayed because, put simply, it meant I had to go back to work on my list Nevertheless, I m delighted to share this great writer with others It hardly matters which of her books you being with although I would personally recommend , her view on t [...]

    13. This is my second recent Inspector Grant whodunit by Josephine Tey, and I have to confess myself underwhelmed The prose is pleasant to read, but the characters are not very engaging for me, and Tey cheats a bit on the mystery in my view I have adored other books by her, notably Brat Farrar, but this series, full of empty Bright Young Things, is not doing it for me Dorothy Sayers does the BYTs in a much interesting fashion.At the center of my sense of hollowness is Inspector Grant himself He doe [...]

    14. I picked up A Shilling for Candles because Young and Innocent, one of my favorite early Hitchcock films, is based on it I was surprised to realize, however, that the film is only very loosely adapted from the book, Hitchcock having lifted a single idea from the plot a man, who may or may not be innocent, is a fugitive from the law and finds assistance from a young woman who may or may not be in love with him People who ve watched the film shouldn t have their experience of the book spoiled, sinc [...]

    15. This entertaining mystery was published in Britain in 1936, so it contains a lot of expressions I hadn t heard before or had rarely heard before I ll take my alfred davy I ll swear to itI m the original locked casket I can keep a secretYou re the original camel fly You re annoyingbags trouserscharabanc large bus or wagon used for sightseeingWhy doesn t she turn cartwheels in the Strand Why must she make a spectacle of herself

    16. I enjoyed this book very much It is the second book in the Inspector Grant series and features the death of a very talented, popular movie star There are few clues at the scene, since she was drowned at a secluded beach and the tide has obliterated anything of use One suspect delivers himself up immediately, but claims to be innocent The evidence, however circumstantial, all points to him and he is arrested The quickness and cleanliness of the arrest pleases everyone the press, the public, and t [...]

    17. A Shilling for Candles is the second book of the Inspector Alan Grant series by Josephine Tey, set in 1930s England One morning a woman is found drowned in the ocean near Westover When evidence of foul play is discovered, Inspector Alan Grant of Scotland Yard takes the case.The victim turned out to be the famous actress Christine Clay She had been staying in an out of the way cottage for a month as a break from her busy schedule Suspects include her husband Lord Edward Champneis, her lodger Robi [...]

    18. A much better read than my first Tey novel, Miss Pym Disposes A beautiful movie star is found drowned on the beach, and the young man who s been staying with her has only a very fishy alibi Whodunit, and why, if everybody loved her I found this book engaging, amusing and entertaining enough to devour in the course of a weekend Alan Grant is going to grow on me he s not morose or driven like so many modern TV detectives, though the loss of his prime suspect nearly drives him round the bend for a [...]

    19. There is no great horror in the murders depicted by Josephine Tey, there is of course the discovery of a body and a brief description of how it was found and the cause of death but not like some modern day novels where time is given to the gruesome details of the corpse than to the solving of the crime Inspector Grant is also different from the general ideal of a high ranking police officer in crime novels today, he a kind and pleasant man, he is not damaged, he is just good at his job and in [...]

    20. What will I do when I have read all the decent English language mystery novels in the world It s been a very long time since I read anything by Josephine Tey but I see that I will have to read some soon This was an entertaining story with a dead celebrity actress, her husband the duke, and all her other hangers on Eventually I will read all my reviews of these mystery stories that get marketed to middle aged women Then I will be able to list the characteristics of the genre, such as attractive [...]

    21. The thing that stands out to me most as I work my way through this series is how individual Josephine Tey s authorial voice is I thought A Shilling for Candles was a far better mystery story than her first work, though it still had some of the same oddities as The Man in the Queue For one thing, while her characters in this book were generally very well defined, I still feel like I know very little about Inspector Grant as a human being Erica and Tisdall and Lord Champneis are all fully develope [...]

    22. I read the book a long time ago and am now listening to the audiobook After re reading the first book, I thought I must have looked back on Ms Tey s books with rose colored glasses I had read them in the mid 1990s and hadn t re read them since I realized that s 20 years This book showed me that it wasn t my imagination, her books are really good As I said it s been 20 years since I read her books so although the storyline was familiar, I kept flip flopping on who done it, which is good I like to [...]

    23. Free download at Project Gutenberg AustraliaExcellent plot keeping the reader s attention until the end Moreover, I am a big fan of JT since I ve read The Daughter of Time.5 The Daughter of Time4 The Franchise Affair3 The Singing Sands4 Brat FarrarTBR To Love and Be WiseTBR The Man in the QueueTBR Miss Pym Disposes

    24. Well, this one kept me guessing until the end Josephine Tey is so good at what she does I wish she had written twenty books Christine Clay, a popular actress, was well liked by everyone Her fame was not so significant to her that she forgot to be kind, even to strangers It is not going to be easy for Inspector Alan Grant to find a motive or the person behind her untimely death.I had really pinned this one on her brother, who is wanted in several countries for fraud and other crimes, but then I c [...]

    25. Published in the mid 1930s, the expressions, culture and behaviours are so British There is always time for tea A good serving of canned tongue was a favourite on the menu Young women were starting to flex their muscles But tradition reigns and being a man of nobility or even from Scotland Yard meant instant respect and special treatment.In this novel, there were many similarities with the first Alan Grant novel Examples being a special piece of clothing in this case a coat rather than a tie , t [...]

    26. This is a wonderful book by an extremely talented mystery writer Josephine Tey is right up there with Agatha Christie In fact, this book is even exciting and readable than Christie s books There were so many twists and turns and the characters were fascinating 3 dimensional people I was as surprised as Grant was with who killed Christine If you like classy British mysteries written by a true master of her art, read this book Alfred Hitchcock was equally impressed his YOUNG AND INNOCENT was base [...]

    27. A very effective and engrossing mystery Tey is a superb writer with a very sharp style and her voice is unlike any other I enjoyed this very much and while I guessed the identity of the murderer way before the end, she does possess that rare gift of storytelling that ll have you read a story for the world built rather than for its conclusion Delightful mixture of eccentric characters and thoroughly competent character study I like her, a lot.

    28. I really am trying to think of some saving grace for this book but just cannot It is really the first mystery I have not enjoyed even though I did not have the murderer figured out way ahead It is not because it is British either as I rather like British stories It is slow reading and just plain boring and I definitely would not have finished it if it wasn t a book club book.

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