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Five Little Peppers and How They Grew By Margaret Sidney,

  • Title: Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
  • Author: Margaret Sidney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To help mother that was the goal of each and every one of the five Pepper children Yet even as Mamsie struggles hard to feed and educate her brood, she still manages to fill the house with joy The adventures of this poor but loving family Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie and the adored youngest, Phronsie have charmed young readers for than a century Overflowing wit To help mother that was the goal of each and every one of the five Pepper children Yet even as Mamsie struggles hard to feed and educate her brood, she still manages to fill the house with joy The adventures of this poor but loving family Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie and the adored youngest, Phronsie have charmed young readers for than a century Overflowing with warmth, suspense and many delightful surprises, this classic remains as compelling as ever.
    Five Little Peppers and How They Grew To help mother that was the goal of each and every one of the five Pepper children Yet even as Mamsie struggles hard to feed and educate her brood she still manages to fill the house with joy The adv

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    1. The first of a series, Margaret Sidney s Five Little Peppers and How They Grew first published in 1881 tells the story of the Pepper family five siblings and their widowed mother , their joys, their struggles, their love for one another Rather episodic in nature, and definitely of its time there are elements of religious preachiness, strict gender roles and definite social stratification present , the chapters, while generally readable and at least mildly enjoyable, are also at times rather majo [...]

    2. Let s just say that I loved this book so much that I own three copies of it An old one that matches the rest of the Five Little Peppers series, a 50 s era one with color illustrations, and this pocket edition Of course, small books have their own charm, but when I found this edition I really didn t have to try hard to find an excuse to buy it also.

    3. I remembered this very fondly, but on re read I discovered that the second part was entirely blocked out of my memory No recollection of reading it at all Perhaps I had to return the book to the library before finishing A dog or younger sibling chewed the last half into shreds The start, with the Peppers in their Little Brown House and doing their best to make ends meet, is excellent This is the part I recalled But then prosperity strikes, and the two girls of the family are surrounded by kindly [...]

    4. I have an old antique well, just really, really used edition of this book that my grandmother handed down to me when I was a kid which I suspect added to the feeling that it took me back in time I loved it If you liked Alcott s An Old Fashioned Girl, you will like this If you think those old novels for children about families overcoming hardship and learning to appreciate one another despite lack of material goods, etc etc are painfully cheesy you will not like this.

    5. When I was little I was known as the kid who read People in our town would give me books just because I was the kid who read I ve read since I was three This was one such book a neighbor woman gave the book to me I never liked it very much because it s like a honey, chocolate, and jam sandwich Hooo boy

    6. This book took me forever to finish and I finished it in starts and fits I was supposed to read this a few months ago for Dead Writers Society genre challenge and never got back to it in time So I don t count this book towards the genre challenge since I didn t finish it in the month I was supposed to, but dang I want something for finishing this Five Little Peppers is about Mrs Pepper and her five children, Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie, and Phronsie The family is not doing very well since Mr Pepper [...]

    7. The Five Little Peppers are Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie, and Phronsie Their father died when Phronsie was a baby and Mrs Pepper struggles to earn enough money to support the family Despite their poverty, they are a loving family, full of spirit and adventure Ben and Polly do what they can to support the family, but a bout with measles threatens the well being of the entire Pepper clan, especially Joel and Polly The family has other adventures and befriend Jasper King during one of them This friendsh [...]

    8. This is a real classic The story of the Little Peppers was one of the first books I read as a child and made such an imprint on me The story became alive at that age I wish there were stories like that written today.

    9. This was my all time favorite book when I was a child I must of read it four or five times I just wanted to be part of the Pepper family.

    10. This was my favorite book as a kid I found it in one of my old boxes the other day and realized that I haven t thought about it for years It was amazing I think haha.

    11. I ve loved this sweet story since childhood The children are very real, mostly, and the adults supportive and thoughtful.

    12. There being no library in the nearest town, my early reading during summers with Mother and my paternal grandmother in the latter s cottage near Lake Michigan was severely limited by what was on hand, mostly books belonging to Nanny , my grandmother Fortunately, she was quite a reader.Mikey Spillance novels not being of much interest yet, I picked up her old copy of the first Little Peppers novel because it was clearly a children s book Indeed, the edition had been published when she was just ab [...]

    13. Another wonderful story from my childhood that has remained in my memory all these years I also shared this one with Makayla It is the story of hardship, love, perserverence after the 5 Little Peppers lose their father In late 1800 America it was very hard on their mother to keep this close knit family together but she managed to.

    14. The five little Peppers are the sweetest, most responsible and helpful children in the world who are always happy even though they are very poor The perfection of the Pepper children gets a little corny, but the stories about them are cute and fun to read, and there is a surprising plot twist at the end

    15. I remember reading this book with my mother and it was her copy So I think that is why I gave it four stars it brings good memories of growing up.I no longer know what the story was about but I think they were very poor.

    16. Good book for kids Seeing the happiness from a family living in poverty Teaches us to have a good attitude regardless of our circumstancesb 2 10 16

    17. I read this whole series and really enjoyed it I still have 5 or 6 of the books I had when I was a kid I haven t perused them lately, but I m not convinced they d hold up for today s young readers.

    18. A sweet tale of a poor family who worked together and sacrificed for each other I enjoyed this book when I read it as a child The first and second books were the best in the series.

    19. My oldest enjoyed this book We started reading this aloud and it fell by the wayside, but she picked it up and finished it out

    20. This is definitely an older book and it shows With little details like the gas lighter was coming around because dusk had just started, are one of the reasons why I keep reading this book.

    21. I read this because the Gilbreth children in Cheaper by the Dozen liked it, but I was disappointed It seems like a lot of the plot and characters are ripped off from Louisa May Alcott s books Little Women and An Old Fashioned Girl, down to the oldest girl being named Polly I checked, and both of these were published before the Five Little Peppers Margaret Sidney even lived in the same area as Louisa May Alcott Concord Or maybe it s just that all of these books use common themes of 19th century l [...]

    22. My mom has raved about this book for years and couldn t believe that I hadn t read it So when I saw it on CD at the library I decided to get it over with The kids the 8 to 14 crowd and I actually enjoyed it but at the same time we kind of make fun of it by quoting the children in the sickly sweet voices that the reader uses Polly, please tell us a story Oh, do, Polly, do or I must make a gingerbread boy for my poor sick man It has been compared to the Anne of Green Gables books but the action is [...]

    23. I didn t think that I would like this book I just read it because I needed to read something that was in my level for school and this was the first book I could find It was really kind of cute though I was surprised The name sounds dumb but it s actually a fun play on words because although it suggests it, this book has nothing whatsoever to do with vegetables It s actually about five little kids and their last name is Pepper It was cute and I enjoyed it.

    24. This book is so sweet I don t know how many times I ve read it, but it never gets old Every time I read it, it makes me laugh so hard I cry, but it s also very touching What a happy world it would be if we all treated misfortune the way this family did Not complaining or seeking pity, but always working hard to overcome our troubles and remembering what really matters.

    25. This was one of my favorite books as I was growing up, and I have no idea how many times I read it It was one of the first books that, as a child, gave me a little understanding of what hard times might actually look like I couldn t imagine needing to save sewing thread to be re used

    26. First in another great orphan series Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie, and Phronsie actually have a mother, who is bravely bringing them up on virtually nothing If only their deceased father s family hadn t turned their backs on the young Pepper family

    27. My grandmother gave me a copy of this when I was a girl, and it wasn t a complete edition When I read the complete book to my children, I wondered why all children s literature isn t this sweet We love it

    28. After finishing Cheaper By The Dozen I decided to read this since it is mentioned in the above book Just as I was convinced that it was a very tiresome story I couldn t put it down It went from being very victimist could that be a word to fun Now I just have to buy the other 12 or so books

    29. Read this aloud over many months to my granddaughter It was a childhood favorite of mine and still holds charm Definitely rather wordy Styles have changed

    30. So many wonderful messages about happiness and contentment and love all of them independent of material wealth Great family read aloud.

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