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The Merry-Go-Round By Donna Fasano,

  • Title: The Merry-Go-Round
  • Author: Donna Fasano
  • ISBN: 9781452402
  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook
  • When 38 year old attorney Lauren Flynn shows up in court, it s usually to defend a client, but now she s ending her marriage to a man whose mistakes have cost her far too much her nest egg paying someone else s debts is grating , her freedom her web surfing, hypochondriac father is moving back in with her and her heart which was broken by deception and lies Little dWhen 38 year old attorney Lauren Flynn shows up in court, it s usually to defend a client, but now she s ending her marriage to a man whose mistakes have cost her far too much her nest egg paying someone else s debts is grating , her freedom her web surfing, hypochondriac father is moving back in with her and her heart which was broken by deception and lies Little does she know that she ll be awarded a small piece of swampland and a dilapidated merry go round Although she s momentarily delighted by the circus animals, Lauren is far too sensible to get entangled by enchantment She quickly learns that the carousel animals are worth a mint, so she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work Maybe while refurbishing the circus menagerie she can restore some semblance of normalcy to her existence Or will the merry go round cause her to make a mistake or two of her own and teach her lessons she didn t even know she needed to learn before bringing her right back around to where she started One thing is certain Lauren discovers that, when she s willing to open her heart to love and forgiveness, life never fails to offer a wild ride.
    The Merry Go Round When year old attorney Lauren Flynn shows up in court it s usually to defend a client but now she s ending her marriage to a man whose mistakes have cost her far too much her nest egg paying some

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    1. Merry Go Round Opposites Do Attract but do They Stay Together Rating 4 of 5Author Donna FasanoFormat KindleA year after being financially ruined by her husband Greg, Lauren Flynn goes to court to fight for a divorce he will not give her The court not only grants her request, but to make up for her financial losses she is also awarded Greg s only asset, a worthless plot of land complete with a rundown barn Unfortunately, Lauren s expectations of moving forward with her life are quickly dashed whe [...]

    2. A Touching Romantic TaleThe end of her marriage her divorce signals the beginning of a period of upheaval, both physical and emotional, for Lauren Flynn, a hard working lawyer A change in her financial circumstances puts an end to her solitary year old post separation living arrangements Her dad moves in with her her dad, who is still close to her now ex husband, bringing him back into her life Donna Fasano takes us on a captivating emotional ride as Lauren tries to move on with her life she has [...]

    3. Lauren s divorce sparks off than she bargains for All she wants is her husband, Greg s, signature on the divorce papers, and when the judge grants her wish, along with an old barn, she discovers a clapped out merry go round that is pushing her and Greg back together.Lauren is feisty and thinks she knows what she wants from life, but it takes the divorce and the merry go round to make her really think about her life The Merry Go Round was a really sweet romance that was well written, pulling me [...]

    4. This charming romantic comedy has been written by an award winning romance author and it shows The story telling is excellent, the dialogue natural, and the characters are well rounded and engaging The light, witty writing style is the kind that takes years to perfect.I could see where this story was likely to go but not quite how we would get there I loved the humour in it both the exchanges between the main character, Lauren, and her friend and assistant Norma Jean, and the funny set pieces as [...]

    5. Imagine a generic storyline about a marriage gone astray Then flip the male and female roles What you ll have is a high level outline of The Merry Go Round Lauren, the protagonist, is a career oriented lawyer in the midst of a divorce from husband Greg While Lauren is trying to save her finances, Greg, the romantic, is trying to save their marriage While Lauren is pulling out all the stops and looking out only for herself, Greg is trying to do what he thinks is right A supporting cast that inclu [...]

    6. Considered not finishing this one, but there was just enough plot to pull me through On the whole, the writing was unimpressive, the characters one dimensional, the story predictable, and the herione mostly annoying Not my cup of tea.

    7. AudioBook Review This was a sweet, engaging and at times, laugh out loud funny tale told through Lauren s point of view, with the occasional interjection of sense and nonsense from the other characters A plausible romance, with a love relationship not torn asunder by fear of vampires or pack responsibilities no, these were real people, with honest issues that many will find applicable to their own lives There s nothing wrong at all with escape romance, but the profusion of supernatural and paran [...]

    8. It s been awhile since I read a Romance Novel so it was fun to sit down to Donna Fasano s The Merry Go Round Her heroine is a modern woman, a lawyer, who it totally relateable even down to the way society has taught our generation of women to think I chuckled at the flashback that Lauren has of her college years sitting around a pool with her friends, with Lauren being the only one ogling the carpenter working on the house while they sunbathe Lauren s friends are dreaming of men in three piece s [...]

    9. I d like to preface my review by saying that I really don t like the romance genre much I did enjoy The Merry Go Round because it s not a sappy bodice ripper Far, far from your average low budget romance novels formulaic plots This is like a women s fiction meets romance The book opens in a court of law, where the protaganist is suing her husband for a divorce She s angry and feels betrayed over financial setbacks for which she blames him, but you catch on quickly that things aren t as simple a [...]

    10. This book opens in a very unconventional way I read some of this of this genre chicklit and it can be kind of overly formulaic, but I was surprised and intrigued from the get go, I didn t yawn once laughing The book held my attention throughout, but it is a bit predictable I guess that s the downfall of this genre, it rarely surprises me HOWEVER, I did like the way it unfolded The story moved along quickly and interestingly The merry go round was a nice backdrop side story that I thought was pre [...]

    11. I want to call this a cute story but I have to admit to actually crying in the first chapter alone Somehow weeping doesn t fit with cuteBut I was immediately drawn into a light hearted telling of a very serious disconnection of two people in my opinion It was lovely to see reconciliation at the heart of many characters, and people stepping outside themselves just long enough to catch a glimpse of a bigger, brighter, beautiful picture

    12. Lauren Flynn an attorney is waiting for her divorce to be final since her husband Greg lost his business and most of their money Now her hypochondriac father is living with her because he had to give up his apartment that she was paying for Lauren is very critical of Greg and is always downing him even after the divorce becomes final The story goes on involving her father, clients, Normal Jean her receptionist and Greg

    13. Such a sweet read I really like the way Lauren comes to realize what she needs wants and the way she goes about getting it I want of this story This is my first Donna Fasano book but it won t be my last.

    14. The Merry Go Round by Donna Fasano was originally published in 2009 This is a Hard Knocks Publication, now available in digital format.After a long separation, Lauren finally gets her ex, Greg, to sign the divorce papers In the divorce settlement, Lauren is deeded a piece of property she was not aware Greg even had.The other big changes in Lauren s life is that her father is moving in with her The two of them argue a lot Her father is always suffering from some phantom ailment and Lauren is alwa [...]

    15. ripeforreader 2013Lauren has waited a year to try and get her husband to sign the divorce papers She was so angry a year ago when she kicked him out of the house and she still carried around the anger As an attorney, she had things planned and organized or so she thought, but Greg had always been irresponsible about finances and sank their ship She needed to make a clean break and start over so she could take care of her father and herself She has had to move her father into her house, because s [...]

    16. Independent lawyer Lauren Flynn is finally getting what she wants a divorce from her husband, Greg When he lost his hardware store, and all her retirement savings, Laura had had enough A year later and she s getting her divorce and a piece of land she didn t know about, which comes with a Merry Go Round on it Restoring the Merry Go Round becomes her project, and brings her and Greg together But she s interested in moving on with her teenaged client s sexy father, Scott Will she choice to start o [...]

    17. The merry go round was traveling in reverse The horses, tigers, bears, zebras were all circling tail end first as if competing in some bizarre, backward race The Merry Go RoundThirty eight year old lawyer Lauren Flynn harbours a lot of resentment toward her soon to be ex husband, Greg All she wants from him is his signature on the divorce papers Or at least that s what she tells herself.While I didn t feel that this was a comedy, it was one of the best romances I ve read in a long time Engaging [...]

    18. It s been years since I read a romance book, but I don t think I could have chosen a better one for a wonderfully entertaining evening Once started, I found I couldn t stop I found myself laughing and my eyes misting I emphatized with the main character, Lauren, as she dealt with the day to day pressures of her job, a cantankerous old man of a father, and attempted to get back into the dating game, all the while fighting an overwhelming attraction for the man she just divorced.By the time I fini [...]

    19. What a perfect title for this book Lauren is the merry go round She, maybe, was a nice person once upon a time but turned into such an arrogant bitter woman I hated her I wondered if there were any redeeming qualities that Greg could love any She was in such a sad state, and was completely unaware Greg had so much integrity, he deserved better Honestly not many men would have stuck around, and they could have justifiably walked away.I wouldn t mind reading a follow up to this story, was Lauren w [...]

    20. Lauren Flynn is a lawyer who is trying to settle her own divorce after deciding she was done with her ex Greg after he lost nearly 60,000 of Lauren s This forces Lauren s dad into living with her after she can t fund his place and hers Greg loves Lauren and wants to make things right with her The judge awards Lauren a piece of land she wasn t aware Greg had and on it is a merry go round.As Lauren likens her life to the merry go round and begins to enter the dating scene she must discover what wi [...]

    21. The Merry Go Round by Donna FasanoThis story had a complexity that had the reader turning the page wondering what was next At first, it appeared to be the typical divorced woman plot but the interaction with the other characters brought unique twists While I honestly did not like that the husband was a weak character It does take all types in the world and not every book needs to show positive traits in the main character It just doesn t happen often and does add to the uniqueness of the book Fr [...]

    22. This was absolutely my favorite romance novel to read within the past year It was so well written and so emotional I was completely invested in it from beginning to end.It was definitely unconventional the protagonist divorces the man we like in the very beginning What follows is an inner journey of sorts as Lauren figures out who she is and what she wants out of life By the end, I was absolutely in love with all the awesome characters, and I teared up when Lauren got her happily ever after.This [...]

    23. Would make a good Lifetime movieIn the end, the author picked up the pace with wit, which is exactly what drew me to the book in the beginning I like dialog, especially when I know that the author is intelligent And she s very quick with words That s why when she s explaining how the characters felt, it made me feel as if I had gone back a couple of grades in schoolI like to figure out how the characters in a book feel and what makes them tick, by myself I like the authorI just like to draw my [...]

    24. I am just a sentimental sap when it comes to these light fluffy cotton candy stories, which is what this story was It didn t have much depth melting as soon at it hit my eyes The story was quite predictable, but it had a few fun moments, especially when they were able to get the merry go round working It reminded me of my younger days when riding the merry go round The last time I rode a merry go round was in December 2012, at the Mall with my daughter and granddaughter, we laughed the whole rid [...]

    25. The Merry Go Round was a quick and easily read novella The romance and its conclusion were predictable, but that s why I read romances for the happily ever after I was not disappointed The book dealt well with family and relationship issues There was humor in the book, but not enough that I would call it a romantic comedy, it was a light romance Just the thing for a lazy summer afternoon.I would be interested in reading from Donna Fasano I received my copy from NetGalley in exchange for an hon [...]

    26. Donna Fasano always brings me to that place where romance is filled with love, laughter and real life emotions The Merry Go Round took me there Lauren, a rigid uptight right to the letter type personality Greg the ex husband , a carpenter,a helper and giver of everything he can Can they find their way back to each other or are there to many obstacles in front of them Add in her quirky secretary Norma Jean, some unusual client s, Lauren s Dad and a client s Dad you soon won t forget makes for a f [...]

    27. Fun read Shows how independent women can sometimes create problems that lead to troubled relationships In this book the female lead has just received her divorce and thinks her troubles are over After her ex husband goes through all their married assets she has to take out her retirement money to keep her head above water With little money left she has to move her father whose best friend is her ex into live with her Not unexpectedly, as the book continues, she finds out that she may be a big pa [...]

    28. loved this book, a romance through and through with a touch of humour adding to the enjoyment pot Lauren is a girl who think she knows her own mind but soon realises she doesn t She s too wrapped up in her career to see that those around her need her attention.Great characterisation throughout, loved the romance behind the merry go round element too.Highly recommended from an author who makes the reader care about the characters.

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