[MOBI] ☆ The Best Pet Ever | By ☆ Victoria Roberts Deborah Allwright

The Best Pet Ever By Victoria Roberts Deborah Allwright,

  • Title: The Best Pet Ever
  • Author: Victoria Roberts Deborah Allwright
  • ISBN: 9781589250895
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A little girl really wants a pet and with some creative thinking and a very active imagination she finds all types of objects that can become the best pet ever A rock, a glove, a candy wrapper and even a balloon all serve as substitutes Until, one day, she carefully opens a box to find a real kitten and he is the best pet in the WORLD
    The Best Pet Ever A little girl really wants a pet and with some creative thinking and a very active imagination she finds all types of objects that can become the best pet ever A rock a glove a candy wrapper and eve

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    1. A little girl wants a pet very badly Her mother doesn t feel that she is ready With a big imagination she creates pets out of various things she finds lying around in her world Her first pet is a rock she named fluffy, then there was a red glove and a candy wrapper and a balloon named Bruce Funny things happen with these pets which is why she has so many.This is a really funny, witty and cute story for kids The illustrator really brings out the imagination of this wonderful little girl I highly [...]

    2. When the little girl in the story asks her mom for a pet, her mom s reply is we ll see So instead, by using her imagination, this carefree girl finds various objects that she can turn into the best pet This cute story is full of imagination and using creativity to come up with something out of the simplest thing The wonderfully done illustrations will make you smile and laugh Especially when the girl gives names to her object pets and describe the things they will do The book brought me back to [...]

    3. The Best Pet Ever is such a sweet story about a girl who really wishes she had a pet She keeps asking her mother about buying a pet, but the mother is hesitant So, the little girl resorts to balloons, rocks, gloves, and even a candy wrapper to fulfill her desire of owning a pet.This little story is very cute and definitely reminded me of how I was when I was young I love the illustrations and the message it portrays about patience and not settling for something less.I really would love to have t [...]

    4. This is a cute little book with fun, bright illustrations The story is pretty familiar little kid wants a pet, parent gives the vague We ll see answer over and over The girl here persists in her desire for a pet, and finds her own substitutes, like a candy wrapper and a glove She tries to take care of them and she does enjoy them as long as she can And of course, the happy ending, she finally gets a living animal.

    5. When Mom says We ll see about getting pets, the little girl makes pets of the things she sees Her ideas and attempts to play with her many pets are clever and jovial She really tries with all of her pets, but what to do when your best pet pops I like her spunk and that she takes responsibility for her own happiness.

    6. A great book about a little girl who desperately wants a pet of her own She pretends that a winter glove, a rock, a gum wrapper, and a balloon are all her pets, until they break or she gets bored.I would use this in my classroom to show the importance of imagination, and that patience can pay off in the end.

    7. This is a cute book with fun illustrations that many children can identify with as they plead for a pet and do their best to care for the things around them Unfortunately, those things never quite respond the way the child would like This is a sweet story that both young and older children will enjoy.

    8. My 4 year old really liked this book He thought it was funny that a little girl wanted a pet so she used her imagination to find thing to be her pet like a rock, a glove, a candy wrapper, and finally a balloon Each pet lasts a day or two but when the balloon popped, she said that was her best pet ever Thankfully, there was a box waiting and inside was a kitten.

    9. A little girl hungers to have her own pet As a result, she creates pets out of inanimate objects like a rocka glovea candy wrapperd a balloon This story will thrill preschool audiences as a storytime readaloud with repeating inquiries by the child to her mother, fun illustrations and a delightful ending.

    10. The little girl in this story wants a pet She keeps asking her mom for one, but she always says we ll see The little girl makes pets out of rocks, a mitten, a shiny candy wrapper and a balloon All of these fall short of the real thing This little girl has a great imagination and in the end proves she is ready for a real pet.

    11. This is a cute story about a girl who really wants a pet and keeps pretending different objects are pets It was a good read for my preschool pet themed story time At the end the kids said, I liked the fishy the best And they had fun predicting what was going to happen to the balloon I like reading books about imagination in story time, so was glad this one went over well.

    12. This was a random grab from the library and it is so cute It stresses the fun of imagination and shows that just about anything can be a pet The repetition is great for toddlers and it is just a super fun book.

    13. This book held some laughter for me Cute idea Creative child Nice resolution Though I do wonder if it was fully resolved if one takes the book in the way I m sure it s not meant to be taken i.e lack of responsibility.

    14. You can never have enough books about choosing pets, but this little girl tries a rock, a bowl, a candy wrapper with the expected consequences worst was Bruce the balloon The end seems a little pat, but I m anxious to see if kids like it.

    15. living and non living thingssuper cute have you ever had a pet rock candy wrapper balloon kitten puppy What are some pets you have had What are some characteristics of living things non living things

    16. This was a cite book about a girl who wants a per The storyfollows her through many options until the end This would be a good book to reinforce adjectives the authoriseslots of descriptive language.

    17. Great story This book shows how a kid uses imagination and their creativity to create their own pet After her mom tells her she cannot get a pet, she decides to get her own pet She has a wrapper pet, rock pet, and etc This book has wonderful illustrations.

    18. This book is predictable, but still a great story My favorite of the pets was the rock tied to a string and drug behind the little girl.

    19. This is a great book to use for living and nonliving things for science I completely enjoyed it It is easy to read and very sweet It can also be used when talking about having a class pet.

    20. This is a cute book that allows kids to see the different pets that you can pretend to have Very good dialogue and such a great books for beginners.

    21. I loved this picture book I loved all her different pets and her names for them It is spectacular One of the cutest pet books I have seen in a while.

    22. Can use for pet themed PreK lesson although I m a little nervous that Timothy the cat might find himself under a pile of rocks or drowned.

    23. Anyone who has ever begged their parents for a pet will be able to identify with this book The protagonist has a vivid imagination and kids will delight in all of the different pets she has.

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