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Horse of a Different Color: Reminiscences of a Kansas Drover By Ralph Moody,

  • Title: Horse of a Different Color: Reminiscences of a Kansas Drover
  • Author: Ralph Moody
  • ISBN: 9780803282179
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Horse of a Different Color ends the roving days of young Ralph Moody His saga began on a Colorado ranch in Little Britches and continued at points east and west in Man of the Family, The Fields of Home, The Home Ranch, Mary Emma Company, Shaking the Nickel Bush, and The Dry Divide All have been reprinted as Bison Books.
    Horse of a Different Color Reminiscences of a Kansas Drover Horse of a Different Color ends the roving days of young Ralph Moody His saga began on a Colorado ranch in Little Britches and continued at points east and west in Man of the Family The Fields of Hom

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    1. Possibly the most inspiring book in the series Ralph is one incredible man of virtue and value His entrepreneurial mind is impressive and coupled with his strong core values, he is a man who is a blessing not only to himself and his family but all those who are his neighbors as well.

    2. I highly recommend all 8 of the Ralph Moody Little Britches books There are some that I enjoyed than others, but that is only the difference between 4 and 5 stars in this case Moody teaches us the value of hard work and honest dealing These principles are contrasted very well by showing the consequences of laziness and cheating And he tells a ripping good story in the process We also get insights into the strong bonds of family, friendship and the love between a man and a woman And even the bon [...]

    3. Ralph Moody was a pretty amazing man He showed that everything can be turned around, improved and made to prosper by thinking out of the box and hard work Anyone lucky enough to know and work with him benefited This book, like the last one, was probably a little boring to the boys because all the details, but I made sure to talk about the principles Highly highly recommend this whole series I would love to know how his family turned out, about his kids etc He died in the 80 s.

    4. I first started reading the little britches series as a child My father would tuck us into bed and then read aloud from the first few books in the series It wasn t until I was an adult that I discovered that there were a few Ralph Moody books I hadn t read, Horse of A Different Color chief among them I can t recommend this book highly enough

    5. This was one of my favorites of the series This guy lived a thousand lifetimes in 22 short years Love these stories will read them again and again.

    6. Reader thoughts So, Ralph Moody is just a really cool guy I wish I could have met him The big things I didn t like about this book were that 1, it s the last in the series 2, he gets married at the end.So funny, and heartbreaking My favorites are still the ones about when he s 8 to 14 best, the first 4 or so He makes mistakes in those, which makes it interesting.In this book, my favorite scene, which was only a paragraph or so, is the one with the sheep.Ralph said the most he made in one trip [...]

    7. By the end of this book I was thoroughly amazed at how much a 23 year old had accomplished, how many trials he d come out the other side of, and how much he d grown since the start of the Little Britches series As always, I like to note what lessons I learned from the books I read so from this book I learned about how very, very useful it can be to have friends you trust who know about whatever business you re going into I learned that bankruptcy is far from the end of the world, and it can be a [...]

    8. We love Love LOVE this book series Horse of a Different Color is the last of 8 books all beloved by our family Beautifully written, laugh and cry worthy, these books are such a delight to savor Ralph Moody wrote the Little Britches series as an autobiographical sketch of his childhood and young adulthood This final book ends on his 23rd birthday, after MANY great adventures that might make a mother cringe, lots of humor and heartbreak, crazy hard times and loads of wild fun I have to say, these [...]

    9. I m really not sure why exactly I ve loved these books so much I have loved reading about his adventures, his work ethic, how he always seems to come out on top, how nothing seems to get him down, how he never blames anyone for what life deals him, how he always has a plan to make things right I love that it s true His story just seems like too much, too crazy, too unbelievable And at the end of this book, he s only 23 I wonder what he did with the rest of his life.The books aren t necessarily p [...]

    10. The finale Truly an uplifting, inspiring series of books Ralph is a good guy and he certainly is dealt some tough hands, but he has a gifted way of seeing the potential, the positive and the possibilities within each of those less than ideal situations And then he moves forward, not allowing self doubt to stop him from making the very best of every circumstance he finds himself in He seems to clearly understand the principle of being an agent to act and not to be acted upon.

    11. This was a fantastic series In this book, Ralph Moody gets to start from scratch, and he builds on his solid work ethic and experience to get his feet under him once He meets plenty of interesting people and has a turn of events that creates a bright future for himself.

    12. I read the whole series, enjoyed them all, except for the fact that Ralph seems to be willing to be used by lazy people I was really disappointed with his choice of a wife, who told him where they would live, instead of letting him choose where he could earn their living, being that he would be the breadwinner She even refused to wear an engagement ring at her graduationter he saved for a whole year to buy the ring I think his loneliness clouded his judgment, since he was such a good man, loved [...]

    13. My overall feeling finishing this series is that I m so sad it s over That s in spite of the fact that I hate to say it but the last two books were pretty boring He goes into deep detail about livestock training, butchering, hauling, etc but there s not a lot of plot otherwise You do see his character shining through as always, as he maintains his integrity despite some very unfair hard knocks and looks out for others when no one would expect him to The most unsatisfying thing about the series i [...]

    14. It was the best book I ve ever read It was kind of hard to read at some points, but all together, the story was great I would totally recommend this book to any one, and the entire series as well.

    15. A great ending to this series I would recommend it and all of the series to any family What great values it portrays I would have given it five stars, but sometimes his successes were a little over the top for me As in the others, hard work and persistence are major themes of this book, but this one added an element of the importance of having a mentor and being humble enough to listen.P 226 When making excuses, Ralph a.k.a Bud starts out .but and Effie replies, Buttin s for billy goats p 260 Dr [...]

    16. This is another of Moody s biographical works accounting of his early twenties I just loved it He s such a scrapper, but you can see his father s steadiness in him too I am really excited to read the rest of the series in between this one and Little Britches and see how he got to this point I just could not get over how hard he, especially, and all the other farm folk work every single day They did work in a day than I do in a week, easily And that s just the way it was I wonder if that is how [...]

    17. Haha This wasn t quite my favorite book of all books, but as far as I remember, I may have smiled for the pure fun of it when I read this one than any of the others I think maybe I didn t know the whole back story since I haven t read the book right before this one yet, but I will I basically just loved how he and his wife got together and his sendoff from the townspeople to go get married And he was only 22 I was 22 when I read it, last summer, and I just felt like I m really the same kind of [...]

    18. It s been a long time since I ve read this book, but it was brought to my attention recently because of the history of diabetes and the discovery of insulin and the different methods of treatment for diabetes Ralph Moody was diagnosed with diabetes and he tells about how he manages it along with his experiences with the buying and selling of stock.I had no idea that this book was part of a series so now I m thrilled to be able to look for the other books in the series and read the rest of his ad [...]

    19. This is the eighth book in a series often considered the boy s equivalent of the Little House on the Prairie series A beautifully presented edition of the account of a boy growing up, with real life hardships and challenges, a very personal account of family and people making it through despite tough circumstances, yet always with the bracing expectation that boys were expected to act like men in the face of adversity.

    20. This one started out a little slow for me, but I was glad I saw it to the end While it wasn t my favorite, it was certainly still worth reading My biggest complaint is that the books aren t seamless I feel like there are characters that popped up here that we ve never heard of but should have On the flip side, what the heck happened to Judy from the last book

    21. Sad to see the series endWow What a ride Emotional ups and downs in this wonderful book Loved every minute of this sweet autobiographical series Moody is excellent at spinning a yarn and the characters that make up the cast of his adventurous life are colorful and delightful.

    22. The goodness of this man is amazing He is selfless and finds a way to provide for himself and give others opportunities for work or to better their situations He is a powerful figure in his town for his tender age and survives the collapse of the livestock market The setting of this book is pre Dust Bowl, pre Depression It is an interesting read with our economy as it is now.

    23. The final chapter in Moody s series of memoirs, this one takes place when he s in his early twenties Interesting that he never wrote about anything later in his life and kind of sad, too He s just as competent in this one as the earlier ones, teaching himself several new trades including butchering There are some interesting characters here, and some fun stories Worth a listen.

    24. A worthy ending to a fantastic series They start to get a little slower toward the end, but what a hard working, wonderful example he sets Much to learn from and be inspired by The entire series is much recommended.

    25. I really really loved these books This was the last one and I am very sad that the journey is done I loved the wholesome hardworking perseverance of Ralph Moody in the early 1900s Reading about his life and character has been inspiring.

    26. Such a good picture of what life was like in the early 1900 s A great read It puts my little boys right to sleep They still ask me to read the next day, though We had a celebration after we finished the series with biscuits and cowboy hats So fun

    27. I would have given it a four star but too many unanswered questions Like, where is Paco, his Grandpa, and his Uncle Why was Edna never mentioned until he was about to marry her Those are just a few examples of things he never tied up.

    28. The last book in this wonderful series The author has such a great attitude and so much energy to life Hard working, smart, honest, and kind make him such a likable and person This series are books that make you a better person having read them.

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