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Cinders to Satin By Fern Michaels,

  • Title: Cinders to Satin
  • Author: Fern Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780345339522
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the bestselling historical romance writer Fern Michaels, author of TEXAS RICH and TEXAS HEAT, comes this exciting saga of Callie James, a brave immigrant girl from squalid Dublin, who battles her way through the hard world of late nineteenth century New York on a passion filled, bittersweet journey to make her dreams of passion and success come true.
    Cinders to Satin From the bestselling historical romance writer Fern Michaels author of TEXAS RICH and TEXAS HEAT comes this exciting saga of Callie James a brave immigrant girl from squalid Dublin who battles her

    One thought on “Cinders to Satin”

    1. I found myself experiencing all emotions I had to look around laughing in the house alone This is a great book All I can say about this book is that I wish I could give it 10 stars

    2. I guess I would give this melodramatic potboiler of a historical romance one star One because, it was actually pretty well written with some interesting historical detail, first of Ireland during the potato famine and then as the much too perfectly strong, proud and defiant against the evils of the world, heroine emigrates to Americame detail of how the immigrants fared during passage and may have been treated once on our shores That is the only good about this unending tale of woe It is so long [...]

    3. The book starts out strong, but is too long and is resolved too quickly at the end And could it be depressing

    4. Right from the start this book had me engrossed Found it hard to put down to do other things First the details regarding the poverty of Ireland and their survival and then the trip across to New York and the devastating arrival back to poverty again but across the ocean to a better life and the everlasting hopes for something better Then comes the knight in shining armor and the fear of a life far from poverty and how she handled it This was engrossing all the way I was sad when it ended Highly [...]

    5. Finders to SatinThis is my first Fern Michales book Oh my my my can this lady write a story The depth in her story makes you want to read till the end And the characters one minute your smiling, then crying, and laughing at Byrch, Callie, and Edward the butler or houseman to Byrch Wonderfully written I ll be reading of Fern Michaels.

    6. This was a very entertaining read Set at very different time period, lots of tragedy, love and laughs included.

    7. Good readGreat book Expect nothing less from Fern Michael s great stories I have read about half of her books and enjoyed each one Will continue to Read her books

    8. What a lovely bookI could not put this book down It was so exciting and a fast read Recommended to lovers of fern Michaels romances.

    9. Cinders to SatinWow, what a great story Only you can make a story so real exciting that you can t put the book down Your characters so real that that you feel you are right there I appreciate every book that I have read You are special.

    10. One of Fern Michael s BestCinders to Satin is one of Fern Michael s best novels It keeps you turn the pages to see what is going to happen next I loved the lead character Callie, an Irish girl whose life could have been one of the many Irish immigrants who came to America looking for roads paved in gold It s a good read that follows her life From Cinders to Satin but without being sappy or over dramatic, Ms Michaels tells a good story in a style as only she can write I recommend it to all who en [...]

    11. This book was stunning Callie James starts out as a brave sixteen year old girl helping her mom, Peggy, take care of her siblings It takes place in Ireland during the Great Famine in the 1800 s Callie is determined to keep her family fed and alive no matter what the cost, but when Peggy sends her to New York, her world gets turned upsidedown As an innocent teenager she goes to work for the Powers family and falls in love with their son, Rossiter She finds herself pregnant and Rossiter leaves her [...]

    12. This is a pretty depressing book, although it is a great story, still a downer.This book is about Callie James, and Irish girl going through the potato famine Instead of watching her family starve, Callie steals food to put on the table Scared for her daughters safety, her mother sends her to America hoping to find a better life The hardships Callie endures are than many people could stand in a lifetime Although many rocks are thrown in her path, Callie takes a strong hold on her destiny, and t [...]

    13. This book was really good I could never put it down Although I must say the beginning was really depressing The character Callie endured so much I almost stopped reading it but then I was like this book has got to get better Of course it did I really enjoyed reading it.

    14. Excellent what was expected.I enjoyed this as much as all of her books I ve readI ve read all of the sisterhood books Just love them and several of her others I love her books story line and development.

    15. I enjoyed this book I found it to hold my interest I laughed, I cried, I was even surprised in parts I thought I had figured out exactly what was going to happen, but I was wrong Not my favorite by Fern Michaels, but still worth the read.

    16. Historical fiction always appeals to me This book is set in Ireland where a family sends their oldest teenage daughter to New York Her struggles with the transition from family and friends to the lonely immigration to America provide a rich background for the book.

    17. This book was both heartbreaking and uplifting It is the first book that I had read by Fern Michaels This story is a must read for anyone who loves romance, history and a realistic look into the life of an amazing female character 3

    18. Along with the Texas series, this was one of Fern Michael s best Good enough to read twice, something I very rarely do.

    19. Fern Michaels has been one of my long time favorites This book was quite a bit different from her usual and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    20. This book was great up until the ending The storyline was awesome, but the ending left a lot to be desired It s as if the author had a deadline to reach

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