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Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life By Rachel Renée Russell,

  • Title: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life
  • Author: Rachel Renée Russell
  • ISBN: 9781847387417
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nikki Maxwell is not popular, in fact Nikki Maxwell is the opposite of popular she s a total dork But Nikki s hoping that by moving to a new school she might just stand a chance of making some friends and leaving her old lame ways in the past But life is never that simple Follow Nikki s life through sketches, doodles and diary entries as she starts her new school, battNikki Maxwell is not popular, in fact Nikki Maxwell is the opposite of popular she s a total dork But Nikki s hoping that by moving to a new school she might just stand a chance of making some friends and leaving her old lame ways in the past But life is never that simple Follow Nikki s life through sketches, doodles and diary entries as she starts her new school, battles with her mum for an iPhone and meets her arch nemisis, the school s queen bee, Mackenzie Enter Nikki s world through her sketches, doodles and diary entries.
    Tales from a Not So Fabulous Life Nikki Maxwell is not popular in fact Nikki Maxwell is the opposite of popular she s a total dork But Nikki s hoping that by moving to a new school she might just stand a chance of making some friends

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    1. This is about an incredibly materialistic, shallow, melodramatic preteen who is whiny and annoying This is not something I d tell anyone in this book s targeted age range to read I thought I was getting Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls but it s basically a whinefest with no substance And the way the kids talk is nowhere near natural Everything is over the top drama and none of it is funny Plus the whole thing is supposed to be a diary written by the girl but everything plays out in real time Like [...]

    2. You will love Nikki Maxwell Cute, cool captivating The heroine of this YA story is eighth grader Nikki Maxwell, a cute, cool and captivating girl you will fall in love with Although the word cute is not a cool vocabulary choice for today s kids, I use it here because I love that word it means much than cool To me it encompasses looks, personality and sincerity, while cool iswell cool can be a pose with some kids So our NIkki is not only cool to her friends, she s also cute to us parents the kin [...]

    3. Dork Diaries is a great book I recommend it to all girls who like excitement and longer books Once you have read the first book you will want to read all the others

    4. Gr 5 7 The Dork Diaries details the life of 14 year old Nikki J Maxwell over a period of 6 weeks Nikki has been awarded a scholarship to the prestigious, private middle school, Westchester Country Day as a part of her father s bug extermination contract with said school Nikki s angst as she deals with the school s resident mean girl, her embarrassing parents, her crush on the hot boy and making new friends are all recorded alongside numerous sketches of her life Although occasionally amusing, Ni [...]

    5. I m going hard on this one I m a huge proponent of quality children s literature, and this one just doesn t do it I know that most children like these stories and the consensus is, as long as they re reading something, that s a good thing, right Wrong There is enough quality contemporary literature out here that children shouldn t have to settle for this C S Lewis said, A children s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children s story in the slightest Those words are profoun [...]

    6. I m a 4th grade teacher and have been longing for a book for the girls in my classroom that was comparable to Diary of a Wimpy Kid While Wimpy Kid is hilarious, the girls in the book are very minor, undeveloped characters at best After discovering Dork Diaries Tales From a Not So Fabulous Life, I finally got my wish for His and Her books I think this book will also be great for my reluctant readers Nikki Maxwell is just starting the year at a snobby, private middle school Not only does she not f [...]

    7. This is obviously a quick cash in on the Wimpy Kid craze, and it shows Oh, it SHOWS Though derivative, I honestly wouldn t have minded a Wimpy Kid from the female perspective, but then I remembered we already have that in the Amelia series by Marissa Moss, which is much better written and illustrated, and not to mention heartfelt.The Dork Diaries is painfully vapid and shallow, and our protagonist Nikki is not particularly likable I m really not a fan of how she blames popular Mean Girl MacKenzi [...]

    8. Genre FictionTags Romance,Realistic FictionLexile Score 890LBook Review Rachel Renee Russell s Dork Dairies Tales from a not so fabulous life expresses the real life of a teenage girl A 14 year old girl has to experience romance,drama,parties, and balancing her friends.Plot Summary Nikki Maxwell is a 14 year old is an example of your average teenager that is facing many different problems She is in love with her crush, she only has two best friends, a click of girls that hate her for no reason, [...]

    9. Tales from a Not So Fabulous Life is the first book in the Dork Diaries series by Rachel Ren e Russell Nikki J Maxwell is an eighth grader that recently changed schools and is now going Westchester Country Day, a private school, because her dad has an extermination contract with the school She wants to become a part of the CCP girls, Cute, Cool and Popular girls, and she believes a new cell phone will help her do just that She thought that her mom got her one but realizes is just a diary.It s no [...]

    10. This book is like another version of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid They are both hilarious One of the ages I read in dork diaries cracked me up so badly I laughed out loud until my stomach hurt I was in the library so everybody was looking at me like I am a weirdo The part that cracked me up was when she said Mackenzie and her crew were GGGing Giggling, Gossiping, and Glossing Another part was when she was talking about Tyra Banks She said that Tyra tells the models you FAT worthless skanks You will [...]

    11. Dork Diaries Tales from a Not so Fabulous Life is one of my favorite books This book is for the girls because it is from a girl s point of view This is the first book in this series.This book is about a girl named Nikki Maxwell who is at a new school and it not going so well She all ready has an enemy and no friends She also has a crush on a boy that her enemy also has a crush on Will she get friends Will she get the boy of her dreams Find all the answers to your questions in the book Dork Diar [...]

    12. I think this was a good book It was about a girl named Niki Maxwell who transferred to a new school She didn t like it at first because she had no friends Soon she found 2 great friends named Chloe and Zoey There was a girl named Mackenzie that at first made Niki miserable, but in the end Niki tried to ignore Mackenzie so she had a better school year She had a secret crush on a boy at her school, his name was Brandon Roberts, soon they became good friends Niki also entered a drawing contest a he [...]

    13. As I was looking around books, I came across this book I have not read The Diary of a Whimpy Kid series, which I m thinking the books may be similar, except one is for boys and one for girls.Either way, I got the book from my public library for my niece, who will be going to middle school next year where has the time gone She went outside to play, so I started reading the book and really enjoyed it It had me cracking up the whole time I think many kids, especially in middle school can relate to [...]

    14. The book i am reading is called Dork Diaries well this book is about a girl who wishes to have things but can not have them and it is also about a girl who always is mean to Nikki and that girl is the most popular girl at school and everybody is under her hands because she is the queen of the school and that is why everbody in the school is scared of her.In Dork Diaries there are a lot of events for example there are a lot of sad events that maybe will make you get tears from your eyes when you [...]

    15. I couldn t put this book down I tried many times and failed miserably It is a real perspective of school life from the eyes of the average teenage girl who wants to speaks out but is afraid to, a crush that the popular girl wants, mad art skillz which is really hard to find in a girl protagonist nowadays sports fighting and dancing and brains are always considered a strong female protagonist , but art is never even considered a strong point Come on people, it s not like art is easy, it takes yea [...]

    16. A.W.E.S.O.M.E Wow LOVED IT.Well, to start off, it s about a dorky teen in eighth grade named Nikki Maxwell She has two friends named Chloe and Zoey, whom she both met while on the job as a library shelf assistant putting books back into their proper places on the shelves She has a crush on the school reporter, Brandon Roberts, but feels like she s too lame for him to like her There s a mean girl at her school, apparently the most popular, named MacKenzie Hollister, and the two are, pretty much, [...]

    17. M picked up the first book in this series two weeks ago She devoured it, and just finished the second book last night I came here to look at some of the reviews, and I get the sense that they are not tween kids reading writing them While I think reviews from parents and avid YA book readers in general are a good thing, for something like this I have to go to the source my kid.Let me first say that M really didn t like Diary of a Wimpy Kid She read the first one, liked it well enough, but never f [...]

    18. Dork Diaries is about a eigth grader that has a no so fabulous life She is not popular at all.She has a secret crush and she is always having a meeting with her friends in the SUPPLY CLOSET.She draws really awesome and then she sees a drawing contest andOne morning Nikki woke up had an idea to convince her in buying her an iPhone so she made breakfast for her mom Nikki walks in the kitchen and makes pancakes,orange juice and toast She walks in her moms room and says, Good morning mom Nikki gives [...]

    19. Last year, these books were actually my favorite series I enjoyed reading stories of a tee aged girl, who had to go through numerous ups and downs due to her level of unpopularity In addition,this other really popular girl HATES her with all her life Staying in this school has become a problem fro Nikki since her father is actually a pest control guy with a truck that has a huge bug on top of the truck another reason she hates her life in this school And the worst part is that she is in this sch [...]

    20. Nikki has started a new school and for starting a new school her mom gets her a diary It definitely wasn t the cell phone she wanted, but she writes in it anyway.Nikki doesn t think she fits in at the school and has to deal with the popular girl at the school, who is pretty mean to her How much worse can life get for Nikki I ve read the first few books in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and loved them When I found out about this series, I decided to give it a try since I greatly enjoyed The Diar [...]

    21. Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadTooNikki Maxwell is going to a new private school She wants to be accepted into the popular group but she believes that in order to do that she needs an expensive cell phone, a new wardrobe, and a new family.She finds out the hard way who her real friends are and how her mad skillz in art can help her be accepted.My fifth grade boys love DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, and this is a series I can introduce to my girls, which is written in the same style Nikki is lika [...]

    22. Do you like drama, exaggeration, or art Well this book has all of it Dork Diaries is a great book for tweens teens girls You should read this book because the art work is amazing and the story line has a great story to tell This would be perfect for people who don t fit in that much with the crowd Spoiler Alert There is a boy that Nikki main character likes and ends up with being boyfriend and girlfriend More Spoiler Alerts Nikki has friends that ditch her because of going with the popular kids [...]

    23. Dork Diaries Tales from a Not So Fabulous Life by Rachel R Russell Reading Response by Chynna This book is the first in the Dork Diaries series that currently consists of Dork Diaries Tales from a Not So Fabulous Life, Dork Diaries Tales from a Not So Popular Party Girl, and Dork Diaries Tales from a Not So Talented Pop Star.This is Nikki s diary Through sketches and diary entries, Nikki tells about her struggles being the new girl dork at her brand new private middle school that she can only af [...]

    24. I imagine this book is what would result if Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Mean Girls had a baby Nikki has just started out at a brand new private school She only got in because her dad did some exterminating for the school She is desperate to become part of the popular crowd, which is hard since she doesn t shop at the hottest mall shops and her dad drives a van with a giant roach on top Much like Greg from Wimpy Kid fame she tries several different ways to make sure that she joins the popular crowd [...]

    25. Awesome book See my review below from claytonpl teens books If you like books that are similar to Diary of A Wimpy Kid you will love this book A girl named Nikki Maxwell recieves the oppurtunity to go to a private school, since her dad has an exterminator contract with the school As if being new to a school and not having friends was bad enough, things get WAY worse Tons of drama begins the popular girls at her school, Mackenzie and her friends, try to destroy her by humiliating her everywhere s [...]

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