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The Vertical Plane By Ken Webster,

  • Title: The Vertical Plane
  • Author: Ken Webster
  • ISBN: 9780586204764
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Vertical Plane None

    One thought on “The Vertical Plane”

    1. A very strange story, not sure I actually believe it but it certainly caught my attention and I read it to the end.I live not 5 minutes away from this location so know the house concerned, I ve actually been inside if its the correct house I recall as I was a telecommunications lineman for many years and fixed their phone lol Time is a mystery though and we still don t fully understand its mechanics so who knows

    2. Compelling and riveting from beginning to end A true account of poltergeist activity from Dodleston, and messages through time Read this book, and don t dabble in the spirit realm after Very interesting

    3. Five stars if only because I had to go to such effort to get a copy As a lifelong connoisseur of strange history Forteana etc I was amazed to learn of the story of the Dodleston messages only for the first time on the Mysterious Universe podcast this past year Ghosts in the machine The present haunting the past I d never heard of anything quite like it I am IN.The book did not disappoint The short version this is an account of some odd events that took place in an English country cottage in the [...]

    4. Un libro bien extra o, todav a no s si en el buen o el mal sentido Quiz lo que me genera m s dudas es si el autor realmente cree que todo esto pas o si es una especie de novela pseudo no ficci n sobre apariciones, desfases del espacio tiempo y absurdas conspiraciones futuristas un Blair Witch literario, por decir algo Si es lo primero, temo por su salud mental si es lo segundo, me intriga qu lo motiv a escribirlo.Como sea, lo que hace bizarra la experiencia es que sea un relato tan cotidiano, ta [...]

    5. Ken Webster if you are reading this, can you please sign my copy of The Vertical Plane Or can you sell me another signed copy I will not be selling or profiting from it It willl be added to my treasured collection of books How can I contact you I heard about your book on Mysterious Universe podcast and I was so amazed I had to buy it My email is CecilioSoto msn Thank you

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