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Soap! Soap! Don't Forget the Soap!: An Appalachain Folktale By Tom Birdseye Andrew Glass,

  • Title: Soap! Soap! Don't Forget the Soap!: An Appalachain Folktale
  • Author: Tom Birdseye Andrew Glass
  • ISBN: 9780823412303
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • A forgetful boy gets himself into trouble.
    Soap Soap Don t Forget the Soap An Appalachain Folktale A forgetful boy gets himself into trouble

    One thought on “Soap! Soap! Don't Forget the Soap!: An Appalachain Folktale”

    1. The book Soap Soap Don t Forget the Soap retold by Tom Birdseye is an Appalalachian Folktale about a young man with a very weak memory He tries hard but life is a challenge His mother sends him on an errand and tells him not to forget his task which he says he will not forget As he travels on this errand he encounters a variety of events that causes him to loose focus of his goal because he repeats what each person he meets on the road says to him But in the end it all worked out I particularly [...]

    2. This was another noodlehead book whose humor didn t quite catch on with the kindergarten class One or two kids were laughing out loud, but the others were just quietly listening with some commentary Not overly enthusiastic, but again, this group might just not have the humor or context for a folktale like this.Personally, I m not a fan of noodlehead stories where characters are beaten and bruised for their mistakes Poor Plug just gets tossed this way and that by all sorts of people before rememb [...]

    3. Plug seems to always have trouble remembering things, and when his mother sends him to go to the store to buy soap, he has quite the adventure on the way as he meets with many different people It s a very cute story, and I think it would be best to use as a resource for Pre K through 1st grade It has very fun and engaging pictures that will have the students eyes glued to the story, and it s also a wonderful way to teach students about appropriate and inappropriate things to say to other people [...]

    4. This was my favorite book as a kids It is about a very forgetful boy named Plug Honeycut His mother sends his to town to get some soap and he has a hard time remembering what to get He crosses many people on his trip to town and instead of remembering about the soap he copies everything the people he runs by say to him This gets Plug into some trouble You can t help feel sorry for him In the end Plug remembers to get the soap and brings it back to his mom just in time for bath time This book has [...]

    5. An Appalachian Folktale about a young boy who is very forgetful His mother sends him to the store to buy some soap As he goes along, he runs into different folks As he s repeating things from previous encounters, he offends them and gets into and trouble Finally, he remembers his soap He gets home, gets a bath, and everything is fine The illustrations are very colorful and detailed I m not sure what the author s message is, but I m curious to see what my fifth grade students think it is.

    6. I think many students will be able to relate to this book as students are so forgetful The story is about a young boy named Plug who goes to the story to buy some soap because his mom sent him But while he is there, he forgets to get the soap and begins talking to many people I would use this book in a younger elementary classroom to teach students about etiquette with people and how they should carry conversations Also use it to teach manners, and most of all, for fun Students can read this to [...]

    7. Soap Soap Don t forget the Soap is the phrase that a forgetful little boy tells himself on his way to buy soap for his mother He encounters several different mishaps that cause him to forget, but each time, something reminds him of soap It s a great way to show students how important our memory is Also, it can show students how we learn from our own very own failures the best This book is best suited for young children prior to middle school ages.

    8. This book can help students practice their skills is using context clues to figure out what is coming next in the story Plug is sent to the story by his mama is get some soap on the other hand, Plug is the most forgetfulness boy is town He is encountered with people on his travel that causes him to forget what his mama told him to get from the store.

    9. My almost four year old loves this book We just got in from the library last week and often he s had me read it than once a day I enjoy the dialect I think that s something fairly new to him The series of events is fun and the fact that Plug Honeycut comes through in the end and improves is nice too.

    10. An amusing picture book of an Appalachian folktale about a boy who forgets absolutely everything When his mother sends him to the store for soap, he remembers Don t forget the soap until his adventures cause him some memory problems Fun colored pencil and watercolor drawings add to the humorous effect For children ages 4 8.

    11. The illustrations are fun, but the series of problems for Plug, a young boy with a very poor memory, become frustrating when he is punished each time for remembering the previous lesson that ironically causes him trouble in the next situation There is a happy ending when he remembers to get the soap his mother originally sent him to get.

    12. This story isn t particularly funny and it doesn t have a lot of action it just kind of is Poor Plug forgets everything and runs into a whole heap of trouble because of it This book could be used to teach cause and effect.

    13. I can see where this is probably fun maybe it caught us on the wrong day I wasn t super excited about it while reading it and my girls never asked to read it again Parts made them giggle but it just wasn t for us.

    14. A really funny book that kids love A good one to use to teach about appropriate and unappropriate things to say to other people.

    15. This is our favorite book to read aloud The kids both get into saying the catch phrases and it s just fun to read.

    16. When I was teaching 4th and 5th grade, this was my ABSOLUTE favorite book to read aloud to them I m teaching 3rd grade next year but I think I ll start them early and read it to them too

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