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Summer Breeze By Catherine Anderson,

  • Title: Summer Breeze
  • Author: Catherine Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780786561384
  • Page: 374
  • Format: ebook
  • The year is 1889, and Rachel Hollister hasn t set foot outside her house in five years Ever since a savage attack left her family dead, she s cordoned herself off from the outside world, afraid to let anyone into her home or into her heart But now trouble has appeared on her doorstep and suddenly she has no choice but to let a handsome rancher enter her well guarded exisThe year is 1889, and Rachel Hollister hasn t set foot outside her house in five years Ever since a savage attack left her family dead, she s cordoned herself off from the outside world, afraid to let anyone into her home or into her heart But now trouble has appeared on her doorstep and suddenly she has no choice but to let a handsome rancher enter her well guarded existence.
    Summer Breeze The year is and Rachel Hollister hasn t set foot outside her house in five years Ever since a savage attack left her family dead she s cordoned herself off from the outside world afraid to let

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    1. A little history It looked to me like this was a transitional book as the author moves this series from western to modern romance This book begins in 2005 and introduces readers to Tucker Coulter when he discovers a journal written in 1889 that belonged to Rachel Hollister Joseph Paxton Joseph Paxton is the half brother to Ace Keegan Keegan s Lady and has brothers, David and Esa Paxton, and a step sister, Eden O Shannessy This one has a brief mention of Patrick O Shannessy Caitlin s brother and [...]

    2. It was a good read I give 1 star for the book title and 1 star for the epilogue s letter The mystery and suspense were perfectly played out From the start I know the killer isn t obvious one, but I couldn t guess either The Author did a great job to build Rachel and Joseph characters and the chemistry between them is great The bonding of these characters was built slowly and I am glad author didn t rush for it Overall, it s a beautiful romance story.

    3. This book has a good premise but I didn t care for it that much After seeing her family massacred the Rachel has become agoraphobic the last five years and is unable to leave her house After Rachel s hired hand is shot Joseph comes to look after her against his will because he promises her hired hand he will.This is not a bad book, but I never got very invested in the story Joseph is kind ve a galoot He doesn t come off as especially witty or intelligent He also fights and denies his feelings al [...]

    4. One of the hardest questions anyone can ask me is What is your favorite book But the ultimate tough question for anyone to ask me is What is your favorite Catherine Anderson book Should you ever ask me that question, you will see in my face just how crazy I think you are but I think I finally know the answer to this conundrum Summer Breeze Summer Breeze is my favorite Catherine Anderson book There is only one way to describe it and that would be lovely It is heartbreakingly lovely in the most wo [...]

    5. Reviewed for thcreviews 3.5 stars Summer Breeze was a pleasant read, but the first 2 3 of the book was rather slow and at times, mundane In my opinion, this was due in part to story limitations because of Rachel s agoraphobia She interacted with few characters other than Joseph, and all those interactions were limited to her safe, barricaded room Hence, most of this part of the story felt like little than an average frontier couple going through their daily routine Around the time that Joseph a [...]

    6. OMG What an AMAZING read I don t know why I purchased this book a long time ago and then waited until now to read it Silly me DBefore Summer Breeze , the only book by Catherine Anderson that I d read was Annie s Song and it was an utterly emotional and beautiful read So I didn t know what to expect in this book or if Ms Anderson could be my new favorite romance author But after Summer Breeze , I know she can, and she has DIt was so lovely to see how Rachel and Joseph strangers to each other liv [...]

    7. This delightful historical romance about a rancher and an agoraphobic neighbor is heartwarming, sweet and funny I m writing this weeks after I read it, without the book in front of me, so names are escaping me but our hero isn t looking for a wife or love or any other frippery He sees how happy his older step brother is with his wife and son but likes not having complications Running a ranch is complication enough The young woman in question has retreated inside her home to the point where her w [...]

    8. 4.5 stars because it was really slow at the beginning But the story is so good, with that little child who suffered witnessing the deaths of all her family and began a great wonderful woman full of love and caring, it s worthing 5 stars And the epilogue well it brought tears in my eyes Very very sweet

    9. Sejak bencana yg melenyapkan seluruh keluarganya, Rachel Hollister menarik dirinya dari dunia Namun kehidupannya terusik dgn tertembaknya Darby, orang kesayangan Rachel, mengakibatkan Joseph Paxton hrs menggantikan Darby menjaga Rachel Dan yg tidak terduga, mereka saling jatuh cinta Sayangnya misteri yg melingkupi kematian keluarga Hollister blm tersingkap, sehingga membayangi kebahagiaan mereka Yg membuat unik novel ini adalah heroine nya, Rachel mengidap penyakit kejiwaan agoraphobia krn kemat [...]

    10. Summer Breeze is an absolutely wonderful book I m glad I decided to buy it after looking at it about 4 different times At that point, I d only read 1 of Anderson s books, about a year previously, and wasn t too sure if I liked her stories Since then, I ve grown to love them.This book is sort of set in the Coulter family series The main Coulter books are set in the present, but she has now set a sub series in the past that tells the stories of some of the ancestors This book is the 2nd one in tha [...]

    11. Rachel mendeka selama 5 tahun dan tidak pernah keluar dari dinding dapurnya karena setiap kali dia melangkah keluar, dirinya akan pingsan Hidupnya tenang dengan kondisi seperti itu sampai dia bertemu dengan Joseph Paxton.Joseph berjanji kepada Darby untuk menjaga nonanya karena pria itu ditembak dari belakang dan sedang dalam proses penyembuhan di rumahnya Sebenarnya dia agak menyesal karena Rachel adalah wanita gila Namun, ketika dia pertama kali melihat wanita itu, dia sudah menginginkan Rache [...]

    12. Titolo Summer BreezeAutore Catherine AndresonInedito in italianoTrama 1889 Rachel Hollister non ha messo piede fuori di casa, un ranch in mezzo alle prateria, da ben 5 anni Vive tra l altro non nell intera casa ma solo in una stanza e mezza e tiene barricato tutto il resto Il terrore l attanaglia al solo pensiero di uscire Ma non sempre stasta cos , tutto ebbe inizio cinque anni prima quando tutti i suoi famigliari durante un pic nic furono uccisi a colpi di pistola da un misterioso omicida post [...]

    13. This book is nothing super remarkable Standard Anderson fare broken heroine, studly hero, love at first sight, lots of drama and a happily ever after But I couldn t help liking it a bit anyway.Rachel s trauma is than the usual Evil Ex or rape Anderson s heroines tend to be saddled with Instead the poor woman s been hiding from the world since she watched her entire family die She has trust issues with just about EVERYONE, and only lets Joseph into her house because she has no choice After Darby [...]

    14. Anderson frames this sweet historical love story with a prologue and epilogue set in modern 2006 where a family member comes across the diary of Rachel Hollister and Joseph Paxton, allowing the modern reader to travel back in time just as the family member does Although she does a good job of describing the small Colorado town, ranch life, and community ties, she doesn t bog the reader down with minute details of any specific tasks Instead she concentrates on the feelings and emotions of Rachel [...]

    15. This woman is so helpless, which kind of annoyed me But have no fear, there s a strong, compassionate cowboy to save the day

    16. I enjoyed this book a little than the other one in this series I now want a courtyard Joseph and Rachel a forever kind of love.

    17. I am beginning to admire this author and She had a way of touching the readers emotion and the story flows are just to engaging that it made me craved for I never expected to cry and yet I did on the epilogue of the book Joseph s letter to Rachel made me sobbing and shaking with emotions The letter is so emotional.

    18. I never thought I would like romance novels, but with the historical background of the book it helped me fall in love Very well written, and am excited to read of Anderson

    19. Basically, this was me while reading this book.I started this book thinking that it was going to be Tucker s story After I finished reading My Sunshine, I figured that I d be learning about the older twin I probably should have read the description of the book but sometimes, I like to feel adventurous and just dive into a book without any idea as to what I m getting myself into I m getting a sense of Catherine Anderson s theme when writing books and those of you who ve read her books are probab [...]

    20. Wow siapa sangka buku pertama yang berhasil ditamatkan tahun ini adalah buku karangan Catherine Anderson Sampai sebelum bulan November tahun lalu kalaupun ditanya ngga bakalah ngeh siapa Catherine Anderson, boro2 baca bukunya Tp seorang teman memberi buku ini sebagai kado ulang tahun dan entah knp membaca sinopsisnya tertarik utk mulai membaca bukunya Ceritanya tentang seorang gadis bernama Rachel Hollister yang setelah pembantaian yang dialami keluarganya menjadi trauma berat dgn dunia luar dan [...]

    21. Penduduk No Name mengenal Rachel Hollister sebagai perempuan gila yang tak pernah keluar rumah sejak kejadian penembakan yang menewaskan seluruh keluarganya Peternakan yang diwarisi dari kematian kedua orangtuanya secara mendadak kini hanya dijalankan oleh Darby, mandor yang tak pernah tega meninggalkan Rachel sendirian.Ketika sedang memeriksa area peternakan Hollister Darby ditembak oleh orang tak dikenal Merasa si penembak bakal memburu Rachel, dalam keadaan terluka Darby datang ke pertenakan [...]

    22. Rachel Hollister is in a prison of her own making Ever since her family was slaughtered on a picnic, she has refused to leave her house When her ranch foreman, Darby, is shot, he makes her nearest neighbor, Joseph Paxton keep an eye on her Joseph is just doing the right thing by protecting Rachel but he can t deny that he finds her beautiful As these two slowly get to know each other, they both begin to fall for one another Will Joseph be able to protect Rachel from am unknown enemy Is this conf [...]

    23. Summer Breeze is a Coulter Family Historical Novel In this story from Catherine Anderson, I completely fell in love with Joseph and Rachel Mrs Anderson obviously took time to research and delve into what it s like to suffer from a crippling illness like anxiety and panic attacks If you have suffered, or know someone who suffers from a compulsive disorder or any type of panic anxiety then this romance is for you I love how Catherine writes Rachels s story as someone who suffers from a PTSD type c [...]

    24. Lindo A continua o da s rie Coulter Historical emocionante O livro come a com Tucker Coulter protagonista de Um Beijo Ardente edi o portuguesa , encontrando o di rio de Rachel Paxton Hollister e Joseph Paxton irm o da sua bisav Ed n Coulter ela tamb m seu livro louca para ler A hist ria de Rachel e Joseph encantadora, muito rom ntica e cheia de supera o Rachel uma jovem que sofria de s ndrome do p nico, e fazia cinco anos que ela morava sozinha na sua casa, totalmente trancada, e n o via a luz d [...]

    25. Background The story captures a Colorado rancher Joseph, who makes a promise to a friend who was just shot in the back The friend Darby is the hired help of his agoraphobic neighbor Rachel Darby is convinced that the person who shot him, is the same person or somehow connected to the shooting of Rachel s mother, father, sister, brother, and dog 5 years earlier, and now fears that Rachel is in danger Joseph agrees to watch Rachel Joseph s brother David is the sheriff and all the while is trying t [...]

    26. Some people love Catherine Anderson and some people aren t as impressed I have accumulated a few of her novels over time, mainly from bulk lots on eBay But, I had never gotten around to reading any of them When another book club site featured C A as author of the month, I thought I would try to work one into my reading plan Obviously, I got a late start.This book is evidently a part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone The book starts off in present day with the discovery of an old diar [...]

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