READ AUDIOBOOK Ã The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi - by أبو جعفر الطحاوي Hamza Yusuf Abu Jafar Al-Tahawi

The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi By أبو جعفر الطحاوي Hamza Yusuf Abu Jafar Al-Tahawi,

  • Title: The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi
  • Author: أبو جعفر الطحاوي Hamza Yusuf Abu Jafar Al-Tahawi
  • ISBN: 9780970284396
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New From Stock In Uk The Creed Of Imam Al Tahawi Hamza Yusuf Arabic English, Hb, 167Pp, Zaytuna Institute, Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah Bio Imam Abu Hanifah Abu Y
    The Creed of Imam al Tahawi New From Stock In Uk The Creed Of Imam Al Tahawi Hamza Yusuf Arabic English Hb Pp Zaytuna Institute Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah Bio Imam Abu Hanifah Abu Y

    One thought on “The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi”

    1. Cover to cover, this is an indispensable translation of an indispensable classical text that Sh Hamza Yusuf spent years tweaking The straight forwardness of the translation and the minimalist commentary makes this work extremely practical and extremely useful as a reference work the first of Zaytuna s curriculum series Sh Hamza did a tremendous service to the English speaking world with this publication And my copy is autographed Because of the similarities, I would highly recommend Imam Abu Han [...]

    2. An essential read for all Muslims and all interested non Muslims it covers succinctly and comprehensively the fundamental creed doctrine of Sunni Islam This is an essential text that should ideally be studied under a qualified teacher with an unbroken chain of teaching authority and transmission back to the original author Imam al Tahawi as it is scant on commentary and elaborations I d highly recommend the reading and study of this text for all concerned Muslims in fact if you read or study onl [...]

    3. The Creed of Imam al Tahawi is a basic creed text for all times However the nature of the text is such that it should only be studied with a teacher It is not something that you just pick up and read After completing the text my teacher requested that I continue learning Arabic and go through the text again but in Arabic because of the profound language Imam al Tahawi uses.

    4. Not only excellent the appendices are great as well I recommend this for Non Muslims wanting to know what Muslims believe and for Muslims who are wondering as well

    5. I m taking a class on this book currently It is a very deep book and my teacher states that it is a book that is meant to be taught, not just read passively.

    6. The author of this work, Imam al a w d.321 935 was born in Taha, Egypt in 239 853 AH CE He came from a family of scholarship, piety and intellect hence, he was destined to live than an ordinary life p.25 The mother of Imam al a w and her brother, Imam al Muzan d 264 878 were direct students of Imam ash Sh fi d.204 820 and were his first teachers Imam al a w however followed the School of Imam Ab an fah d.150 767 and even though he was an independent scholar, as described by Sh h Wal ull h d 117 [...]

    7. An insightful introduction by Sh Hamza Yusuf prior to a translation that he has produced Ever careful with what he goes to press with, his translation is brilliant and helps those who cannot access the Arabic However, the Arabic being alongside make this book invaluable for those who continue to learn Arabic and advance in Islamic studies Some of the footnotes could easily be expanded upon into their own books as they can be incredibly thorough An necessary asset for Muslims A helpful tool for n [...]

    8. I read most of this, and I m really enjoying it I m so glad this had been translated I ll update and let you all know what else is juicy about it But hey, it s creed, so it s the real stuff, and the stuff no one ever wants to talk about, let alone learn UpdateI finished reading this around a month ago before leaving to Madinah It was actually beautiful Very well translated, very easy to understand Thank God it was translated, and hopefully inshaAllah we can get works like this done, like a Seer [...]

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