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Picture Me Dead By Heather Graham,

  • Title: Picture Me Dead
  • Author: Heather Graham
  • ISBN: 9780778320104
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the mutilated body of a woman is found on the side of the road, officer in training Ashley Montague and Detective Jake Dilessio must work together to find the truth an investigation that leads them into a world of corrupt cops, greed, and murder Reprint.
    Picture Me Dead When the mutilated body of a woman is found on the side of the road officer in training Ashley Montague and Detective Jake Dilessio must work together to find the truth an investigation that leads th

    One thought on “Picture Me Dead”

    1. It was good but there was something missing Jake and Ashley didn t really feel their chemistry It was like Wham, Bam, Thank You Mam and where is the fecking condom, people It was as if the author was trying too hard to try and put us off knowing the bad guy her hints at some bad guys were not so subtle so straight away I said to myself Nope, that is too obvious, it is not him or her.I felt my head was being filled with lots of useless information God, I feel like such a picky bitch Maybe my las [...]

    2. Ashley is a cop in training at the Academy, but is singled out to become a forensic artist Before she wins the job lottery, she and two of her girlfriends witness the scene of an accident right after it happened an accident wherein a fellow was hit by a car wearing only underwear.As it turns out, she knows this guy and feels sure he would not be hopped up on drugs, the way the police say he was She looks into things a little bit, even though an older and incredibly attractive neighbor cop warns [...]

    3. Jake is a cop Ashley is in the academy He is obsessed with a 5 y o case, she is worried about an old friend who s hit by a car in just his underwear on a major highway Are the cases some how related It takes half the book to even feel a bit of chemistry between Jake Ashley I guess its of a lust hate relationship They fight every moment they are together even though both walk away thinking how they can t get the other off their minds As with most of Graham s books I didn t figure this out exactl [...]

    4. Read this for the second time Loved it again When I haven t read a book for several years it s like reading the book for the first time I m noticing that in Heather s earlier books, there may be 100 pages than her newer books I like those extra pages because she goes into detail about the relationships of various characters This book had one of my favorite lines Your place or mine Really good love story and murder mystery As usual, Heather directs the reader to the bad guy by making almost eve [...]

    5. A pretty good mystery sidelined all too often by the gratuitous raunchiness that I despise I won t be reading her other books.

    6. An excellent who done it Fast paced, great character development, well written Ashley is a cadet in the Police Academy A serial killer is on the loose, and the police have just discovered another victim Ashley works with the homicide detectives to discover clues to identify the victims and the assailant.

    7. InterestingVery good Held my interest Hard time putting it down I gave it a five star rating for mystery and suspense

    8. Identikit di un incubo non mi piaciuto.La storia piuttosto prevedibile, e per alcune pagine l unica cosa che si aspetta lo scoppio della passione tra i due protagonisti, il che accade abbastanza presto, bruciando una carta che avrebbe potuto essere vincente.S , perch a tratti Identikit di un incubo sembra pi una commedia romantica travestita da giallo, che un thriller dalle sfumature rosa.Non mi piacciono le continue ripetizioni aveva una pistola E sapeva usarla , lo stile del racconto, da stori [...]

    9. Not part of a series Not a bad story Could have used a little , though.There wasn t enough for Ashley She was a strong character and I liked how it played out for her, but I still wish that she d had to do than the one sketch when you read it, you ll see what I mean Jake was a great character as well Both strong, their stories were well written And the connection between them was hot, spicy and electric.I thought the plot was well written, the action superb There should have been about the und [...]

    10. Another un put downable book by Graham I am hooked on her writing Although this is not paranormal like the last few I have read, I was very intrigued by the way this book played out Ashley s skills as an artist come in handy when a body is discovered bearing the same mutilations as bodies did five years earlier when a religious cult was disbanded and the leader thrown in prison Detective Jake is convinced his partner at the time was also killed by the same group and is determined to re open the [...]

    11. Heather Graham po raz kolejny udowadnia, e umie pisa wietne krymina y z nutka romansu w tle G wni bohaterowie ju od samego pocz tku przypadaj do gustu, a zagadka jest intryguj ca Nie mo na oderwa si od czytania, gdy lekki styl i dobrze poprowadzona akcja doprowadzaj do tego, e wr cz p ynie si w r d kolejnych stron.A wi c dlaczego 7 gwiazdek, kiedy tak zachwalam Ot ksi ka ma wady, a g ownie jest jedna le nakre leni przest pcy Ok, rozwi zanie zagadki by o dobre, ale nic poza tym Sama sprawa niczeg [...]

    12. Ashley Montague is a rookie cop who discovers a body on the side of the highway in Miami Her investigation leads her to Detective Jack Dilessio, an arrogant Veteran who is determined to exact revenge for a murder that happened years earlier Together they re dragged into the dangerous world of drug trafficking, only to find that they re now fighting for their livesd for each other The murderer is Marty, Jake s present partner He killed Jake s former partner, Nancy Drugs were involved.Jake and Ash [...]

    13. I could NOT put this book down it was one of Ms Graham s best books The mystery was well played, and suspense non stop and the paranoia enough to make you doubt your own mother Top it off with well written, well rounded characters even the background ones and this is a book sure to please people looking for a good mystery, good suspense, and even those who want a bit of romance to spice things up although it isn t overly obtrusive This is the type of book that turned me on to Heather Graham to b [...]

    14. This was the first Heather Graham that I read It was a paperback in the freebie pile at my local library It sounded interesting and I was impressed by Graham s better than usual writing It was by no means mind blowing, however it was a fun read.I wasn t so sure about the chemistry between Ashley Jake, as at times it seems forced, there because it was expected that the two characters had to hook up Understandable since she does write romantic suspense Graham hasn t strayed very far from her Harle [...]

    15. I expected this one to follow Heather Graham s regular paranormal mystery romance formula, so I was surprised when there was no paranormal element to the story The mystery was much stronger in this book than her others, as well Really, the only part that followed her regular formula was the romance, which drew me out of the book a bit Really, there was one huge loose end that was never tied up, and that was pretty irritating.otherwise, I d have given it a 5.

    16. Este libro es genial, s , es perfecto en todos los sentidos a pesar de que la traducci n tiene algunos momentos de qu cojones impresionantes peeero en serio, ese final me ha hecho bajarle nota, no me gusta TANTO la felicidad D sent que la autora quer a hacer que todos sus personajes fueran felices para siempre y no, eso en un libro que de principio a fin casi era super tenso no pega ni con cola.

    17. Not a bad quick read I expected the sex scenes to be much longer and useless as this genre often tends to overdo it I was glad to see they weren t lingered over as I always find this detracts from the characters and the mystery thriller storyline I did find the age difference in the two characters a little disturbing as it touched a little too close to home for me.

    18. The beginning of the book was difficult to get into and was almost ready to put it down and walk away, but glad I didn t Turned out to be a good book First time I have read this author and am going to read another by her.The story was good Just seemed like information repeating itself during the first hundred pages.

    19. Bleh This is the first Heather Graham novel that I have read, and sadly I was unimpressed and even annoyed by it in several places Aside from being entirely too predictable, there is an entire WTF storyline startedd then forgotten 3 4 through Very disappointing, all in all.

    20. Ashley is a rookie cop who finds a body on the side of the road Her investigation leads to veteran Det Jack Dilessio who is still investigating a case that happened years ago where his partner was murdered Together they are dragged into drug trafficking and murder but will they survive.

    21. I usually enjoy Graham, and this one didn t disappoint Set in Miami Dade, a tightly plotted police procedural no hint of supernatural in this one, different from most of her books that I ve read that kept me guessing at the bad guy until the very end.

    22. I really enjoy great crime fiction I get taken into the story, wanting the characters to get together, wanting them to solve the crime, and this one didn t disappoint Ashley Montague, the police academy cadet and Jake DiLessio the veteran homicide detective An enjoyable read.

    23. This was a great mystery I was guessing til the end The love scenes were hot, and very detailed But definately worth the wait I was a little confused with one of the story lines, it went nowhere But it sidetracked me for a bit, maybe that was the point.

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