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Through Thick and Thin By Alison Pace,

  • Title: Through Thick and Thin
  • Author: Alison Pace
  • ISBN: 9780425215616
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stephanie is an overwhelmed stay at home mom with a six month old Her sister, Meredith, on the other hand, is hitting the two year mark without a boyfriend or even a decent date but has a successful career as a food critic Sometimes it seems the only thing these sisters share is their mutual desire to lose weight, so they decide to do it together But will the strong desStephanie is an overwhelmed stay at home mom with a six month old Her sister, Meredith, on the other hand, is hitting the two year mark without a boyfriend or even a decent date but has a successful career as a food critic Sometimes it seems the only thing these sisters share is their mutual desire to lose weight, so they decide to do it together But will the strong desire for sisterhood outweigh their equally strong desire for comfort foods
    Through Thick and Thin Stephanie is an overwhelmed stay at home mom with a six month old Her sister Meredith on the other hand is hitting the two year mark without a boyfriend or even a decent date but has a successful c

    One thought on “Through Thick and Thin”

    1. this book no it was an astonishingly fast read, considering the fact that i felt i was being slowly plodded to my doom i hated all the characters didn t care what happened to theme story follows two sisters, stephanie meredith stephanie is a new mom who lives in the suburbs with her husband she s always been happy sporty slim, meredith has always felt that stephanie had the perfect life meredith, meanwhile, is a restaurant critic in new york city she s always been on the judgmental side, prone [...]

    2. SPOILERS I sort of liked it I usually really like books about women discovering themselves and trying to improve their lives, but this one seemed to lack something a bit shallow maybe As always, the dog descriptions were the best and once he finally entered the picture I liked that sister much not a good sign that I ve already forgotten their names I loved DOGA Awesome I was sad that there wasn t to the sisters relationship Yes, they find themselves on their own, but then I d like to see Mayb [...]

    3. This book is about two sisters Stephanie and Meredith Stephanie is a new Mom who moved to the burbs, quit her job, and is ignored by her husband She is also struggling with her baby weight Meredith is a single restaurant critic in Manhattan with a low self esteem She is fat and ambivalent about it The sisters feel they are growing apart Meredith is jealous of Stephanie s seemingly perfect life and Stephanie is melancholic because she is not happy in her marriage but has not admitted it to anyone [...]

    4. This was a pretty cute book about what you would expect when someone mentions the genre chick lit Nothing about it really set it apart Although, my general apathy may be related to my rather high hopes When I read the description of a romantic comedy involving dogs and dieting, I thought there was plenty of opportunity for this to be a fun and entertaining read It just wasn t that great though I just felt like there was something missing I don t know if it was the presentation of the plot, the [...]

    5. The review on summed it up well Nothing extraordinary here, just written well I don t know if I agree with the last item, but the story was just totally blah Might have been well written, but the lameness of the story brought it all down You think I would be totally game for this sisters dogs NYC but the reason that this story existed, that brought the sisters together was something I couldn t relate to or care, which was weight loss Throw in the fact, that it was just an extremely small part of [...]

    6. I picked this book up from the clearance rack and now I know why First, pages 23 54 were totally missing and then pages 55 86 repeat I can t believe that a publisher could put out a book this way I don t think I missed anything terribly pressing on those missing 21 pages, but i guess I ll never know Now, that I ve finished the book, it feels like something really was missing I missed the whole part about Meredith s ex boyfriend, so I don t know what happened there And it wrapped up a little too [...]

    7. I loved Alison Pace s first two novels If Andy Warhol Had A Girlfriend and Pug Hill and I was excited to read this, her third, particularly because of the beautiful cover I m a sucker for a dog on a cover It s the story of Meredith and Stephanie, two sisters with very different lives, but one thing in common they both want to lose weight They decide to do it together, both so they can support each other and also because they ve been drifting apart and think it might help their relationship To re [...]

    8. This was recommended on Jen Lancaster s Bitter is the New Black and Bright Lights, Big Ass blog, so I was hoping to really love it It did get better as it went along, but it was a little too girly for me, and oddly filled with product and brand names, which was jarring.I loved the dog, though, and the idea of yoga for dogs, or doga.This book was appealing enough that I will keep my eyes open for Pace s others, because she s a decent writer and sometimes a girly book is just the right thing.

    9. I ve never read anything by this author before and I really wanted to like this book, but I had to give up after 6 chapters When I pick up a book that I consider to be chick lit, I expect FUN and even though it doesn t have to be laugh out loud funny, I expect some funny moments Wasn t getting any of that with this one Way too heavy on drama so I will have to pass on this one and move on to something else I have other books in my TBR by this author so I m hoping there will be one there that will [...]

    10. This book follows two sisters who are both on different paths in life as they are trying to lose a little weight and find themselves in the process Although I would say that this is chick lit, the stories center on the sisters than a love interest I like that allot I am a big Alison Pace fan and this book does not disappoint As a hug dog lover, I really like that her books usually involve some kind of pooch Her characters are charming and believable Thank you Alison for another great story.

    11. Through Thick and Thin by Alison Pace was a fun book to read for me Stephanie and Meredith are sisters whose lives are on different paths Stephanie is a stay at home mom who lives outside of the city with her husband and her baby while Meredith lives in the city and works as food critic for a newspaper They each view each other s lives very differently which causes some problems but in the end, they are there for each other.This reminded me somewhat of my own relationship with my sister.

    12. A book about sisters who are both going through their own struggles and lose touch because of it Both would like to lose weight, both are haing issues with relationships and neither know what to do about it It s a good book, a bit odd at times but it was a fun read I appreciate the loose ends at the end because I feel they leave you to make up your own mind and for me it is a happy ending and a brght future.

    13. Hm I wanted to like this book It s about sisters who have grown apart but decided to diet together Sounded like potential chick lit ish fair with a Lifetime vibe.It wasn t really either thing It has very heavy sad overtones which I wasn t expecting , and most of the action happens in the last, um, 20 pages But it was decent gym reading, and who doesn t love a book they were gifted in any case

    14. What can I say I unashamedly loved this book about two sisters who attempt to resolve their struggles with relationships, identity, guilt, and ambition through losing weight and or obtaining a zen like long haired dachshund A funny and endearing book which is not very believable, but somehow by that fact allows everyone to relate to the women and most important to D.B Sweeney, yoga loving dachshund.

    15. I really enjoy Alison s books and this one s no exception I love how I can relate to things going on in her books, even if on the surface the characters seem to be very different from me And I am totally in love with the dogs she writes about Makes me want to figure out how to hide a dog in my apartment D

    16. It seems most ladies I know have a tenuous relationship at best with food, and body issues to go along with it This novel added sisters, romance, children, marriage complications, and career frustrations into the mix in a realistic, endearing way Really connected with both of the characters, and enjoyed spending time with them Satisfying and realistic ending as well.

    17. This is the second book this summer I ve taken out of the library and had already read I read it again because I couldn t really remember the story, or how it ended It was enjoyable a nice light beach pool read Now I sort of want to join weight watchers now And become a restaurant reviewer And own a dog Perhaps I am too easily influenced today LOL.

    18. A decent book about two sisters who used to tell each other everything, but not any Not the really important stuff Kinda slow going, but enjoyable I did find the husband to be a little unbelievable Can t really say why without giving it away Nice, light summer reading.

    19. I wanted a good pool read for my recent trip to Thailand and this one fit the bill Light but interesting Relatable characters, wanted to know how it all turned out for them Just enough message to make it a half step above complete fluff Sometimes, you just need this kind of break.

    20. I really disliked this book The two main characters were so annoying to me that I didn t even care to find out what happened to them, and I found myself questioning every decision they made and thought process they had.

    21. A quick and rather fun read The dog parts of the story were my favorite though the author s reference to familar songs and her extensive knowledge of different methods of dieting was also very entertaining.

    22. This book was cute and fun, but I didn t like it as much as Pace s earlier two there was something that felt a little overwritten about it I d still recommend it, but Pug Hill was my favorite so far read that first

    23. I really liked this book Very easy to read and very close to home with the sister thing I didn t like the abupt ending, but I just assume it ends the way you want it to I am going to read this authors other book Pug Hill I think all of my friends would like this book.

    24. I found this one to be a great exploration of the life of the twentysometings, how your life goes in directions you never expected, and how the greener grass on the other side is often illusionary There are a few phrases that really resonated with a lot of things I ve been thinking about my life.

    25. I got a bit bored with this one You could see the ending coming screaming at you from the being That isn t so bad if the trip to the end is engaging and entertaining which is what this book was intended to be And she is big on the mid sentence parenthetical interruptions.

    26. I didn t technically finish this one I quit when I realized I was missing pages 151 through 182 After 150 pages, I wasn t enthralled enough to feel it necessary to find the book elsewhere Although I would have finished it, had I had a copy that contained all the pages.

    27. Right when this book was starting to hit a climax it abprubtly ends I was reading on a nook and had doubke check it was really the end of the book.

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