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Petrodor By Joel Shepherd,

  • Title: Petrodor
  • Author: Joel Shepherd
  • ISBN: 9781616141936
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • The second book in the Trials of Blood Steel series picks up the story of the independent heroine, Sasha, now living in the port city of Petrodor Together with her old mentor Kessligh, Sasha attempts to navigate the political intrigues and stop the war.
    Petrodor The second book in the Trials of Blood Steel series picks up the story of the independent heroine Sasha now living in the port city of Petrodor Together with her old mentor Kessligh Sasha attempts

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    1. Joel Shepherd s sequel to the wonderful Sasha has many of the problems common to the second book of trilogies no resolution is possible, and it has to end on a note of crisis , but Petrodor Pyr, 16, 446 pages is still a very good read It s a very good read in part because it s a rollicking story of a pre industrial city caught on the threshold of war, with plenty of action and intrigue, but it s also a very good read because Shepherd doesn t settle for clich s One character, for example, must de [...]

    2. The sequel to Sasha, this book was just as action packed, but the plot takes a twist within the city of Petrodor The best fantasy series I have read so far

    3. Petrodor picks up shortly after the ending of Sasha, the first novel in Joel Shepherd s A Trial of Blood and Steel series Sashandra Lenayin Sasha for short now resides in the Torrovan port city Petrodor, a true hotbed of intrigue with several political factions squaring off against each other With a brewing Verenthane crusade to retake the Bakosh provinces that are occupied by the serrin, war is in the air, and the tensions between the various camps are threatening to come to a boil the powerful [...]

    4. An earlier version of this review first appeared on the now defunct webzine, The Specusphere, in January 2010.Joel Shepherd, from being one of the youthful prodigies of Australian spec fic, has matured over the last decade into an accomplished, stylish writer His current series, A Trial of Blood and Steel, has been compared to George RR Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire, and one suspects from the similar construction of the series titles that the comparison was sought by Shepherd Perhaps he meant [...]

    5. This took me far too long to finish and I blame it in part of so many other great books coming out at the same time and on a few things in this book that were roadblocks in my reading of it I understand that with the serrin involved, there was bound to be many convoluted conversations But there were too many speeches in these conversations, too many times when simple breakfasts turned into declarations of beliefs I remember this one particular speech of Kessligh s towards the end I believe and I [...]

    6. After a somewhat slow start in Sasha, the quartet picks up speed with this novel Joel Shepherd gets to show what he can do in a large city, where many characters collide with little possibility to escape and intrigue reigns This story gives us a much larger introduction to the Serrinim and also provides many possibilities for the main characters to grow Many of the secondary characters are also well fleshed out although Sasha s opponents remain sadly under developed and could use better illustra [...]

    7. Little character development compared to the first book besides perhaps the Serrin Alythia s and Softy s development were shallow at best I really grew to hate Rhillian s character How did she get that much respect if she acts like a child She makes the same mistakes over and over again, and then blames all the failures on humans for being so horrible The humans who want to help she ignores and treats horribly herself And really, she s not the only one who has been to war and lost people Sasha a [...]

    8. Petrodor is a good growth spot for both Sasha and the human serrin alliance Of course a place wild with opportunity does not come without risks Risk of attack, risk of dissolution, risk of values questioned Perhaps this is what I enjoy most of this series, the challenges faced by the characters are multi dimensional The Saalsi language highlighted in the series is a beautiful expression of these many facets This is a well crafted world.

    9. Sasha joins her teacher in a sort of Italianate city and becomes involved in a violent consolidation of power that creates a king and occasions a massacre of Serrin She also Finds Looovvve Still talky like the first volume, but the characters have an engaging complexity and if you just skip the philosophical conversations the action is very well described.

    10. Not a bad follow up The only real problem I had was the ending seemed rushed, and with only a couple of chapters Lots happened in those last few chapters that I d have liked explained better I look forward to reading the next in the series, and seeing if some of what happened in this book get followed up on there.

    11. A continuation to the story of Sasha, twists as her mentor trys to include her in his fight for the people of his home town, show parts were a little over the top, but i enjoy the race of people who play with only logic, the fight between different sisters and their ideals was interesting, however poor Sasha is still fighting to become a woman in her own rightst enjoyable continuation.

    12. the second book of A Trial of Blood and Steel after the first book sasha i loved the setting here , the feel of a coastal city bursting with people, events, schemes, struggles is very appealing to me, the scale of battles even thou it s maybe lesser than the first book but it felt deeper and savagerch savager, and its effects story wise will defiantly last longer

    13. More action than the series first book In fact there is perhaps a little too much action just a few too many similar escapes from tight spots to feel right Still, a fine sequel Re read 8 13 Weakest of the series Too much churn 3.5Re read 9 15

    14. Really enjoyed the whole series One of my favorite things I ve read in awhile This Is perhaps the darkest and most graphic book of the four.

    15. I love this worldSasha has to be one of my favorite characters ever in a book series She knows who she is yet is always open to learning She has a strong moral fiber and honor above all She defends the weak and owns her weakness I just love her She is surrounded by a variety of characters that add to the story The author is very gifted with battle descriptions I find myself ducking and weaving while I m reading because I m right there in the scene The way the story slowly unfolds gives you time [...]

    16. 3.5 5I still cannot believe that I abandoned technically forgot about this book with under 100 pages to go I really wish I could remember why I stopped reading Petrodor all those years ago, but I can t honestly remember It must ve been for a decent reason Once again, Shepherd amazes me with his diction and capacity for story telling, and his ability to plunge head first into parallel philosophies of our world Religion, politics and family loyalty are the central ethos of the second instalment of [...]

    17. Worthy of so much praise I really want to make analogies to well woven materials wefts of plot, weaves of pacing, a deft hand of characterisation Because, strangely, this book and series as far as I ve read feels thick, and a little bit lush, much like a quilt Layers upon layers, of well woven material Not heavy, just right And Kate Reading doing the audio sigh belissimo

    18. Another solid book in the series The complexities and breadth of political groups continues to impress, and Sasha s growth is enjoyable and engaging Supporting characters are varied and interesting However the growth and thus depth of the other characters leave something lacking, to be sure Jaryd makes another sudden about face, Sofy is suddenly master rider, Kessiligh s rivals evaporate, ,,, to be continuedUnfortunately, Shepherd has a tendency to cut corners in certain difficult circumstances [...]

    19. I think this is a wonderful continuation of Sasha with even politics webbed around the Noble houses of Petrodor, a bustling merchant and pious city that has murders on every corner of the street and dripping red suspense in turn of the page But all the drama doesn t occur in Petrodor alone We are taken back to Baerlyn where Jaryd Nyvar lives immersed within his desire for revenge, limited by his injuries and targeted by his enemies.Convinced that another of his brothers will be killed he journe [...]

    20. The end of the first book left me with the impression that the second would not be about Sasha I am very glad that I was incorrect.This story focuses on the tumultuous events that take place in a large coastal city It s amazing how much intrigue and skirmishing can go on within close quarters The author continues to bring depth and detail to the warring factions, both at the intellectual and personal level I think that the emotional impact of some of the intimate scenes were much better than in [...]

    21. Petrodor to blisko 700 stronicowa pe na akcji powie Jej karty wype niaj spiski, zdrady, bunty i wojny polityczne prowadzone pod pretekstem wojny religijnej, kt re b d rozwijane w pozosta ych dw ch tomach serii Pe nokrwi ci bohaterowie i wielow tkowo sprawiaj , e opowiedziana historia wci ga czytelnika, cho musz zauwa y , e ze wzgl du na szczeg owo wymaga sporo czasu Nie jest to ksi ka, kt r mo na poch on w jeden weekend, ale jej lektura zdecydowanie jest w stanie zapewni odbiorcy mn stwo dobrych [...]

    22. While the first part of this series was acceptable, this one is a complete disaster I very rarely give up on books, even the crappy ones, but this I threw away after first 100 pages or so It s not even about poor language, omnipresent boredom or author s apparent lack of ideas What really repulsed me was the amount of animal cruelty Shepherd managed to put on so few pages, treating the topic so lightly, almost laughing at it that it made me sick Add it to his fat, oversized ego this pulp as good [...]

    23. Petrodor was different from Sasha by a great deal, but equally fun Joel Shepherd is exceptionally good with details.

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