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隣のあたし 1 By Atsuko Nanba,

  • Title: 隣のあたし 1
  • Author: Atsuko Nanba
  • ISBN: 9784063416244
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • 3 1 3 1 1

    One thought on “隣のあたし 1”

    1. Note This review is for the entire series I ll only do individual reviews for a series when it has 5 volumes or less or I ve recieved a copy in exchange for an honest review.1.5 starsbecause I didn t like it, but it had potential and there were a few cute moments.This series could have been a really sweet story of first love, but it all goes so wrong halfway into volume one Let me just break it down The characters Nina was sweet, but such a cry baby Oh man, she was literally crying in every othe [...]

    2. I LOVE this series to death Anybody who likes shojo, school life manga will love this series I recommend it.

    3. 5 STARS SPOILER ALERT I got a new entry for my ff fav shelves I already like the story from the start, because the girl wasn t that clingy I m glad she decided to let go of the Male Lead And the second male lead Oh God PICK HIM I was rooting for the second male lead from THERYRSTART I mean he was not that half hearted to the girl But heTruly Madly Deeply love with her, unconditionally Everything he did just to make her smile Go to the place that make you smile This manga make my heart wrench, an [...]

    4. see full review Katie s CornerToday I have a manga, which I enjoyed a lot when I first read and well even after second reading I enjoyed it a lot too Well, that might be due to me forgetting half of the things that happened, but while I was reading I was remembering too, and it didn t really lose its moment of revelation I seriously forgot whom the girl chose at the end In the very beginning I thought that the story would take the similar twist as in No Longer Heroine But well, it didn t.All the [...]

    5. 2,5 bintang Next to YouCeritanya mengenai Nina yang suka kepada teman sejak kecil sekaligus tetangganya yang bernama Tachibana Kyousuke Tapi, akhirnya Nina menjadi patah hati karena Kyousuke akhirnya pacaran dengan teman sekolahnya, Asou.Di saat Nina patah hati, muncullah Miyake Shun, teman sekelas Nina, menyatakan cinta pada Nina Mereka mulai dekat, dan Nina mulai jatuh hati pada Miyake Tapi ternyata, Kyousuke menyimpan perasaan kepada Nina, dan membuat hati Nina bimbang Siapakah yang akan dipi [...]

    6. The only reason this story get a 5 is because the second male lead get the girl This is the first of millions of books I read that the second male lead actually get to be with the main female lead I feel that story just a bit too long 10 vol the art is very cute and simple, since it s not published in the States there a few minor transaction error and confusing conversation between the characters and thoughts Beside all of that, if you even have that feeling of pity and your heart breaks for all [...]

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