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Red: A Haida Manga By Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas,

  • Title: Red: A Haida Manga
  • Author: Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
  • ISBN: 9781553653530
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Referencing a classic Haida oral narrative, this spectacular full color graphic novel blends traditional Haida imagery with Japanese manga to tell the powerful story of Red, an orphaned leader so blinded by revenge that he leads his community to the brink of war and destruction When raiders attack his village, young Red escapes dramatically But his sister Jaada is whiskeReferencing a classic Haida oral narrative, this spectacular full color graphic novel blends traditional Haida imagery with Japanese manga to tell the powerful story of Red, an orphaned leader so blinded by revenge that he leads his community to the brink of war and destruction When raiders attack his village, young Red escapes dramatically But his sister Jaada is whisked away The loss of Jaada breeds a seething anger, and Red sets out to find his sister and exact revenge on her captors Tragic and timeless, Red s story is reminiscent of such classic tales as Oedipus Rex, Macbeth, and King Lear Not only an affecting story, Red is an innovation in contemporary storytelling from the creator of Haida Manga and the author of Flight of the Hummingbird it consists of 108 pages of hand painted illustrations, and when arranged the panels create a Haida formline image 13 feet long A miniature version of the panel in full color is on the inside jacket.
    Red A Haida Manga Referencing a classic Haida oral narrative this spectacular full color graphic novel blends traditional Haida imagery with Japanese manga to tell the powerful story of Red an orphaned leader so blin

    One thought on “Red: A Haida Manga”

    1. Beautiful, but hard for me to follow The note after the conclusion revealing that the pages makes one whole image was stunning and made me want to look at it longer.Edit Upgrading this from three to five stars after further reading and contemplation I think this book does everything it sets out to do It was hard for me to follow because it challenged me, challenged my ideas of what a story is not because it was poorly done Very unique and necessary work.

    2. Imagine picking up a comic book and reading it, if you have never before encountered the form in any way You have read prose, and illustrated book 1s, but the unique language of sequential art storytelling is new to you You have never distinguished between caption, thought bubble, and word bubble You have never before encountered a page of illustrations with multiple images of the same two characters, only slightly different in each panel You don t know what a panel even is.Reading Red A Haida M [...]

    3. I really wanted to like this book than I did The art was spectacular and I d want to give it a 5 star review for the art alone However the narrative was way too choppy and sub par It wasn t linear, which excited me as a challenge, but it was disjointed than can be defended Scenes and elements would be introduced all of a sudden only to vanish by the next page, leaving the reader fumbling to make connections when something similar would occur later in the book Also, I personally don t like it w [...]

    4. A little disjointed to read, but I think that speaks to how tormented Red is I loved the wordless panels These illustrations are quite powerful on their own, and the larger concept behind the artwork detailed at the end is great.

    5. When speaking about Haida manga, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas explains that this new form he created is a response to monumental art pieces so large and full of meaning that their scale can overwhelm their observer He wanted to give the viewer a way in to a intimate relationship with a monumental piece Manga provided a convention to allow him to carve up his larger vision and storytelling painting into smaller panels, reproduced as single pages in a book The reader can linger or flip through, rea [...]

    6. Red is artistically really interesting I love how the panels are shaped according to common forms of Haida art, and the fact that the end of the book includes a composite image showing how all the pages panel structure is interrelated was a nice and fascinating touch The story contained some humour and some pathos that felt fairly well communicated by the art, and I thought there were some very clever and striking uses of layout and design and visual metaphor to communicate what was happening.Th [...]

    7. A cautionary tale about revenge and war When brother and sister are separated by thieving pirates, he vows to find his sister and bring her home Once upon a time, this was a true story This is a blend of Haida Culture with Japanese Manga The artwork is spectacular.

    8. Michael Nicoll Yahgulaanas MNY is the creator of a new style of graphic novel, Haida Manga Haida Manga combines First Nations art style and tales with the Japanese graphic novel form of manga MNY uses his distinct style of art to bring Haida Gwaii tales to life Haida art is very distinct and popular in Northwest art.I read Red A Haida Manga all in one sitting As I admired the watercolour illustrations and the unconventional layout of the pages, I felt I was almost missing something in translatio [...]

    9. While a lot of aspect of this story flew way over my head, I still found it to be a really exciting read both on an artistic and narrative level A bit of a slower read physically, I constantly found myself having to read the pictures which I guess I can sometimes gloss over as I whip through graphic novels at the speed of light While it did feel a bit arduous at times, I blame my inpatients and not Yahgulanaas The art is beautiful, drawing from tradition but also infused with many personal eleme [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this It was a classic indigenous North American oral narrative told in graphic novel form with indigenous North American imagery.The story itself wasn t new to me It was reminiscent of Oedipus and the Trojan horse But it still managed to touch me Where this book really shone was in the art style and storytelling felt very fluid and dreamlike, which was captivating.Tangentially related is it just me, or do myths contain an unusually high number of female abduction narratives whil [...]

    11. I think it might be because there is a deeper meaning to this and I am completely missing it, but I don t understand what this story is at all I read what it was supposed to about from the inner flap, but I just don t seem to be getting that from this story Maybe when I actually start school and we do this book everything will make sense, but for right now it s a no for me.I also think the art style is some of the weirdest I have ever seen I love graphic novels, but this just seemed cheap This i [...]

    12. I love the concept of a book that can turn into a work of art, but perhaps because I am unfamiliar with both Haida art and Manga, I found the panels interesting format made it even difficult to understand the story I think the idea of a book that can turn into art is absolutely brilliant, and I loved the colorful illustrations However, for this book I like the illustrations much than the actual story itself.

    13. I have to read this for one of my classes, and I won t rate it until I can discuss it My initial impulse is to give it a 3 due to how confusing it is I guessed that the pages created something larger before I got to the end, and that is extremely creative, and beautiful when you see it, but it turned out to be really difficult to understand at times It might take multiple read throughs, and still I might not be satisfied.

    14. So much is going on in this book, not all of it easy to follow which MNY says is partly the point This isn t a book you can just scream through once and understand It encourages careful attention and consideration It even according to MNY encourages taking the book apart and rearranging its pages I read a library copy, so I didn t have that option, but I delighted in the way the book plays with narrative structure And of course the art is beautiful.

    15. this is definitely an amazing conceptual work but as a graphic novel, it only sort of works i am all for innovative panels, but his use of panels often made the narrative confusing although, the end reveal of the structure makes this clear i found myself loving and hating the art overall, i just didn t think the folktale was engaging there are other Haida legends i would love to see illustrated lastly, calling it manga is kind of a stretch.

    16. I am going to have to read this a few times before I will say I understand it or not The artwork was quite nice, I liked the panels and personally didn t find it much of a challenge to follow the narrative I feel my inability to grasp the moral of the story is due to my cultural limitations than the artist or author not tailoring the message or story to my needs.

    17. Great premise I love the Haida figures and traditional forms, that are visible at the end of the graphic novel, when they show a shrunken view of the pages The story is a little choppy, but I believe that is part of the traditional way of showing people who are grumpy and gruff Can t wait to read the rest of the series.

    18. Drawn to this book by its beautiful artwork, I wanted its words to enchanting I wanted to love this book, and I really did not The narrative is fragmented and the text too limited to pick up the slack.So, trust the other reviewers, and me, if you want to flip through this book for its amazing art, do so, but do it at the library.

    19. I liked this comic aesthetically and would love to see this as the giant composite of its original creation However, I had a hard time following just exactly what was going on, and I m also unsure what makes this a specific nod to manga and not just a general comic Counting this as my indie publisher for the Panels Read Harder challenge.

    20. I was intrigued to hear about this work mixing Haida culture with Japanese manga I had to read it twice to understand the story The black lines separating the pictures collectively form native motifs which you can see as a whole in the back of the book and the inside of the jacket.

    21. Gorgeous book Takes the division lines of comic panels and warps them into a framework that s part of the narrative and, taking all panels at once, a traditional artwork on a grand scale I missed the art exhibit of it on display unfortunately.

    22. Beautiful narrative of true Canadiana The entire book can be dismantled and turned into a poster that is two pieces of art in one the graphic novel and a Haida sketch Still, I found that Red was too one dimensional as far as characters go.

    23. What a beautiful find on the shelves of the public library I wish I could rip out the pages as suggested in the author s note to put all the pages together.

    24. I like Haida art a lot but I m not much of a manga reader so the artistry was appreciated but I didn t love this book.

    25. Haida manga is a very interesting art, I really liked the book for that but the story was really short and a little hard to followe 4 stars are mostly for the art.

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