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Breathing Room By Susan Elizabeth Phillips,

  • Title: Breathing Room
  • Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780061795183
  • Page: 351
  • Format: ebook
  • Join the New York Times bestselling author on a journey to the sun washed hills of Tuscany Another sexy, wonderful, contemporary love story with all the heart, wisdom, and wit that have made Susan Elizabeth Phillips the gold standard for women s fiction.She s Dr Isabel Favor, America s diva of self help.He s Ren Gage, Hollywood s favorite villain.Sometimes you just knowJoin the New York Times bestselling author on a journey to the sun washed hills of Tuscany Another sexy, wonderful, contemporary love story with all the heart, wisdom, and wit that have made Susan Elizabeth Phillips the gold standard for women s fiction.She s Dr Isabel Favor, America s diva of self help.He s Ren Gage, Hollywood s favorite villain.Sometimes you just know that God has a sense of humor.Dr Isabel Favor, author of Four Cornerstones for a Favorable Life, has sacrificed everything to build her self help empire Then, in a matter of weeks, it all comes crashing down She loses her money to an unscrupulous accountant, her fianc to a frumpy older woman, and her reputation to headlines denouncing her as a fraud America s diva of self help soon discovers she can fix everyone s life but her own Broke, heartsick, and soul weary, she heads for Italy in search of a little breathing room.Lorenzo Gage makes his living killing people on the silver screen, that is He s viciously handsome and sublimely talented But as he begins his vacation in Italy, he s also vaguely dissatisfied Being a villain with a face to die for has its rewards, but he hates the feeling that everything he s neglected in life is catching up with him Then he spots Isabel sipping a glass of wine in a sidewalk caf A good guy wouldn t think of seducing such a tidy looking woman but he d never seen the fun in playing the hero.It doesn t take long for Isabel to realize she s escaped one kind of chaos only to be plunged into another Even the shelter of a simple stone farmhouse nestled in a Tuscan olive grove can t provide her with the refuge she needs not when the townspeople are scheming to drive her away, and her plan to restore her reputation has come up empty And especially not when the man who deceived her refuses to leave her in peace.Breathing Room is a book for any woman who s dreamed of wandering through a vineyard, of lazing under the Tuscan sky, or of reforming a deliciously wicked man This is a story of hope and renewal, of love and redemption when it s needed the most Sometimes it takes a special place a special love a little breathing room for life to deliver all its glorious promise.
    Breathing Room Join the New York Times bestselling author on a journey to the sun washed hills of Tuscany Another sexy wonderful contemporary love story with all the heart wisdom and wit that have made Susan Eli

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    1. This one was great I really enjoyed it She s Dr Isabel Favor, America s diva of self help.He s Ren Gage, Hollywood s favorite villain.Sometimes you just know that God has a sense of humor He pushed the steelframed glasses up on his perfect nose I don t pay much attention to the selfhelp movement, but even I ve heard of you Is the doctorate real or phony I have a very real Ph.D in psychology, which qualifies me to make a fairly accurate diagnosis You re a jerk Now, leave me alone Set in Italy Wha [...]

    2. 5 STARSYes, I m going to say it again absolutely bloody fantastic I almost regret starting another book I just want to bask in the afterglow, but then I know I ll be feeling the same blissful joy after each and every SEP book I read There have only been a small number of books that I can say I wanted to pick up and read again right after I finished them and this is one of them.Our heroine here, Dr Isabel Favor, is a quirky, advice filled control freak, that will drive most anyone crazy, but for [...]

    3. Susan Elizabeth is one of my most favorite author s There isn t much I don t love about her writing Her stories are so easy to fall in love with because of her creative plots, her strong characters and the lovely places where it all takes place I ve never been to Italy Reading Breathing Room took me there and quite honestly I cannot imagine a beautiful, romantic place I would love to have just a smidgen of the creative mind that Susan Elizabeth Philips has I love how she presents the contrast [...]

    4. Say hello to the beautiful countryside of Tuscany Scenic, romantic, lovely, well written, engaging and did I mention lovely I could smell the lavender and feel the warmth of the Italian night wrapped around me I traveled to Italy while reading this book I wanted to savor every word It is vacation wrapped in a lovely book A movie star hero, a sweet previous guru heroine, a lovely side cast of Italian neighbors and a side plot of an engaging family What can a girl wish for If you need an escapist [...]

    5. Disclaimer I read this book several years ago, so some things are hazy But a GR friend asked me to write a review So here it is I was thrilled when this book came into the local library I went through a pretty big SEP phase, because I loved the humor in her books, and the steamy romance for the time She had a couple that I read and enjoyed that were serious, such as Dream a Little Dream and This Heart of Mine But in general, her books are laugh out loud funny a real plus, since I love to laugh [...]

    6. This is Eat Pray Love done all in Italy.He cooks, she eats, they love and then she prays.I love SEP but this was somewhat of a letdown, as her trademark angsty heartwrenching chemistry does not shine through The h H as a couple dint work for me For one, there were too many distractions in the form of excessive characters a glutful of em , vague happenings subplots, filler narratives and a medley of secondary romances Surfeit of sec characters and sec romances are a SEP USP but they were just tha [...]

    7. Terminado lectura conjuta con Patry y NoeGracias chicas,me lo paso pipa Bueno la verdad que de todos los le do de la SEP este me ha resultado un poco flojitoPero no quiere decir que no me haya gustadoEso si, la sonrisa te la saca seguro.Hay momentos muy divertidos,Los personajes secundarios te encantan.Y los principales cuando se pican entre si,esta genialPero ella hasta el ltimo momento no se ve cambios en el personaje y l me ha gustado m s.La historia es sencilla sin mucho drama y f cil de lee [...]

    8. WoW I am so glad I missed this book when I was on a SEP binge a few years back This book is slow to start and kinda weird in the beginning but if you stick with it you really won t be disappointed The heroine is the perfect in control woman whose life implodes while our hero is the popular Hollywood villain gearing up for a role of a lifetime They were the definition of opposites attract There was also an engaging secondary story about how kids and miscommunication can shake the foundations of a [...]

    9. I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips and this book is just what you expect from her, with a twist here and there Isabel s perfect life is falling apart and for a famous self help guru, that is a disaster She goes to Italy to regroup and reevaluate and meets Ren, America s favorite actor baddie The way these two change each other and affect those around them is wonderful to read.

    10. A wonderful book that I enjoyed from cover to cover The wine country of Italy setting was divine Ren was a bad boy to die for I loved the interaction between Ren and Isabel.

    11. It was 12 hours after finishing this that I realized how the story parallels Kiss an Angel It s only a couple points, mainly the good girl vs bad man and a component of faith But it s an interesting parallel because this story did those things so very much better.I think the main thing it did better is undermine the certainty of the good bad polarity Isabel is clearly not an angel and Lorenzo Ren is clearly not evil Indeed, it s really only Ren who perceives them in those roles and it s clear fr [...]

    12. El primer SEP que leo Me ha resultado una historia bastante t pica sobre la Toscana soy europea, no me impresionan los vi edos, ni el aceite de oliva , pero sus personajes tienen una profundidad fascinante, repletos de peque os detalles que los hacen nicos, man as y gestos que se repiten y los hacen complejos Me ha gustado el desarrollo emocional de cada uno y la pareja secundaria me ha encantado los ni os son lo m s divertido de la novela Est llena de buen humor, la narraci n es perfecta, sus p [...]

    13. Breathing Room is one of those romances I could finish and immediately start again I adore both Ren and Isabel They have amazing chemistry and their dialogue is fantastic The romance is one that blossoms over time and we really get a sense of the two of them in the meantime This isn t a two day whirlwind romance I love that.The secondary characters are just as wonderful Plus, I adore the setting This book never fails to make me want to visit Italy Definitely a must read.

    14. One of my favorite SEP books The scenic descriptions of Italy made me feel like I was right there There were some silly parts to this book, but the romance was sizzling and I didn t want this book to end

    15. I really loved the heroine in this book she was really unique, in a good way I loved the setting, the story and the steamy scenes One of my favorite books by this author.

    16. Quando si ha il talento di scrittrice di cui dotata Susan Elizabeth Phillips anche l ambientazione pi scontata per un romance americano, quella che ha fatto inciampare fior di scrittori facendoli cadere nello stereotipo dell Italia e degli italiani, sembra perdere i suoi pericoli nascosti e dona ai suoi lettori l ennesimo perfetto capolavoro Ero curiosa di leggere come la celebre scrittrice si fosse cimentata nell uso del grande mito americano dell italianit , mito che trae origine negli anni so [...]

    17. Non credevo avrei dato una valutazione cos bassa alla SEP, ma questo libro, oltre ad avermi annoiata a morte, mi ha pure indisposto Considerato che del 2002 e che finora in Italia non si era visto, la CE poteva pure lasciarlo al resto del mercato mondiale e dedicarsi alla pubblicazione di altro.Non nutro particolari simpatie per i libri con una forte componente analitica dei caratteri dei personaggi e quando uno dei protagonisti uno psicologo questo succede sempre Preferisco leggere tra le righe [...]

    18. I am soo happy I think I wanna cry right now This book was so good Chicago Stars level good After the dissapointment in most of Wynette series I have to admit that I started reading with low expectations but SEP did it again The book was yummy It has humor, drama, romance and a hero to die for.Ren is most likely one of my favorite romance heroes of all time He is gorgeous, a little arrogant, has a sense of humor, he is a great guy in bad boy s clothes He knows he has issues, he knows why he has [...]

    19. Breathing Room by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsContemporary RomanceI was touched, entertained and amused by this book SEP can do with a sentence to create a picture than a lot of writers can do with a whole book Her descriptions are so good and vivid without being long and boring, so the book seems to come to life also love the twists.The banter and sizzle between Isabel and Ren was great At first you think that no way these two would end up together but I was proven wrong They were perfect together [...]

    20. La ambientaci n, la historia, la qu mica entre los personajes y Lorenzo OMG Gage han sido fant sticos pero Isabel Favor es la peor protagonista femenina de SEP Lo siento, ero Isabel es una obsesa del control, irritante, repelente y una mujer con demasiadas ganas de meterse en asuntos ajenos Para m ha sido muy insoportable, de hecho, es la nica protagonista de SEP que no me ha gustado Isabel ha sido lo nico que ha impedido que disfrute esta historia al m ximo, pero aun as , Toscana Para Dos me ha [...]

    21. Toscana para dos es un libro rom ntico, dulce, entra able y muy divertido, con unos protagonistas totalmente distintos pero que encajan perfectamente, dotados de mucho car cter, carisma e inteligencia y, como siempre, tambi n hay una serie de personajes secundarios que aportan mucha salsa a la historia sin quitarles protagonismo a los principales.La historia goza de buen ritmo desde el principio, y la ambientaci n y descripciones que hace la autora del entorno son impecables Quiero volver a Ital [...]

    22. Breathing Room was a decent book It s about a bad boy movie star and famous self help doctor who spend a few weeks in Tuscany, Italy The story was very original and even though I didn t enjoy it as much as I ve enjoyed SEP s other books it still had enough to keep me slightly intrigued I really enjoyed how the story took place in Italy but there is something about both characters that I just didn t fall in love with There just wasn t enough sweet moments for me like SEP s other books One thing I [...]

    23. 2.5 stars I totally loved the hero in this book but the heroine drove me B.U.N.K.E.R.S She was batshit crazy, even for SEP standards Isabel Favor has lost everything a self help guru, her career went to shit when it was discovered that her business manager embezzled her money and she owed millions in taxes to the IRS She goes to Italy to find herself again, where she meets Lorenzo Gage, a movie actor who always plays villains.How freaking cool was that The best part of the book is having him rec [...]

    24. 4.5 stars This is a fun dream of a story of love and second chances Self help diva Isabel Favor has seen her empire come crashing down around her, and she travels to Italy in search of the breathing room of the title While traveling, she has a hot night of passion with a random stranger, only to discover when she reaches Tuscany that he is her new neighbor.Actor Lorenzo Gage has had enough of groupies and while she frustrates him, Isabel also attracts him and he finds her lack of fawning refresh [...]

    25. By Suzan Elizabeth Phillips Grade BI started reading this book when I was tired of reading the same old boring story with the same plot where the girl and boy have straight uncomplicated sex But the girl falls in love with the boy during this But the boy does not want to get involved in a relationship They have a fight and then the boy realizes how much he loves this girl and marries her.This book is nothing different, and honestly I was hugely disappointed with Ms Phillips She has entertained m [...]

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