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So Sad to Fall in Battle So Sad to Fall in Battle By Kumiko Kakehashi,

  • Title: So Sad to Fall in Battle So Sad to Fall in Battle
  • Author: Kumiko Kakehashi
  • ISBN: 9780307497918
  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook
  • The Battle of Iwo Jima has been memorialized innumerable times as the subject of countless books and motion pictures, most recently Clint Eastwood s films Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from IwoJima, and no wartime photo is famous than Joe Rosenthal s Pulitzer Prize winning image of Marines raising the flag on Mount Suribachi Yet most Americans know only one side oThe Battle of Iwo Jima has been memorialized innumerable times as the subject of countless books and motion pictures, most recently Clint Eastwood s films Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from IwoJima, and no wartime photo is famous than Joe Rosenthal s Pulitzer Prize winning image of Marines raising the flag on Mount Suribachi Yet most Americans know only one side of this pivotal and bloodybattle First published in Japan to great acclaim, becoming a bestseller and a prize winner, So Sad to Fall in Battle shows us the struggle, through the eyes of Japanese commander Tadamichi Kuribayashi, one of the mostfascinating and least known figures of World War II As author Kumiko Kakehashi demonstrates, Kuribayashi was far from the stereotypical fanatic Japanese warrior Unique among his country sofficers, he refused to risk his men s lives in suicidal banzai attacks, instead creating a defensive, insurgent style of combat that eventually became the Japanese standard On Iwo Jima, he eschewed thespecial treatment due to him as an officer, enduring the same difficult conditions as his men, and personally walked every inch of the island to plan the positions of thousands of underground bunkers and tunnels Thevery flagpole used in the renowned photograph was a pipe from a complex water collection system the general himself engineered Exclusive interviews with survivors reveal that as the tide turnedagainst him, Kuribayashi displayed his true mettle Though offered a safer post on another island, he chose to stay with his men, fighting alongside them in a final, fearless, and ultimately hopeless three hoursiege After thirty six cataclysmic days on Iwo Jima, Kurbiayashi s troops were responsible for the deaths of a third of all U.S Marines killed during the entire four year Pacificconflict, making him, in the end, America s most feared and respected foe Ironically, it was Kuribayashi s own memories of his military training in America in the 1920s, and hisadmiration for this country s rich, gregarious, and self reliant people, that made him fear ever facing them in combat a feeling that some suspect prompted his superiors to send him to Iwo Jima, where he met his fate Along with the words of his son and daughter, which offer unique insight into the private man, Kuribayashi s own letters cited extensively in this book paint astirring portrait of the circumstances that shaped him So Sad to Fall in Battle tells a fascinating, never before told story and introduces America, as if for the first time, to one of its most worthyadversaries From the Hardcover edition.
    So Sad to Fall in Battle So Sad to Fall in Battle The Battle of Iwo Jima has been memorialized innumerable times as the subject of countless books and motion pictures most recently Clint Eastwood s films Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from IwoJima

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    1. Books like these are always hard to comment on This is a true story based on their very real letters As I said before, I have a respect for the Japanese Especially for the Japanese soldiers in WWII Even though both of my grandfathers fought in WWII, I still can t help but respect and honor these men I especially have a high respect for every man who fought in the Battle for Iwo Jima It was one of the bloodiest battles out of the whole war.The book only made me tear up a couple of times, mostly w [...]

    2. No matter how many times the writter tried to make Kuribayashi a maverick, genius general, I just found myself disagreeing even He divides his time in Iwo Jima between constructing a vast cemetary of tunnels to fight a guerilla war which he was bound to lose and writting numerous letters instructing his family in minutae on how to proceed with their lives The number of letters he writes is really what s astonishing and on totally irrelevant subjects He writes a number of letters from Iwo Jima, [...]

    3. How must you live your life You can live normally for a while then lose it horrifically for a cause, like your country s war, then after many years be remembered and turned into a film by Clint Eastwood or some such Hollywood guy looking for some nice stories they can recreate on screen and win Academy awards for.Before the war, Lt General Kuribayashi Tadamichi stayed in the US for about two years and had seen with his own eyes how nice, normal and likeable the average Americans are and how far [...]

    4. All I have to keep me company is my packet of Doritos Tangy cheese flavour, hehehe , and Strawberry flavoured water which I must admit is pretty good Hey, what can I say I m experimenting PI just finished watching FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS which is told from the Americans perspective I thought it was an ok movie But I m half an hour into this movie and I m already loving it Sure, Ken Watanabe gorgeous man softened me up to the idea of giving it a go, but I was also very curious to see things from th [...]

    5. 203 pages which could have been whittled down to about a third of the amount It s an interesting read but very repetitive The author would have benefited from a good editor pointing out some of the clunky repeats of information At the end of it I acknowledge the author s adoration of the subject, a Japanese colonel who fought the Americans at Iwo Jima, but I don t feel I really understand the colonel or his motivation The fact that he knew they were beaten but still moved his men towards a grues [...]

    6. La battaglia di Iwo Jima vista nel racconto degli ultimi mesi di vita del generale giapponese che comandava la guarnigione della terrificante isola del Pacifico Senso del dovere senza fanatismo, serenit davanti alla morte, la tristezza l dove un occidentale avrebbe messo la rabbia Commovente e a tratti terribile.

    7. Very interesting to learn of the Japanese side of the battle for Iwo Jima This book should be read along with Flags of Our Fathers.

    8. For our homeland Until the very last man Our duty is to stop the enemy right here Do not expect to return home alive The story of the battle of Iwo Jima between the United States and Imperial Japan during World War II, as told from the perspective of the Japanese who fought it.Ken Watanabe General Kuribayashi Review of film, which was similar to the book, although obviously detail provided A film with powerful, historical significance Told from the side of the Japanese as they prepare to protec [...]

    9. but it isn t the letters It is Kakehashi s analysis of the battle, with extracts of some letters With her analysis, the language is rather colloquial There s tautology and lots of When you read this letter, you can really feel etc Can I It s probably the translation I also felt that it requires than translation for non Japanese readers All the stuff about digging up the bones needs some context Otherwise it just seems unnecessarily morbid.I think I d rather have just read the letters with footn [...]

    10. The are two sides to every story goes the old adage.Books like this are there to remind us that there are actually several.The letters of Lt General Kuribayashi are not included in there entirety but rather quoted as inserts into the main text as it tells it s story Alongside interviews with survivors and family members, these add to a well researched book about a very singular, a typical Japanese officer and a quality human being to boot, and therein lies the authors aim.Obviously written in or [...]

    11. I loved this book It gave me a new perspective on WWII and it was about a wonderful man of great character.

    12. I loved this book During WW2, Americans hated the Germans, but they dehumanized the Japanese The racism with which the Japanese people were regarded often blinds us to the actual actions of Japanese generals and the like This book takes a very personal look at General Kuribayashi s life and legacy, one that is often overlooked His love for his family was heartbreakingly tangible, and his desire to stay by his soldiers side often resulted in rebelliousness He was quite a guy This is a fast read i [...]

    13. Those who have heard of the small island off the coast of Japan known as Iwo Jima have than likely seen the famous Clint Eastwood film Letters from Iwo Jima that depicts the epic thirty six day confrontation between Japanese and American forces in 1945 While the film version itself is a masterpiece in it s own rights, I was most inclined to read the actual memoirs of the Japanese defenders who courageously fought and endured untold hardships thousands of miles from home From her first book, So [...]

    14. General Tadamichi was given the responsibility for organizing the defense of Iwo Jima in WWII It was, for a time, considered to be of strategic importance, as enemy troops could use it as an airfield refuel launch point for attacks on Japan Others higher up in the military chain of command later decided it was not worth protecting, but by then they had already committed over 20,000 troops to the cause almost all of which lost their lives keeping the American invaders at bay for as long as they c [...]

    15. This is the book based on General Tadamichi Kuribayashi s letters from Iwo Jima It s an excellent book to read It is not a dry history of the terrible battle instead, it shows the soldiers as realistic, writing home to loved ones It shows how advanced Kuribayashi s thinking was, also.Instead of doing a defense of Iwo Jima in the traditional way, he did it his way, literally, and his way produced far American casualties than if he had followed tradition The book reveals a lot about the general, [...]

    16. Saya membaca cerita pertempuran Iwo Jima sewaktu masih kelas 1 SMP, dari edisi khusus majalah Hai yang judulnya Iwo Jima Sampul depannya bergambar seorang Jepang mungkin itu jenderalnya dan beberapa kapal serta B 29 Amerika Isinya tentang pertempuran di pulau belerang milik Jepang itu Sama seperti membaca Citizen Soldier edisi Bahasa, terjemahan dalam edisi khusus itu juga belepotan sehingga cukup menyesatkan Misalnya, dalam edisi khusus disebutkan Batalyon Marinir 21 Ternyata setelah membaca re [...]

    17. I very much enjoyed reading this book It recalls and retells in a biographical format the letters and life of General Kuribayashi Tadamichi during his time in command on the island of Iwo Jima which was the scene of some of the fierest fighting in WW2 in pacific The real of strength of this book is the personal and direct insight it gives of the mentality of the Japanese Imperial Forces at the time It certainly fills in alot of gaps in my own understanding as to why they were so brutal at times [...]

    18. It was an interesting experience to read about a WWII battle in the Pacific from the point of view of the Japanese So Sad to Fall in Battle is an account of the battle of Iwo Jima based largely on the letters of the Japanese commander, LTG Tadamichi Kuribayashi and written by a Japanese author The Japanese were demonized to my generation born 1941 and few books published in the west deal with them as people This account points out that on a certain level, the Japanese soldier thought and worried [...]

    19. A good account of war the writing is not the best and there is a lot of repetition for such a short book But overall I really enjoyed it It is a short history of General Kuribayashi, who is the equivalent of General Patton or Douglas MacArthur in his popularity and contribution to history.Written by a Japanese historian, there are a few small areas where the American military is lambasted, especially in regards to the fire bombing of Tokyo, and this writer did fail to mention some of the mutilat [...]

    20. As the title suggests this is a collection of stories about the individual stories that are written by the Japanese soldiers to their loved ones back home I have not read this book yet though the movie is very moving Again I chose this book as a Japanese pick because I thought it would be a great pick for the Asian arts ANd I would use it in the classroom to depict the fact that even on the Axis powers Germany, Russia for a while , Italy, and Japan even their soldiers had the same hopes, fears, [...]

    21. Perhaps I approached this book with the wrong mindset Going in thinking of it as a secondary source of history, I was quite disappointed to find that there was no clear argument or narrative running through it Kakehashi clearly adores her subject matter and his life, but I found it quite repetitive when she constantly goes back to how much of a family man he was or how much he cared for his soldiers, compared to the other officers of that time Obviously, he was not like other people who might ha [...]

    22. I thought this book was a wonderful story about the Japanese side during the Battle of Iwo Jima during WWII I thought it was also a very dramatic story because it was mostly centered on a young Japanese soldier who is sending letters to his wife in Japan who is pregnant with his child It is sad how everyday is a constant battle for survival for him in one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific Theater of War during 1945 This story is also one of my favorite books because I love WWII stories and [...]

    23. Before beginning to write this review, I read many of the reviews that others posted Some were positive, others not so Some were middle of the road I speak English, Japanese, enough Spanish to live in Spanish speaking countries and enough Hebrew to get from here to Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem I do not dislike anyone except those who preach violence, hatred and spread lies I try not to judge others except that I always speak out against hatred and discrimination of ANY kind I wonder, given the state [...]

    24. I very much appreciated the subject, especially the author showing what an unusual Japanese the general was he spent some time in America before the war and a few things about the chain of command in Japan at the time What I liked most were the examples of last letters , which had to be patriotic and stoic else they were censored, and the demonstration of the general s manipulative kindness only the soldiers loyalty to him, and not only the emperor, would have kept them from suicide He showed hi [...]

    25. Letters From Iwo Jima is a tremendous book that opens your eyes to seeing the Japanese s point of view during war We are usually exposed to stories about how the Japanese and Germans behave brutally but this book has brought new perspectives, especially to me, to see that not every Japanese were inhumane There were some that did not want the war, but for the love of their country, and their loyalty to the emperor, they went ahead doing so Such fierce discipline and culture the Japanese people ha [...]

    26. Growing up, I had never been interested in learning about war I didn t like the idea of war, fighting or violence, so I never really took an interest in reading about the wars that happened throughout the world However, I really enjoyed reading these letters from a Japanese general in Iwo Jima From the limited information I learned about Iwo Jima in school, this book expanded on that and really illuminated the atrocities that occurred during World War II at Iwo Jima Thanks to this book, I ve tak [...]

    27. Very gripping story of the Japanese defenders of Iwo Jima, pieced together primarily from letters and despatches sent back by the general who was in command there It is sad that many details of the actual war there, particularly of the last days, are lost forever as the Japanese army was wiped out almost to the last man The spirit and resolve of General Kuriyabashi, and the soldiers there is admirable all the as they planned and fought even knowing it was a lost cause This is one of very few bo [...]

    28. This was an extremely interesting take on WW2 because of its point of view It is written from the side of the Japanese, and the readers get to to see the humanity involved in the Japanese fighters Just like Americans, they had lovers back home, concerned family members, and a huge amount of fear involved They were all scared of what was to come, and it didn t seem like it was part of their nature to fight and kill It was extremely touching and it gave me a whole new perspective of WW2 especially [...]

    29. The book focuses specifically on the letters of one man, General Kuribayashi I don t know much about militaries and war strategies, but after reading this, I have great respect for that man However, the author repeats over and over again using the exact same words about how amazing this man is, and I wish she would have expanded on the other soldiers I felt the story of Kuribayashi is impressive than the book about Iwo Jima.Extended review on my blog.

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