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Spellfire By Ed Greenwood,

  • Title: Spellfire
  • Author: Ed Greenwood
  • ISBN: 9780786918744
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • It can lay low a dragon or heal a wounded warrior It is the most sought after magical power in all Faerun And it is in the reluctant hands of Shandril of Highmoon, a young, orphaned kitchen lass Now she s on the run from half of the evil sorcerers in the land, not to mention their relentless minions But with the help of a handsome young wizard, some rough and tumble It can lay low a dragon or heal a wounded warrior It is the most sought after magical power in all Faerun And it is in the reluctant hands of Shandril of Highmoon, a young, orphaned kitchen lass Now she s on the run from half of the evil sorcerers in the land, not to mention their relentless minions But with the help of a handsome young wizard, some rough and tumble Knights of Myth Drannor, and a certain old mage of Shadowdale, she just might manage to stay alive At least until tomorrow.
    Spellfire It can lay low a dragon or heal a wounded warrior It is the most sought after magical power in all Faerun And it is in the reluctant hands of Shandril of Highmoon a young orphaned kitchen lass Now s

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    1. Although the writting style is a little flat sometimes, and that the excessive number of characters and different plots are very confusing, this a fun introduction to the Realms, and a must read for Dungeons and Dragons fans.

    2. rantingdragon review oSpellfire by Ed Greenwood is one of the very first novels published in the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting, and the first by the creator It set the stage for what would become dozens upon dozens of books in one of the largest shared world fictions ever made.An introduction to the RealmsBeing the very first major setting novel to be published in the Realms, which was originally picked up as a game setting rather than a fiction setting, Spellfire seems hell bent on introduci [...]

    3. The story is simple Shandril has always longed for adventure, and when she is able to leave her predictable life behind, she does so Everything is very ordinary until she discovers she possesses this powerful form of magic which she is not able to harness or completely control.I feel that Greenwood has many elements to craft a fantastic story This is the original Forgotten Realms novel and it contains a great amount of information about the world and some of its characters However, Greenwood err [...]

    4. I recognize all the merits Ed Greenwood had by writing the very first saga for the Forgotten Realms But the book has many, many problems For starters, those who are not familiar with this world like I wasn t will feel like this is a very strange narrative Because it talks about people and places like you already knew them, never explaining where they came from or who they actually were It is confusing, specially because Greenwood inserts so many parallel stories.Also, the characters themselves s [...]

    5. This is the last read for this particular copy It has been through years of worldwide travel, reading, and than one flood I m not going to elaborate on that tussle with the geese So I shall bid a tearful farewell to Shandril, her friends, and my old battered and beloved copy as I take it to the recycle Don t gasp if your reading this it is in no condition to ever be read again believe me if I didn t recall the missing parts it wouldn t have been readable these last few times I ve not read much [...]

    6. Corny, to say the very least I m an enormous fan of the Forgotten Realms setting and the sword and sorcery style books it entails but, this book is too Disney Channel for my liking To be brutally honest, I didn t finish it Shandril s character is one dimensional Also, this might sound weird but, there s too many exclamation points and too many words in italics For example Do I stand and gawk If I did, what would the guests eat then Shandril snorted Great chance, indeed, of that ever happening Th [...]

    7. My feelings for this book are a bit biased I ll admite this was the first fantasy book I ever read, and I ve been reading the genre ever sinceSo thanks Ed I was a young teen or close to it when I read this book and I remember it being full of magic, wonder and even having some serious dramatic moments in it least for my ageBut even now I KNOW I enjoy reading books by Ed Greenwood His writing style is interesting, his dialog for some of his key characters certainly in some later books is rich and [...]

    8. I wanted to like the first book by the famous creator of the Forgotten Realms, but, alas, there s nothing to like here The plot is plain and uninteresting, does nothing to keep you reading The most annoying thing, though, are the unidimentional characters, most of them are there to fill the dungeon crawl formula my own RPG campaings have had developed characters And I really, really hate Gandalf, err Elminster I bet he was a fun character when Greenwood played as him in his DD games, but here i [...]

    9. I first read this book long ago in my youth and I had fond memories of enjoying it Going through my book collection, I happened to stumble upon it and decided to relive the past nostalgia boy was I wrong This story was a chore to get through I got the impression of it dragging from scene to scene and filled with a secession of coincidences and conveniences In the end I was left feeling pretty disappointed at my shattered memory.

    10. A true story of herpes.It was awesome I could not ever put it down for to long You will love this series of stories

    11. I read this book in second grade and it is responsible for landing me with a lifelong love of the fantastic.

    12. I really wanted to like this book The first book that started all the Forgotten Realms adventures and with a lot of promise to boot Cover art made me salivate and then I started reading and the book progressed the angry it made me Characters 2Very unlikable characters made this book very boring to read for me It was as if everyone in this book wants to protect Shandril A genius name, probably he best part about characters was their name And I meaneveryone From the first moment they lay their e [...]

    13. A Ed Greenwood hay que agradecerle la creaci n de los Reinos Olvidados, y como ya dije cuandorese la saga de Elminster, lo que sorprende es que un escritor capaz de idear entretenidas an cdotas sobre un simple objeto m gico como sucede, por ejemplo, en sus art culos para la revista Drag n defraude tanto cuando se trata de una novela.Como en el caso comentado, Fuego m gico es un libro sin estructura, aburrido en muchas ocasiones, basado en la superposici n de duelos m gicos y con muy poca chicha [...]

    14. I did not realize this was the first Forgotten Realms book when I found it on a bookshelf somewhere I had already read many other of the novels and liked this blurb a low level girl who has some mysterious power I hoped for a change from the ultra powerful high level god like characters in many of the other books, perchance a believable challenging adventure of discovery.I was disappointed Elminster and his gang of one swing and the bad guy is dead Knights dominate too much of this book The ro [...]

    15. Spellfire by Ed GreenwoodI liked it well enoughbut I definitely had some issues with it Particularly the love scenes between view spoiler Narm and Shandril hide spoiler I hated those moments so much that there were times I had to put the book down and walk away for a few moments in order to resist the urge to huck the book across the room They made me cringe not in a that s so cute way but in a please let this be over soon way I m sorry, I just don t buy the whole falling in love bit just becaus [...]

    16. Ed Greenwood s books about Elminster are quite good and I liked them I really wanted to like this book I hate this book I m sad to say it, but this book was so bad that I couldn t even finish it I got to the dragon fights and just had to stop.It s poorly organized, the MC is terrible, and the interesting characters get almost no page time Just, a disappointing read all around Read Annotated Elminster It s much better.

    17. This was one of the first Forgotten Realms books I read, almost 25 years ago now I ve since read dozens in the series and have never forgotten the clear, descriptive style with which Spellfire was written To be honest, I ve had a hard time finding series I liked and hold almost every fantasy book to the standards set by Ed Greenwood.

    18. A solid story that felt slightly mechanical, but was a fine fantasy romp all told Definitely a story written to build, rather than explore, a campaign setting Worthwhile if you love DD lore or Faerun, worth skipping if that isn t you.

    19. I like Forgotten Realms books, but this book was so bad that I temporarily stopped reading anything, and I couldn t even finish.

    20. Very goodVery good History, rich in various characters and filled with the art of magic, at last readed this Ed Greenwood creation is worth reading.

    21. Jesus Christ, this book took me forever to read, and by the time I got to 90% on my Kindle, I was done I love Ed Greenwood, but this one is wordy and a bit repetitive It serves as a nice introduction to the Forgotten Realms, but I am willing to be that the original version of this book about 100 pages shorter would have been sufficient So spells Dracoliches Spellfire Harpers Elminster Shadowdale The Art More dracoliches Beholders The Cult of the Dragon Dracoliches.Like that A fun read I liked th [...]

    22. WOW This was the best Greenwood book I ve ever read I m so relieved I don t know if he s just becoming a better author or if I m getting used to his whimsical writing style, but this was a big leap for meI can honestly say that I m actually looking forward to the next book in this series It s crazy, I know.This book starts out, like so many others, at the Inn of Highmoon The main character is Shandril Shessair a nobody washgirl who dreams of adventure She hooks up with a group of adventures, who [...]

    23. A Story About a Powerful Peasant19 March 2012 To put it blunt this book was utter rubbish Sometimes actually most times I wish would have a rating system of 10 as opposed to the one they currently have five simply because I feel that a rating out of 10 gives a much better idea of what I actually think of a book Then again, when does one stop, at 20, 50, 100 I personally don t know, but I have always liked to use a rating of 10 simply because giving a book a 1 seems to have of an impact of a sca [...]

    24. Action, adventure romance, and encounters with famous people from the Forgotten Realms universe all happen here Shandril has grown up as a kitchen servant at an inn, and has never seen the world beyond A chance encounter with a group of adventurers who get into a brawl at the inn leads her to decide to take a chance and run off with the adventuring company in search of adventure.Little does she know what awaits her.

    25. Taken from the cover Spellfire The word brings to mind magic and dragons Unthinkable energy.Magical energy that a simple scullery maid can t possibly control.Shandril of Highmoon, an orphaned girl, is bored her solution run away, in search of adventure.What Shandril doesn t know is that her whimsical action will take her to the grotto of the most feared creature in the Realmsor that the only magic strong enough to defeat the unspeakable evil surrounding that dracolich must thanks to the Great Ma [...]

    26. Puf, la verdad que me cost acabarlo No es lo peor de lo peor pero es una incongruencia detr s de otra No quiero espoilear pero si lo he acabado es por que soy muy fan de Forgotten.

    27. Ed Greenwood s first novel in the Forgotten Realm world to showcase it back when TSR released the game world to the world When I first read this book in my youth, I didn t know that and it is nice that they rereleased this novel with added material so that the reader can see everything Greenwood wanted to have in his story originally Yet as nice as it is, it made for a very long and drawn out novel of characters reacting to everything around them and not really DOING anything Couple this with Sh [...]

    28. If you like an OK high fantasy story featuring many of the most iconic Forgotten Realms characters, this is your book Do not except a masterpiece this is a far cry from other Ed Greenwood s such as Elminster The Making of a Mage but I think it s understandable, being one of the very first Forgotten Realms novels that came out from TSR.There s a lot of spell slinging, something I like very much, and all the characters are over the top I became particularly fond of the Rogue Torm and Rathan the Cl [...]

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