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Sub Rosa By Amber Dawn,

  • Title: Sub Rosa
  • Author: Amber Dawn
  • ISBN: 9781551523613
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this stunning, Lambda Literary Award winning debut novel, Amber Dawn subverts the classic hero s quest adventure to create a dark post feminist vision Sub Rosa s reluctant heroine is a teenaged runaway named Little she stumbles upon an underground society of ghosts and magicians, missing girls and would be johns a place called Sub Rosa Not long after she is initiaIn this stunning, Lambda Literary Award winning debut novel, Amber Dawn subverts the classic hero s quest adventure to create a dark post feminist vision Sub Rosa s reluctant heroine is a teenaged runaway named Little she stumbles upon an underground society of ghosts and magicians, missing girls and would be johns a place called Sub Rosa Not long after she is initiated into this family of magical prostitutes, Little is called upon to lead them through a maze of feral darkness a calling burdened with grotesque enemies, strange allies, and memories from a foggy past Sub Rosa is a beautiful, gutsy, fantastical allegory of our times.
    Sub Rosa In this stunning Lambda Literary Award winning debut novel Amber Dawn subverts the classic hero s quest adventure to create a dark post feminist vision Sub Rosa s reluctant heroine is a teenaged run

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    1. My musings on Sub Rosa by Amber Dawn First off, I ll start this review of sorts by saying that I have a wide assortment of styles and genres of books that I read and enjoy but the lifestyle of prostitution has never been a reading interest of mine Upon looking up the title of my October book club novel I was apprehensive I worried that Ms Dawn would play the sex too heavy handed and wig me out Although this novel has a number of failings, that was not one of them for me.A quick note here, if you [...]

    2. Engaging story, so so pacing, terrible writing, VERY heavy handed gag I suspect my friends who claim to like this book so much do so because it is radical Shame on them for settling.

    3. With a sharp pen, fierce intellect and ferocious take on sex, sex work and sexuality, Amber Dawn s first novel Sub Rosa is a page turner Some books take on humanity, others merely relay a story Dawn s Sub Rosa does both and is explosive With a brashness akin to Michelle Tea, Dawn explores sexuality, sensuality and subtlety In moments protagonist Little lingers with innocent fragility, while in others she s overthrown by a sinister force that threatens to overwhelm her Part pornography, part pulp [...]

    4. this book is magic stunningly inventive, a pleasure to read you think it s a clearcut fable about sex work but it quickly becomes its own idiosyncratic world, an unstable phantasmagoria irreducible to allegory.

    5. Really torn on this one There s a lot to love, but it never quite comes together The front 1 3 of the book is good world building, and the back 1 3 is the story that the whole thing should have been The middle 1 3 is a complete mess and I almost quit reading during it even the writing style good in the other parts falls apart in a way that feels unedited and unrevised And in a minor grammatical quibble, some editor really needs to figure out to vs too The book just didn t sit right with me, and [...]

    6. It s hard for me to find words to describe this book, it s narrator, and her journey without foraying into the realm of cliche, or defining it by a process of deferral ie telling you not what it is but what it isn t.The way I describe it to people when I know they won t read it and feel like startling them is, It s a story about magical prostitutes But that s an oversimplification This is a story about growing up, a magic realist savior story, a post feminist magical realist tale of fluid identi [...]

    7. I devoured this one and would definitely read it again An engrossing urban fantasy tale with a truly unique and imaginative setting I loved its explorations of the role of memory in shaping who we are, and all of the quirky characters At points the plot got sidetracked and the denouement happened perhaps too suddenly and ambiguously, after a long enticing build up to something that one expected to be a bit tangible It s one of those books that gives you questions than answers The way the plot [...]

    8. The title of this haunting first novel literally means beneath the rose, usually applied to a secret meeting In this case, Sub Rosa is an actual neighborhood that exists in its own dimension in a city that resembles Vancouver, Canada It s a luxurious haven for sex workers who have literally paid their dues by serving an apprenticeship in a dangerous place called the Dark Even in the real world, the sex trade has a culture of its own Sexual orientation is fluid in that milieu, where pimps usually [...]

    9. Lisa nominated this book for LL book club for September reading I am really pleased that both Cyril and I read this book I love sharing things with him I felt like I ve been in Sub Rosa at times in my life before not really like deja vu, but like it was reading a memory so stuffed away that I couldn t stop sneezing when it was brought back to the fore front of my mind The World that is Sub Rosa is reminiscent of places like Sin City and the memories I have of engaging in that scene I feel, howev [...]

    10. Vancouver writer Amber Dawn s Sub Rosa, published in 2010 by the radical and remarkable publishing house Arsenal Pulp Press, is a fantasy novel that is both familiar and fantastic It deals with what should be a recognized reality in its depiction of gutsy, gritty, strong women doing sex work in Vancouver s East end But Dawn a writer gutsy, gritty, and strong like her characters has imagined a world that is a glittery yet tough fable twist on the story of a teenage runaway turned sex workere the [...]

    11. Amazing Really, that s the best review I can provide Not like anything I ve read in a long, long time And really well written.

    12. I ve never read such a accurate seeming depiction of sex work, and the urban fantasy side of this is top notch I wish it had had a compelling ending, but maybe I just read it too fast.

    13. I walked into the book store in my city s gay village and said, I need books with lesbians in them What I got was well, there was certainly no romance.There isn t a lot to say about Sub Rosa It s directionless, can t settle on any kind of main conflict, is jam packed with characters that have no personality including the main character , and completely contradicts itself at every turn When you read a book about sex work, written by an ex sex worker, you expect it to challenge expectations about [...]

    14. A woman becomes a prostitute on the magical street Sub Rosa Somewhere between magical realism, stark realism, and allegory, the depiction of prostitution as something that is sometimes awful and sometimes fulfilling in some ways and sometimes simply banal reminds me a lot of Michelle Tea s writing, in a good way and I notice she is thanked in the acknowledgements I m still mulling this one over in some ways, and it s good when books have you still thinking about them after you put them down.

    15. I went to a joint reading where I was first introduced to Amber Dawn s writing, she is a terrific reader and writer Sub Rosa is a novel about memory and survival, and it is the first book she wrote It is written in the style of magical realism and has been compared to the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales She told me it is her memoir than her second book, How Poetry Saved My Life, A Hustler s Memoir Amber Dawn is Canadian, and has an MFA in Creative Writing She is primarily a poet, which shows in the [...]

    16. One man said, Bury me alive He lay on the bed with his arms dead man crossed over his chest First knelt at his feet and dropped her body down, little by little I imagined it felt like heavy clods of sod covering him from the ankles up She unhooked her bra, and her breasts fell over his face I heard his gasps, his muffled yes I watched her hold her breath and her body grow even bigger so that not a hint of him was left Do you want to revive our dear departed man here First signalled me over as sh [...]

    17. Not the book I should have chosen to read between classes, I was hoping it would bolster my knowledge of sexuality and gender while inspiring creative thinking yes I plan out my books to best benefit my current courses and goals, no shame I read Amber Dawn s autobiography first, I follow her activism and events and think she s generally a woman I want to know and think her voice is an important one in modern politics Unfortunately for me this work was a disappointment, it s her first piece of wr [...]

    18. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally For the record, I want it noted that I wanted very much to like Amber Dawn s Sub Rosa it not only comes recommended by my old 90s writing buddy Michelle Tea, but Daniel Casey even asked to re run my resulting write up at his Gently Read Literature, a great litmag that I love having the chance to support Ah, but then [...]

    19. Not a review, of a thought I had while reading this book that made me feel bad Part of why I picked up Sub Rosa is because I found it in some lesbian book lists As a woman loving woman I am starved to read about relationships that are like the ones I have and in that aspect, this book was incredibly disappointing I ve been noticing a pattern of relationships between women being described as super innocent and non sexual In the case of Sub Rosa, it s just some kissing On the other hand, there a [...]

    20. Many mixed feelings about this book most of which I will have to ruminate on further before arriving at any conclusions.Memory Identity Autonomy Body Place.I will echo other reviewers in stating that I feel like I should have liked this book than I actually did It ticks the boxes in terms of having many of the elements that I enjoy in post feminist allegorical fiction lulz However, I did feel somehow like the narrative was inconsistent and I can t really put my finger on what I didn t like abou [...]

    21. Sub Rosa is a stunning, disorienting and extraordinary journey into a parallel world, one which mirrors and illuminates our own The first novel by talented multi media artist and fellow Vancouverite, Amber Dawn, this book delivers a tender, touching, sexy story which I found, towards the end, to be also almost unbearably suspenseful The back cover blurbs offer a bewildering array of comparisons, but really this book stands on its own as a unique blend of bitter truth, insights, hope, and overarc [...]

    22. i ve read only the first few chapters and i am in love with this book, with the protagonist and fascinatec by the people she is involved with and their world finished now and enjoyed Amber Dawn creates an unusual and fascinating world with compelling characters i felt compassion for Little and the other lost girls i could easily imagine books based on Sub Rosa and the other characters, finding their way out of the Dark

    23. I wish Amber would tell me what to call this book An imaginative fantasy A metaphor for reality It s certainly imaginative, and it draws you into a world of imagination that is also grounded in reality, at least a certain kind of reality At its core is are questions of identity and memory and freedom, even if it s painful than an unfree existence.

    24. i like it and once again maybe really liked it, but god it was hard to read some of those scenes zombie raping yikes but i liked this as a sort of metaphysical story about sex workers and one particular character, little who thinks there might be for her, which leads her to her past or to her death or to love not sure.

    25. This is without a doubt one of the best books I ve ever read Sub Rosa is almost familiar, it has aspects to it of every single club or brothel I ve worked in, the Glories with their magical powers truly due represent the magical aspects of the sex workers I ve worked with over the years This book should be on highschool reading lists and be made into some kind of movie.

    26. This first novel felt a little unfinished Underdone Also it was straighter than I expected But it certainly made me want to read by Amber Dawn.

    27. Imagine a Diagon Alley for prostitutes and you have Sub Rosa Well, at first glance anyway There s magic on Sub Rosa, but the real magic shines through the character of Little and the other inhabitants of that hidden street You ll want to get to know them all better.

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