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  • Title: American Music
  • Author: Jane Mendelsohn
  • ISBN: 9780307272669
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of I Was Amelia Earhart, a luminous love story that winds through several generations told in Jane Mendelsohn s distinctive mesmerizing style.At its center are Milo, a severely wounded veteran of the Iraq War confined to a rehabilitation hospital, and Honor, his physical therapist, a former dancer When Honor touches Milo s destroyed back, mysterious imagesFrom the author of I Was Amelia Earhart, a luminous love story that winds through several generations told in Jane Mendelsohn s distinctive mesmerizing style.At its center are Milo, a severely wounded veteran of the Iraq War confined to a rehabilitation hospital, and Honor, his physical therapist, a former dancer When Honor touches Milo s destroyed back, mysterious images from the past appear to each of them, puzzling her and shaking him to the core.As Milo s treatment progresses, the images begin to weave together into an intricate, mysterious tapestry of stories There are Joe and Pearl, a husband and wife in the 1930s whose marriage is tested by Pearl s bewitching artistic cousin, Vivian There is the heartrending story of a woman photographer in the 1960s and the shocking theft of her life s work The picaresque life of a woman who has a child too young and finds herself always on the move from job to job and man to man And the story of a man and a woman in seventeenth century Turkey a eunuch and a sultan s concubine whose forbidden love is captured in music The stories converge in a symphonic crescendo that reveals the far flung origins of America s endlessly romantic soul and exposes the source of Honor and Milo s own love.A beautiful mystery and a meditation on love its power and its limitations American Music is a brilliantly original novel.
    American Music From the author of I Was Amelia Earhart a luminous love story that winds through several generations told in Jane Mendelsohn s distinctive mesmerizing style At its center are Milo a severely wounded

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    1. As a deeply passionate advocate of I Was Amelia Earhart and as a serious music lover, I find American Music terribly disappointing It s difficult to say whether it s just an unfortunate case of feeling as though Ms Mendelsohn and I were kindred souls in our youths and then grew apart, or whether this book is far less exceptional than her extraordinary debut I Was Amelia Earhart reads like effortless magic it has the sensual lyricism and linguistic innovation of a work that was initially conceive [...]

    2. Milo And HonorJane Mendelsohn s evocative novel American Music 2010 is a story of American loves, American dreams and American music, as exemplified by the saxophone, the cymbals, Count Basie, and Billie Holiday The short book becomes far flung in time and place, but the primary setting is New York City in 2004 2005 in the midst of the Iraq War The primary characters are Milo, 25, who has received a severe spinal wound while on military service in Iraq, and Honor, 21, a dancer and a physical the [...]

    3. Through the ages, the power of stories has defined and guided and transformed and healed us On rare occasions, it has even saved lives In the ancient One Thousand and One Nights, for example, the legendary Persian queen Scheherazade kept herself alive with mesmerizing stories that persuaded the King to spare her.With a nod toward this beloved tale, Jane Mendelsohn introduces Milo, a severely wounded Iraqi veteran suffering from a spinal cord injury and PTSD and Honor, his young and emotionally c [...]

    4. I m sure I read about I was Amelia Earhart when it came out, but this one passed me by, maybe because its title is too generic and too evocative of that Violent Femmes song for me to remember it But this is a really satisfying read, and I m glad to have stumbled across it.The basic premise centers on the growing relationship between a massage therapist and the Gulf War vet she helps move toward a recovery As she works on him, narratives somehow submerged in his body are broguht to the surface an [...]

    5. This one, I really wanted to love Several generations of stories are woven together and are supposed to result in a major a ha at the end The premise is odd, but with some suspension of belief could be cool a massage therapist sees these stories happen when she touches her traumatized patient Not only his own stories are in him, but also the stories of people long past who he doesn t know of Unfortunately, the disjointed stays disjointed for most of the book, and somehow when the connections sta [...]

    6. American Music was an A audio book It addressed a relevant, but sad issue for our times in a very positive, lyrical way The story involved an Iraq veteran and a massage therapist who is working with him at a Veteran s hospital The plot is presented in dream like and or jazz influenced sequences, that are sometimes sweet and sometimes discordant As a reader, I was able to follow the melody of the story through flashbacks and what seemed at times to be flash forwards It is a story of healing and o [...]

    7. Winding through several generations, and told in a unique and enchanting style, American Music is a mesmerizing and mysterious love story In 2005, a war veteran and his physical therapist realize that together they have the ability to see into her past As the stories unfold, the two share a tender but peculiar relationship, until their own tale comes to a surprising end American Music is beautiful, exquisitely crafted puzzle, the pieces of which come together to remind us that we are connected [...]

    8. A bit hard to get into at first, perhaps, but when you accept the story s rhythms, and the way its multiple, overlapping timelines impinge upon the woman at the novel s center, you ll look forward to seeing how everything comes together in the final sections.

    9. A beautiful little book about love, and loss, and impermanence, and the way in which all decisions bring pain, and sometimes beauty Imperfect, but still affecting, and insightful, and the prose is gorgeous.

    10. Right next to those mature, realistic novels you ve been reading with a nagging sense of weariness lurks a small collection of books with a dash of magic Don t worry No vampires, no space aliens, no time traveling Scottish hunks strut through these pages I m talking about perfectly respectable looking novels in which strange things take place out of the corner of your eye These subtle surrealists describe domestic life just one turn of the screw away If you find yourself in the elevator wistfull [...]

    11. Beautiful and poetic prose Loved the writing and I loved how the story weaved music into every aspect, because music is central to my life as well I had a hard time keeping up with all the jumps in time though The ending felt unresolved for me This is the first book I ve read by this author and I am looking forward to reading .

    12. At its center are Milo, a severely wounded veteran of the Iraq War confined to a rehabilitation hospital, and Honor, his physical therapist, a former dancer.

    13. How to make a Crappy American QuiltAmerican Music is another one of those multi generational epics that try to encompass a period of history in this case, America in the 20th century through the interconnected biographies of a select few who live through it I really didn t like this book, and I like everything that I read The title doesn t make sense except that one character is a jazz musician until he becomes a lawyer I don t know how you cover the lives of a group of Americans livign from th [...]

    14. I absolutely loved these characters theirs are the stories you want to read forever and I loved the writing Jane Mendelsohn writes in short, spare sentences, almost a perfunctory style Normally this wouldn t be that appealing to me, but in this novel it works so very well Because woven throughout are phrases and passages of pure grandeur, and that makes for an incredible literary experience that only the best of authors can do well It is so hard to describe the wonder that is contained in these [...]

    15. Finished this book today in a matter of hours One of those books that made me wish I had written it I was a little distracted by trying to figure out how the stories fit together, but it s actually a writing style is that it would be called I enjoy s complicated which makes me that much in awe of one s ability to do it Have added the author s previous books to my to read listchokengtitik

      titikchokeng1 She stands up in the subway car where she has been sitting and looks out into the darkness H [...]

    16. For me, it seemed best to think about the stories in American Music as a series of interesting short stories or as small glances at the history of a family instead of one story as a whole In my mind, the connection between the stories hung by a thin thread yet, at the end, I seemed to understand that thread.Were this a piece of music, I would have heard it as a quiet but long piece with a number of movements, none of which rose above an adagio, the overall tone, perhaps, resembling a pastorale.L [...]

    17. American Music starts with Milo, a soldier wounded and deeply traumatized during the war in Iraq Honor is assigned to him as a physical therapist, but when she touches him both she and Milo experience strong visions of people neither of them knows The visions are about a bewildering array of people a saxophone player who is cheating on his wife, a female photographer, and a sultan s concubine to name a few In the end, of course, all the stories intersect with the stories of Milo and Honor.I was [...]

    18. A rather hard book to get through At times was hard to follow Certain premises in the book I really liked and I did like the mystery aspect trying to figure out what the connection was between the concurrent stories However certain premises I found so objectionable that it was hard to see the book with a clear mind and give it a fair chance i.e I really could not stand that the dad s illegitimate daughter was raised by his wife as his own after he basically prayed for her to have a miscarriage s [...]

    19. AMERICAN MUSIC by Jane Mendelsohn Knopf, 2010 256 9780307272669 American Music begins with the story of a wounded Iraq soldier and his physical therapist Milo Hatch, suffering physically from a spinal cord injury and emotionally from the trauma of war, is being cared for in a Bronx veteran s hospital Milo is irritable and doesn t like to speak, but Honor s healing touch releases stories within him There is Joe, a law student and sax player, who marries in 1936 but then quickly falls in love with [...]

    20. I gave this book four stars because it is by far, one of the most unique books I have ever read It got kind of monotonous with stories changing all the time and the only ones I really wanted to know about were Milo and Honor As I read, I knew there was a purpose to this and yeah, it all came together eventually and it all came together on her lap I was really bummed about how it ended for Milo, though I didn t like that at all and I don t see why that part was necessary because he was supposed t [...]

    21. This is the story of a massage therapist that begins treating an Iraq War veteran suffering from a spinal injury When she places her hands on different regions of the soldier s body different people s lives are revealed As if the contact between the therapist and soldier is a catalyst for long distance peeping into the past Many stories are intertwined within this book based on this premise The main storyline follows the massage therapist and soldier as they struggle with trying to find out why [...]

    22. I would have given this book five stars, as it is written creatively and well enough to somehow give me the sense that I was in the room with the main characters, but this love story doesn t end happily every after Instead of allowing the healing of generations of emotional wounds to affect both main characters, Mendelsohn kills off Milo, leaving Honor and their new baby with another set of wounds that may never heal and begins another generation with a less than ideal family As the major healin [...]

    23. The story was interesting but I had such a hard time getting into it I just wanted to get to the conclusion and be done It didn t flow well , it jumped all over It had 4 5 little stories to follow and seemed like some of the names were the same Some times it didn t separate and you didn t know which story you was in By the middle I finally understood the story but still had to regroup and think about which couple it was talking about at each turn Maybe it was because I was listening to it instea [...]

    24. This was ok for me It was interesting how all of the stories interweaved and, eventually, made sense Stories went back as far as the 1600s, but the one I was most interested in was Pearl, Joe and Vivian I truly disliked some of the characters because they were so selfish thinking of you, Joe , and it had a bittersweet ending for me I would love to know if there are any book discussions or reader s guides on this title I am guessing I probably missed some story nuances It might be just me, but I [...]

    25. There is a scene in this book, about two thirds of the way through, where a woman is contemplating giving up her newborn It s a scene of such quiet simplicity that it makes you disappointed that the rest of novel is so larded with precious metaphors that you get disoriented from the story Or, should I say, multiple stories.Mendelsohn is a gifted, poetic writer, but this novel is flat despite her skill the stories are unconvincing and the characters and situations are obvious This slender little [...]

    26. This book is a short read but not always a quick read, if that makes sense Mendelsohn weaves a story of several characters through various time periods and the parts are all there but not packaged well enough The reader has to work overtime to remember who is who and how they relate to one another There s no question Mendelsohn uses language beautifully and romantically but she gets caught up in the verbose nature one too many times and it just comes across as excessive, marring this already com [...]

    27. A wounded veteran s body becomes a Ouija board at the hands of his massage therapist Her touch calls spirits across generations The dreamy landscape of their interwoven stories has the feel of jazz, and it s fun to follow simply for its show of creativity Ultimately the ghosts reveal themselves as her own However, the unfolding magical realist mystery obscure another connecting thread The therapist and her Scheherazade cast of characters are all damaged, as tightly wound as the traumatized soldi [...]

    28. This was a little gem of a book, but I think I would have liked it had it been longer She is a very imaginative writer with gorgeous imagery but there was not enough time to develop her stories I wanted to know about all of them Joe, Pearl, Vivian who was the most complexly drawn, Honor and Milo Iris and Anna were not as interesting but of course that will happen with as many characters as she introduced Melancholy as I like and struck me with a similiar feeling to Laura Jacob s book The Bird [...]

    29. I think Mendelsohn has a gift for historic fiction She really put me in Jazz Age Manhattan, swinging along with Count Basie, and her most inspired characters dodged in and out of the palace of the Sultan in Istanbul, Turkey The high arc of the diverse storylines and the ways they connect with the main character are very, very well done Still, I was a little put off by the superwoman aspect of the book the men aren t fathers, they re basically sperm donors when they aren t something far worse Thi [...]

    30. Literary Fiction Drama A history professor recommended this novel to me and it blew me away It s a very short novel centering around Milo, an Iraq war veteran recovering in a hospital, and his massage therapist, Honor When Honor places her hands on his back, stories unfold and the rest of the novel is devoted to the stories entertwining Engrossing and moving If you like imperfect characters struggling with life choices and circumstances and you like hopeful endings, you will love this book I am [...]

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