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Insect Detective By Steve Voake Charlotte Voake,

  • Title: Insect Detective
  • Author: Steve Voake Charlotte Voake
  • ISBN: 9780763644475
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Young readers will definitely catch the bug when they see this enticing, fact filled invitation to explore the world of insects.A Junior Library Guild SelectionRight now, all around us, thousands of insects are doing strange and wonderful things wasps are building nests, ants are collecting food, and dragonflies are readying for the hunt But it s not always easy to catchYoung readers will definitely catch the bug when they see this enticing, fact filled invitation to explore the world of insects.A Junior Library Guild SelectionRight now, all around us, thousands of insects are doing strange and wonderful things wasps are building nests, ants are collecting food, and dragonflies are readying for the hunt But it s not always easy to catch sight of these six legged creatures you have to know where to look Guided by this book, readers will happily become insect detectives and find out just what those bugs are up to.
    Insect Detective Young readers will definitely catch the bug when they see this enticing fact filled invitation to explore the world of insects A Junior Library Guild SelectionRight now all around us thousands of i

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    1. This book is a great example of expository writing Informational writing with opinion and voice The bug facts are interesting and they are woven throughout with science vocabulary and nice point of view A solid nonfiction book that kids will really enjoy.

    2. What young child doesn t love to search for creepy crawling bugs The book, Insect Detective by Steve Voake, is a fascinating book for 1st or 2nd graders It will give the readers fun and interesting facts about many different kinds of insects This book would be a great introduction to a science unit on bugs I would pair this book with Grasshopper on the Road by Arnold Lobel It is another fun story about a grasshopper on a journey who meets up with several of the insects discussed in the story, In [...]

    3. Insect Detective by Steve Voake is such a good example of an informational picture book The tone that the author presents makes the information regarding the insects so much easier to understand This book was about a young boy, who resembled Steve Voake as a young child, being a detective to determine different insects Some of the most common insects like, ants, dragonflies, and wasps were mentioned They were not just mentioned though, the author thoroughly explained important facts about each i [...]

    4. Audience PrimaryGenre Informational Non FictionFiction Twin Text Big Bug Surprise by Julia GranInsect Detective, written by Steve Voake, is the story of a little boy who loves insects and explores the great outdoors looking for them Along the way, he expels facts about insects, such as their nesting, eating, and survival habits At the end of the book, not only does the boy suggest that the reader go outside and take a look for himself, but several ideas are listed to help the reader get a closer [...]

    5. 4 1 2 starsWhat a terrific book to awaken a child s interest in the insect world Insect Dectective highlights a number of amazing facts about insects, starting with the vast number that exist The story continues by introducing a few insects, how they live, and how we can observe them in the world around us Wasps and bees are among some of the insects described, each in a way which makes them less fearsome My favorite insect mentioned is the dragonfly I have always been fascinated by them, but ne [...]

    6. Enjoyable book with differentiated text There is a read aloud narrative in larger print, and a factual text vignette relevant to what the narrative is saying The illustrations are very decorative and partly realistic It could be a good experience for a read aloud I don t know that anyone would seek it out for facts on insects, because the outline knowledge presented is very basic I would say almost any insect topic book, or internet page would have these facts The read aloud narrative is the str [...]

    7. This book is fabulous and fascinating It is perfect for us right now as everything is coming out to play and AppleBlossom is constantly asking what is this and that While this is above her reading level, it is a great read aloud She will even go back and stare while flipping the pages and telling me what is what that she sees within While I would prefer that she not grow up to specialize in bugs and insects, this is a very interesting child s read So many facts and quite enjoyable This book will [...]

    8. A lovely book Insect Detective gives information about insects and explains to readers how to find insects close to home It s almost multi genre think Snowflake Bentley but the narrative and illustrations present factual informative Recommended for students in grades 2 3, older and younger students may also enjoy and appreciate this book My only reservation is that I grew up in Florida and this book would NOT have been a super choice for where I lived I now live in Maryland and we have they type [...]

    9. Need a sweet and pretty book that introduces insects to your younger students or children This is a good choice, and younger readers should be able to read it for themselves It begins Right now, all around you, though sands of insects are doing strange and wonderful things But you can t always see them right away Sometimes you have to know where to look The story shows some of the places and how to find both small, hiding, and camouflaged insects, how they live and what they are like Beautiful w [...]

    10. Audience K 2nd Grade Teachers introducing science.Appeal Great for bringing out the appel of bugs, especially for boys oh but girls like them too Very detailed pictures of different types of insects and their characteristics drawn in large, warm colors Good list of projects in the back of the book Helps to show the difference between insects and other bugs Presented in a way to help kids identify what is crawling or flying around their own yards.Awards School Library Journal 2010 Nonfiction Best [...]

    11. 4.5 stars reallyThis is a great choice for new readers There are two types of text stories running through the book big font is the chatty information about the insect world like a child might describe while smaller font on each page gives scientific factual information about the same insect I love the illustrations in this not realistic like so many science books, but they are well done and accurate nonetheless.End matter includes directions for being an insect detective for children as well [...]

    12. This is a wonderful book about exploring the world of nature around you and observing the critters you see It s a factual book on insects, but feels like a srory, too The illustrations are soft watercolors, and the scene are fun to look at and point out what you see There are interesting tidbits about various insects and we learned a little about each who knew earwigs were good moms There s also a bunch of very doable projects for kids in the back that will help them investigate insects too.

    13. Audience K Grade 3 Nature LoversAward one of School Library Journal s 2010 Best Nonfiction BooksAppeal This nonfiction book about insects looks like a picture book so it is very non intimidating for young children It discusses insects and aspects of insects that kids easily can observe I especially liked the appendix in the back of the book that lists activates for further investigation of insects It also includes a small index.

    14. Insect Detective is a book about exploring nature and what can be found in it More specifically, exploring insects and their different habits A good book to expand students knowledge on scientific thinking and how to observe and experiment The class could take a trip outside, bringing a notebook with them, and take notes and they discover the word around them What do you see What s happening Why do you think that is happening etc.

    15. This book has beautiful illustrations It walks readers through the world of insects and presents interesting facts about those featured It gives different perspectives on insects and will generate excitement among youngsters through the insect detective section which presents different ways to discover the world of the insect.

    16. We read this for part of our Lightning Lit program The little boys ages 10 and 7 really liked it It s a fun way to learn about insects and how to find them Perhaps not the best book about the subject, but a very nice one The illustrations were very lovely, but sometimes you want to see an actual picture of one in order to help you identify it so we looked them up online later.

    17. Notes this book would have worked better as a story not a non fiction type book art is too vague and scribbly and light colored to have great kid appeal my kids thought this book was boring and prefer looking at field guides filled with real life photos

    18. Ilustrated in Charlotte Voake s usual appealing pen and watercolor style, with large print, lots of space in between, and other details in smaller print Very accessible Great for encouraging children to look closely and explore the outdoors.

    19. Very cute illustrations with a story which teaches children a little bit about insects wasp, ant, bee, moth, caterpillar, earwig, beetle, and dragonfly.Love the overall message at the end too all you have to do is open the soor and step outside.

    20. Audience PreK 2nd, kids that are interested in insectsAppeal Watercolor pictures, easy reading, facts written in narrative form Not good for research, but appealing to children that want to learn about their environment Awards School Library Journal Best Non fiction 2010

    21. This is a great book to introduce children to insects It focuses on a few insects and some of their characteristics My child loves bugs He loved learning about how wasps make their paper nests and dragonflies begin life in water Very cool.

    22. Interesting and well done I wish kids would check it out The watercolor illustrations are grand, but they don t pull the kids in like the bright, vivid photographed covers sitting next to this on the shelf.

    23. Audience K 3rd, Insect IntrigueAppeal Pastel pictures make insects less threatening Great to help kids with insect fears learn about bugs Written in a curious and gentle way Includes projects to make it easier to study insects.Award School Library Journal Best Books 2010

    24. This book would be great to introduce a science lesson on many different topics, food chains, life cycles and habitats The book features colourful illustrations and facts that children will be really interested in.

    25. Scientifically sound but with pictures that border on the whimsical Really quite attractive and informative.

    26. I adore Charlotte Voake s illustrations and this is a very good introduction to insects for small children It has some practical suggestions in the back for observing insects.

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