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The Noise Within By Ian Whates,

  • Title: The Noise Within
  • Author: Ian Whates
  • ISBN: 9781906735654
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the brink of perfecting the long sought after human AI interface, Philip Kaufman finds his world thrown into turmoil as a scandal from the past returns to haunt him and dangerous information falls into his hands Pursued by assassins and attacked in his own home, he flees Leyton, a government black ops specialist, is diverted from his usual duties to hunt down the elusOn the brink of perfecting the long sought after human AI interface, Philip Kaufman finds his world thrown into turmoil as a scandal from the past returns to haunt him and dangerous information falls into his hands Pursued by assassins and attacked in his own home, he flees Leyton, a government black ops specialist, is diverted from his usual duties to hunt down the elusive pirate vessel The Noise Within, wondering all the while why this particular freebooter is considered so important Two lives collide in this stunning space opera from debut novelist Ian Whates
    The Noise Within On the brink of perfecting the long sought after human AI interface Philip Kaufman finds his world thrown into turmoil as a scandal from the past returns to haunt him and dangerous information falls

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    1. The Noise Within exists only to set up a sequel that I don t want to read, because not only is there a lack of any kind of resolution to make me want to continue with this author, but it doesn t even set up a sequel well Whatever the next book may be about, I assure you that this book won t be necessary to understand it, because The Noise Within asks so few questions and answers none of them that it s pretty much just filling time between a pointless beginning and whatever story Ian Whates had i [...]

    2. Ian Whates second novel in two months after the excellent steampunk science fantasy City Dreams and Nightmares, this one is a space opera from Solaris and a superb book with great characters and setting as well as lots of action, mysteries and all that you want in suchThere are 4 pov s of which two get the most action Leyton is an eyegee , kind of like Cormac of N Asher s novels , a special agent with an intelligent gun for the human government ULAW which was put together at the end of a century [...]

    3. A pirate ship s been prowling the spacelanes, and special forces troops are trying to track it down So is a businessman, who believes the ship is actually a lost prototype his company put out and designed to be the first ship piloted by an AI.There is an idea that is central to this book I get the feeling the genesis for the book came with that idea, and the rest of the story was built around it I could be wrong, but that s the feeling I get But it s an idea that s pretty nifty and well articula [...]

    4. This was a really disappointing read I can see how it might appeal to those who hark for the 1950s 80s era of good, hard, masculine characters with balls like colliding planets pictured , along with a super helpful dose of internet chatrooms and avatars for dummies, but seriously this is tired old territory covered spectacularly well by far imaginative and technically savvy speculative fiction writers over the past 50 years, and this book had nothing new to offer There s a worthy moment of inte [...]

    5. Readable but mediocre space opera setting up a series reminiscent of Neal Asher s Polity books Too much awkward exposition from the omniscient narrator, too many clich phrases, and not an original idea anywhere in it make this very skippable, but it did pass quickly and remind me pleasantly of an old Traveller campaign.

    6. A mediocre book with potential, but ended with a ham handed cliffhanger hook for a sequel that I hope will never come Hate it when an author does that.

    7. This book is a frustrating read Every time it seems to be picking up and getting interesting, the author slams on the breaks and re adjusts the pov to something else I also find it hard to connect to any of the characters, I m not really sure that they are main characters they seem to be secondary at times, coming across as mere convenient constructs to help move the story on Which leaves you wondering were the main characters are Kaufmann is hard to feel any sympathy for Leyton comes straight f [...]

    8. I did not know what I was going to think of this SF novel by Ian Whates but from the moment I started it just clicked There was something about the style that just appealed to me and that was something that started winning me over before the story really kicked in.In some ways it reminded me of Peter F Hamilton, although not as big, which may well be considered a good thing A futuristic universe where the technology in play is big, and fun, the kind of thing the inner child in you feels is just [...]

    9. The Noise Within is filled with intriguing elements and characters The Noise Within is a rogue AI controlled starship turned pirate Kaufman Industries developed the starship that reappeared after a 20 year absence Mal Malcolm Kaufman the developer of the starship is a partial, a computer generated presence left after Mal died Philip Kaufman is his son who is developing a working AI Human melding Jim Leyton is an eyegee, an augmented human with an intelligent gun Then there are the humans The Noi [...]

    10. Not sure why I actually finished this Displacement activity I think Very mediocre if you read Reynolds, Hamilton, Banks read this says Steven Baxter Really Maybe helping out a young writer But no, not even in the same league as any of those We let Hamilton ham it up because of the huge scale and intricate plotting, but no such excuse here Not an original idea in the book, apart from already dating web jargon this could have been written in the 60s when writers like Aldiss were already WAY matur [...]

    11. A space opera romp that almost makes it I was quickly drawn into the story and the two chief protagonists lives The pace kept me interested and it was rarely dull those moments largely being concerned with other minor characters we travelled with for a while, some of whom I lost track of Why, for instance, show the life of the kid his story added nothing to the rest of it While I did like Leyton, I felt he was a bit of a caricature, and would have found some depth with him a better use of the p [...]

    12. Not a bad book, but not a great one It s a little immature and feels a bit rushed, and although my paperback edition has no indication that it s the first of a sequence, as you get into the closing pages with no real resolution or end in sight, you begin to realise that this is just Episode One And then it ends on an actual cliffhanger.It s got some fun, original ideas and the descriptions are reasonably done, but the characters do all tend to be steely jawed handsome or slim, leggy and beautifu [...]

    13. A space opera in the style of Alistair Reynolds or Peter Hamilton, yet not really up to the standards of either There are certainly some interesting ideas in here, and some good action, but it s let down by many of the characters coming across as rather flat Kethi looks the most promising, but she has almost nothing to do here I m guessing she features in the sequel It s a pity, because much of the plot isn t bad, and the title character makes for a worthwhile premise.So certainly some good bit [...]

    14. So much wasted time, so many pointless narratives, and still the charters are frustratingly one dimensional Of the four main points of view this book features, only one is particularly interesting that of Layton, the enhanced military agent , and even then only some of the time The rest serve little than to fill pages There were a few times usually featuring Layton that I almost forgot how bad the rest of the book was, but then a string of clich s or some random womanizing brought me back out o [...]

    15. The set dressing of this book is excellent by which I mean the tech the characters use, the world they live in and the writing is at its best in the detailed accounts of action sequences and fight scenes The plot jolts along in fits and starts and the changes in p.o.v lead to an unevenness in tone The eponymous craft, a pirate ship with artificial intelligence, is secondary to everything else that goes on The pace picks up in the last few chapters but only to create a set up for a sequel, rather [...]

    16. First contactor is it Fairly good sci fi, though a bit far out on the military end of the genre for my taste Still enough other meaty content to keep me happy and get me to immediately begin reading the sequel One peeve the author occasionally chooses a similar sounding word to the one he intended to use, and always three times, yes I counted them said principle when he should have used principal Needs an editor.

    17. The Noise Within is an action packed sci fi book From the beginning, Whates keeps a high pace and the book quickly becomes a page turner The main characters are well realized Multiple story threads, various different settings capture the reader immensely I absolutely loved this book I m so looking forward to the next installment.

    18. This feels like a first book with promise, but there are gaps that you want filling and leaps that would have been better explained for the flow There s only just enough story to make me want to go for the next book, but I m hopeful that the writing will develop and the story will beef up.

    19. I like how the book moves along the simple plot line, but I am greatly disappointed in the turn of events This was made with the sole purpose of having a second book which is not actually bad but the ending this one had left a bad taste on my mouth.

    20. I m glad that s over Surprisingly dull, and really hard to persuade myself to keep reading it All of the lovely quotes on the cover about this being brilliant and full of intriguing AI, alien tech and fast fun military SF seem entirely untrue.

    21. Of course not what I expected Pirates Space battles , but nevertheless very good Still, I can understand that someone not warned in advance that this is book one with to come could be disgruntled because of the open ending.

    22. Pretty good story left on a cliffhanger that entices you to read on in the series, but I didn t develop enough interest in the main characters to want to keep going.

    23. I didn t get on with this one at all, I m afraid I reviewed this for the SF fanzine The Zone zone sf wordworks nois

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