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Falling Home By Karen White,

  • Title: Falling Home
  • Author: Karen White
  • ISBN: 9780821773383
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • You know that saying about how sometimes you re the windshield and sometimes you re the bug It s true Take me, for example I shook the Georgia dust from my feet fifteen years ago,vowing never to leave Manhattan I traded sweet tea for Chardonnay, fried chicken for nouvelle cuisine, lazy days on my aunt s front porch for ad campaigns and board meetings, and the guy who bYou know that saying about how sometimes you re the windshield and sometimes you re the bug It s true Take me, for example I shook the Georgia dust from my feet fifteen years ago,vowing never to leave Manhattan I traded sweet tea for Chardonnay, fried chicken for nouvelle cuisine, lazy days on my aunt s front porch for ad campaigns and board meetings, and the guy who broke my heart for my handsome boss, who soon became my fiance Perfect, right Until my sister called We haven t spoken since I left home because she married the guy who broke my heart What s , she called to say my father is dying but he refuses to finish until I show up So I m back in the hottest, dinkiest small town in Georgia, facing my sister and my old boyfriend over the heads of the count them five children It couldn t get weirder, right Unless you count Sam Parker a long forgotten classmate, now the town doctor and how good he s beginning to look to me.I m falling apart, I think, wondering why resentment and wounded pride seem silly here in Walton, where forgiveness and acceptance go hand in hand with homecoming And I m beginning to suspect that I m falling in love for real this time, with a man whose touch is so right, I feel like I mFalling Home.
    Falling Home You know that saying about how sometimes you re the windshield and sometimes you re the bug It s true Take me for example I shook the Georgia dust from my feet fifteen years ago vowing never to leave

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    1. My Thoughts This book has it all.a great family story, love, heartbreak, secrets, humor, sadnessd it s written beautifully I finished this book in one day and resented whatever chore took me away from reading I absolutely loved spending time with these characters and the town of Walton It made me a bit nostalgic for my childhood days and upbringing I lived in a small town where everyone knew you and your parents If you were misbehaving your mom knew about it before you could bicycle home There s [...]

    2. For the most part, the plot was entirely predictable and seemed like a pretty close cousin to Sweet Home Alabama But it was so beautifully written, that I let the author take me there Even if I saw what was coming, I still wanted to be swept away into the world that White creates White does Southern very well, both aptly poking fun at some of the things we do and yet maintaining the integrity of the things we southerners hold so dear.

    3. After having read a few Karen White books, I have to confess that I have fallen in love with her writing style and how her stories always seem to warm and touches my heart Needless to say, when the publicist contacted me and asked if I would like to review Karen White s Falling Home, I didn t even have to think about it As the title indicated, Falling Home is a coming home story However, there are to it than about just having the protagonist coming home it is also a story about forgiveness and [...]

    4. Imagine a Hallmark movie, but as a book If you don t know what I mean by that, let me assure you that the Hallmark channel has tons of movies that center around some of these same themes big city is bad, career oriented thinking is badwell, you get the picture The following quote stunned me Her MBA training and years of working in New York had taught her to ignore the twinge of conscience All this time, I thought an MBA was an accomplishment for the hard working and disciplined, but now I see it [...]

    5. I thought I was the target audience for this book Ahhhhhmething about jumping ship from your current circumstances and finding or in this case, rediscovering a new, simpler life somewhere else, is incredibly appealing to me I m not ready to analyze why Yet, this book missed the mark I listened and listened to 15 and a half long hours of a winding plot and repeated sentences Did I mention how LONG it felt The best stories are those where you wince as the pages fly by, because you never want the f [...]

    6. Lately I have been very choosey about ARCs that I agree to read I find that it is a very narrow road for me, whether I will like a book or not, and I am not the kind of person who enjoys simply saying I do not like this book, because someone took the time and energy to create the characters and the story and write it Inevitably there are people who will like it, it s just in that instant, it wasn t me This is a horrible way to preface this entry, because this is not what happened with this book [...]

    7. There are so many stories of girl leaves home to escape something then comes back due to some tragedy Why do I keep reading them Ms White s Falling Home is an excellent reason why I was first intrigued when I read the author s notes that the edition I was reading was a release of a previous version that she updated But the character development was so will done and the story line so intense that it held me hanging on every page Cassie is a single career girl who left home when her sister eloped [...]

    8. Falling Home is second Karen White Novel i read and i loved it It got hard for me to put the novel down Cassie Madison had lived the past 15 years in Mannhatan, establishing new life and advertising with her fiancee, Andrew Cassie hasn t spoken with her younger sister, Harriet since she ran off and married guy she loved, Joe Till she gets a call from Harriet middle of the night informing that their father is dying Forcing Casey to return to Walton, Georgia after years of absence There she meets [...]

    9. Glad this book is done Not a ringing endorsement, I know Sounded somewhat interesting when I picked it up at the library, but it was just a predictable, cheesy mess sometimes How many stories have this same plot small town girl, traumatic event, leaves small town, goes to big city, makes something of herself , returns to small town for whatever reason as a high fashion, too good for this NYC snob, falls in love with local guy and small town again, has epiphany about life and family and roots, en [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoy Karen White s writing and Falling Home is just another book by her that I really liked I love the way she writes of problems that we all encounter in everyday life and how many, but not all of these problems can be overcome Falling Home is the story of two sisters Cassie Madison who returns to her small home town of Walton, GA after being in NYC for 15 years and the other sister Harriet who stayed and married and was raising six children The story incorporates the good with th [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book up until the point that a main character got cancer and then I felt miserable about the whole thing and very annoyed It reminded me of Fault in Our Stars by John Green At least in his book the plot was NOT predictable for me In this book I could easily see what going to happen chapters ahead this is what happens when you read too much There are many small things that I enjoyed like all the old Southern sayings I loved those.

    12. Man I thought this was gonna be so cheesy but it turned out so sweet I love family oriented stories and this had just a beautiful ending.

    13. Really enjoyed this book Great chick lit Quotes Only bad news came at three in the morning Births and engagements were always announced in the bright light of day But bad news came at night, as if the sun were already in mourning He said that Georgia dirt would always stick to the soles of my shoes, regardless of how many elocution lessons I took She studied the endless asphalt stretched out in front of her, the dotted line like a yellow brick road to follow home He said it was okay to be chasin [...]

    14. Cassie is the main heroine and she is flawed, spoiled and repugnant however, the reader will learn to look past these flaws in character and become attached to her anyway I look forward to reading the second book in this series.

    15. There were some nice elements to this book I enjoy books about people returning to their small hometowns, and I generally like White s writing This time, however, I found myself rolling my eyes quite a bit, especially over the relationship between Cassie and San Sam is an overbearing douche canoe who forces her to say y all, fried chicken, and sweet tea before he will sleep with her, like she s some kind of southern sex robot I didn t like the shifting perspectives within the same chapter Someti [...]

    16. Nagyon sz p t rt net, az elej n des s humoros, de rendesen megk nnyeztem a v g re Az r n sz pen s lvezetesen r, d li b jjal s humorral Rem lem m g tal lkozunk

    17. In the past year or so, Karen White has become one of my favorite writers, and I have enjoyed discovering her earlier books According to , this is the seventh book of hers that I have read Falling Home was first published in 2002, and after revisions, it was re released in 2010 It was interesting to read something she had written so long ago, and I could see that even then, she used some of the same plot devices In The Color of Light she used old letters and a child s treasure box to help tell t [...]

    18. Falling Home by Karen WhiteContemporary Romance Nov 2nd, 20103 1 2 starsWhen Cassie s sister, Harriett, eloped with Cassie s fiance, Cassie left Walton, Georgia and never looked back For fifteen years, Cassie stayed in New York, burying herself with work and reinvented herself She got rid of her Southern accent and her penchant for eating fried foods She never went back home to visit and refused to keep in contact with her sister or her family Now fifteen years later, her father is dying and Cas [...]

    19. Oh man What to say about this book I really enjoyed it It was a really sweet story, sometimes awkward, sometimes romantic, sometimes frustrating, but still very good This book centers around Cassie and her baby sister Harriet We do get another POV from Harriet s oldest daughter, Maddie too The cast of characters were pretty cool the rest of Harriet s brood, her husband, Aunt Lucinda, and Dr Sam Parker and his parents actually And can I just say, hello gorgeous to the good doctor by the way There [...]

    20. 4.5 stars I ve recently become aware that I might be missing out by having not known or never read any books by Karen White While I wait for The Sound of Glass to become available in paperback I thought I d try an audiobook by her.I enjoyed it very much It was a little slow moving to start with, but after awhile the story most certainly picked up pace and action I liked Cassie who had fled from her home when her sister married the man she loved and she d never returned for fifteen years I liked [...]

    21. What did I think I think this was a 2 3 borderline Had I read this first, I never would have read On Folly Beach which was a favorite 2011 of mine.Ms White says that this is a rewritten version of this earlier published book of hers That does not speak well of the first It is, basically, the story of the on again, off again romance between Cassie and Sam, the reunion of Cassie w her sister,and small town life with all it s charm and frustrations There is death There is teen aged angst There is a [...]

    22. Falling Home is an entertaining, delightful, yet predicable, happily ever read If you enjoy books set in the South, small town settings where everyone knows your name, filled with Southern Belles, rednecks as deemed by other white folks, genteel types, lots of drama, and melodrama galore then I definitely recommend Falling Home to you However, I must warn you that one of the sisters will get on your last nerves and the author s overuse of family guilt to make a point became annoying as well Over [...]

    23. Andi Schrishuhn, I am cracking up Glass Castle, glass castleI can t wait to discuss this at book club I did not think this was TERRIBLE I mean, I finished it Matter of fact, I finished it in just a couple of days.Love the movie Sweet Home Alabama Stop and watch it almost any time I see it on TV This book had a similar story, HOWEVER, the main character never really grew on me I loved Sam I picture him being super sexy , loved Harriet and Joe, and loved Maddie The story line of Harriet is really [...]

    24. Meh Too predictable Too hokey Too aren t all Southern towns quaint and aren t all Southerners the friendliest, down home folks And the love interest is a hot doctor Come on What I want to know, since I ve been rating a lot of books lately with only two and three stars, is who are the editors What are they letting get published What are their standards I d love to have an editors job I d love to read for a living but believe me, I d be passing judgement and making recommendations for tighter stor [...]

    25. I would rate this a high 3 I m undecided as to whether I d recommend it to a friend as the first third or half of the book was Sweet Home Alabama 2.0 and I knew at the beginning of the book what was going to happen to main character so it was predictable That said the author did throw in 2 3 twists and turns I didn t expect and there s a mystery thread I found appealing In the end, this book entertained me and it s sometimes nice to read a somewhat simple book of love and family and finding home [...]

    26. 4.5, enjoyed the audio and the story I feel like I m reading a Nicholas Spark s Cousin But it contains happier moments than those do which makes them addictive rather than a point of avoidance.Two sister s separate by a hurtful act, come together to mourn their father Things change immediately and at one point I thought it was a little to unrealistic Sometimes the hurts take time to heal, but I m glad they ripped off the bandaid at least in stages But this is minor compared to the other items b [...]

    27. I picked up this book after reading recommendations on in hopes of finding a new author I d like No such luck The main character was not very likable and the situations EXTREMELY unrealistic This is a rewrite of a book the author originally wrote 10 years earlier She said she was so much happier with this one because she removed the melodrama from it Um My first and last Karen White book The mystery is why I hung in there through all 437 pages of this Probably for the sensation that by the last [...]

    28. I think the story is beautiful I like reading how the characters interact with each other Knoxie is adorable and although Maddie is a confused girl, she is naturally kind The love story is rather predictable but sweet Harriet s death s impact is a bit sugar coated for me everything seems to work just fine after she was gone and Lucinda took over the mother s job Or maybe because the story is about to end it gives nothing than that.For the overall, I like the book.

    29. I fell in love with this book It made me laugh, it made me flat out bawl my eyes out and it made me happy This is a great book and a very clean book I would recommend this to anyone This is a story about loss, love, hope, forgiveness and finding ones self I like the love story that plays out in this book and the relationships the main character builds with her sister s children and I like what she discovers about herself in the end.

    30. This story read so much like a Lifetime show or a Hallmark movie Don t get me wrong, I did enjoy the story, but there were so many convenient coincidences that I found the plot a bit sappy hard to believe There were some characters that would switch to 1950 s behavior, IMO, and I found that to be really distracting and also unbelievable But the story was a good, light read.

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