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The Borrowed Alibi By Lesley Egan,

  • Title: The Borrowed Alibi
  • Author: Lesley Egan
  • ISBN: 9780586029626
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Borrowed Alibi None

    One thought on “The Borrowed Alibi”

    1. Let s face it, said Varallo People in real life aren t half as smart as the people in books It just doesn t work that way In this case, however, the alibi has been borrowed from a book A year after releasing Case Pending, the first in the Luis Mendoza series, under her Dell Shannon moniker, Elizabeth Linington, writing as Lesley Egan this time out, introduced Vic Varallo in A Case for Appeal This was actually the start of the Jesse Falkenstein series Though connected in a crossover way, they wer [...]

    2. This is book one of Ms Egan s Vic Varillo series who did, of course, make an important appearance in A Case for Appeal It is the book where Vic becomes enad with the care, feeding and growing of roses He and Laura have bought a house that comes with a rose garden It also came with a huge mortgage To offset the price of the house which is described by Laura as twenty seven five which I think means 27,500, they rent out the apartment over their garage for 52.50 It is their renter, Ross Duncan, who [...]

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