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Fell Purpose By Cynthia Harrod-Eagles,

  • Title: Fell Purpose
  • Author: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
  • ISBN: 9780727868428
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The brand new Bill Slider Mystery Bank Holiday Monday, and beautiful Zellah Wilding straight A student, prefect, future Head Girl lies deadnear the famous Wormwood Scrubs prison in London What was this good Christian girl doing out there, dressed to kill, when she was supposed to be at a sleep over with schoolfriends Asecret boyfriend from a run down estate and a recenThe brand new Bill Slider Mystery Bank Holiday Monday, and beautiful Zellah Wilding straight A student, prefect, future Head Girl lies deadnear the famous Wormwood Scrubs prison in London What was this good Christian girl doing out there, dressed to kill, when she was supposed to be at a sleep over with schoolfriends Asecret boyfriend from a run down estate and a recently released rapist look tasty orcould the nearby fairgroundor prison have something to do with it
    Fell Purpose The brand new Bill Slider Mystery Bank Holiday Monday and beautiful Zellah Wilding straight A student prefect future Head Girl lies deadnear the famous Wormwood Scrubs prison in London What was thi

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    1. The tragic victim in this novel was a beautiful, intelligent, talented teen, one who affected Slider than many of his other cases, likely because his own daughter was close to the same age Zellah Wilder was a mystery in many ways Because of that, Slider spent the majority of the investigation trying to determine who she really was It seems her overly distraught parents didn t love or respect their daughter for who she was the father treated her like a priceless possession that he had to control [...]

    2. A young girl is found dead on some waste ground DI Bill Slider always feels sorry for the victims but this is somehow close to home because he has a teenage daughter too There are rather too many suspects to make it an easy case to investigate the girl s nearest and dearest, her ex boyfriend who she definitely met shortly before her death and a previous offender who may or may not have been in the area at the time That s before Slider s team start investigating further afield.The plot is comple [...]

    3. Reading Bill Slider is like spending some time in a pair of favorite mocassins with a cup of tea and a great view to enjoy when your mind wanders from the page great stuff, a real quiet pleasure with just the right amount of humour.

    4. Not the best mystery in the series, but as always, enjoyable to spend time with the continuing main characters As usual, incidental characters who don t all sound alike and a tight police procedural And as usual, much word play including the guvnor of the investigative team who repeatedly speaks in screwed up cliches Yes, we don t want to stir up a hermit s nest Keep me up to scratch on this Etc At one point he pronounces and uses plethora correctly, and the hero is so surprised he almost loses [...]

    5. Another terrific Slider mystery This one was rather sad, since the victim was a young, gifted teenaged girl who wanted nothing than to be loved What a heart wringer that is no one saw her as anything other than an extension or a tool.As ever for H E, the mystery is finely worked out So many suspects that are equally likely and unlikely both And I always enjoy following along with Slider s thinking Plus, the characters are compelling And one thing, H E is so damned funny The good puns come alon [...]

    6. 3.5 stars While this is a decent book, I did not like it as much as the previous two in this series This book illustrated the problem authors have with an initially unknown perpetrator Reveal too much and the readers guess who it is Reveal too little and the readers ends up being confused as well as surprised.

    7. If you like your detectives punny, you ll enjoy the Bill Slider series This time out Slider, Atherton et al are investigating the murder of a seventeen year old girl Lots of suspects, which one did it

    8. First Sentence Atherton was singing as he drove.Zellah Wilding is smart, attends a very good school and has a strict father who tries to keep her on the right path and out of trouble She is also pregnant and dead Inspector Bill Slider and his team are out to find her killer.With each new Bill Slider book, my love this series and CHE s writing is renewed There is a great opening sentence and hook which immediately some of the main characters and gives the reader a bit of their background and rela [...]

    9. Fell Purpose by Cynthia Harrod EaglesPublished by Severn House, 2009 ISBN 978 0 7278 6842 8Inspector Bill Slider is now a father, and the elegant Sergeant Atherton now has a steady girlfriend It s a Bank Holiday and Bill has arranged to take Katie and Matthew, the children of his first marriage, and Joanna and the new baby, to visit his elderly father in Essex, whilst Atherton has arranged a day out with Emily But both outings are off when the body of a young girl is found in the Wormwood Scrubs [...]

    10. Well, I had the mystery figured out pretty quickly but I love all the characters so it was fun to read the scenes in which they pondered all the possibilities Hard to say who s fun Hart, Atherton, MacKay But no one is as fun as Porson I even try to remember some of his mixed metaphors Rhodes wasn t built in a day stir up a hermit s nest and simply can t recall them out of context I need to start writing them down Cynthia, this must be such fun for you Odd about the edition I got from It was app [...]

    11. This is another wonderful installment in one of my favorite series Harrod Eagles writes British police novels much as P.D James, Ruth Rendell and Peter Robinson do, but she has the extra fun of humor She loves puns and word play which always add to the story the chapter titles alone are worth a look She is also concise than any of the above mentioned folks, much as I love them this is sometimes appreciated This story concerns an upper class girl found on the grounds of Wormwood Scrubs, a prison [...]

    12. By the middle of this mystery, Bill Slider, the detective in charge at his Shepard s Bush, London police station has three perps all with good motives, all seen at the murder scene Of course none of them, Michael Carmichael yes Atherton hates his name, and makes puns of it throughout the story a returned convict who likes to strangle girls low IQ, but confesses to her killing and her father, an uptight, too Christian, goody goody, who attempts to keep his 17 year old daughter, Zellah the victim [...]

    13. One reviewer of this book found it excessively punny I, however, love the punniness think the reviewer just doesn t get British humor This is a great series which manages to convey the impact of quite serious crimes while dealing with the personal lives of the series regulars In this outing, a young girl is found murdered near a fairgrounds We get conflicting reports of the girl s life from her parents, her teachers, her friends her former boyfriend, so the murderer is not apparent nor is the mo [...]

    14. Full disclosure One reason I love this book is because I grew up in West London, where this series of books is set And I suspect the author is roughly my age too, which makes the cultural references easy for me to follow The main character, DI Bill Slider is a real person, as are the members of his team, and they ve developed nicely as the series has goner on If you can stand certain words that your Kindle OED won t be able to define due to their Britishness or just sheer rarities and you like B [...]

    15. I just love this series of books with Bill Slider as the main character While they are about solving cases as the typical cop story does, his team of officers works at keeping things light, with the added touch that his superior officer also mangles the English language All in all, these books are very entertaining I really like the ending of this one also They fix on the real murderer at the last minute but there is also a nice surprise set of circumstances between Bill and his dad on the very [...]

    16. My husband and I both enjoy this witty, modern British police procedural 12 in the series We really enjoy Slider s second attempt at marriage and parenthood along with his relationship with his superiors Detective Inspector Bill Slider investigates when sixteen year old Zellah Wilding, a gifted student at an all girls church school, is found dressed like a prostitute and dead of strangulation near London s Wormwood Scrubs prison.

    17. This one returns to the excellent word play and humor between all the detectives The question of whodunnit and why leads the team down a lot of paths too many candidates instead of too few As always, Slider s home life makes for great reading, too I want to be as good a wife as Joanna is.

    18. Excellent After the first few pages, I realized I had already read this I even remembered the solution Nevertheless, I read it again anyway because I so enjoy the characters and the repartee in this highly literate series that still hasn t gone stale.

    19. Nothing particularly special about the plot, just a good, solid Bill Slider mystery Extra points because the dialogue is witty and pun filled.

    20. Bill Slider just gets better and better I love the quips all the way through, Porson s malaprops, and Atherton s cheek Slider is just so human, and one of my favourite fictional detectives.

    21. good old fashioned mystery murdered girl with witnesses only seeing part of the story clues and interviews come together good, not great, but always fun to read humor is a nice addition.

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