One thought on “Fox”

  1. Toddlers love animals and these photo based books showing how different animals grow from pups, cubs, kits or other names for baby animals to adults make for great conversations about how your child is growing too Using simple sentences and graphing the difficult concept of time, this is a great series of titles introducing non fiction to the youngest of children and one from which we can all enjoy learning.

  2. My 3 year old in particular liked this book With very few words and the great pictures that DK is known for, this is a great book for the youngest of readers listeners who like lots of pictures with some facts to go with them The shows the growth of the fox from birth to 12 weeks.

  3. Very simple text to help readers learn how the fox changes from when it is born to when it becomes an adult It is a short story, but done in a way that younger readers will be able to see with the pictures that are used and the visual at the very end of the story.

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