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The Widening Gyre By Robert B. Parker,

  • Title: The Widening Gyre
  • Author: Robert B. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780440195351
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • The adoring wife of Senate candidate Meade Alexander has a smile as sweet as candy and dotted her i s with little hearts A blond beauty, she was the perfect mate for an ambitious politician, but she had a little problem with sex and drugs a problem someone had managed to put on videotape.
    The Widening Gyre The adoring wife of Senate candidate Meade Alexander has a smile as sweet as candy and dotted her i s with little hearts A blond beauty she was the perfect mate for an ambitious politician but she h

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    1. When a state representative is getting blackmailed with a film of his wife having sex with another man, he hires Spenser to get to the bottom of things for him But when Spenser learns the man s identity, he s bitten off than he can chew, especially with him preoccupied with Susan Silverman being out of town.I was needing a quick read before taking on another fantasy read and The Widening Gyre fit the bill It got the job done.The book started slow, with Spenser moping because Susan Silverman was [...]

    2. In this unusual entry in the Spenser series Susan is in Washington D.C pursuing a doctorate, and Spenser is lonely and melancholy He gazes out his office window and sips Irish whisky from the bottle He is quieter, and his literary allusions and wisecracks are less frequent than usual Less witty, and less charming, he is perhaps likable, less abrasive Come to think of it, he reminds me a lot of Jesse Stone a character Parker s would develop fifteen years later.Spenser signs on as director of sec [...]

    3. Spenser is in a funk Susan has left Boston for a psychiatric internship in Washington D.C and there are a lot of questions hanging over their relationship Depressed and bored, he agrees to take a job running security for a born again Christian right wing politician named Meade Alexander who is on the campaign trail It s an odd fit for the secular and apolitical Spenser, but he s so sad that he can barely manage to make the occasional smart ass comment about Jesus The only thing that mildly intri [...]

    4. The word maroon appears once in this novel I have the most quotations here below for any of the Spenser books Preface to this reviewI always read in publication order, not only to get the evolution of the hero, but to experience the evolution of the writer as well Some Spenser books are better than others, and a few are masterful I quote far often from Connelly and his Bosch than from any other noir writer, and Parker comes close For me, this is the main aspiration, the most important goal of s [...]

    5. Weak 3 stars Not as good as others in the series My mind wandered at times.Here s a term I hadn t heard granny sex Sleazebag invites 40 something women to his home for sex orgies with college boys A two way mirror allows others to watch, take pictures and laugh The older women have sags and wrinkles that 20 somethings don t That was unsettling Two of these sex scenes are briefly described no details.As to plot, characters, and actions nothing really grabbed me, nothing memorable, not as much wit [...]

    6. Spenser is moping around some, drinking his Irish whiskey right out of the bottle Susan is in school up in Washington, so our big thug is feeling a little sorry for himself I d feel better if Susan stayed out of Bostonbut, that s another story The usual Spenser wit, and good ol investigative work his usual stakeout takes him up against a top mob man in Boston Good stuff thirty years after this one came out.

    7. That was a really good one, spenser was in rare form I really liked how uncertain he becomes about his relationship with susan and subsiquently himself it has a really somber feel to it and a building tension between them as they begin to grow apart this book feels like the series is building to something and that energy is what s missing from the later books in the series.

    8. Seems Spenser s out of work, relaxing in his office, Murphy s Irish Whisky in hand when he spies a car come slowly down the street and park on the curb below his office Appearing shortly is Fix Farrel, security for Alexander Meade Meade is running for a Senate position He s an avowed Christian, stands for moral turpitude and is married to Ronni, a drop dead gorgeous blonde It transpires that Meade s wife is not only beautiful but a little bored, and she has expensive and unorthodox sexual tastes [...]

    9. This is a well constructed private investigator thriller set in the 80s between Boston Washington, DC Of course for someone like me, the book which is a PI procedural in a way is great since it takes place during a time I m familiar with, and the stuff that might seem dated to younger folks today, of course was part of life for me in the 80s, stuff like using telephone directories to look up addresses when personal computers were just being introduced, or perhaps were still limited to law enforc [...]

    10. Sometimes, things that look too good to be true are too good to be true In this case, the wife of a Senate candidate is just that Indeed, my immediate impression as I started reading this book on my regular commute was that this plot was going to give Parker a chance to blast the right wing candidate espousing traditional Judaeo Christian morality Indeed, I was certain of this because I was well aware of Spenser s opinions of theism in general and traditional sexual ethics in specific.Sometimes, [...]

    11. This is volume 10 of the Spenser series by Robert B Parker.I really enjoyed this one then I had the previous few This story dealt with Meade Alexander, a right wing conservative Christian, running for US Senate I too and a right wing, conservative Christian and I was waiting for Spenser to attack Meade verbally throughout the book but he surprisingly kept his comments kind of tame In fact I think he showed Alexander a little respect for his views.Meade s wife Roni likes her some nose candy and [...]

    12. This is another book in the series Each book can be read as a stand alone In this one, Spenser is missing Susan who is in Washington because of her new job While being sad Spenser takes on a job with a local politician as a bodyguard He later finds out the politician is being blackmailed and Spenser looks into the case.This book wasn t the best or worst Spenser book It was a middle of the road book I didn t care for the reason of the blackmail but I loved how Spenser investigated the case and it [...]

    13. Parker s tenth Spenser book is vintage Spenser, though it s near the point where Parker began to phone it in after A Catskill Eagle Admittedly, phoned in Parker still had significant elements of the vintage Spenser books, but they were shorter, focused on the conversations between Spenser and Susan about manhood, less hard edged except for couple, like Small Vices , and, amazingly, with fewer literary references slyl embedded in the dialogue In this case, Spenser ends up working security for a [...]

    14. Gyre is one of the earlier Spenser novels 10 of 39 that takes place when Susan is in Washington DC serving her internship When our hero gets a bodyguard job that takes him to DC, his dinners with Susan resemble relationship shrink sessions, which according to other readers reflect apparently a marital split between Parker and his beloved Joan We often suspected the Susan worship that characterizes most of the set from about book 14 on had something to do with Parker s real life.The plot is sort [...]

    15. Spenser is hired to help born again Christian Senate candidate Meade Alexander with a secret problem he has with his beautiful wife whom he is devoted to a videotape of her engaged in sex with someone not her husband The politician s wife is unaware that her husband has been sent the tape Alexander is being blackmailed and he also wants to stop this from becoming public for his wife s sake Sort of sweet that it appears the politician actually cared for his wife than his political career The inv [...]

    16. This is the 10th Spenser novel, picking up on one or two themes from Early Autumn Spenser7, published a year earlier in 1980 By the standards of others in the series, the incidence of vioence and killings is relatively small as Spenser is engaged to minimise the potential damage of blackmail in a congressional election campaign.Already there are signs of the elements that set Parker s detective apart from most others His relationship with Paul Giacomin, the young would be ballet dancer, is matur [...]

    17. A surprisingly average Spenser novel It was a surprise because I knew going in that it had Paul and Hawk in it, and delved into emotional aspects of his relationship with Susan, but I didn t feel it did so in particularly deep or insightful way Hawk was nearly an afterthought in this one and Paul merely shows up and we see he s ok and thriving There wasn t anything bad about it It was just typical and average.

    18. Not the best of the Spensers but still worth reading Has a wonderful epigraph that limns the title Turning and turning in the widening gyreThe falcon cannot hear the falconer Things fall apart the center cannot hold From W B Yeats s The Second Coming And a wonderful line on page one What you thought about it, silence was rarely silent Silence was the small noises you heard when the larger noises disappeared.

    19. This book deals with a candidate, his cheating wife, and others who deal drugs, put on granny parties where aging women have sex with much younger men while teenage girls are voyeurs Susan is doing an internship in D.C which is how Spenser comes to find out this information An old enemy Joe Broz, is not happy to find that his grandson is involved.

    20. Not one of my favorites in the Spencer series The audio only ran for a little over four hours, though the narration by Michael Prichard was as good as usual, and it seemed like Parker was fixated on the Spencer Susan relationship and the main plot about blackmail, politics, and organized crime was an afterthought.

    21. Three minus Should be a 2 due to the short length and writing style, but I did like itonce again the fault with a 5 rating system.

    22. Once I got started on this, I realized that of course I had read it before But I couldn t remember who the bad guys were and I was on vacation so of course I kept reading.

    23. What s happened to you is that you ve left Susan inside, and you ve let me inside Before us you were invulnerable You were compassionate but safe, you understand You could set those standards for your own behavior and if other people didn t meet those standards it was their loss, but your integrity was he thought for a minute intact You weren t disappointed You didn t expect much from other people and were content with the rightness of yourself I leaned my forehead against the cold window glas [...]

    24. Spenser is a private detective in Boston and has been hired to head up the security detail for Congressman Meade Alexander as he runs for the Senate The congressman confides to Spenser that he is being blackmailed by someone who wants him to drop out of the senate race The congressman s wife, Ronni, drinks too much and there is a sex tape of her and a much younger man As Spenser investigates, he discovers who is blackmailing Alexander and sets out to stop them and get Ronni s tape back so it can [...]

    25. A disjointed read Spenser is hired by an aspiring Massachusetts politician to protect his wife from blackmail unknown sex tapes where she is involved with a local crime bosses son, while he attends Georgetown University In later Spenser books, Broz thanks Spenser for getting his son out of the mess he created drug selling, blackmailing, underaged girls, etc Oddly, the politician and his wife fade from the story by the first third of the book and it really becomes a show down between Spenser and [...]

    26. Too much sharing of info from both Paul and Spenser about Susan and their love I enjoyed the plot and the outcome, but I dont understand how people can live a life like that, under fear of death I m counting the number of times Spenser has been shot I ve read a book out of sequence and I m not sure if this is three or four I think he decided to take Susan as she is and to let her be herself, and let himself love her as much as he wants to End of discussion She might not want to marry again and g [...]

    27. Not bad The story was kind of short Spenser s existential crisis was while interesting in a midlife crisis kind of way also had the feeling of padding to help out an otherwise short and easy case for him to solve.It still gets closer to 4.5 stars than 4 but you should check it out for yourself.

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