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Swinging on a Star By JaniceThompson,

  • Title: Swinging on a Star
  • Author: JaniceThompson
  • ISBN: 9780800733438
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bella Rossi s life is nearing perfection She s got the perfect guy, she s running a successful business, and she s about to plan her most ambitious wedding yet, a Renaissance themed fairy tale come true, complete with period costumes and foods, horse drawn carriages, and even a castle There s just one hitch The best man just happens to be Brock Benson, Hollywood s hotteBella Rossi s life is nearing perfection She s got the perfect guy, she s running a successful business, and she s about to plan her most ambitious wedding yet, a Renaissance themed fairy tale come true, complete with period costumes and foods, horse drawn carriages, and even a castle There s just one hitch The best man just happens to be Brock Benson, Hollywood s hottest and most eligible bachelor Oh, and did we mention he s staying at the Rossi house to avoid the paparazzi With all the pressure surrounding this wedding, Bella s not sure she s going to make it through Add her starstruck sister, her feuding aunt and uncle, and a trio of large, sequined church ladies with even bigger personalities, and you ve got a recipe for disaster and a lot of laughs This hilarious romantic comedy is sure to delight both fans and new readers alike.
    Swinging on a Star Bella Rossi s life is nearing perfection She s got the perfect guy she s running a successful business and she s about to plan her most ambitious wedding yet a Renaissance themed fairy tale come tr

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    1. With the success of her first themed wedding a country western extravaganza Bella Rossi has taken on an even bigger challenge She must plan an elaborate, authentic, Renaissance style wedding, complete with a castle and moat As if installing a temporary castle wasn t enough, the wedding party happens to feature one of Hollywood s hottest stars, Brock Benson, as the best man In an attempt to remain anonymous so the paparazzi can t crash the ceremony, Brock takes up residence with Bella s family, a [...]

    2. Last week I saw the movie, Guys and Dolls with Frank Sinatra and Marlin Brando for the first time I loved the music It was fun to see these actors together in a musical While I was reading Swinging on a Star I felt as if I were transported into a Frank Sinatra movie with a bonus feature Janice talks about the Lord in the most natural way in her book you won t see that in any movie Frank Sinatra or Marlin Brando made I m so thankful to have received a review copy of this book.Janice s chapters na [...]

    3. I didn t think it was possible for Janice to top her last book, Fools Rush In, which made my top fiction list for 2009 Well, I liked this story even better, so it s definitely making my top fiction list for 2010 Swinging on a Star was incredible There were enough romantic moments to make even the stodgiest woman swoon And the kisses were to die for romantic Did I mention that D.J is probably the hottest hero ever Mainly because he lives his faith from the inside out and he s so genuine Granted, [...]

    4. couldn t wait to get my hands on this book ever since I finished Fools Rush In I knew it was going to be just as good, if not better, when I read If Aunt Rosa hadn t landed that gig on the Food Network, I probably wouldn t have ended up on the national news And if their pesky camera crew hadn t shown up at our house on one of the most important days of my life, I m pretty sure I wouldn t have been hauled off to the Galveston County jail Now any book that starts off with the main character talkin [...]

    5. Swinging on a Star by Janice Thompson is the second book in the Weddings by Bella series Bella is back, along with the rest of the raucous Rossi family This time she is planning a grandiose medieval wedding complete with castle, moat, authentic food, and traditional style clothing for all attendants and guests That s stressful enough, but Bella s Aunt Rosa has been selected by the Food Network for a segment that will be filmed the day before the medieval wedding Now throw in a best man, umm I me [...]

    6. I want to say here and now I simply adore Bella and her quirky Italian family The struggles aren t over for Bella in her wedding planning business A medieval wedding is in the works and nothing must stop this wedding Not the food network showing up to film Aunt Rosa, not the neighbor kid on the roof taking pictures and not even the best man living with her family and did I mention he is a hot Hollywood movie star, trying to avoid paparazzi And the struggles aren t going to end any time soon, bec [...]

    7. Review below image It was no secret that I really enjoyed reading Janice s first Weddings by Bella novel Fools Rush In and my opinion is no different with the second Swinging on a Star The romance is palpable and the giggles and chuckles are endless This is the second novel in the series and though I highly recommend that you read the first one to really understand the family quirks, you could definitely appreciate this one alone Every page radiates God s love and I love this book I m really eag [...]

    8. I would give this 3.5 stars The message was good, heart warming and very positive, and we met the Rossi and Neeley families again, along with their friends and a few new characters I found myself growing a little bored from time to time with Swinging on a Star I wasn t so bored that I wanted to give up without finishing, but toward the end I started skimming I found that I enjoyed the first book in the series, Fools Rush In, better But I look forward to reading book three to find out what happen [...]

    9. The first book in this series Fools Rush In was cheesy, but cute enough to get through with minimal eye rolling This book, however, was 10X as cheesy and my eyes are permanently scarred from the rolling Yes, it is Christian fiction HOWEVER, I am a strong Christian, surrounded by other strong Christian, and none of us talk this way The Christian ese was totally overdone Surely there is a way to have a novel about a family of faith without overdoing the cheesy language The story is predictable and [...]

    10. Cute I love Guido the reformed once a gangsta chatty parrot His first owner loved The Godfather In the first book, Guido came to live with the Rossi s clan By the end of this book the 2nd , Guido is singing Amazing Grace and quoting Bible versesd still calling people Wise Guys

    11. Another good one that had me laughing I love all the chaos that the wedding brought, from the logistics of it to a surprise celebrity I found it funny how they managed to keep the celebrity under wraps for as long as they did I thought it was great that not only the wedding couple got their HEA, but 2 of them It will be interesting to see what Bella does next.

    12. Though I enjoy the storyline, the Christian references and living with God was too much The message would have been much effective in smaller doses.

    13. Humorous and wacky A good light hearted read Even when the characters are bound to get into trouble, it s not in that unbearable Leave It To Beaver kind of way.

    14. I fell in love with the Rossi clan back in book one, Fools Rush In my review , so I couldn t wait to get my hands on Swinging on a Star I was very excited to find out what everyone s been up to Well, as I discovered, total chaos has broken out at the Rossi home Whew weeee There is so much going on, that I had to stay on my toes just to keep up Bella is in the midst of planning her second themed wedding, medieval this time, while Aunt Rosa is getting ready to be featured on Italian Chefs from Coa [...]

    15. Swinging on a Star reviewSwinging on a Star is the delightful second romantic comedy in the Weddings by Bella series written by author Janice Thompson.

    16. Janice Thompson in her new book, Swinging On A Star Book Two in the Weddings by Bella series published by Revell returns us to Galveston Island where Bella Rossi, is the Wedding Planner This book is a slice of life, it is 2 weeks in the life of Bella Rossi and her delightful Italian family and friends as she prepares to do her first ever Medieval wedding.To complicate things Bella s Aunt Rosa is going to be filmed by the Food Network for a show on Italians and then, to further complicate life, i [...]

    17. Bella s at it again She s has another themed wedding to get off the ground, and it s even bigger and astounding than the last Bella Rossi s newest client has asked for a dream come true wedding, and Bella s doing her best to see the wish made reality a medieval themed wedding, complete with a castle, horse drawn carriages, authentic food, and renaissance costumes With the wedding only two weeks away the plans are in full swing, keeping Bella busy and happy doing what she loves But when the brid [...]

    18. I like the series as a light, cheesy, and somewhat ridiculous romantic comedy It is flawed, but as a quick read from the library, I m not investing any money or much time so hey, why not smile at a little cheesy romance

    19. Wow, this book is too good to be true.I really enjoyed the first book in this series but the 2nd one was such an overemphasized fairytale I know the author tried her best to stir up drama but the love stories not to mention the entire story sounded way too good to be true, including the part with the Hollywood character obtaining too good to be true salavation I can t help it, I always cringe when the plan of salvation is falsified in booksITS NOT JUST A SINNERS PRAYER PEOPLE That is not the ful [...]

    20. After reading Fools Rush In, the first book in the Weddings by Bella series, I knew that I had to read Swinging on a Star I think I said this in my review of Fools Rush In too, but Janice Thompson has a talent for creating scenarios that are just so funny She writes in a way that makes it easy to visualize what is happening, which makes the funny scenes funnier Now, I found that Swinging on a Star was not as laugh out loud funny as Fools Rush In That is by no means a criticism This book was stil [...]

    21. Bella Rossi, is doing the biggest wedding of her career And if anything goes wrong, she figures with her family it will, beginning with the Food Network showing up the day before the wedding to tape her Aunt Rosa, who won a contest to do a cooking show episode The Rossi family is not your everyday family, they live as an extended family in a large Victorian house and there is always someone coming and going, and it is a large Italian family So when her bride of this big wedding suggests they hid [...]

    22. Once again the crazy and raucous Rossi clan will have you laughing out loud and shaking your head In the midst of trying to put together and coordinate a Renaissance themed fairy tale wedding for Rob and Marian, poor Bella is forced to deal with than she bargained for.A famous Hollywood actor, Brock Benson, ends up staying at the Rossi home undercover in hiding from the media Brock is the best man at Rob and Marian s wedding The Food Network is coming to film Rosa for a feature on their show, B [...]

    23. Bella Rossi works as a wedding planner She wants to make sure everything goes perfectly for her latest couple This includes housing the groom s best man at her house till the wedding This is because the best man is none other than famous Hollywood actor, Brock Benson Word has gotten out about who the best man is The people of Galveston, Texas are going wild to get a glimpse of Brock Bella is trying hard to convince herself to not get caught up in the hype surrounding Brock but it is hard when he [...]

    24. I think I liked this book, better then the first Although I enjoyed them both, this one wasn t quite as stressful for me I think I am slowly getting over my triggered anxiety response to the words wedding and planning in the same sentence I almost wish I could have been at the wedding in this book It sounded like so much fun There are only a few things I question about the book one being can you seriously plan such an elaborate wedding in 3 months What happened to the much touted theory of start [...]

    25. The story of Bella continues as she plans her second themed wedding a renaissance wedding The antics caused by the groom s famous best man provide most of the momentum for this book.Some of our favorite and colorful characters return in this sequel At times, the pace seemed to drag a bit and I found myself wondering what the scene had to do with the story There were a few scenes that were set up for future interactions, but they were a little weak on their own.Of course, in Janice Thompson style [...]

    26. Second in the series of 3 books I got the first one for free on my Kindle and purchased this one and the last one to read I really enjoy this author and this story line It s about an Italian American family living in Galveston TX, and the daughter Bella who runs the family wedding business There s a lot of family living under one roof and they also own a pizzeria coffee shop She meets a cowboy from Texas whom she falls in love with, and the three books follow their relationship, as well as a wed [...]

    27. Not worth the timeI had pretty decent hopes, after the first book kind of entertained me This one was a waste of time If I want to be preached at, I ll go to church or read the bible The author was so busy being a writer evangelist that she forgot to write a good strong female lead and do any type of research on anything except bible verses Bella got even self centered and flakey this time around, and was always waiting for someone or something to save her rather than do it herself The book was [...]

    28. After reading Fools Rush In at the end of December I went out and got Swinging on a Star as soon as my local Christian Book store had it in Once i started reading it I could not put it down and I finished it all in one day The light hearted romance in it is amazing and all of the twists and turns of the novel are wonderful and I truely laughed out loud a few times I hope Janice Thompson will continue this series to include a few Rossi Weddings that are clearly in the future and to explore of B [...]

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