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Pete the Sheep-Sheep By Jackie French Bruce Whatley,

  • Title: Pete the Sheep-Sheep
  • Author: Jackie French Bruce Whatley
  • ISBN: 9780618568628
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Australian sheep shearers always have sheep dogs smart, well trained dogs with names like Brute, Tiny, and Fang, who bark commands Woof Arf arff arff Grrrr to round up the sheep for shearing But sheep shearer Shaun doesn t have a sheep dog Instead, he has a sheep sheep named Pete, who speaks politely to the other sheep And no one shears as skillfully as Shaun TAustralian sheep shearers always have sheep dogs smart, well trained dogs with names like Brute, Tiny, and Fang, who bark commands Woof Arf arff arff Grrrr to round up the sheep for shearing But sheep shearer Shaun doesn t have a sheep dog Instead, he has a sheep sheep named Pete, who speaks politely to the other sheep And no one shears as skillfully as Shaun The sheep are delighted But the other shearers Ratso, Big Bob, and Bungo are not.
    Pete the Sheep Sheep Australian sheep shearers always have sheep dogs smart well trained dogs with names like Brute Tiny and Fang who bark commands Woof Arf arff arff Grrrr to round up the sheep for shearing But sheep

    One thought on “Pete the Sheep-Sheep”

    1. The premise of this book is that a kind word accomplishes than a big bark and that we all feel happier when we look good To fulfil this premise we are led from sheepdogs being a bit gruff through sheep who operate beauty salons to sheepdogs in hair rollers What can I say its truly fantastic and with amazing drawings Recommended for everyone over the age of 3 whose sense of humour knows no bounds.

    2. Jackie French is one of my favourites in the world of children s books her Wombat series is great She also happens to be the Australian Children s Laureate, so Oz appreciates her, too In this book, she illustrates the doings of a fashionista sheep namedPete Think of Babe trying to be a sheepdog and you ll get an idea about the unique personality ofPete.At first glance, one gets the impression that this book is satirizing the sheep shearers of Australia, but the backstory is that Jackie French s [...]

    3. I hate when I forget that I ve already read something and then order it, only to realize I ve already read it But about Sheep Sheep, in case you were wondering what a sheep sheep does, it s like a sheep dog, except that it s a sheep sheep The other sheep shearers aren t too happy with Pete, who s sheep herding sheep is much better at the job than their dogs Confused yet That s my fault, not Jackie French s So Pete and the Sheep Sheep get run off and have to find different work and decide to open [...]

    4. Shaun the shearer and his herding sheep, Pete, have their own style, which leaves the other shearers furious enough to kick the pair out of Shaggy Gully When their sheepdogs desert them to join the banished Shaun, who has started his own salon giving sheep unique, new wool styles, the other shearers join Shaun and expand the business From the creators of the charming Diary of a Wombat, Pete the Sheep Sheep brings laughs, mainly through Whatley s clean and comical watercolor and ink illustration [...]

    5. It was a nice surprise to not only find a few English language picture books in the library today, but to find a couple of Australian picture books This one in particular, I loved It really made me laugh, especially the translations of Baaa , and the pictures of the three shearers at the end Very Aussie , and a welcome find We ve borrowed this one too, and I m actually looking forward to re reading it over the next few weeks.

    6. This is a strange, but entertaining story about sheep The book has a fun Australian theme and the dialogue is humorous The illustrations are wonderfully wild and silly and we loved the different styles for the sheep We ve read several books by this author illustrator team and we like the sometimes bizarre humor and fun narratives We enjoyed reading this book together.

    7. Pete the Sheep Sheep is a story about a sheep shearer and his talking sheep named pete The sheep hearer named Shaun uses Pete the sheep to talk to the other sheeps politely and ask them to move instead of using mean sheep dog The other sheep hearers were outraged that he was not using a sheep dog Shaun and Pete the sheep start a successful barbershop for sheep were they give them cool haircuts, which gets the local sheep hearers really mad When the local sheep hearers went to talk to Shaun and P [...]

    8. Why do I get disproportionate pleasure that that the shearer s name is Shaun and after the sheep visit him they are shorn Jackie French and Bruce Whatley have done a fantastic job their previous work together Diary of a Wombat has been added to my to read shelf.

    9. This book is a total favorite of mine While Shaun is not explicitly gay, the ways he is coded the story itself about difference being wonderful definitely make me as a queer person feel like I am a beloved target audience member I would love if we could have had a racially ethnically diverse cast, but besides the sadly industry standard whiteness, this is a great book Wonderful story, wonderful illustrations, and for a read aloud book, wonderful opportunities for engagement between reader and l [...]

    10. Didn t like the faint drawings Didn t seem appropriate for a 2.5 year old no matter how much that 2.5 year old loves sheep Story is kind of all over the place I got a bit bored reading it Some guys have sheep dogs, but one of the dudebros has a sheep sheep He keeps it cuz he LOVES cutting off its hair And then he starts cutting everybody s hair and doing weird things with the wool It s a bit trippy Maybe a five year old would like this better.

    11. Pete is a polite sheep who helps his friend Shaun to gather the sheep for shearing The other shearers are mad whoever heard of a sheep sheep instead of a sheep dog Good discussion points about being polite and everything works out great in the end Fun to read with an Aussie accent for the other shearers.

    12. Pete is a sheep sheep That is, a sheep who acts like a sheep dog The true sheep dogs and the human shearers get mad at Pete and Shaun Pete s human shearer counter part and so they start their own shearing salon with unusual sheep hair dos.Kids may think it is funny A bit too forced, like the author is trying too hard.

    13. Really unique story about a sheep shearer Shaun who used a sheep instead of a sheep dog to help get sheep ready for shearing Love the interaction with the other shearers who use regular sheep dogs Also neat how Shaun comes up with a solution to his troubles.Great, great illustrations Funny and interesting to look at.

    14. A good story about looking at things differently, the willingness to change, and that it s okay to be or different from what people assume you will be Great sheep dos as well Fun illustrations.

    15. My sister gave it to me because I had loved The diary of a Wombat Pete the sheep is not as cute as the wombat but still pretty awesome As always, funny heartwarming story and beautiful drawings Oh and I also got a stuffed animal Pete with the book D

    16. The story is funny, and therefore enjoyable for adults, and my 1.5 year old son requests this book often, though he rarely makes it through the whole thing he probably just likes looking at all the animals I bet older kids would appreciate it .

    17. I really like the Diary of a Wombat books, so I thought I d read this one, too It reminds me of Babe, as well as an episode of Shaun the Sheep While it s a cute story, it didn t quite entertain me the way the wombat books do.

    18. This was a simple and humorous read that kids will enjoy Pete takes the art of sheep shearing to an entirely new level The illustrations are very colorful,the people and animals personality really come through with all their expressions.

    19. Having spent some treasured childhood time on a sheep station, this book was a real treat Another Aussie gem to share with overseas loved ones.

    20. A great story about being true to one s self and accepting the talents of others Funny story with equally fun illustratons My children loved it.

    21. I had forgotten how delightful this book is Sheep rock, and sheep who wear hats and serve as sheep beauty consultants really rock

    22. The book is about ashearer that has a sheep instaed of a dog, between the two of them they end up opening a sheep salon for junior children

    23. Pete the Sheep who is a Sheep Sheep a sheep being a sheep dog and his mate Shaun the shearer who likes to ask the sheep how they want their hair cut A cute story from Jackie French

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